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Go and post your Halloween decorations. I would love to see your and get inspiration.
Bull Run Mountain is available and waiting for you.
Come this Sunday, from 1-4pm to this beautiful home in Haymarket! See you there.
I wanted to share what great things that are happening in Occoquan and Woodbridge, VA. If I can help you in your buying or selling needs please think of me. Sarah Narduche 571-594-4909. Now watch and enjoy.
Prince William County joined in. Great job!
Have some fun and show your kids an 80's Summer.
For all of you that Celebrate Hanukkah, Enjoy!
This is an amazing 4 bedroom, 2 bath home that has been fully renovated, price improved and ready to move right in. Come out and see what home has to offer. See you then
Guess Whoooo is the Agent on Duty today? Come visit me and find out what is new to to market. Call today 571-594-4908
Hey Everyone, This kitchen is new and inviting and did I mention Gorgeous! Stop in see it for yourself. 9302 Main St in Old Town Manassas.

I am a Northern Virginia Realtor that can help you with all of your real estate buying or selling ne

Timeline photos 10/14/2022

How cool is this? This would be so neat to have in a garden setting. Who likes to play?

Cactus Chess Set by [IG]


🍁 This and all seasons are a great moment to Fall in love with your own Home! 🏡


What a delicious😋day to celebrate! If you could only have one type of dessert for the rest of your life, what would it be? The possibilities are endless!

Celebrate National Dessert Day with your favorite dessert🍰🍨🍫


Buying a 🏠 does not have to be scary. Call today to get started.


Happy Monday☕🎃 My mug was purchased from the Kool Kids Store of OHS. How cool 😎 is that


Who was David Hicks you ask? He was an English interior decorator and designer, noted for using bold colors, mixing antique and modern furnishings, and contemporary art for his famous clientele.

💗🎨 So remember to have fun with colours as the English would say. Put your personality in your home and make it yours... Unless you're planning on selling; call me to talk about colors.


...for your next home buying opportunity! Whether it’s buying, selling, or investing. Always here to help and provide expert advice on the best steps for you. 🙂🍂🏡


Nothing really compares to the elation you feel while holding your first cup of ☕ of the morning. Happy National Coffee Day, Friends!

Can you spare a minute to help Sarah Narduche? 09/29/2022

Can you spare a minute to help Sarah Narduche?

Last night, due to the community voicing, the Kline Project area was recommended by the Planning Commission to be changed to Conservation Residential T-1B designation, which would mean a minimum 2acre lots for only single-family homes on the entire Kline Project area.🙂 This still has to be approved by the Board of County Supervisors, So please keep signing and pass this info on.

Can you spare a minute to help Sarah Narduche? Stop a Builder's Proposal to Construct 400 Homes at the PW Pkwy & Liberia Ave

APR Vs. Interest Rate: What's The Difference? | Bankrate 09/29/2022

APR Vs. Interest Rate: What's The Difference? | Bankrate

Don't shoot the messenger. Everyone wants to know today's rates and here is what I have found as of Sept. 29th:
30-year fixed-rate 6.460%interest 6.583%APR
30-year fixed-rate FHA 6.292%interest 7.178% APR
30-year fixed-rate VA 6.019%interest 6.435%APR

There are definitely shorter loans; 10,15,20 yrs and arm loans that are available. I have several great lenders that I can connect you with just ask if you are ready to get started.

These are definitely the times when working with a Realtor when buying or selling really makes the difference.

APR Vs. Interest Rate: What's The Difference? | Bankrate Understanding the difference between APR and interest rate could save you thousands on your mortgage.


🍁🍂What do you love about fall? I💗how the the weather is chilly in the morning and then it warms up to be beautiful😎🍁🍂 This is fire pit season.

Here's Every 2023 Color of the Year We Know So Far 09/24/2022

Here's Every 2023 Color of the Year We Know So Far

Are you getting ready to paint for yourself or getting ready to list? Here are the predicted colors for 2023. Check out which colors your favorite names chose.

Here's Every 2023 Color of the Year We Know So Far The paint predictions for colors of the year 2023 include neutrals, soothing blues, and earth tones. See Color of the Year 2023 picks from Glidden and more.


Sometimes if we are lucky🍀 enough we get the ability to witness a true act of love and kindness. This 🏠sale was one of those moments. 🏠👨‍👩‍👧‍👦❤️

From summer 💦to fall 🎃in 30 seconds 
👉FOLLOW @emyludesigns for more affordable DIYs, tips, and tutorials! 
You won’t want to miss what we are doing this year to the fire pit! STAY TUNED!! 🔥
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From summer 💦to fall 🎃in 30 seconds
👉FOLLOW @emyludesigns for more affordable DIYs, tips, and tutorials!
You won’t want to miss what we are doing this year to the fire pit! STAY TUNED!! 🔥
#diy #firepit #firepitdesign #firepitseason #fire #outdoors #outdoorliving #outdoorspace #outdoorspaces #easydiy #fall #fallvibes #falldecor #fallstyle #smores #concrete #backyarddesign #diyprojects #diyproject #howto #tutorial #imadethis #learnontiktok #learnoninstagram #asmr #instagood #reels #foryou

How fast do you make the change from summer to fall in your home? Here is one of the fastest changes I've seen 😂😁 that looks great. Smore's anyone?

From summer 💦to fall 🎃in 30 seconds 👉FOLLOW @emyludesigns for more affordable DIYs, tips, and tutorials! You won’t want to miss what we are doing this year to the fire pit! STAY TUNED!! 🔥 . . . . . . . . #diy #firepit #firepitdesign #firepitseason #fire #outdoors #outdoorliving #outdoorspace #outdoorspaces #easydiy #fall #fallvibes #falldecor #fallstyle #smores #concrete #backyarddesign #diyprojects #diyproject #howto #tutorial #imadethis #learnontiktok #learnoninstagram #asmr #instagood #reels #foryou


Do you have a special spot where you mark the growth of your👨‍👦‍👦 children?For me it's a door frame in my oldest son's room. Right now my two oldest are neck and neck, both which are now taller than me😭. I am raising giants❤️.


Though market fluctuations can seem scary, rebalancing can actually be a good thing! For personalized advice on how to know when you’re in a good place to buy a home, send me a message so I can help you today.


📣Shout Out 📣
I work with the best Clients! That is all.


When you're ready to sell your🏠home, doing a little preparation can potentially help sell your home quicker and for a ⬆️higher price. Here are 🔟 great tips that I tell my Clients on how to get the best price for their home. 📞Call me if I can help you today. Sarah Narduche 571-594-4909

1️⃣Maximize 🏡Curb Appeal -
Getting them to come through your front door starts at the curb. Manicure the lawn, trim the trees and shrubs, and rake. Pull weeds and plant some colorful 🌹🌷🌼flowers. Clear the walkways. Fix peeling paint, and wood rot. Remove items that do not belong in the yard. Paint the address number on the curb & fix numbers on the house.

2️⃣Make Repairs 🔨🪚to Visible Blemishes
Is there something that’s an eyesore, but an easy fix? If looking at it bothers you, it could bother a potential buyer and reduce the appeal of your home. Replace any needed light bulbs, fix that loose door handle, and make needed paint touch-ups or paint if needed.

3️⃣Make a Buyer’s Entrance Inviting 💐
Freshly paint the front door with a color that contrasts the house. Add a new welcome mat. Hang a fresh wreath on the door and remove all the items we normally drop at the front door.

4️⃣Let the Light 🌞Shine In
Removing heavy window coverings to let in the natural light we all crave. Add lamps to brighten up darker areas to add more cheer.😃

5️⃣Remove the Clutter📦📦
This serves two purposes. First, you want your home to have an open and inviting appearance. Removing clutter will make rooms appear larger and more appealing. Second, it helps YOU prepare to move. Going through the clutter and getting rid of what you don’t need will make your move much easier. Donate that stuff now instead of paying to move it.

6️⃣Remove Personal👨‍👩‍👦‍👦🖼️ Items and Toiletries 🪥🪒🛀🏼from Bathroom Counters
It will be much easier for potential buyers to imagine your home as theirs when they can envision their own items in it.

7️⃣Highlight Special Features & Mirrors for Light
Use accents and color to draw 👀👀eyes to special features that you want potential buyers to notice—throw pillows, plants, or other eye-catching👀 accessories.

8️⃣Deep Cleaning for Eliminating Odors 🚫👎🏼👃🏼
Spring & Fall Cleaning combined into one. Clean and dust from top to bottom, don't forget the dusting the light fixtures, doors, windows, rugs, floors, and keep pet items stored when showing.

9️⃣Clean Out Cabinets and Closets✨🏠
Buyers are nosy and they WILL open the cabinets. Make sure your contents are orderly and organized.

🔟Add Aromas but not too Overpowering 👍🏼😄
You can easily add appeal by quartering an orange and adding it to a pot of water with a cinnamon stick. Simmer on low for an inviting aroma then turn off. Stay away from plug-ins and lit candles.


🏡Are you thinking about buying your first home or dream home? If you are thinking about starting your home search, here is a quick overview of the general process.

1️⃣ Save for your down payment 🏦
2️⃣ Know your credit score 💳
3️⃣ Contact me! I can help you through the process ☎️
4️⃣ Get pre-approved for a mortgage ✅
5️⃣ We will find the perfect home ✨
6️⃣ Make an offer 💰
7️⃣ Have a home inspection 🔍
8️⃣ Have a home appraisal 📝
9️⃣ Close on your new home 🙌🏼
🔟 Move in and toast to your new home 🥂

Reach out anytime you'd like to learn more! 📲571-594-4909


😂Sunday Funnies😂❤️
I remember as a kid getting the Sunday funnies and reading them cover to cover. Yes they still have them in the paper but it's just not the same today with reading the paper online. So bringing you back to my 80's childhood, I just saw this and had to laugh 😂 and now I cannot unsee this. Who do you see?


Today, a wonderful family closed on their first home. It's always nice to be able to help make someone's dreams come true and it was a true pleasure helping this family. If I can help you or someone you know, just reach out. .com


Update📣This Home is Under Contract. Homeowners decided to sell off MLS/Office Exclusive. But If you're still looking for a townhome in Sterling let me know.


The 🏘️market is changing. Yes, interest rates have gone up📈 a little bit, but with more homes coming on the market and price adjustments📉 being made, buyers are in a great position. Home inspections are not being for void only anymore and asking for closing costs and contingencies may also be possibilities with the right offer. This is great news! Reach out today if you want to know how else this market can help you when buying.



Has this ever happened to you? I was lucky to have another agent lend me his extra one. They do look very similar when you're running out the door.🙂


📢This is a big one. No one wants to lose potential offers. There are a lot of things that need to be done *just right* when selling your home – pricing it well & competitively is one of the most important. I can help you hit that home price sweet spot. Just send me a message when you're ready to begin your home sale adventure 🏠.

Get to know me.

Besides me being a Knowledgeable Northern Virginia Buying and Selling Agent with Pearson Smith Realty here is a little bit about me:

I love Northern Virginia area ever since I arrived off a train in January of 2001. I am an East Stroudsburg University Class of 98’ Alumni. I have always wanted to be able to travel and see the world around me. So after soon signed on to work for Carnival Cruise Lines and my adventure awaited. I have always traveled with the moto “Home is Your Heart is”. When on board ship, I had worked with the children’s programs and conducted tours off the ship. I really got to know most if not all of the East and West Caribbean islands, both coasts of Mexico and parts of Central America. I have passed through the Panama Canal and have gone as far South as Cartagena, Colombia. I really enjoyed working there and getting to know the wonderful world around me. I also met my husband of 17 years on board ship, another Carnival employee. together we decided to give up our sea legs and decided to plant roots in the City of Alexandria.

I worked with Arlington County Department of Recreation for a couple of years directing different camps and developing programs, (Northern Virginia has some of the best parks in country) later joining Arlington Housing Corporation to run one of their residential community centers. In 2005, I decided to put my full attention on our family of 3 boys for the next 5 years. So again in January of 2011 with the support of my family, I became a full time Realtor, VHDA Certified. I now love helping my clients find their dream home, be it a rental, purchase, resale, new build, land or downsizing. I just enjoy what I do.

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Out showing homes this morning. Do you like the kitchen cabinet color?
Are you ready for your first home?
Coming Soon! Listed $260,000
Free Down Payment Money
Halloween Funnies- Wicked Witch of the East
12825 Colby Drive, Woodbridge



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