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Myexamsprep - Corporate

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I am looking for HS volunteers for weekday evenings and/or Saturday mornings. A minimum commitment of 2 hours/week is required. Text ‪(571) 206-4803‬ to discuss. Thanks, Anil


** New classes & specials **

- AOS/AET/TJ starts Sept 24 at 8 am
- SAT starts Sept 24 at 9 am. Try 6 hours for $50
- Video resume special for college applications $1,000

Text 571-206-4803 for details


** Hiring **

We are hiring for part-time AP Calculus AB and BC tutoring positions.

Text 571-206-4803 for details


SAT with Anil starts Sat, Sept 10. In-person or Zoom.

Try Sat 9am Full-Length Test, Mon 8pm Test Review, and Thur 8pm Lecture for $50.

Text 571-206-4803 for details


Start: Wed, Sept 7
✅ Grade 6: Mon and Wed 7 pm
✅ Grade 5: Mon and Wed 6 pm
✅ Grade 4: Mon and Wed 5 pm
✅ Grade 3: Mon and Wed 4 pm

✅ In person or Zoom
✅ Enrichment & School HW/Test help
✅ Each subject is 3.5 hrs/wk
✅ $100/month/subject

Text 571-206-4803 for details


Start: Tue, Sept 6

✅ Algebra I: Tue & Wed 5 pm and Sat 11:30 am
✅ Algebra II/Trig: Mon & Wed 6 pm and Sat 11:30 am
✅ Geometry: Tue & Thur 6 pm and Sat 11:30 am

✅ In person or Zoom
✅ Enrichment & School HW/Test help
✅ Each subject is 3.5 hrs/wk
✅ $150/month/subject

Text 571-206-4803 for details


Ace the AOS/AET/TJ with Anil

Tutoring starts Wed, 8/31

- Essay Writing and Student Portrait Sheet
- Critical STEM
- STEM Essay

Text 571-206-4803 for details


Text 571-206-4803 to set up a free consultation


🌟 What NOT to Write Your College Essay On 🌟

What to write your college essay on is something of a hot topic. You’re probably racking your brain to find what life story would show you in the best light to the admissions officers, and it’s a worthy question to ask.

The main questions that you want to be answering in your essay are:

✅ Who am I?
✅ Why am I here?
✅ What is unique about me?
✅ What matters to me?

Keeping these in mind, here are a few examples of topics NOT to write about in your college essay.

✅ NOT A Resume
Up until this point, everything you’ve submitted has been a list of accomplishments, in short, a resume. So, they have had every opportunity to see your skills and achievements from your application. The problem with including more of the same in your essay?

It’s boring to read.

Here is a chance to show them what they can’t get from your application. Your personality, what matters to you, what events have shaped you, etc. A well-written essay is a way to differentiate yourself, and you want to take every opportunity to do just that.

✅ NOT A Sports Injury or Success
Your coach has probably said a million times that “sports are a metaphor for life” or something similar. And they’re not wrong. The problem is that thousands of other students just like you have had the same idea and the topic is a bit tired. Unless you can find a unique angle that doesn’t center around the cliché: overcoming obstacles, trusting your teammates, or refusing to quit.

For example, if a sports injury put you out of the season and you took the time away to learn Photoshop and found a new passion. Or if you learned to trust a teammate in a big way, you two monetized an Etsy business together.

If you’re going to write on this topic, make sure that it’s a unique spin, highly personal, and focuses on YOU.

✅ NOT an Immigrant Story
We are a land of immigrants, being only a couple hundred years old as a country. Inevitably there are related themes that every admissions officer has read before including learning a new language or customs or struggling to fit in. If there is a particular moment of your immigration story that formed a part of your character or changed how you think about things, then consider sharing that moment.

A piece of advice; bring the reader into the moment that affected you. An attention-grabbing essay will show the reader how you changed, not tell them.

✅ NOT A Challenging Class
Again, every single applicant has most likely encountered difficult courses and entering college, there will be much more of that. It’s not unique, and it also displays characteristics that are probably covered in your recommendation letters. If you’re set on this topic, consider focusing less on the class and more on the writer.

Instead of sharing your struggle to understand a written work you covered, talk about how an author inspired a newfound love of poetry or a hard discussion in AP Lit made you step out of your comfort zone and start a podcast.

Make sure the focus is on what makes you, you.

✅ NOT A Controversial Topic
While your views may seem like an ideal topic because of your passion for them, they may come back to bite you. It is great to be opinionated and stand for what you believe in; however, this is not the time to risk offending or polarizing the person reading your work. You want the admissions officer reading your essay to be invested in your writing, not put off by your views.

✅ NOT Tragedy
Tragedy is such an influential event it seems like a natural subject matter for an essay such as this. The problem is that many people have experienced tragedy, and the event itself doesn’t lend much to showcasing your distinctiveness.

One idea for writing about such a subject, if you must, is to avoid telling the story of the tragedy itself. Instead, focus on the ways it affected you. How it shaped you.

This helps the school learn more about you instead of reading another essay centered around the idea that “life is short” or a similarly overused theme.

Show them what makes you unique, and avoid writing on something that’s been done before. At the end of the day, you want to write something that only you could.

Text 571-206-4803 to set up a free consultation

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Coming next week: SAT Reading and Writing - Six Tests and Reviews and Grade 7 SOL Tests and Reviews.

Just published - Grade 3 and 5 Science SOL Tests and Reviews, Algebra I, Algebra II, and Geometry SOL Tests and Reviews.



Franchise Open House

Are you looking to replace your full-time job with your own business or looking for a side hustle? I will give you a winning formula if you have a passion for teaching and working hard. In addition, I will reimburse you up to $19,000 of your qualifying expenses incurred in the first 12 months.

✅ When: Sat, July 23. 11 am - 12:30 pm
✅ Where: 44330 Premier Plaza, Unit 220, Ashburn VA 20147
✅ Contact: Anil Goel, +1 571-206-4803


Classes starting Tue, July 12:

✳ 1:1 College Applications & Essays - Flexible days/time
✳ Most HS Math, Science, and English classes

Text 571-206-4803 to set up a free consultation or a trial week for $100


🌟 4 Tips to Complete College Applications on Time 🌟

You want to start preparing for your college applications, but how can you make sure to complete them on time? Maybe you’re not typically someone who thinks ahead about these things, or maybe you just want to be extra sure yours is perfect. Either way, following these four tips means there’s no way you’re turning this application in late.

✅ #1 - Start Early

This may sound obvious but hey, it’s what works.

If you want to get your application turned in on time you have. to. start. early. We’ll explain more about why later but primarily, if you’re starting early, you have plenty of time to get your ducks in a row before the deadline. There’s no rushing because you have all the time in the world to sit down, organize your thoughts, your priorities, and most importantly, your deadlines. Once you’ve given yourself the time to do that, completing all the other tasks that college applications require become much less stressful.

✅ #2 - Make A Timeline

Doing these in order does become important when you think about how to make this the least stressful experience possible.

Take the time to look up all the dates you need to remember, including standardized test dates, application deadlines, early admissions, etc., and put them all in one place.
Once you have everything important in front of you, you can easily order them into a helpful timeline.

Having this written timeline means that you won’t have to store it all in your mind, causing anxiety about your running ‘to-do’ list. Keeping your now organized timeline in a spreadsheet or even your phone Notes app will be extremely helpful to have on hand.

✅ #3 - Prioritize Your Remaining Tasks

This is another one of those things that, if you’ve taken the time to write out, will become infinitely less stressful. What causes much of the anxiety for sending in college applications is trying to juggle everything you need to remember and not forgetting a thing. By writing down your priorities, you can release it from your mental storage and only focus on the next right thing.

Based on the timeline you’ve now organized for yourself, sort out what to prioritize and combine the two into a prioritized schedule. Take out your phone’s Notes app, write down your tasks and dates to complete by, and check it off as you go.

*sigh* …. What a relief and sense of accomplishment!

✅ #4 - Ask for Letters of Recommendation Early

Spring of your Junior year may sound early and that’s because it is.

Your fellow graduates have not yet harassed every teacher and counselor within earshot to write a recommendation letter, which gives you the pick of the litter. Some teachers may only agree to writing a certain amount each year because each one takes time to personalize and write. You want to give them plenty of time, at least a month, to write a glowing letter of recommendation amidst all their other responsibilities.

Consider asking your favorite teachers post spring-break when they are rested and don’t have looming exams on their minds yet. This ensures you’ll catch them in the right frame of mind, they’ll have plenty of time to write it for you, and they’ll be happier to do it. Remember, you don’t want to bombard them.

Once you’ve worked through each of these steps, the application process becomes a breeze. Now you’re on autopilot working through the steps you’ve already laid out for yourself. So, remember: start ahead of the game, write out your schedule and your priorities and just focus on the next right thing.

Ideally, be sitting around with everything you need, waiting for applications to open.
That way, there’s no way you won’t have everything turned in on time!

Text 571-206-4803 to set up a free consultation

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