MathCraft Security Technologies, Inc.

MathCraft Security Technologies, Inc.


Some great for those looking to integrate a security automation solution: "User-friendly features like intuitive interfaces, drag-and-drop data entry and built-in business logic add to low-code’s ease of use."

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Are you ready for ?! Don't forget to stop by our booth and say hi while you're there. We'd love to chat - and we'll have lots of goodies for you!!

"This is not the first time Foxconn has been hit by ransomware. In December 2020, the company confirmed that some of its systems in the United States had been targeted in a cyberattack after the DoppelPaymer ransomware group started leaking files allegedly stolen from the company."

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"The anonymous hacker said they obtained the data by convincing a Verizon employee to give them remote access to their corporate computer. At that point the hacker said they gained access to a Verizon internal tool that shows employee’s information, and wrote a script to query and scrape the database."

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Honoring the fallen.

Today need to get within about an inch and a half of your device. Tomorrow, who knows... "The core idea is to take advantage of the electromagnetic signals to inject fake touch events such as taps and swipes into targeted locations of the touchscreen with the goal of taking over remote control and manipulating the underlying device."

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Don't forget! MathCraft's event featuring Charlie Sowell of SE&M Solutions LLC will be on June 14th, 1-2:00 ET. Charlie will demonstrate how to speak the love language of your C-Suite and claim your seat at the table. It's all about value creation; YOU are an essential part of business growth!

"To make better-quality decisions about connectivity, you need to understand what you’re trying to protect. This is identical to IT, but the methods of getting there differ."

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"The merging of cybersecurity and facility security management has evolved into a holistic organizational function that requires collaboration between various departments. FSOs, now more than ever, must be knowledgeable in the cyber threat landscape and solutions to protect sensitive data in their control."

"Can anyone say DISCO?"

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You could say that wouldn't exist, as it does today, without our desire to help those who protect and safeguard our great nation.

Did you know that the idea for Access Commander formed when our CEO had issues getting onto a military base in 1992? Take a look at our story by clicking on the graphic below.

The threats never end: "Of the 200 apps, 42 are VPN services, followed by a camera (20) and photo editing applications (13). In addition to harvesting credentials, the apps are also designed to collect Facebook cookies and personally identifiable information associated with a victim's account."

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MathCraft Security Technologies, Inc., is the leading provider of industrial security software solut Forget spreadsheets!

MathCraft Security Technologies is the leading provider of innovative software for today’s industrial security professionals. These Facility Security Officers (FSOs) are tasked with safeguarding our nation’s most sensitive information in accordance with 32 CFR Part 117, National Industrial Security Program Operating Manual (NISPOM) Rule. It is our mission to provide the tools necessary for FSOs to


“In a world that thrives on social connections, not everyone has an extensive network of close friends or professional contacts. Some individuals may find themselves in situations where they struggle to find enough references due to a lack of connections. This challenge can be particularly daunting for recent graduates, introverts, or those who have moved around a lot.

ClearanceJobs Author💃 Jillian Hamilton


“Around 99% of all transoceanic data traffic actually travels via undersea cables. That includes Internet communications, phone calls, and text messaging. There are several factors, but the route is actually far faster than satellite transmissions, by up to eight-fold.”

ClearanceJobs Author ✍️ Peter Suciu


“While I recognize that ChatGPT is an amazing piece of technology, it is also an enabler for hackers, commoditizing nation-state capabilities for the benefit of the "script kiddies" — aka unsophisticated hackers. In addition to writing text, the technology opens up a scary scenario where a computer can be guided to look for information within images that humans can't immediately pick up but machines are sensitive enough to see. Examples would be reflections of passwords on glass, or people who appear in photos that would not appear in them without the help of AI.”

Dark Reading Author ✍️ Ron Reiter


“In most of the cases, threat actors are using Facebook and other social networking and media platforms —including Twitter, Telegram, YouTube, Medium, TikTok, and Blogspot — to create various fake online accounts and personas, according to Meta. The attackers used fake identities, including job recruiters, journalists, or even military personnel, to earn credibility with users and legitimate entities so they could engage in malicious threat activity, the company said.”

Dark Reading Author ✍️ Elizabeth Montalbano


“For example, today’s cybercriminals are leveraging modern technology like ChatGPT to write phishing emails. By using generated text that is highly sophisticated and realistic, the scams are difficult for traditional phishing detection systems to detect.”

Security Boulevard Author ✍️ Eyal Benishti


“Update: U.S. Senior District Court Judge Rya W. Zobel opted not to send a message of deterrence and sentenced Dr. Charles Lieber, 64, to time served (two days) in prison; two years of supervised release with six months of home confinement; a fine of $50,000; and $33,600 in restitution to the IRS. The government had recommended an equally lenient sentence of 90 days in prison and a $150,000 fine.”

ClearanceJobs Author ✍️ Christopher Burgess


Examining this specific instance offers valuable insights into China's continuous determination throughout the years. Revisiting the past can be quite enlightening.

Clearance Jobs Author 🕵️‍♀️ Christopher Burgess


Melissa and Kim are at NSI's Impact 36th Annual Security Forum today! But don't worry if you missed them - Imo Etuk, 's President and CEO, and Kim will be here tomorrow! 📸

Please stop by our MathCraft booth to meet our team, learn about our cutting-edge security compliance software, and grab some fantastic MathCraft freebies! 🎁

We can't wait to see you and discuss how we can help your organization stay compliant with our innovative software. 🛡️💼

Don't miss this opportunity to connect with industry professionals and explore the latest security solutions. See you soon! 😄
MathCraft Security Technologies, Inc. National Security Institute, Inc.

Social Media and the Work Place: Don't Let a Post Get You Fired 04/14/2023

Social Media and the Work Place: Don't Let a Post Get You Fired

“The recent survey also found that even if what was posted on a social media platform didn’t result in termination, it may have still left a black mark in the employee’s file. Nearly one quarter (24%) of respondents said they had seen a co-worker avoid a pink slip but still received workplace discipline in regard to something they posted online.”

ClearanceJobs Author Peter Suciu

Social Media and the Work Place: Don't Let a Post Get You Fired Over-sharing can get you fired. But it's also a good time to remember that leaking classified information can lead to jail time.


“Under the current Adjudicative Guidelines, application for dual citizenship, alone, is not disqualifying—but that’s not the end of the inquiry. There are important considerations that will impact whether applying for dual citizenship could compromise your eligibility for a clearance now or in the future. Anyone considering an application for dual citizenship should consider the potential concerns related to foreign preference and foreign influence.”

ClearanceJobs Author Elisabeth Baker-Pham


“The Department of Homeland Security wants to continue countering illicit drone activity, particularly among unmanned aerial devices that are difficult to spot.”

Author Alexandra Kelley


Are You Ready for Your Next Audit?
and , Simplified.

Are you sifting through piles of documents to prepare for audits? Use Access Commander to organize and track your data so you have time to proactively focus on the information and threats that matter most:

- Stay accountable and organized
- View and approve visit requests
- Track and monitor personnel
- Keep track of documents, assets, and properties
- Manage insider threats, foreign contacts, FOCI, and more
- Generate customizable adhoc reports

With Access Commander’s intuitive user interface, featuring customizable user dashboards and data drill-downs for immediate access to critical information, it is the industry’s most advanced tool for FSOs.

Visit our website to learn more about how Access Commander can make compliance easy breezy.

MathCraft Security Technologies, Inc.


🌟 Trade show season is upon us, and we can't wait to connect with you at our first three fantastic events this year! 🌟

😃 First up, join us at the Integrify User Conference in Texas from April 4-6. Our founder and president, Imo Etuk, will be speaking at this event, sharing valuable insights and experiences. Don't miss the chance to meet him if you haven't already.

📆 On April 6, we'll also be at NCMS Huntsville, ready to meet you all and showcase our latest offerings. We're excited to be part of this event and can't wait to see you there. Remember to drop by our table for free goodies in Huntsville! 🚀

✍️ Last but not least, mark your calendars for NSI Impact in Chantilly from April 17-19. This event is yet another great opportunity to network, share ideas, and discuss industry trends. Come say hi and grab some freebies from our table in Chantilly! 🤝

🥳 We're eager to catch up with familiar faces and make new connections, so let us know which trade shows you'll be attending in the comments below. See you soon! ✈️

💻 Hop over to our website to see where we'll be this year. Link in the comments!

MathCraft Security Technologies, Inc.


“This case is all about going down a rabbit hole and exposing spies. It highlights that things may not be what they seem on the surface, and friends may actually be enemies.”

MathCraft Security Technologies, Inc. ClearanceJobs Author Joe Jabara


“Space-based GMTI systems will provide actionable information on adversary surface targets to the warfighter through the advanced battle management system,” the budget request noted. The service has sought to develop and field both the MTI sensor and payloads by the end of next year, yet, there will still be continuing funding through the next five-year future defense program for additional activities. The service has sought an additional $1 billion through FY28.”

ClearanceJobs Author Peter Suciu


"The Office of Personnel Management released proposed changes to the standard forms used to process security clearance eligibility. The updated Personnel Vetting Questionnaire replaces the SF-86 and SF-85 forms, and provides an updated process consisting of a single form with different segments. Sections on drug use are clarified and mental health are sectioned out, creating what is hopefully a more clear and better to understand process for the average applicant."

ClearanceJobsClearance Jobs Authors Lindy Kyzer and Sean Bigley


“The White House clearly sees a new threat in hypersonic missiles, which can travel at low altitudes, maneuver around defenses, and most importantly, fly at five times the speed of sound or faster–a combination of strengths that makes them almost impossible to shoot down. It has a good reason for worry: China.”

CClearanceJobsAuthor Rick Docksai


“Nation state and non-state actors of all sizes – “great powers, rising regional powers … array of non-state actors will vie for dominance in the global world order.” The next few years are considered critical in the determination of “who and what will shape the narrative” most especially within the context of Russia and the West.”

ClearanceJobs Author Christopher Burgess


“Recognizing the complexity of the threat environment and the rate at which “next-generation technologies are reaching maturity,” creates many opportunities for the “state and non-state actors developing and executing novel campaigns to threaten our interests.”

ClearanceJobs Author Christopher Burgess


“The idea behind CUI was initially a good one: eliminate the alphabet soup of FOUO and related designators being applied to unclassified documents by different agencies and unify everything under one label. Unfortunately, the same bureaucracy that gave us the widely-known over-classification problem quickly got its teeth into the fledgling CUI program. Now, we have yet another unwieldy system that some critics argue is being used primarily to hide information from public scrutiny.”

ClearanceJobsAuthor Sean M. Bigley


“In the age of telework, your home network can be used as an access point for nation-state actors and cybercriminals to steal sensitive information. We can minimize this risk by securing our devices and networks, and through safe online behavior.”

ClearanceJobs Author Jillian Hamilton


“Rare is the home computer that is hardened at the same level as the corporate provisioned device. If those entrusted with safeguarding data are to be left on their own to safeguard that data with their own devices and their own security processes and applications, then one should expect an experience as described above.”

ClearanceJobs Author Christopher Burgess


“Two of the most common examples I’ve seen create problems surround the issues of marriage and who constitutes a reportable foreign contact. The latter was already an enormous source of confusion for applicants and has consistently been at issue in security clearance denial and revocation cases. But SEAD-3 further complicates things by diverging from the SF-86 in how it defines a reportable foreign contact.”

ClearanceJobs Author Sean M. Bigley


“Younger Americans have now grown up being digital natives that increasingly rely on their mobile devices for a seemingly endless stream of content. At issue is that they may still need to be taught how to evaluate the creditability of those sources. It is also as much about instilling trust as distrust in news organizations.”

ClearanceJobs Author Peter Suciu

Our Story

MathCraft Security Technologies was established in 2016 by its CEO, Imo Etuk, with one main goal in mind: dedication to finding solutions to industries’ mounting security management problems.

There’s a reason why MathCraft Security Technologies is ranked the #1 Program Information Management Software Company. We will work harder to provide solutions that safeguard your most sensitive information with state-of-the-art technologies. Your protection is our number one goal.

Most FSOs have other responsibilities within the organization. Any system employed should be easy to learn and use. Our products are visually clean and ergonomically designed to be intuitive and simple to learn and use. Our unique ease of use is unrivaled to all our competitors. For additional versatility, our solutions support all the major internet browsers and because they are written in Java.

MathCraft Security Technologies is determined to become your technology partner, and prides itself in its stellar customer service. Our support team is an integral part of our software solutions. Our goal is to provide industry-leading services and overall software support to ensure you have the best satisfaction when using our products. Long after your purchase is made and the software is installed, we are available for support.

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