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A Little Happy

My call is to provide encouragement for weary women. For fun, I offer unique, affordable gifts that lift the spirit and tickle the heart.

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alittlehappymacie.com 08/03/2018

Help a Brother Out

Preaching it to myself daily! Be blessed with my latest blog post! xo


alittlehappymacie.com I am only one, But still I am one. I cannot do everything, But still I can do something; And because I cannot do everything, I will not refuse to do the something that I can do. -Edward Everett Hal…

[09/15/17]   Heads up. A Little Happy has some blog ideas cookin'. Coming soon :)

alittlehappymacie.com 10/06/2015

When Strivings Cease

Let's lay down our efforts and striving! Be Blessed!

alittlehappymacie.com I love to write. But more often than not, I begin a blog and never finish it. It's frustrating. I sit down with a story, something I want to pass along. But by the time I've read, edited, re-read a...

alittlehappymacie.com 07/09/2015

A Few of my Favorite Things...and People

Surprise! A Little Happy is back with a SUMMER featured artist! Check out this super talented couple who spends their retirement creating art together!


alittlehappymacie.com This post will introduce you to a family so talented and unique, I've often wished to be adopted into their little clan. For a period of time I feel that I was, and I'm very thankful for the time t...

alittlehappymacie.com 10/24/2014

What A Pain: Part One

If God loves us with an everlasting love, why in the world does He allow suffering? I believe it's to point us to our ONLY REAL hope--Him.

alittlehappymacie.com This post has been hanging out in my draft bucket for months. The fact it's taken so long to publish may give insight into the amount of stigma surrounding the topic. This is my story of being di...

[10/02/14]   Everybody take a breath. Why are all your faces red? I'm missin' all the words you said. You don't have to yell. Draw your lines and choose your side. Cause many things are worth the fight. But louder doesn't make you right. You don't have to yell. -Chris Rice

A Little Happy's lyrics for the day!


OPINION POLL!!! Please comment on which design you'd like to see printed on RED long-sleeve t-shirt! Thanks!!!

alittlehappymacie.com 09/21/2014

Doodle Bug

Just a little glimpse into why I do what I do. "Place something for the eye to see, so the heart will remember." That something may as well be A Little Happy! Be Blessed!


alittlehappymacie.com I love cute stuff. Even though I'm not nearly as "girly" in everyday life as my designs might suggest, I simply love cute stuff. Sometimes people will tell me, "Your designs are so 'cute'." I lo...


Do you ever hear a "secular" song and find the spiritual meaning? That's because "All truth is GOD'S truth."

Here's one I just heard from everyone's favorite Disney film, "I'm never going back, the past is in the past."

Psalm 25:7, Do not remember the sins of my youth and my rebellious ways; according to your love remember me, for you, LORD, are good.

Micah 7:19, You will again have compassion on us; you will tread our sins underfoot and hurl all our iniquities into the depths of the seas.


Leviticus 19:18 and Mark 12:31. "Love your neighbor as yourself."


Wherever I go, whatever I do, God's banner over me is I LOVE YOU!...Tees, Magnets and Note Cards to remind you of this truth!


Trying hard not to procrastinate and get some painting and creating going for October 18, Wesson Flea Market! Until then Delta Creations in Clarksdale and Mill Town Mall in Wesson have limited stock. Will be restocking them soon!

[08/31/14]   SUPER EXCITED to say A Little Happy will have a booth at Wesson's Flea Market again this year. New t-shirt designs, note cards and magnets galore. See you there!

alittlehappymacie.com 08/31/2014

I'm Talkin' Mississippi

SHARE A Little Happy page and blog with a friend then be sure to inbox me your address. Because you'll receive a little HAPPY!


alittlehappymacie.com If you've followed my blog for any amount of time you know I'm a proud, homegrown Mississippi girl. Back home I'm a dime-a-dozen, but here in my DC suburb I'm somewhat of a unique specimen. Just ...

alittlehappymacie.com 05/28/2014

Standards of Measurement

Grab a ruler and break it. Be Blessed!


alittlehappymacie.com Tonight while loading the dishwasher I noticed my husband had yet again placed bowls on the top rack. I have repetitively asked him to put bowls on the bottom rack because, in my expert opinion, t...

alittlehappymacie.com 04/09/2014

Mama, Rock Me

Never underestimate the power of a good neighbor. To a dear man, Fred Snowden, this is for you. Be blessed!


alittlehappymacie.com My husband and I lived in Nashville as newlyweds, then moved to Meridian, Mississippi for our first assignment with his current job. It was there we bought our first home, a precious 1950's cottag...


Cheering heart on sport grey.

alittlehappymacie.com 04/04/2014

All Dogs Go to Heaven

SUPER excited to share this amazing company with you! Read about Scott Jennings and Syntropy Creations on today's A Little Happy post!


alittlehappymacie.com I am so excited to feature Mississippi artist Scott Jennings of Syntropy Creations and Sacred Space Urns. Scott is a veterinarian by profession, and when his love of animals collided with his love...

etsy.com 03/26/2014


A Little Happy is stocking it up to ship it out! Just picked up a new batch of note cards!

Starting now through APRIL 1st, FREE SHIPPING on all note card sets! (This is NO April Fools!)

TEE SHIRTS are being printed will be re-stocked ASAP. When they arrive, expect another free shipping sale!


etsy.com Unique gifts that lift the spirit and tickle the heart.

alittlehappymacie.com 03/19/2014

My ETSY shop is open, y'all!


alittlehappymacie.com I can't believe it, but I finally found time to get my ETSY shop up and running. Many items correspond with blog entries, and all items are designed with love in my little happy home.Canvas paintin...

etsy.com 03/19/2014



etsy.com COMING VERY SOON, unique & affordable gifts that lift the spirit and tickle the heart. Follow me at www.alittlehappymacie.com to find out more.

[03/17/14]   Follow me on Instagram and Twitter at @iamalittlehappy

alittlehappymacie.com 03/08/2014

Mommy Madness

A Little Happy is soooooooooo close to 500 "likes" I can't believe it! Thank you for sharing the page! Be Blessed


alittlehappymacie.com Mommy guilt is just about the worst guilt there is. It lurks,victimizing innocent moms, day-in and day-out--and sometimes through the night. Mommy guilt is very real, and it doesn't matter if you...

[03/05/14]   A Little Happy wants to hear about your "ultimate love" mommy moment. This morning as I was making mini-muffins, and added this to the list. I loathe cleaning the tiny holes after baking them, but my boys devour and adore mini-muffins. What simple things do you do for the love of your children? Be blessed!

makewells.typepad.com 02/28/2014

Messy Heart Studio

The artist who makes me the happiest of all! Messy Heart Studio!!


makewells.typepad.com Today I'm going to brag on my sister-in-law, Lou, who recently re-opened her etsy shop Messy Heart Studio to sell prints of her work. I just love her happy, messy heart and her happy, messy art. Make sure you check out the rest of her work in her shop and...

[02/26/14]   A Little Happy is ordering magnets, cards, and tee shirts that will be available at Mill Town Mall in time for Wesson's 150th celebration weekend, APRIL 26!

New Magnets coming to Mill Town Mall. 02/25/2014

New Magnets coming to Mill Town Mall.

alittlehappymacie.com 02/24/2014

Thin Mint Theology

Just a little funny to get your week started. Don't let your home be without Girl Scout Cookies this spring! Be Blessed!


alittlehappymacie.com Yesterday my husband brought home a box of Girl Scout Thin Mints, and we told the boys they could have one after supper. Lucky for me, I don't care for them, but the children were watching the clo...

alittlehappymacie.com 02/21/2014

Featured Artist: Karrie Drake

A Little Happy is delighted to introduce you to featured artist, Karrie Drake. Her talents span from photography to pottery, but her focus remains loving God and loving people. Be blessed.


alittlehappymacie.com I'm happy to introduce featured artist, and my friend, Karrie Drake. I met Karrie at church in Florida, and although I knew she was a talented photographer, I had no idea how talented until we had...

alittlehappymacie.com 02/10/2014

Old Man Winter

Old Man Winter, you have worn out your welcome, but Spring will come again! Be Blessed!


alittlehappymacie.com No matter how much I kick and scream, he comes every single year. That energy-zapping, unwelcome guest who is relentless in his pursuit to ruin my life. Old Man Winter. Okay, so maybe I'm being ...

alittlehappymacie.com 12/11/2013

Wherever You Go, Mama

May your roots grow deep in God's love this Christmas season and always. Be blessed.


alittlehappymacie.com Scene: I'm washing dishes after dinner, and a little body is immovable by my side. "Nathan, go upstairs and get in bed." "But, wherever you go, I'm gonna go, mama. I love you." "I know you love me....

[11/20/13]   Peace comes not from obsessively striving to meet God's rules. It comes from obsessively committing to let God RULE. Be blessed. And be free.

- A Little Happy

[11/07/13]   Getting some more note cards and magnets ordered for A Little Happy. Items will be available at Deb's Style Shop in Wesson for a few weeks, then at a booth at Mill Town Mall and Antiques in Wesson. #wessonproud

alittlehappymacie.com 11/07/2013

Speech Therapy

Well, hush your mouth, a new blog post from A Little Happy. Be Blessed!


alittlehappymacie.com Many things have changed for my family since we were forced to leave the deep South. We went from a woodsy, affordable, acre lot to a pre-planned, over-priced, 0.1 acre lot. My sweet tea addictio...

alittlehappymacie.com 11/02/2013

All in God Time

I'm re-posting a past blog from A Little Happy that ministered to me, and I need it once again. Finding time to blog and craft eludes me. Be blessed and wisely make use of your time while you trust God's mysterious--but perfect--timing.


alittlehappymacie.com Something very frustrating has happened since Father God gave me the desire to blog--the demand of Father Time. The Lord keeps me supplied with ideas, and I love to sit and write about truths He r...




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