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Salad burgers. 😁 Meat-free. #willowsfordfarm #CSA
Thanks for the yummy early CSA share. Great chicken and veggies tonight.
Are the eggs that were available starting today already sold out??
Every ingredient is from this week’s winter CSA: eggs, spinach, potatoes and green onions. Yum!
If you are supposed to pick up a CSA share but you completely space out and forget to get it on your given day/time... have you forfeited your share for that week? πŸ˜¬πŸ€¦πŸ»β€β™€οΈπŸ™ˆ
Hi! My husband forgot to ask what the adventurous eater veggie is for this week? Not sure what it is and what you do with it? Any help would be greatly appreciated! Not sure if it’s posted somewhere, I have not been able to find it!
Searching for a tomato sauce recipe to mow down this week's share!
All veg from willowsford farm and wiffletree farm hamburger! Had to outsource the cheese to Wegmans.

#yum #CSA
Conservancy tent is blowing around the farm stand area. Who can I contact to get it taken in???
We are newcomers here in Willowsford. What are your hours today and tomorrow? Thanks!
The foster babies are growing up quickly. Gumby is already showing off her yoga skills for yoga on the farm @ Willowsford.
I have not seen what the farm stand days and hours will be for 2019. Same as last year? Also, can we still get debit cards with discounts?

Our 2021 farm shares are now available for signups online. Visit us at https://www.harvie.farm/signup/willowsford-farm to join our local food community!

Willowsford Farm 2022 CSA Registration is now open! Visit our website to sign up now!

Operating as usual

Timeline photos 03/21/2022

In the picture you can see the distinct line of where the chickens rotationally grazed! Can you guess which side the chickens were on? First correct answer receives a $5 credit to the online Farm store!


Our first community greenhouse seeding day was a delight thanks to these farmers in training! This opportunity is available every Monday from 3-5 PM through April. If you want to learn more about how/why/when your food is grown, join us!

More info: https://willowsfordconservancy.org/programs/events-programs/


Our seeds are popping up! It's crazy how fast these little guys grow 🀩

Timeline photos 03/11/2022

Our new high tunnel construction has finally taken shape! Any suggestions as to what we should grow in here? πŸ€”


Next Tuesday, March 15th, we will be hosting another Meet the Farmer at the Willowsford Boat House! Our first Meet the Farmer event was a productive and informative event that was appreciated by all who attended. We hope you can join us next week!

Here is the link to register https://willowsfordconservancy.org/programs/events/event/meet-the-farmer-2/

Photos from Willowsford Farm's post 03/08/2022

Happy International Woman's Day! To these three incredible women/leaders that keep Willowsford Conservancy moving forward - we thank you for everything that you do!

Timeline photos 03/07/2022

Seeding is officially underway! Ben and Rachel have had their heads down, focusing on filling flats with soil and seeds. The warmth of the greenhouse is therapeutic after the winter months - spring is coming fast, and we’re looking forward to sharing the Farm with the community this spring 😊

Join the Farm-ily Today! 03/04/2022

Join the Farm-ily Today!

Happy Friday from Willowsford Farm! CSA shares are selling fast, if you haven't already registered for your egg, veggie or flower share - join today. Already registered?! Share this post with friends and neighbors!

Join the Farm-ily Today!

Timeline photos 03/02/2022

Through our partnership with Apex Organix , a veteran owned composting company, our collaboration will offer residents various services and programs focusing on compost. If you sign up for residential compost services by March 15th, Apex will gift you with free compost this spring! This is perfect for your home garden, or you can donate it to the Farm! 🌱

You can learn more about Apex's services and sign up through this link https://apex-organix-llc.square.site/

Photos from Willowsford Farm's post 03/01/2022

Gabe was surprised with thank you cards from a group of home-school students from the Willowsford Community! βœ‰

They thanked him for a brief tutorial on all things Willowsford Farm and Conservancy πŸŒ±πŸ‘¨β€πŸŒΎ

Thanks kids! 😊

Photos from Willowsford Farm's post 02/28/2022

Farmer Rachel is our greenhouse lead and is excited to be growing some new allium varieties on the Farm this season! Shallots, leeks, and cipollini onions were recently seeded and we can already smell them sautΓ©ing with some fresh thyme πŸ€€πŸ§…


We're excited to have Nick from Apex Organix, a veteran-owned business, at our Meet the Farmer this evening!

As a consumer, a great and easy way to make positive shifts in our local food system is through composting. That's why we're teaming up with Apex Organix this season so our community can help build more resilient soil on the farm. Transforming food and other organic waste into nutritious organic matter helps cut down on our personal food waste and helps build the Farm's healthy soil - it's a win-win!

We're looking forward to seeing you all tonight! If you're not registered, we still have a few spots available! https://willowsfordconservancy.org/programs/events/event/meet-the-farmer/

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Timeline photos 02/17/2022

Want to learn more about Willowsford Farm? Then come Meet the Farmer, specifically Farm Manager Andy! πŸ‘¨β€πŸŒΎ Next Wednesday, 2/23, we will be hosting a conversation-style event at the Willowsford Boat House, where you can ask any questions you may have!

We will also have farm snacks prepared by the Willowsford Kitchen along with light refreshments πŸ˜‹

Registration is required. You can register through this link https://willowsfordconservancy.org/programs/events/event/meet-the-farmer/


Farming in the Winter Part 1! 🌱

Farming in the Winter Part 1! 🌱

We may not be growing vegetables at this time of the year, but there's still plenty to be done! We have to make sure our land, our equipment, and our plans are in proper order!

Farmers have to wear lots of hats to pull off a successful business🎩 We're lucky to have a skillful and knowledgeable Farm team that can grow delicious vegetables AND do the jobs that are typically unseen πŸ‘€

We're excited to bring you all delicious produce when May rolls around! If you haven't signed up for our CSA yet, you can register on our website willowsfordconservancy.org/farm

Until then, we'll keep working hard πŸ’ͺ

Eat well, be well!

Timeline photos 02/08/2022

Registration for 2022 CSA Shares are now open! πŸ₯³ We're beyond excited to bring you delicious food from Willowsford Farm and all of our partner farms too! 😊 Head to our website to see all of our available shares for this year

Photos from Willowsford Farm's post 02/07/2022

Winter CSA is done and the crew is diving into 2022! Their lives are currently filled with crop and field planning spreadsheets. Farming is hard work, both on and off the fields - luckily we have a passionate crew that loves what they do!πŸ’»


One of our goals for 2022 is for the Farm to collaborate more with the @willowsford_kitchen ! πŸ‘¨β€πŸŒΎπŸ‘©β€πŸŒΎπŸ‘©β€πŸ³πŸ‘©β€πŸ³

Chefs Emily & Jess and the Conservancy Engagement team have been planning tasty culinary events and ideas we can deliver to the Willowsford community! 🍴🀩

Getting hungry? So are we πŸ˜‹

Photos from Willowsford Farm's post 01/31/2022

We love seeing our teams work together!

Our fence line is covered in so many large plants and invasives that they require a chainsaw for removal. Taryn and Rob from the Land Stewardship recently visited the Farm to teach our Farm crew proper chainsaw safety and technique.

Talk about teamwork! 🀝

Photos from Willowsford Farm's post 01/27/2022

The entire Conservancy team was brought up to speed on the latest CPR and First Aid information. With all of the events we're planning for our community this year, it's essential our team knows what to do in case of an emergency! β›‘


It's a (slightly) warmer day here on the farm so it's a perfect time time harvest our braising greens from the tunnels! πŸŒΏβ˜€οΈ Check out what's happening on the farm with farmers Andy and Eric!


Our team is busy planning programs and events based on community feedback for the 2022 calendar year! The Conservancy Teams are looking forward to a fun year ahead πŸ€— πŸ“…

Photos from Willowsford Farm's post 01/18/2022

The winter cleaning continues! Eric and Ben are washing carrots for our last week of winter CSA share while Rachel is cleaning up the greenhouse and getting ready to seed! It's an exciting time on the farm 🀩


We're clearing our deer fence around the farm to help with the pest control. Here is our Farm Production Manager, Eric, to explain why.

It's great seeing the progress being made 😁


Our Bridger and Desert Sunrise onions are braving the cold winter so we can harvest them in the spring πŸ§…πŸ₯Ά


It's one birthday after another this week! Happy Birthday to our Farm Production Manager Eric! πŸ₯³ His positivity is a trait we truly cherish here on the farm 😊


We want to wish farmer Ben a big happy birthday πŸ₯³ the whole crew pitched in and got him some arugula πŸ˜‚

Photos from Willowsford Farm's post 01/03/2022

2022 is a good look for the farm β„πŸŒ¨

Don't worry, our vegetables are tucked in and staying warm 😊


Happy New Year Farm-ily!


Even though it hasn't been the coldest the past few days, our spinach is extremely sweet πŸ˜‹ one of our favorite spinach recipes is @kenjilopezalt creamed spinach recipe on @seriouseats

What's your favorite way to eat spinach?


Photos from Willowsford Farm's post 12/29/2021

The farm isn't covered in snow like last year but we still love and appreciate our tunnels and the abundant greens they produce 😍πŸ₯¬


Happy Holidays from the Willowsford Conservancy Team!

Wishing you joy, peace, good health, and happiness in the New Year ahead!


Ever wonder why our carrots are so much sweeter in the winter?

It's a natural self defense mechanism for the carrots. In order to defend itself from ice crystal formations when it frosts, the carrot (and several other hearty root vegetables) converts its starches into sugars - in other words, the freezing point of the water in the carrot becomes lower.

That's why we're keeping these Bolero carrots in the ground for as long as possible, because these frosty nights make them that much sweeter. That way, our CSA members can enjoy more delicious produce πŸ˜‹πŸ₯•


As we move into the new year, our Conservancy is going through transitions to have the Land Stewardship and Farm teams work more collaboratively. So you'll be seeing more content of both teams!

Our Land Stewardship team is currently working hard to finish up their work orders for tree removal before the end of the year. Here is our Land Stewardship Manager, Taryn, watching over Rob as he gets field experience to become an arboristπŸŒ³πŸ‚


Every day, before the crew leaves, we make sure we check the hens to make sure they have enough food, water, and that the electric fence is functioning properly.

Since we received these hens, there has always been the same rogue hen that craftily jumps from the ramp to the nesting box and over the electrified fence. At closing time she scurries to the crew member responsible for tucking them in who then reunites her with the flock.

We love all of our hens but this one has a special place in our hearts πŸ’•


It takes a village to make a farm run smoothly, and often it is the folks running things in the background that go unnoticed. Today we say goodbye to Jamie McArdle, the Willowsford Conservancy business manager who has been with us for 7+ years. Thank you for your time, energy and dedication, Jamie, you will be missed!

Why Do We Farm?

At Willowsford Farm, we believe that knowing who’s growing your food makes meals meaningful. We grow Certified Organic produce, as well as connections between our Farm-ily members and their community. Our Farm Share program offers three seasons of customized veggie boxes with flexible schedules, multiple pickup locations and payment plans, plus easy online management. Your box is personalized to your taste preferences, which means more of what you do like and nothing you don’t, all season long. Add farm eggs, local milk, pastured meats, and flowers for a one-stop shopping experience filled with local goodness. You’ve never tasted anything as fresh as food harvested that very day, just for you! Everything we do is geared towards making seasonal eating deliciously easy and fun, from culinary classes to farm tours. Will you join us?


2020 Farm Stand Season:

May 23 - Nov 21

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Farming in the Winter Part 1! 🌱
First CSA pack of our winter share!



23595 Founders Dr
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General information

Visit our website to learn more about CSA, or shop our seasonal Farm Stand for veggies, eggs, chicken, local pasture-raised meats, dairy, flowers, pantry goods and more.

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