Helptech Group, LLC

Helptech Group, LLC. is a provider of managed IT support services for businesses of all sizes and mo Our support services include phone/communication systems, technology and data security, security policies, remote and/or on-site support and more depending on the client's needs and budget.

We can evaluate your existing network infrastructure, identify areas that need immediate attention, establish priorities and set long-term goals for your business solutions.

Helptech Group, LLC updated their phone number. 07/29/2022

Helptech Group, LLC updated their phone number.

Helptech Group, LLC updated their phone number.


Tech tip for the week - Do not share an invitation link to any type of web meeting. If someone would like to attend, have them contact the host and get their own link so the host knows who is attending and can keep out the rest.


Allow your guests access to the internet without compromising your network security with a Guest Wifi access point


As a boss, gift yourself the gift of saving money on phone systems by switching to HTG this Christmas. It's the gift that keeps on giving by saving you money every month


Give the gift of reliable tech support to your employees this Christmas by making Helptech Group your tech support team


Looking to upgrade technology in your business this Christmas? Look no further and contact Helptech Group for recommendations and set up that fits your needs and budget

Cyber Scam Awareness - A Real Experience 12/06/2021

Cyber Scam Awareness - A Real Experience

Learn the flags to look for to avoid being scammed by seeing a real encounter with a scammer

Cyber Scam Awareness - A Real Experience Learn the flags to look for to avoid being scammed by seeing a real encounter with a scammer


Having a spam filter on your email box is a good way to avoid having suspicious emails get to you.
But remember: some hackers make emails look professional enough to get through spam filters so always be aware when checking new emails


Email Tech Tip: Never click on links from emails. Always go directly to the website and find what you are looking for to avoiding clicking suspicious and encoded links that are emailed to you


Helptech Group is thankful this Thanksgiving season for our loyal clients and the friendships we are able to build with the business we support


Technology is constantly changing but thankfully there are people (the techs) who enjoy learning the new ways technology works and are eager to help those in need when changes look tricky to figure out


HTG is thankful for firewalls and data centers that help keep our clients information safe and secure


Technology has brought the world together by connecting loved ones, friends, and businesses, through phone systems, email, social media, and more



It may be surprising but your email inbox has a limited amount of space. To help avoid the panic of your inbox becoming full, delete emails as you no longer need them and remember to empty out your trash box every once and a while


When your email is hosted by HTG, our spam filters will help protect your email box by filtering out questionable mail and when unsure, the filters let you make the choice if it is spam or an email you need


Your company can benefit from having your emails hosted with HTG because of our fast response time if you experience any email issues


Facebook Messenger integration in your business phone system can be set up by HTG and allows your business to always be in touch with customers and vendors even if cellular communication is not available or under attack from hackers


LiveChat through HTG and 3CX phone systems allow business to put a chat box on their website so customers have an alternative way of contact if phone calls and texts go down due to DDoS attacks or other disasters


Click2Talk is a phone system feature HTG has that allows URLs to be used to connect with people through a browser, audio and video should a DDoS attack happen or cellular service stops working


DDoS attacks have been seen on the news more and more recently, DDoS means Distributed Denial-of-Service meaning hackers have been overwhelming server systems to disrupt the normal flow of a network like phone supplies causing outages.
Our phone systems have features available that will help keep you connected through these uncertain times.


Having your email hosted by us means your business addresses can end in .com to look professional and help prospective customers see you as a serious and organized business owner

Helptech Group, LLC (@HelptechGroup) | Twitter 09/29/2021

Helptech Group, LLC (@HelptechGroup) | Twitter

Announcement! Helptech Group is now on Twitter! Follow us at and remember to check us out on LinkedIn if you haven't already

Helptech Group, LLC (@HelptechGroup) | Twitter The latest Tweets from Helptech Group, LLC (). HTG is your first stop when it comes to providing a wide range of technical support for all of your business needs in today's rapidly changing workspace. Merritt Island, FL

3CX WebMeeting Participant Options 09/24/2021

3CX WebMeeting Participant Options

Check out the new features that you can use with the participants in your next 3CX WebMeeting

3CX WebMeeting Participant Options Learn more about the features you can use with participants in your next 3CX WebMeetingFor more tips on your 3CX Phone System check out:https://www.helptechg...


Security Tech Tip: Always log out of every file and website that relates to your work when you are done with it to keep your data away from people who do not have your level of permissions


Sometimes work requires traveling overnight or going around town during the day where you cannot be at your computer. We can set you up so you never miss an email, text, or phone call from someone trying to reach your office.


With ever growing technology, it is easier than ever to work outside of the office. From tablets, to cellphones, to laptops HTG can help your business transform so that you are never tied down to your office space again

Web Client/Phone System Demonstration 09/07/2021

Web Client/Phone System Demonstration

Check out our latest video to learn about the features your company could benefit from by using a phone/communication system through HTG

Web Client/Phone System Demonstration Learn how to connect your business better by seeing the benefits your company can gain from Helptech Group's Communication System run by 3CX.For more tips on...


Security Tech Tips: Working remotely means you need to be extra careful about keeping your data secure and protected. You should only connect to wifi that you know and trust to avoid cyber schemes in public areas


The privacy regulations of insurance companies are extremely complex. Our secure firewall and data recovery process works to keep sensitive data protected and helps insurance protocols be followed correctly


HTG can partner with insurance companies by providing the resource of writing cyber security policies for their clients to help keep them safe and accountable


Working in the field or on the go can be tough with keeping track of what is happening in the office. Thankfully technology gives us solutions so that you are never left in the dark while you are out of the office


Working and running your business from the comfort of your home can become stressful when technology acts up. No need to worry because we offer tech support for businesses that work out of homes as well as offices

Helptech Group, LLC – Here to Help Your Business with All Your Technology Needs 08/09/2021

Helptech Group, LLC – Here to Help Your Business with All Your Technology Needs

BIG NEWS: got a makeover! Our website has a fresh new look. Check us out and let us know what you think in the comments below.

Helptech Group, LLC – Here to Help Your Business with All Your Technology Needs HTG is ready to connect with you and get your business connected to the world Solutions Infrastructure Management Hosted Email and SPAM Filters Communication Systems Security Policy On-site and Remote Support Computer Repair IT Security Network Management Data Backup and Recovery System Recommendati...


When your business needs to run remotely due to the pandemic, wanting to cut office costs, or other reasons, our experts can support you by setting up the technology needed to run your business from home


Did you know the majority of IT problems can be diagnosed and even fixed over the phone? Problems can be solved faster when you are not always waiting for your IT team to arrive.

Helptech Group, LLC updated their info in the about section. 07/30/2021

Helptech Group, LLC updated their info in the about section.

Helptech Group, LLC updated their info in the about section.

Helptech Group, LLC updated their address. 07/19/2021

Helptech Group, LLC updated their address.

Helptech Group, LLC updated their address.

Helptech Group, LLC updated their address. 07/18/2021

Helptech Group, LLC updated their address.

Helptech Group, LLC updated their address.


Helptech Group, LLC installs, upgrades, repairs, and configures Network and Cloud Servers for whatever your business may need


HTG wants to make your business communication easier with WebMeetings. You can quickly connect with anyone who can open a link


People and businesses can stay organized through Outlook from the phone, tablet, laptop, and/or monitor.


An important reason that companies need Security Policies is to meet regulations and standards that relate to the storing and transferring of digital information.

Parking and Unparking a Phone Call 05/12/2021

Parking and Unparking a Phone Call

Let your office connect easier by parking and unparking phone calls

Parking and Unparking a Phone Call Tech Tip: How to park and unpark a phone call in the office. Better than transferring a call and hoping someone picks up the other line


Using a cloud desktop for your business is ideal for many reasons. Learn how to start using a cloud desktop today!

Web Hosting Services 04/19/2021

Web Hosting Services

Helptech Group, LLC is ready to host your website, email, and be your online security guard for your business. Find out how to start today!

Web Hosting Services Helptech Group, LLC is ready to host your website, email, and be your online security guard for your business. Find out how to start today!


With all kinds of computer systems, how can you find the right one for you? You can rely on HTG to find a system that fits your needs and budget.


While simple passwords are easy to remember, they are also easy for hackers to guess. Sites like give strong passwords that are fun to remember.

Small Business Phone Solutions 03/22/2021

Small Business Phone Solutions
Check out HTG's first official youtube video and learn how business communication can be made better!

Small Business Phone Solutions All your small business communications in one place.In today's world, working remotely has become the main way of work. Helptech Group, LLC can make communic...



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