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What do you get when you mix Computer Science with
Visual Arts? The new LSAS Musical Mural! Comprised
of doodles and pictures that students left around
campus last school year, this interactive mural plays
sound effects and music when you touch it. By
blending STEM and the Arts, we were able to bring
this piece to life. Be sure to check it out next time you
visit campus!
“I don’t know what I am doing but I am having fun,” said a student on the first day of class in Mr. Romero’s Intro to Proofs and Logic course. Don’t worry, you’ll get the hang of it in no time- we think having fun is the best place to start!
SCHOOL IS IN SESSION! We welcomed our students back to campus last week and hit the ground running. We started off strong by discussing our school philosophy, moved on to a challenge to see who could build the tallest marshmallow spaghetti structure, and even managed to squeeze in a school trip to Carolina Brothers for lunch! We can’t imagine a better way to celebrate being together again. Stay tuned to see what we are up to this year!
LSAS FINE ARTS NIGHT 2022! Check out this sample of some of the brilliant visual work we had on display! Fine Arts Night is one of our favorite traditions, complete with live music, sculpture art, graphic design, 2d art, and so much more. We can’t think of anything better than gathering as a community and celebrating our students’ creativity :-)
Connect with us at LoudounSchool.org to experience the LSAS difference
Dr. Oliveau? More like Dr. OlivDOUGH! He should know better than to make bets with our students… they are always ready to rise to the occasion, especially if the reward is to coat him in flour.

Field Day 2022 was a blast! We hope your summer break is filled with just as much fun
"I'd be lying if I said grades don't matter to me anymore, because they do, and I know I'll care in college, but I also know what I'll miss most at LSAS is talking and messing around with all of my friends and teachers during classes and study breaks, during lunch and field trips, rather than cherishing every A." - Gabi, our 2022 Valedictorian

Congratulations to the Loudoun School for Advanced Studies Class of 2022! We are so proud of all that you have accomplished and are filled with confidence that you will all go off to Do Great Things in this world. Thank you for the impact you have made on our community here at LSAS. We can't wait to see you again!
LSAS is the "Futures" of education! This year for our DC trip, middle and high school students had the opportunity to explore the Smithsonian "Futures" exhibit and get a glimpse Into the world of tomorrow. After all, we know our students will play a big part in creating it!
We've been pranked! The senior class of 2022 has turned our world upside-down... literally!!! Happy last day of classes to all of our students here at LSAS, and best of luck on your final exams next week! We can't wait for all of you to get out there and this summer break
Celebrating our students' love of reading one book at a time, our middle school choice-book chain has made its way around the entire classroom!

Each link represents a book read by one of our brilliant middle school students. At a whopping total of 365 links, the chain averages at about 10 books per student this year alone-- and that's not counting books assigned by teachers!
Order in the court! The LSAS court is now in session, the honorable judge Mrs.Derr presiding. The Middle School English class culminated their study of "The Outsiders" in a mock trial, with the graduating class of 2022 serving as the jury.
Our French classes had an awesome field trip this week to the National Air & Space Museum's Dulles Annex, the Steven F. Udvar-Hazy Center and Petite Loulou Crêperie for lunch! They got to see various aircrafts that flew over France in WW-II, French space shuttles, other French aviation exhibits, and the IMAX presentation "The Dream is Alive," an in-depth look at inside the space shuttle in 1984. If you haven't checked out Petite Loulou Crêperie in Purcellville yet, LSAS can attest it's worth the trip! Our students said it was like a bit of Paris in northern VA. Thank you to our incredible French teacher, Madame Buld, for planning such a wonderful trip!
Happy Pi Day from LSAS! 🥧 ➗🎉 Thank you to our AP Calculus students for putting together some fun activities for us today to celebrate!
Join our free webinar on March 9 to learn how you can improve your child's behavior in a positive way! Led by Dr. Amy Brereton, the Vice President of Academics at Endeavor Schools, this free session will give parents the tools to guide their child’s behavior in a more positive direction. You don’t want to miss this highly informative and fascinating session. Sign up here: https://bddy.me/3IFtBc1
ENGLISH: In today's English class, middle school students played a "Battle of the Gods" game, using cards they made based on the Olympians. They practiced annotation and reasoning skills, while learning about the characters of Greek mythology.
NEUROSCIENCE lab to understand what neurons are, how they communicate, the principle of rate coding, and how to record spikes using a SpikerBox!

Loudoun School for Advanced Studies is the private day school designed to inspire and challenge adva

Loudoun School for Advanced Studies offers an academic program that engages and challenges students with real-world problems as well as a learning environment that promotes curiosity, self-reliance and citizenship. Our teachers empower students to gain confidence, build knowledge, discover new interests and develop into lifelong learners and leaders. We want our students to be happy and optimistic


8th grade Physical Science try to figure out how to get the rubber ball through the net using a parachute, teamwork, trial and error- Can you think of a better way to learn about "balance of forces" first-hand?

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How did you spend your second day of school?


Welcome Back to LSAS Framers- We missed you! It's always better when we're together!

Photos from Loudoun School for Advanced Studies's post 08/10/2023

to our 2023 high school summer international trip to Portugal & Spain

Photos from Loudoun School for Advanced Studies's post 08/04/2023

Remember that time our Middle School travelled the Civil Rights Trail from Atlanta, Georgia to Montgomery & Selma, Alabama, through Jackson, Mississippi and up to Memphis, Tennessee? That was


Congratulations Jacob (class of 2023) on your 4th place finish at the 2023 Olympic Esport Series!

Photos from Loudoun School for Advanced Studies's post 06/09/2023

We were busy this school year! Here is an inside look at what our students watched, read, and visited during the 2022-2023 academic year. We can’t wait to see what next year has in store for us

Let’s see if you can guess what some of our signature courses were based on the books, trips, and movies our students dove into!


We hope you have a PIE-fect start to your summer break…Hope it’s a SWEET one!

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If it’s the last day, it must be FIELD DAY- an afternoon full of relays races, tug of war, and sprinkler twister capped off by an EPIC water battle!

Photos from Loudoun School for Advanced Studies's post 05/25/2023

With less than 2 weeks to graduation, the LSAS class of 2023 leaves their mark on our school by painting bricks on our senior wall before they go out into the world and

Photos from Loudoun School for Advanced Studies's post 05/14/2023

We may be a small school but we sure do know how to party! Enjoy these snapshots from our 2023 school dance last weekend :)

Photos from Loudoun School for Advanced Studies's post 05/12/2023

We are proud to share that our upperclassmen brought home 4th place at the Loudoun County Student Environmental Action Showcase (SEAS) for their Analysis of Diatom Composition in a Leesburg Stream


Congratulations to the Senior Class of 2023- Wherever you go, continue to !


Founder Deep Sran pitching his LSAS signature course “The Full Self: Philosophy & Psychology of Well-Being” that he is running next fall for our High School students

When we look back at our education and life experiences, we think about what we wish we had learned when we were adolescents, and use that to craft our courses at Loudoun School for Advanced Studies

LSAS gives your children an education that equips them to be thoughtful, confident members of their communities.

What do you wish you knew in high school that you know now?


Join us for our virtual Positive Guidance for Parents: Moving from Conflict to Collaboration event on April 25th! While every child is, indeed, unique, there are some discipline approaches that, when practiced with understanding and consistency, yield excellent results. This session explores the role our own mindsets have on our ability to effectively guide our children’s behavior. Practical, actionable tips will be shared as well as some big ideas that can help you make wise guidance decisions as you and your child grow together. To register to attend please visit https://bit.ly/3KR3EKo!

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This month we had the pleasure of inducting new members into our National Honor Society and National Junior Honor Society! These student organizations function to promote community and service here at LSAS and we are proud to have them as members of our student body.

Thank you to all of the parents and loved ones that showed up to show their support for our new inductees!

Stay tuned for what they get up to this year

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Our middle school students took off to Cooperstown, NY for an overnight trip to visit the National Baseball Hall of Fame! When it comes to telling diverse narratives, this museum is a hallmark of getting it right. We just had to see it for ourselves ⚾️

Photos from Loudoun School for Advanced Studies's post 03/20/2023

Our Escape Room Club headed off campus once again to conduct research to create their own escape room- this time with a few new members on board!

Photos from Loudoun School for Advanced Studies's post 03/18/2023

This past weekend our MUN team competed at the National High School Model United Nations Conference (NHSMUN) in New York City, representing North Macedonia.

MUN is an LSAS staple and we were thrilled to be able to head back to NYC for another year:) Shout out to the team and our dedicated parents and faculty for representing LSAS in the big apple!

Photos from Loudoun School for Advanced Studies's post 03/17/2023

As part of our Pi Day festivities, whoever could recite the most digits of Pi from memory got to Pie Dr. Oliveau in the face. Congratulations to Saanvi for taking home the prize!

This marks the second time in the last 12 months that Dr. O has gotten covered in food by a student- you would think he would know better than to make bets with LSAS kids 😊

Photos from Loudoun School for Advanced Studies's post 03/16/2023

Happy belated Pi Day from the LSAS family! No better way to celebrate Pi than eating Pie 🥧

Photos from Loudoun School for Advanced Studies's post 02/18/2023

Mr. Percoco’s classes always go beyond reading from a textbook! Theres no better way to learn about the Battle of Gettysburg than to go to the place where it happened. This is one of the many instances of place based learning we have organized at LSAS this year

Photos from Loudoun School for Advanced Studies's post 02/17/2023

For this Wednesday’s Advisory we had the joy of hearing a thoughtful presentation about writer Salman Rushdie from the LSAS dynamic duo: Profe Niels and Dr. Clinton

The presentation was inspired by a recent article in the New Yorker, in which Rushdie is interviewed about his approach to writing after a brutal assassination attempt he survived in 2022. Rushdie insisted that he wouldn’t let his future work be defined by the attack.

Thanks to Profe Niels and Dr. Clinton for introducing this story and opening up the floor to a great conversation!


Hooray! We are honored to have been nominated for Best of Ashburn 2023 and are glad our wonderful teachers are getting the recognition they deserve. Voting has begun, and you can vote once a day! Click here to vote and show some love to the LSAS family https://va.secondstreetapp.com/Best-of-Ashburn-2023/

Photos from Loudoun School for Advanced Studies's post 02/04/2023

6th Grade History at LSAS: To get the students amped up for their Gettysburg field trip, Mr. Percoco showed some 3D photographs from the aftermath of the Battle of Gettysburg


Today we had the opportunity to interview Father James Martin - a Jesuit Priest whose outreach to the LGBTQIA+ community has defied traditional expectations of the Catholic Church.

Father Jim authored “Building a Bridge: How the Catholic Church and the LGBT Community Can Enter into a Relationship of Respect, Compassion, and Sensitivity,” and was featured in a documentary by the same name (which we watched as a school)

Thank you to Jim Percoco, our History Teacher, for organizing this opportunity to learn more about how we can create meaningful change in spaces where change might not seem possible!


Pros of having outdoor PE? Fresh air & Vitamin D!
Cons of having outdoor PE? Cold rainy days…

Coach Dan isn’t afraid to get creative when a storm blows through. Even if the weather keeps us inside he can still find a way to keep us active and make the most of PE :)

Photos from Loudoun School for Advanced Studies's post 01/28/2023

We didn’t want our High School students to miss out on the NSA’s National Cryptologic Museum, so we scheduled another trip and loaded up the busses! We raced through a scavenger hunt to learn about the history of cryptology in the US- spanning everything from Navajo Code Talker Uniforms to the CM-5 Connection Machine.

Afterwards we learned about careers at the NSA and tested our problem solving skills with the classic Tower of Hanoi puzzle!

Photos from Loudoun School for Advanced Studies's post 01/18/2023

LSAS Advisory: Over our lunch break today the students had the pleasure of learning from Stephen Leach, Director of Diversity & Inclusion, People & Culture at the Walt Disney Studios!

Stephen shared what it means to create impactful stories, and what is lost when we don’t work to create an inclusive working and learning environment.

This is certainly an experience we won’t forget anytime soon! Thank you Stephen for taking the time to teach us something new today

Photos from Loudoun School for Advanced Studies's post 12/13/2022

Last week Mr. Percoco brought his Political Leadership class off campus for a private tour at the National Portrait Gallery where they took a deep dive into the history of American political leadership

Photos from Loudoun School for Advanced Studies's post 12/08/2022

Our biology students have begun conducting a multi-week experiment on flatworms and regeneration! Ms.
Gam knows the best way to learn scientific concepts is to see them with your own eyes

Photos from Loudoun School for Advanced Studies's post 12/07/2022

Field Trips at LSAS: Last Thursday, middle school students took a trip the National Cryptologic Museum (a part of NSA)! They competed against their peers in a scavenger hunt that took them from artifact to artifact. They also got the chance to see several code breaking machines including CM-5, which our very own Dr. Oliveau wrote code for in his previous life at Thinking Machines!

Photos from Loudoun School for Advanced Studies's post 11/30/2022

At LSAS, Dungeons & Dragons Club is where all the cool kids hang out. Our seasoned Dungeon Master, Dr. Oliveau, is enthusiastically sharing his decades of D&D expertise with the next generation as he leads them through enchanted forests and treacherous caverns.

Photos from Loudoun School for Advanced Studies's post 11/22/2022

Happy Thanksgiving from our LSAS family! Each year we prepare a friends-giving feast as a community and take a moment to appreciate each other’s company before we break for the holiday. Thank you too all of the LSAS community members who made this day so beautiful (and filling) 🤎


Last week our Intro to Foreign Language students celebrated Día de los Mu***os and arranged their very own ofrenda in class! Our Intro to Foreign Language teacher, Profe Niels, is passionate about combining language studies with cultural studies to shape our students into well rounded citizens of the world. Not pictured: a mountain of Mexican treats from the Latino market :)

Photos from Loudoun School for Advanced Studies's post 11/02/2022

Happy Halloween from LSAS! We had the day off of school this Halloween so our students got to take their costumes out for a trial run last Friday. We rounded out the day with a spooky double-feature movie night where we watched “Army of Darkness” and “the Thing”!


Mission Accomplished! The LSAS Escape Room Club conquered their first escape room of the year! Lead by our wonderful Mrs. Pernick, the team of three managed to escape a room with a 15% success rate. Next week they will be back on campus to review the experience and use what they learned to begin crafting their very own escape room.

Photos from Loudoun School for Advanced Studies's post 10/27/2022

We wrapped up LSAS homecoming last week with Fancy Friday and needed to share the highlights! These kids (and Profe Niels) absolutely slayed!

Photos from Loudoun School for Advanced Studies's post 10/21/2022

We might not have a football team but that didn’t stop us from having a homecoming game! Coach Dan rallied the troops for a feisty game of kickball that had everyone watching on the edge of their seats

Photos from Loudoun School for Advanced Studies's post 10/21/2022

LSAS HOMECOMING: Wednesday was “Anything but a Backpack” Day here at LSAS and no matter how cumbersome it was our students rose to the occasion!

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Our Story

Founded in 2008, Loudoun School for Advanced Studies is the only middle and high school for advanced students in Virginia.

Students work in a small, supportive community where school feels right and their ideas, interests, and highest aspirations really matter. Classes are small and are designed to encourage dialogue among teachers and peers. The setting is comfortable and the workload is reasonable. We believe this environment allows students to be and do their best.

The courses are built on great books and challenging questions, with the aim of helping students learn to think critically and creatively. Our teachers have doctorates or engineering degrees in their respective fields, allowing them to provide expert guidance and academic work designed to prepare students to be successful in higher education and in their professional lives.

At our school, teachers know their students, students know their peers, and together we work to help each other do great things.

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Dr. Oliveau? More like Dr. OlivDOUGH! He should know better than to make bets with our students… they are always ready t...
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