F45 Training Ashburn

F45 Training Ashburn


Start your week off strong with F45 Training Ashburn!

Check them out at www.f45training.com/ashburn
Start your week off strong with F45 Training Ashburn!

Check them out at www.f45training.com/ashburn
Sometimes you have to push yourself to new limits. Other times, you have to pull! Crushing goals over here at F45 Training Ashburn!
Sometimes you have to push yourself to new limits. Other times, you have to pull! Crushing goals over here at F45 Training Ashburn!
Hi, I am with Town Hall.
We are preparing a Welcome Kit for new residents that are moving into your community.
Our Welcome Kit can only feature one Health Club and I would like to discuss your being the exclusive Health Club for your communities’ new residents.
I would like to schedule a time when you are expecting me so that I may drop off a sample of our "Welcome Kit" and explain the program in greater detail.
Please message me or for immediate assistance, feel free to call or text me on my cell which is listed below.
Karla Cain
(540) 664-5514
F45 Training Ashburn leads innovative, high-intensity group workouts for an optimal balance of strength and cardio.

Business owner Robin Vaitonis led a tour (and a workout!) for Supervisor Mike Turner's visit.

F45's upper air UVC continuously disinfects the fitness facility's air, keeping members safe while they work towards their health and fitness goals.

🏋️‍♀️ Flex your entrepreneurial muscle with updated resources for your small business: www.LoudounSmallBiz.com
Message us to get a chance to be invited to a Private Event with Puneet Ahluwalia Candidate for Lt. Governor of VA at 5Tara Restaurant, Ashburn, VA. This Sunday, April 4th at 4 pm.
The Best of Ashburn polls are now open! Please vote for Goose Creek Village as the best retail center in Ashburn! Many of our retailers are also finalists - check the VOTE button next to them too!

Best Retail Center - Goose Creek Village
Jewelry - AQ Jewelers
Date Spot – Social House Kitchen & Tap - Ashburn
Barbershop- Roosters Men's Grooming Center - Ashburn, VA
Nail Salon –Beauty Bar & Spa
Tanning Salon – TanOrganiq Spray Tan & Lashes
American Cuisine – Social House Kitchen & Tap
Asian – Passion Fin
Bar – Social House Kitchen & Tap
Bartender- Peter Godden, Social House Kitchen & Tap
Best Local Curbside Service- Velocity Wings Ashburn
Coffee Shop- Weathervane Coffee
Family Restaurant – Social House Kitchen & Tap
Hamburger/Cheeseburger – The Burger Shack, Ashburn VA
Mexican – Parrando's Tex-Mex Grill
Outdoor Dining – Social House Kitchen & Tapt
Wings – Velocity Wings – Ashburn
Indian Food – Chopathi
Dentist – Goose Creek Village Dental
Veterinary- Goose Creek Veterinary Hospital
Fitness Center – F45 Training Ashburn
Martial Arts – MBA Majest
Consignment – 529 Kids Consign Loudoun
Place to Work - 37 Media and Marketing Group

It's a quick poll and you can find it right here!
It is time to pick the TOP 5!

So many of our retailers have been nominated in the Best of Loudoun Poll brought to our community by Loudoun Times-Mirror. Please vote these retailers through to the top 5 in this first round of voting!

Best Marketing and Public Relations Firm - 37 Media and Marketing Group: https://bit.ly/vote37mmg

Best Barber- Roosters Men's Grooming Center - Ashburn, VA: https://www.loudountimes.com/best/#/gallery?group=372053

Best Fitness Center/Gym - F45 Training Ashburn: https://www.loudountimes.com/best/#/gallery/266729977

Nail Salon - Beauty Bar & Spa:

Yoga/Pilates Studio - Easy Day Yoga:

Catering Company - Parrando's Tex-Mex Grill: https://www.loudountimes.com/best/#/gallery/266730412

Hamburger/Cheeseburger - The Burger Shack: https://www.loudountimes.com/best/#/gallery/266730605

Japanese Restaurant - Passion Fin: https://www.loudountimes.com/best/#/gallery/266730647

Mexican/Southwestern Restaurant: Parrando's Tex-Mex Grill: https://www.loudountimes.com/best/#/gallery/266730677

Outdoor Dining - Social House Kitchen & Tap - Ashburn: https://www.loudountimes.com/best/#/gallery/266730677

Seafood - Passion Fin: https://www.loudountimes.com/best/#/gallery/266730677

Sushi - Passion Fin:

Consignment/Thrift Store - 529 Kids Consign Loudoun: https://www.loudountimes.com/best/#/gallery?group=372061

Supermarket - Harris Teeter: https://www.loudountimes.com/best/#/gallery/266731980

Veterinary Practice - Goose Creek Veterinary Hospital: https://www.loudountimes.com/best/#/gallery/266731980

Bartender - Peter Godden from Social House Kitchen & Tap - Ashburn: https://www.loudountimes.com/best/#/gallery/266731434

General Dentist - Goose Creek Dental Care: https://www.loudountimes.com/best/#/gallery/266730974

Mental Health Practice - Potomac Psychological Center: https://www.loudountimes.com/best/#/gallery/266730984
New Year... New You??

New schedule at F45 Training Ashburn!!

Weekdays: 5:30AM, 6:30AM, 7:30AM, 12PM, 5:30PM, 6:30PM
Saturday: 7:45AM, 9:00AM, 10:15AM
Sunday: 9:00AM and 10:00AM

Covid protocols are in place:
⭐️Classes are still capped at 8 members so please sign up early!
⭐️ Keep social Distance between members
⭐️Air high 5s only!
We are so excited to announce Loudoun County’s favorite fitness studio has reopened!! F45 Training Ashburn is back and stronger than ever! Log into the Mindbody App to reserve your lifetime member discount, and to sign up for your classes before they fill up!
This may be a throwback pic, but the love is still there at a distance!

Our F45 Training Ashburn studio is open and operating with additional cleaning and disinfection procedures - join the team today with a 1-Week Free Trial!

Learn more here: f45training.com/ashburn/home

F45 Ashburn NOW OPEN
Team Training. Life Changing.



Post workout nutrition is super important, because what you consume after exercise is crucial to your recovery and achieving your goals!!

The best time frame for optimal results is to consume your post workout meal within 30-60 minutes after finishing your workout.

Post workout, you want to focus on eating protein and carbs!! Protein will provide the proper amino acids to repair and rebuild muscles after breakdown during working out and will help build new muscles! Carbs will replace the glycogen (energy) lost during working out, increase storage, and helps reduce muscle soreness!!

Let us know if you have any questions about your post workout meal and what else you’d like to learn more about!!❤️💙

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Week 3 of the Ignite Challege: LETS GO ASHBURN!!🔥💪💪💙


Happy Labor Day from our F45 family to yours!! Enjoy the holiday with your loved ones, and we will see you back in the studio tomorrow!! ❤️💙


WE WILL BE CLOSED ON LABOR DAY!!! This Monday, September 5th, our studio will be closed all day for Labor Day!! Enjoy the holiday with your loved ones and come get your workout in this weekend before!!💙❤️



Our 6 Week Ignite Challenge starts tomorrow, and we can’t wait to take this challenge on with you!! We have a very special Challenge Pack available to make this challenge even better!!!

For just $6/day, you will get:
- 45 days of unlimited training
- 1:1 fitness consults
- 2 InBody scans
- Nutrition coaching
- Daily meal plans
- Goal tracking



📣 Attention Fitness Lovers!!!!

Do you want to make an impact, change lives, and be a part of an amazing team and community? F45 could be the perfect fit for you!

We are looking for a Head Trainer/Studio Manager and part-time certified trainers to join our fast growing team!!

❤️ Rewarding team atmosphere
💙 Competitive pay (class and admin time)
❤️ Awesome members who you'll become fast friends with
💙 Complimentary F45 Training Ashburn membership
❤️ Salary with benefits for Head Trainer position

DM us or check these links out to apply!!! 💪

Head Trainer: https://f45-training-cp007662.careerplug.com/j/01c8o44

Part Time Trainer: https://f45-training-cp007662.careerplug.com/j/014f91v



The Ignite Challenge is just around the corner, and we have an amazing 6 Week Challenge Pack for you!!!

For just $6/Day, this challenge pack will include:
- 45 Days of Unlimited Classes
- 1:1 Fitness Consults
- 2 InBody Scans
- Nutrition Coaching
- Daily Meal Plans
- Goal Tracking

The challenge begins August 22nd and ends October 1st!! Don’t miss out on this amazing deal!!

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Swipe to see how you know you’ve had a good strength day🥵🥵🥵

Come try us out for 3 free days!!! We promise you won’t regret it 😉😉😉

DM us or click the link in our bio to get started!!

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FRIDAY ENERGY!!!! 💪 Come start your weekend right- 2 more chances today!!

12 pm
5 pm

Get after it!!! 💙 ♥️

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Member appreciation post, because we love our F45 family❤️💙😌


Happy 4th of July from our F45 family to yours!! 🎇 🇺🇸 Enjoy the holiday and your well deserved break from us!! 😉♥️ 💙


STUDIO UPDATE!! We will be closed this coming Monday, 4th of July, all day!! We will have our regular schedule on Sunday, July 3rd, and Tuesday, July 5th! Enjoy the holiday!!

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We’re so excited to enter a new month with you and to be a part of your new goals!! Last month is behind us, and it’s time to start fresh with that new mindset and new results!!

Not a member?! Sign up for a FREE week of classes with us!! DM us to start your trial or visit the link in our bio!!

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Heading into the last week of June, Ashburn!!! ☀️ Here are 5 chances to catch your cardio sweat sesh tomorrow and start your week off right! See you then!! ♥️ 💙

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What are our members’ least favorite exercises?! Swipe to find out!! ➡️➡️

Member party was such a success!! We can’t wait for the next!! ♥️ 💙


Happy Father’s Day from our F45 family to yours!! We wish all the fathers an amazing day!! 💙 ❤️


Hey, Ashburn Dads!! Join us this Sunday, Father’s Day, for a FREE Dad’s class!! DM us to sign up for your free class!! 💙

When: Sunday, June 19, 2022 (8am or 9am)
Where: F45 Ashburn!!

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MENS CHALLENGE WINNERS!! We are so proud to announce both our men’s winner and runner up for our most recent challenge!!

WINNER: Vishnu Tammi!
- Lost 3% body fat and gained 2.2 pounds of muscle mass!!

RUNNER UP: Evan Hardy!!
- Has had the best attendance at F45!!

Congrats, gentleman!!! 💙 ♥️

Photos from F45 Training Ashburn's post 06/13/2022

WOMENS CHALLENGE WINNERS!! We are so proud to announce both our women’s winner and runner up for our most recent challenge!!

WINNER: Eleni Mayes!!
- Lost 2.6% body fat and gained 3.6 pounds of muscle mass!!

RUNNER UP: Vazira Ahmedjonova!!
- Lost 2% body fat since starting F45 and has had the most consistent attendance!!

Congrats, ladies!!! 💙 ♥️

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Meet Brooke Maxey !!!

🌟Where Are You From? - Landenberg, PA

🌟How/Why Did You Get Involved with Fitness & F45?
- “I got started at F45 during trail class / Playoffs. My friend from college and I popped in, worked out & competed in Playoffs! Everyone was so welcoming & was a great atmosphere! So I decided I wanted to coach again!!

🌟Fave F45 Program/Workout?
- Hybrid Workouts (1/2 cardio 1/2 strength HIIT)

🌟Fun Fact - “I adopted 2 cats and named them Carrot & Crouton”

🌟Outside of the Gym- “I do competitive CrossFit & love spending time with family, friends & being outside”

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It’s a brand new month, which means you get a chance to set new goals, have a fresh start, and make new results!! The past is in the past, and it is now your chance to start over with your health and fitness goals! Challenge yourself and try at least one new goal this month that is out of your comfort zone (maybe it’s coming to a cardio day 😉🤫). Reach out to us to talk to any of our amazing coaches on how you can make this YOUR month!!

Let’s get after it, Ashburn!! 💙 ♥️

P.S.: dm us for a FREE week trial if your not a member and want in on the fun!!


Wishing you a warm and Happy Memorial Day from our F45 family to yours! Let us remember all our heroes who have left us while saving our lives and our country❤️💙🤍


WE WILL BE CLOSED FOR MEMORIAL DAY!! Our regular class schedule will be in effect this weekend (5/28-5/29), but we will be closed all day on Monday! Come in for your last few workouts before your well deserved rest on
Monday 😉


What is the easiest mistake to make during the Circuit Breaker Challenge? Not resting!!

Your body needs time to recover and refuel, and by not allowing this rest time, you can increase the risks of injury. The best way to complement your F45 workouts is by adding at least one day of active recovery. Active recovery can be low intensity cardio such as walking, Pilates, or swimming! These activities are low impact and will allow you to perform your best when you make it back in to the studio with us☺️

If you need more help with planning your weekly workout split, feel free to reach out for guidance!!

Let’s do this!! 💪

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TUESDAY STRENGTH DAY!! Catch us at one of these 6 times to get your strength workout in tomorrow!! 💪

Not a member? Use the link in our bio or DM us for a FREE week of classes to try it out!!


Is Cardio Workout Better Than Resistance?

Here what Dr Lee Wallace, F45 Sport Scientist, has to say about the benefits of getting in a hybrid workout that combines both strength and cardio to maximize results!

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FRIDAY ENERGY!! Here are 5 chances to get your sweat on before the weekend!! 💦 See you then!! 💪🔥


DB45 was HOT!! 🔥

Photos from F45 Training Ashburn's post 05/13/2022

Our members crushing it as usual 🔥🔥 Now that’s a flex 💪😉

Come be a part of the fun with a FREE week of classes!! DM us to get started!!

Don’t forget to catch us at happy hour tonight at 5:30pm in Social House!! ❤️


The Science Behind our Cardio Workouts

What's the science behind our cardio structure? A variety of time intervals and exercises where you never get bored with the same old routine! By mixing it up we really challenge your endurance and anaerobic fitness. Our range of exercises are all designed to make the most out of your 45 minutes with us.

Get that cardio in this week and keep your Week 3 Circuit Breaker momentum going!

😅 Book in today www.f45training.com/ashburn/schedule


Mental Benefits of Resistance Training

Welcome to Week 3 of Circuit Breaker! Getting those resistance workouts in each week is so important. But beyond improving your strength and functional movement, resistance training has shown to:

👉 Reduce anxiety & depression
👉 Improve sleep quality
👉 Improve self esteem

Book your next class and feel the positive mental benefits!

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Is Cardio Workout Better Than Resistance?
The Science Behind our Cardio Workouts
Mental Benefits of Resistance Training




21020 Sycolin Road Suite 115
Ashburn, VA

Opening Hours

Monday 5:30am - 7:30pm
Tuesday 5:30am - 7:30pm
Wednesday 5:30am - 7:30pm
Thursday 5:30am - 7:30pm
Friday 5:30am - 7:30pm
Saturday 7:30am - 11:30am
Sunday 7:30am - 11:30am

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