This weekend is such an awesome kick off to the holiday season!!! On top of decorating our house, I spent time with several families yesterday doing holiday photos. Today, I am off to the North Pole breakfast at NoVA PlayLabs with The Aviary Girls, Little Peeps Bows, and Creigh-ations to take pics with the big guy himself and then 9 more families this afternoon! Let the fun continue!!!
Kim, I'm so excited for our Thankful Kit! We started it today and I can tell already that this is going to be a fantastic activity for our family! I honestly can't say enough good things about it. There are so many different activities and not only can we easily spread these out over the month of November when we're specifically thinking about being thankful and grateful, but I hope these activities will start a new focus for our family that will become a regular habit. I personally always talk about how I'm going to start a gratitude journal or do more mindful activities with my child in these areas. Even though we talk about it, I honestly never sit down and do it in a truly meaningful way. This gives us an easy way to do that as a family. The quality of the materials is great. My child is only 5 and she was very excited to do the activities we've already started. The activity based around focusing on positives instead of negatives in each situation has already made a connection in her little brain after doing it just once. I was trimming her nails (which she hates BTW) and she was complaining and wouldn't sit still. Then she said you know, maybe I should think of this a different way, getting my nails trimmed is so annoying, but at least I won't have yucky nails and scratch myself and I'm happy I won't scratch baby Claire.
Play, Work or Dash isn't just a coworking space with onsite childcare, we are also a group of parents that support each other's endeavors in various ways.

Including buying eco friendly reusable sandwich bags!

Here are the first sales from our brand new Local Makers Market!

Stop in and purchase items from local moms and owners of Creigh-ations, Cwitto Design Studio, LLC, District Line Co., and Sharp Plant Designs!

The Local Makers Market is located in our upstairs coworking space and items are available to buy between 10 am - 3 pm Monday through Friday.
Thanks so much to Creigh-ations, Cwitto Design Studio, LLC & District Line Co. for making our vision of a Local Makers Market a reality! Come by and get some locally made gifts for yourself or a loved one. Located in our coworking area upstairs.
Shout out to Rachel for letting us introduce her!
As always, Kim made a wonderful banner for a party I hosted! Thank you! You are so talented!
Perfect teacher presents - even from teacher to teacher! 🎉🎄😍
I love your designs and work! Are you available Nov. 12 for a HUGE Holiday Bazaar in Ashburn? Please email me at [email protected] or cal 703-723-5320, ext. 105.

If you need something crafty, you’ve come to the right place. Let’s Creigh-ate (create) it toget Let’s Creigh-ate (create) it together. Avid reader. Made by hand.

My name is Kim Creigh (pronounced Cree), so naturally my love of crafting and my husband’s fabulous last name led to Creigh-ations, a shop for creating customized home décor, banners, and parties in a box! Meet Kim Creigh:

Crafting aficionado. Lover of wine, shopping, and great friends. Ten things about me you don’t necessarily need to know, but you may be wondering:
1. I live in Northern Virgini


Hey hey, crafty friends! If you have a preschooler or beginning or struggling reader, head on over to my new page where I'm sharing lots of fun ideas to help make reading fun and engaging in your home!


Changes to Creighations~

Join me over at Creative Reading Adventures!


Can't wait to spend the morning presenting to a local MOPS group


Let’s see those Valentines, busy moms! Share a picture of yours in the comments.

Lots of lessons from these Dollar Store bought cards:
💕 Start early
✏️ Great handwriting practice
📄 Practice reading class names
🍷 Practice in patience 😉

Photos from Creigh-ations's post 01/31/2018

Can’t wait for Round 2 of this Valentine’s event THIS Thursday February 1st! Check out these amazing, rustic, perfectly imperfect Valentines signs!

What’s better than crafting with other moms while we throw a Valentine’s party for your kids?! Cookie decorating, play doh, supervised play, + more! 💕

Sign up here~


*squee!* Sneak peek of the xoxox banner for the Valentines event on Sunday! YOU, busy mom, get to craft with The Aviary Girls while we throw a Valentines party for your kids with- you guessed it!- a photo shoot with BGB Photography LLC. This banner will be part of your adorable backdrop at NoVA PlayLabs.

👀 Like what you see?! There are a few spots left for Sunday! 💕


Want to make your very own LOVE themed, farmhouse chic sign while we treat your little ones to a supervised Valentine's party {complete with a professional photo booth!} right down the hall?!

Crafting, farmhouse decor, adorable photos, included childcare... what's not to love?! Grab a mom friend and join us on Sunday, January 28th 11-1 or Thursday, February 1st 5:30-7:30!

Photos from Creigh-ations's post 01/13/2018

Have you started on your 2018 goals or resolutions yet!? One of my 2018 goals is to read one chapter EVERY day. This latest post shows you how that's possible even with little ones and little time! {LInk's in the comments!}.

📖 In the comments, please leave the name of the book you're reading or your favorite book! {Let's grow our reading lists!}

🖍️ *Bonus* there's a super cute bookmark you can color with your kids in the post!


Happy New Year!


Last call for lip balm cards! How cute is the packaging for the little interns’ teacher’s gift card 😍🐧 Last trip to the post office in the morning. Shop is closing at midnight!


Local friends~ come stock up on your teacher gifts and finish your holiday shopping! 💕 {Oh and have a glass of wine with me! 🍷🎁}

13167 Oak Farm Dr. in Woodbridge~ I’ll be here til 6!


Grab those teacher gifts + stocking stuffers before Tuesday! 💕🎄


This crafty elf is super excited for December 💚❤️ Have you checked out the shop lately?! It’s gotten a Christmas makeover! 🎄Lots of new items including these “Shine Bright!” ornaments~ perfect for gifting jewelry this Christmas!!

✅ Click to check them out~


{Help!} I need your input~ what word/phrase screams "Christmas" to you?!
a) Be Merry
b) Joy
c) Merry & Bright
d) add your own!

I'm looking to make one more reversible holiday banner. Any input would be greatly appreciated! :)


A reason to shop small today + announcing a Giveaway!


I know that Ashlie probably hasn’t slept much baking so many pies for all of her amazing customers 💕🥧 I’m happy to support her vision to this weekend with these labels!


Fun fact: my littlest intern saw my fabulous Christmas sweater this morning and wanted to know when breakfast with Santa was today 😂 🎅🏼

I’m just in the holiday spirit for the Stone Bridge High School Holiday Bazaar! I’m here in Ashburn until 2! Come visit me 💕


I'm rockin' out to some Christmas music {too early!?} as I put the finishing touches on my lip balm cards for tomorrow! If you're local to Ashburn, come visit me and the big intern at Stone Bridge High School. You know I always love to see a friendly face ;)


{Behind the Scenes} Check out my messy desk where my big intern is burning the midnight oil! For today’s I’m so very grateful for my mom. ‘Tis the season for making lip balm cards each night! 🎄☃️♥️

Local friends, come visit me this Saturday 11/18 at Stone Bridge High School in Ashburn to see all of these cards in person! {from 10-2!}


Packing up Thankful Kits! What are you grateful for today?!


Local friends, if you're around tomorrow evening, come stop by the Westover Baptist Church. I'll be there from 7-9 with Gratitude Jars, Thankful Kits, turkey and thankful EOS, and taking preorders for holiday EOS cards. Stock up on your teacher gifts! Hope to see you there!

Date: Wed. 11/15
Time: 7-9
Place: Westover Baptist Church 1125 Patrick Henry Dr.
Arlington, VA 22205


Thanksgiving is NEXT week! Are you ready?!

To get in the spirit of Thanksgiving, start talking about gratitude with your kids. For those of you who did my {Create a Thankful Heart} challenge, you know the BEST way I like to chat about things with my kids is to use children's books.

An amazing children's book is Thankful by Eileen Spinelli. Read it, chat about some things you are thankful for with your little ones, and report back here! I'll leave what my little intern was thankful for in the comments ;)

Comment below: What are your kids grateful for?! {The funnier, the better!}.


I LOVE getting texts like this~ meet Tucker, my little interns’ cousin. He is loving the challenge. This video was meant for Landon but I got permission to share it with you 😘

Thankful Kits are up in the shop! Two journals are included {with lots of other goodies} for you to continue journaling {1 for you and 1 for your child!}. Click to check it out~


You know you’re a crafter when...

You keep your Halloween tablecloth on for a few extra days to finish this painting project 🤣🖌🎨

Can’t wait to share what these sticks are for sooooon 💕


A huge thanks to Paige, owner of Eyetopia, Inc. - The Eyewear Vault, for taking me as her date to the Loudoun County Chamber of Commerce Small Business Awards last night!

Every year I am so inspired by these amazing business owners and their stories. It’s incredible to watch their success stories and how much value they add to our community 💕

{My fancy selfie skills are not up to par but we had fun!}


{Create a Thankful Heart} Kick Off! Make sure you're getting the daily prompts here~


I know we're prepping for Halloween, so let's discuss my last trip to Target.

We went in for Halloween candy. The little interns and I talked about it on the way there. I parked the car and we repeated that this trip was ONLY for Halloween candy and for nothing else {it's also a nice reminder for me not to go through the dollar bins or down any unnecessary aisles!}. We talked about how the candy was for all of the trick-or-treaters that are coming to our house on Tuesday night. One more time: "What are we buying at Target?" "Halloween candy" ~say my 4 and 5 year olds.

Flash forward to the walk back from the candy. We pass the clothes.
~"Mommy can I get a Halloween shirt?"
~"No, we only came for candy."

Keep walking... you guessed it. Right past the toy aisle.
"But mommy remember you said we could get..."

I didn't even let him finish that sentence~ "WE CAME FOR HALLOWEEN CANDY AND WE ARE LEAVING WITH HALLOWEEN CANDY." This was my mantra for the afternoon.

Cue the tears. The meltdown. "But mommy I NEED that new pup." The screams. The stares from others. {Please tell me I'm not alone in these Target meltdowns!}. People don't know whether to help or run quickly in the other direction. I can answer that~ run... run, as fast as you can!

I usually would calmly explain that we are here for Halloween candy and leaving just with Halloween candy but it was after school, we were all exhausted, and it wasn't worth it. So I scooped up my 4 year old and we did self check out through the tantrums. We made it back to the safety of the van, where the sobs escalated and then finally stopped 2 minutes from home when he realized we weren't going back.

If this has ever happened to you, please leave a comment in this post! I think moms think we're alone in this, but I've seen it happen to lots of busy moms, and we're not alone. {At least that's what I told myself after Friday's trip!}.

In that meltdown moment, I decided to purposefully teach my kids how to be grateful for the pups they already have. For the clothes they have. For the candy we bought for trick-or-treaters. For everything we have.

If you're tired of the obsession with material things, the sense of entitlement, and just plain un-gratefulness, join me as I teach my little ones how to be thankful. It starts on Wednesday, November 1st. You know the teacher in me found some great books to share and lessons to use after this Target meltdown. Let's create thankful hearts together.


Had the BEST morning presenting to some fabulous MOPS moms! We chatted how to teach pre-reading skills to little ones and craft ideas 💕 Thanks to Katrina for snapping this picture 📷

What are some of your favorite books to read to your littles?! Post some titles below 📚⬇️


Grab your pumpkin spiced latte and read 3 easy ways to learn with pumpkins 🎃

Join me for my first coffee chat over in the Creigh~ative Connection this morning at 11! We’re chatting.... pumpkins! Hope to “see” you there!

Photos from Creigh-ations's post 10/24/2017

Need a quick and relaxing after school activity!? Lots of moms over in the Creigh~ative Connection have been coloring these sheets today! Click below to download your tree coloring sheets~ one for you and one for your little!


You either love ‘em or hate ‘em! What’s your feeling on candy corn?! 🎃
{My answer’s in the comments!}.

You can check out the other Halloween cupcake toppers in the shop! Click here to order for your Halloween treats~


Heading to a MOPS group in Falls Church with 45 of these Fall/BOO! banner kits. I’m the craft leader {doesn’t that job sound like it was made for me!!?}. I also get to chat about throwing a stress-free birthday party tonight 🎉

Local friends, I can come to you and you can throw your very own banner making party too! You can even earn yours for free! 💕

Click here to order your very own banner~


Can you spot our quick after school creepy-crawly craft this afternoon?

👀 My littlest intern helped count out all of the googly eyes and legs we needed to help prep our craft! My little intern didn’t even want a snack off of the bus~ he wanted to make his spider with his little brother. Makes my heart melt! ❤️

🎨🖌✂️🖍 Crafting and coloring are our time to relax and catch up on the day. While they were molding their Play-Doh I learned all about who turned to yellow today {❗️}, what he made in computer lab, and who he played with during inside recess. If I had asked “how was your day?” I would not have gotten all of that info, trust me 😉

October Creigh~ative Kid Kits head out tomorrow. I can make yours to add to the post office stack, so you can have some Halloween crafts ready and available for the next couple of weeks! Click here to check them out~

📸 photo cred to the big intern


What do you think~ is it too early for the "BOO!" side of this reversible banner?! My accountant and I always have differing opinions...🎃🍂🍁

I guess this is a 2 part question~ 1) Fall or BOO! side for now? and 2) If you say it's too early, when can I switch to BOO!???

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