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Thank you for this great testimonial, Tom C!
"So many of us mistake "Hypnosis" for some mystical process full of intrigue - BUT IT IS NOT! Stephanie brings the science of behaviors and the language of feelings into a clear and rational approach to solve whatever behavior you want to solve (and more) - hypnosis and meditation is just one of the vehicles Stephanie uses to help you accomplish what you want to accomplish. Its a wonderful exploration of the self, its a comfortable and confidential environment, and I have and will continue to refer close friends and family to Stephanie for all matters of behavioral change and to resolve the burden of long overdue feelings!

Stephanie will help you lighten your perspective on your burdens and help you truly affect lasting change in the behaviors you wish to change, and economically speaking - its the best value of consultation on self-improvement I have ever experienced."
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Finally make the changes you've dreamed of! What would your life be like if you could change that one thing that you've been wanting and trying to change for so long?

What if you really could do what willpower and wishing haven't allowed you to do so far? Would you like to be in control of your life? Even if you’ve already tried everything you can think of, let hypnosis surprise you! You can have success in your life! I am Stephanie Greene, and through the use of hypnosis, I will help you to find your way.


I am not taking clients at this time. Please reach out for Aromatherapy assistance!
Thank you!!


Join me and Heidi's other 20 experts starting Wednesday!

Are you looking to improve your health? Are you stuck and having trouble moving forward in your wellness journey? Need some advice and free tips from 21 experts?

As part of the Secrets to a Healthier Lifestyle Summit, I get a chance to talk along with 20 other experts on how to help others live a healthier life naturally.

The event is Free! Goodies will be available! Registration is now open for Secrets to a Healthy Lifestyle summit 21 VIRTUAL CONFERENCE starting July 14.

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Congratulations to my awesome client! I know you feel so much lighter now that you released those old feelings and beliefs! Great work!


Today my client released grief and guilt from her mother’s passing 👼- clearing a subconscious block to healthy romantic relationships 💕


Hope to see you today! You’ll be able to ask questions! Zoom link in comments

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If you are...
Overwhelmed. Hopeless. Stuck.

Feeling like you are letting everyone down....
HATING YOURSELF because you can't get UNSTUCK.
Wondering if you could even BE helped???

In JUST A FEW SESSIONS in my office, you can feel so much more in control!

Together we will release your HAPPINESS BLOCKS!
The actual CAUSES of the overwhelm!

Get my limited time special offer here!

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Emotional eating, smoking and drinking can be a way to distract from overwhelming feelings. Release those triggers in my hypnosis chair so you can feel more in control and lose those habits!

Book your session or consult now! www.loudounhypnosis.com

verywellmind.com 01/12/2021

The Important Role of Emotions

Emotions can play an important role in how we think and behave. The emotions we feel each day can compel us to take action and influence the decisions we make about our lives, both large and small.
Learn more about how emotions are affecting you and the purpose of those effects!


verywellmind.com Emotions serve a wide range of purposes, from alerting us to danger to helping us build social connections. Discover what function emotions serve.


We are here to heal and grow! Wishing you a year of progress and emotional healing.
(I'm here if you need help!)


Whether you like the idea of resolutions, the New Year is a good time to reflect on changes, and make some steps in a new direction. What are you working on this year? If you'd like some help, message me to schedule your free consult!


Let's get it done together! Having a guide can make all the difference, and you'd be amazed at how quickly I can help you free yourself of old blocks!

Free consults at https://calendly.com/stephaniegreene/20minutefreephone



Lots of discussion about hypnosis and emotional healing on my very first Ask Stephanie LIVE! Questions? PM or put in comments. The next one will be September 3, then weekly Thursdays noon Eastern.



Stressed kids and families - easy, safe fixes
Kids are feeling stressed and worried, and with everyone at home, everyone’s emotions are merging. If you or your kids are highly sensitive or empaths, all the more stress. Help yourself and your kids with home hypnosis and essential oils. Teach boundaries and how to talk about your feelings so you can move on and feel relaxed and happy.




Life can sometimes be a little crazy. Show me your day in emojis, and I’ll try and guess what happened, and suggest an oil to help you feel better!


Loudoun Hypnosis and Aromatherapy is reopening for in person sessions next Monday, July 6! Video sessions are effective and remain available if that is your preference. Appointments and complementary phone consults available at www.loudounhypnosis.com


One does not become enlightened by imagining figures of light but by making the darkness visible.
Carl Jung


Immortelle is the perfect product to help keep your skin looking radiant and youthful by reducing the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, and age. Be sure to get yours for free this month by placing a 200 PV order! Order on your LRP and also get free Niaouli! my.doterra.com/stephaniegreene


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Turmeric essential oil is a great option for skin care. Turmeric essential oil can help to promote clear, smooth, and radiant-looking skin. Try this fun DIY Turmeric face mask to leave your skin glowing: https://www.doterra.com/US/en/blog/diy-turmeric-face-mask?utm_campaign=jan_2020&utm_source=pinterest&utm_medium=social_organic&utm_content=1_18 my.doterra.com/stephaniegreene


With so many benefits, it’s no surprise that plants have been used since ancient times to help humans perform everyday tasks. Check out the doTERRA dōTERRA e-Book about essential oils for beginners to help you get started:https://www.doterra.com/US/en/ebooks-essential-oils-for-beginners?utm_campaign=dec_2019&utm_source=pinterest&utm_medium=social_organic&utm_content=12_11 mydoterra.com/StephanieGreene


Haha! This is DEFINITELY in my morning routine! If you haven't tried it, wonderful for puffy eyes. What would be your worst oil to spill?


Limitless With Stephanie Greene

The PROTECT wholesale kit - everything you need to keep your immunity and mood up, plus keep your air and hands cleansed! You will get wholesale 25% off all year too! https://bit.ly/2x042TC If you already have an account, check out the new Respond kit.


So excited to be with Styled by Sam Tunador today! We will post it on her page and share here. If you have questions, mark them below!!

Meet my friend Stephanie, a hypnotist with Our family has used her over the years to deal with our fears and anxieties from snakes to travel. She does amazing work. Today I am hosting a Zoom interview with her that I will be sharing in my FB group, link in profile. What questions do you all have for her? @ Leesburg, Virginia


Video Hypnosis? Is that a thing???

Video Hypnosis? Is that a thing???
I just finished a video session with a client, and it went great. I'll tell you how it works!


More details at www.loudounhypnosis.com
Everyone, stay safe and well!
Limitless With Stephanie Greene


Kids deserve to feel confident about doing their best. Stephanie helps release the impacts of harsh words and circumstances so kids can feel good and fulfill their potential! Schedule a free phone consult now. https://calendly.com/stephaniegreene/20minutefreephone


With the right tools, it's easier than you realize to feel happier with yourself. Schedule a free phone consult now. https://calendly.com/stephaniegreene/20minutefreephone


The Contest Last Week was SO Much Fun! I LOVED seeing Wednesday's Winner Terry Williams today for his complimentary session and his doTERRA goody. JOIN in on the fun.. There is plenty more to come in 2020!
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One more day until the weekend, and I'm always here to CHEER you on! REGISTER to be the Thursday winner in Limitless' EVERYDAY GIVE-A-WAY by Liking and Following me on
https://www.facebook.com/LimitlessWithStephanieGreene/ AND https://www.instagram.com/limitlesswithstephaniegreene/


Congrats Terry Williams you're the winner of yesterday's EVERYDAY GIVE-A-WAY - Limitless with Stephanie Greene! To all my followers - Pop over to Limitless https://www.facebook.com/LimitlessWithStephanieGreene/ to get in on the fun.


Congrats Terry Williams you're the winner of yesterday's EVERYDAY GIVE-A-WAY - Limitless with Stephanie Greene!

To all my followers - Pop over to Limitless
https://www.facebook.com/LimitlessWithStephanieGreene/ and join in on the fun!

Dreams Come True with my Essential Oils Business Loudoun Hypnosis & Aromatherapy Stephanie's Essential Suggestions


Come and see all the new exciting things I have in store for 2020, starting with my NEW OFFICE! Book your consultation today:

20130 Lakeview Center Plaza Suite 400 Ashburn, VA 20147 571.207.7761

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Video Hypnosis? Is that a thing???
More details at www.loudounhypnosis.comEveryone, stay safe and well!#loudounhypnosis  Limitless With Stephanie Greene
Help with resolutions!Start by January 20 for these tremendous savings! Phone consults are complimentary. www.loudounhyp...
Essential Oils & Hypnosis
What is Transformational Hypnosis?



20130 Lakeview Center Plaza, Suite 400
Ashburn, VA

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