Jenn Gonzalez Photography

Jenn Gonzalez Photography


Headshot. Senior portrait. Fashion image. Why not all of it?
Last night in Shenandoah... amazing!

Senior portrait sessions available - grab your spot for fall colors before they are taken.

Any spot can be dreamy... get the best light, pose, and attention to detail in editing and you have a client who falls in love with their portraits. Facebook doesn't do this justice which is why prints and wall art is so important. Art. That is the key word.

Elevate your senior portraits with me! Great locations, careful, customized editing, and finished images that are works of art.
As a photographer you just start to learn when you will get a good sunset. It poured hard on my way to this location but the area was dry (the clouds missed it!). The light was beautiful the whole evening but sunset was spectacular. The light was filtered and beautiful and it shows.

Sofia's Senior Sunset Session! (Gotta love alliteration).

Sessions are booking for fall!
A vision in black and white
A couple who would like to shoot with me in the mountains. Must be able to schedule Tues-Thur evenings and be open to my styling.

Please pass on to any friends.

Thank you!
Happy Graduation to my senior VIPs. Ovet thr past year they have received 6 sessions each. We have gone to sunflowers, tulips, Shenandoah, waterfall and Georgetown. They have received prints and other small gifts like a mini accordion album. Being a VIP has its privileges.

If you know someone who will be a senior next year, share this post with them. Quotes from my girls:

"It's fun to shoot with Jenn because she's very open and understanding and has a vsriety of locations to choose from." - Lydia

"She's always accommodating to her clients' needs and willing to go anove and beyond." - Dani
I keep feeling like I am trying to convince people of my talent. I don't mean to but this profession is hard.
Josh needed a portfolio for a modeling agency. So we worked together to plan out shoots and looks to help get him in the door. I think that he will be successful as a model! The images came out great!

Lydia brought the idea and I made it happen.

We looked for LSU colors wherever we could.

Tulip photos with Senior Dani. We had a wonderful time creating beautiful images at Burnside Farm this spring. We tried to find LSU colors as that is where Dani will be attending college. Elevated senior portraits... just a click away!

This is 100% true.

I specialize in combining the beauty of nature with portraits! Unique images crafted just for you! W


McKenna brought her A-game to her VIP senior session. We had a blast at


Kendall is my 5th VIP and I swear this photo sums her up! So smiley and fun! We used One Loudoun as the backdrop and she left her mark!


Nina just owned her senior portraits! My 4th VIP that I am featuring. Tyra Banks wishes the models on ANTM had even half of this talent!

Photos from Jenn Gonzalez Photography's post 09/17/2023

My VIPs will always get extra from me. Extra sessions. Extra perks. And if they do a sport or activity, I'll be there to capture it. This was my first time capturing volleyball. What a rush! I also enjoyed watching .sutherland play!


Capped off the weekend with 3 senior sessions. The lack of rain made the waterfall session more like a rock session. But overall, great times and beautiful girls.

Bts at the waterfall/rock session with Nina!


Scouting locations. Finding new spots. Reviewing old ones. These are all things I do before any session. I even do it in my off time because I like to be prepared.

This beautiful spot was new for me but so lovely. The fog was rolling in quickly and it gave a beautiful look to the woods.

Dress rental:


Lost in the beauty of the mountains


Photos from Jenn Gonzalez Photography's post 08/20/2023

If you talk to any photographer they will all have a story about something that has gone wrong on a shoot. I have turned on my camera and realized I forgot a memory card. I have gone to a waterfall with no tripod. It happens to everyone.

Well I scheduled a fun soccer session with Eden and Jayden. I had my new fog machine. I arrived, set everything ul... and my large flash battery was dead. So I tried to manage with my fill flash. And then the fog machine kept stopping.

I felt terrible. But we powered through and I was able to capture a few good shots. But with the clouds breaking and the sun being so bright it was tough. Ahhh... life as a photographer.

Here are some highlights.

Photos from Jenn Gonzalez Photography's post 08/19/2023

Happy World Photography Day!

Here are some shots from a session with my assistant. Tina absolutely killed this session. I experimented and tried some new things which was really fun.


Blooming through every chapter 🌻✨

Senior VIP Ainsley at Burnside Farms

Photos from Jenn Gonzalez Photography's post 08/13/2023

I am so happy to introduce my Class of '24 Senior VIPs! I am thrilled that they could all meet briefly yesterday even in the hot weather. Such a wonderful group of girls with such diverse interests! Volleyball, dance, girl scouts... it is going to be an exciting year!


Quite a while ago I took a portrait of my friend, Rugi, and told her I had an idea. I wantwd to create something special. After many edits, restarts, and do overs I finished it. I presented it to her yesterday and she was speechless.


Burnside Farms had sunset nights with fireworks. What a beautiful sight. The fireworks weren't very long (perfect!) and there was tons of space for everyone. Loved it!!
Burnside Farms


Love this shot with Tina!


High key portrait

High key means a lot of light with little shadow. I really like the very bright sky and pop of color from the buildings. Tina really killed this pose.


About last night...


One of the beat part of having VIPs is how much time we spend together. During Dani's time as a VIP we had a great time chatting and I can say she is an amazing young woman! She agreed to model some of my closet pieces and braved the mosquitoes and bees in my backyard. This shot turned out beautifully! Thank you, Dani!

You have an amazing daughter!

Photos from Jenn Gonzalez Photography's post 07/14/2023

It is sunflower season! It doesn't last long. Sunflowers are so pretty and perfect for senior portraits. I am scheduling sunflower portraits right now!

Reach out for your session!


How do I run my sessions? Great question!

I always have a consultation with my client. We discuss what they want, what do they want to see in their portraits, what type of location, etc. I don't simply book a date and that is it.

I visit locations and scout them - often even when I have already been there. I always like to know if something has changed.

Sessions are always fun! Every single senior has always responded with, "That was so much fun!"

Want to know more? Reach out! Fall senior portrait dates will book FAST!

In frame:


I can't wait for this coming school year!!


You don't have to be a VIP to get gorgeous senior portraits!


I received this email from a parent. It really made my day. I have never received a message like this when sharing sports photos. It is always a pleasure for me because I know my photos are good. And the average parent cannot get pictures like I take (not a flex - just experienced).

I will continue to highlight girls sports in Loudoun County because they need it and deserve it.

Photos from Jenn Gonzalez Photography's post 06/12/2023

Congratulations to the Indy girls soccer team for winning the state championship. My heart will always of course be with Stone Bridge high school but I will always support girls playing sports. I really think that as a whole in Loudoun county they need more coverage. So I think I see a lot more sporting events in my future. I just happen to know one of the girls on this team and I always want to show that I support them. plus I think I'm pretty good at this.

Independence High School

Photos from Jenn Gonzalez Photography's post 06/08/2023

My son's grad pics. We had so much fun taking these. Tomorrow he graduates!

Photos from Jenn Gonzalez Photography's post 06/06/2023

I am wishing the Stone Bridge Girls Soccer and Independence High School Girls Soccer teams good luck today as they start their quest for a State Title. I was the lucky one last week who got to see them play each other. I can confidently say that the future of women's soccer is very bright!


It's what I do

Photos from Jenn Gonzalez Photography's post 05/31/2023

Stella's senior portraits! We went to downtown Leesburg which is a favorite spot of mine. She wasn't sure about getting portraits done at first but with encouragement from her sister (who I photographed last year) and taking time to meet with me, she agreed. Her mom just loved them!


Delivered portraits today!

I always love handing over the finished product. The experience of holding your portrait in your hands is very different than just having digitals that you rarely see.

Photos from Jenn Gonzalez Photography's post 05/22/2023

Under the cherry blossoms with Tina

Photos from Jenn Gonzalez Photography's post 05/19/2023

I had the opportunity to photograph my friend Rugi again. She is a champion bodybuilder! She brought along her trophy and medals and we created some beautiful images.

She is a fantastic trainer as well! Women if you are in Ashburn - seek her out. Much like me she is trying to build her business!

Photos from Jenn Gonzalez Photography's post 05/15/2023

Client feedback from their portraits

Photos from Jenn Gonzalez Photography's post 05/12/2023

Earlier this spring I had the wonderful opportunity to photograph University of Rhode Island Softball (where my daughter plays). I traveled to California for a very rainy week of softball and then they played George Washington and George Mason. They had a fantastic season which included many "first time since ____" and broke a few records too!

Sports photography is really fun and I hear from parents ALL the time, "I wish I could get photos of my kid! I try but just can't do it." Easy solution: hire me! I can attend the game and focus solely on your kid. You will have images that you'll treasure long after their playing days are over. I know I wish I had more photos from when I played.

Congrats Rhody on a great season!
University of Rhode Island Rams
University of Rhode Island

Photos from Jenn Gonzalez Photography's post 05/11/2023

I was so honored to be able to capture these portraits of my friend's son and her mother. It really meant a lot to me that she chose me. It reminded me that when I'm home to take a moment to take some photos of my mom. It's easy to get really busy on tasks and things that need to be done. This is one reason why Portraits has become so important to me. Memories.

Photos from Jenn Gonzalez Photography's post 05/08/2023

Cap and gown pics - let's make them special!

Photos from Jenn Gonzalez Photography's post 04/25/2023

Spontaneous portraits are some of my favorite. Eliciting an emotion, smile or laugh can provide such a fun image.

This is Tina. She assists me on shoots from time to time and is a great photographer herself. I asked if she wanted to go hunting for cherry blossoms and she agreed. We had a great time even if we missed the pretty blossoms in Reston.

Stay tuned for more images from this session!

Dress available in my client closet!


Behind the scenes of the ballet/blue bell session.

Do you know a future senior? Please consider recommending me if you like my work!

Photos from Jenn Gonzalez Photography's post 04/20/2023

I love dance! I took dance leasons early in life and then later, performed and taught salsa dancing. I was a SYTYCD faithful. I just love the art form and have been wanting to photograph a dancer for a long time. I finally had that opportunity. I couldn't be happier with the final results. I am looking for more dancers so feel free to send them my way! I will tell you all her friends loved the pics as well!

Photos from Jenn Gonzalez Photography's post 04/14/2023

I am trying to capture my son's last season of soccer. Milestones happen in life and I think it is important to be able to look back on them and photos are a great way to do that. I will be printing the ones I think are best because too often technology crashes. I don't ever want to lose them.

Photos from Jenn Gonzalez Photography's post 04/09/2023

Senior Sunday


I have had so much fun taking photos at my daughters softball games. I went out to California and then she played here in the area two weekends in a row. I'm pretty confident in my skills as a softball photographer. I don't have one of those really big fancy lens that most sports photographers use but I don't feel like I need one.

I am always available to take photos of your child when they are playing their sport. I get the comment a lot from parents that they have a camera but they just can't get the photos they want. I can do that. I am good at that. And the photos are a wonderful reminder through the years of a special time in your child's life.

This is a video I created with the help of a template. I also attached a few of the photos that are included in the comments. The photos for all cropped two 9 x 16 for use in the video.

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Senior photos with fall colors… Special locations make for special photos. I’ll be opening up my schedule and applicatio...
Senior Portraits
Shenandoah - June 2020




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