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What are 3 healthy gifts you will give yourself today?

Below are three daily healthy choices reminders around nutrition, fitness and mindfulness.

🙌Eat for energy! Think about "eat the rainbow!"

🙌Move your body! Doesn't have to be a hard core workout. Go for a 30 minute walk; (going outside for you walk has added benefits) Do a youtube yoga or hitt class (no excuses...there are lots of free options out there); During your day, take 5-10 minute breaks to move...I call them Brain Boosts!

🙌Do one thing that brings your soul joy! That most likely means you need to give yourself permission to take a break from the normal day routine. Maybe you color or do a craft; dance (takes care of movement too); sit outside on the rocking chair for 10 minutes; take a bath with your favorite essential oil, watch a movie; read a book or magazine; bake or cook something; make a DIY product with your essential oils

Adding in small habits, daily, trains your brain to crave them and you will do these daily as you start to add them into your routine.

Cheers to Wellness...Perfectly, Imperfect!

It's Sunday!
Soulful Sunday!

Sundays are a good day to give yourself permission to find time to rest and restore. Often we are so stressed from our days, we forget to just pause! Taking that pause can be health-changing!

Everyone feels stress/overwhelm from time to time and some of us live in a constant state of stress. Some stress is good...it keeps us going. Chronic Stress is not good and can have detrimental effects on our overall wellness...immune system, heart rates, metabolism, joint pain, lack of sleep, focus and motivation, gut challenges, skin issues...all which also then impact those daily habits we are trying to implement.

The key is to acknowledge when our bodies are in a state of overwhelm and unhealthy stress and create a tool box to manage the stress. When my girls were little, I had them create a list of 5 ways they can calm themselves if having a "moment." My favorite was to go sit on the rocking chair or the swing outside. What is in your toolbox?

Essential Oils are a natural, pure and gentle way to manage our stress and emotions. You can also use supplements as well for calm and harmony of mind, body and heart. LLV, Adaptive, Copaiba and Serenity are a few of the stress support supplements.

When you find yourself under a lot of stress, what product do you turn to for support? What lifestyle habit do you implement?

Want to learn more? Message me for a wellness consult.

Scroll the pictures for education and ideas.

**If you are feeling an unhealthy amount of stress and overwhelm and feel lost, please turn to a trusted friend and please call your medical healthcare professional.

🌮Taco Tuesday!🌮
Because why should this Tuesday night be different than any other Tuesday night in our home!🌮

If you have the ingredients on hand and prepped, it can be an easy-healthy-make everyone happy dinner. Set up everything buffet style and let your family members choose what they want…tacos, tortilla wraps, taco salad bowls or stuffed avocados and choose their ingredients.

What’s your favorite way to “taco?!”

What’s in my Taco Salad:
Iceberg Lettuce
Mashed Avocado mixed with a little Yogurt-Guacamole from
Grain-Free Tortillas Chips
So Delish!

I tossed the veggies, chick peas and tofu with olive oil and chili lime spice and cooked them in my pampered chef air fryer. Simple and easy and delish taste for taco Tuesday!

BTW, if you haven’t tried that guac from Traders, it’s a must! I’m mostly dairy free, but a little of this mixed into avocado, I do fine. Warning…open to dip chips…you might not be able to put it away! 🥑

Cheers to Friday!

Citrus oils play many beneficial roles. Two being:
🧡Cleansing of the mind, body and home.
🧡Ignites happy and joyful emotions.

Can be used topically, internally and aromatically.

3 drops each

🧡Roller Blend:
10 drops each topped off with fractionated coconut oil.

🧡Add to moisturizer.
🧡Add 2 drops to a glass of water.
🧡Add 10 drops to your diy cleaner.

Good Monday Morning!
Hope you had a fun and relaxing weekend!
Do you have a Monday Oil Blend?
This one will give you energy and focus! And if you got the 4 free oils this month...perfect to put to use! You can use this in the diffuser and you can also make a blend in a 10ml roller bottle. I would suggest 20 drops of each citrus, 15 of the peppermint and top it off with the fractionated coconut oil.

Give yourself permission to pause, take a break from your devices and do something that brings joy!

Crafting is relaxing for me! I love getting creative. I made a new Valentine’s Day Wreath! Truth be told…I bought the materials last February and never made it. I’m so glad I finally took the time to do so.

What will you do today off-line to bring joy?

Hint for an idea: what did you love to do as a kid?

Sometimes, it is the small tweaks and actions that you can stack in your life and days that help nourish you towards growth.
In January, I set two new action steps to support my health. I did a Yoga class every day and a Meditation class every night. I completed my actions today and feel very proud! Both classes led to many benefits, mind and body but also brought clarity to other aspects of my life.

February is a wonderful time to FLY...first love yourself!
What is one action step you want to take in February to show yourself love and care?

It's now the third week of January. Personally, between the holidays and snow days, I have found I've been snacking a lot more on sugary stuff. I'm all about "moderation not deprivation" and I am not one about "new year new you."
I think the key is to be in-tune to your body and what it needs. Right now, my body is feeling sluggish and my stomach is off. My skin feels tired, dry and blah. I am more snappy and not as focused. My body is telling me something!
I am thankful for my LLV Supplements because it gives me the support I need to have energy and clarity. But I can't just depend on that. I need to exercise each day, do mindfulness for emotional health and overall have good intake of whole/clean foods.
With this said, I am adding in an extra supplement and increasing another to my routine starting today for 14 days to support my organs getting a "Reboot Glow from the Inside Out!" This supplement is called Zendocrine. We actually have 3 products in this family....Zendocrine Oil, Zendocrine Softgels and Zendocrine Complex.
I am going to be sharing more about these products as I often do get asked about products that could support an overall reboot, cleanse, detox...whatever we want to call it...it's about being in tune with what YOUR unique body needs!
If you have questions, please post below!

What's for Dinner?

Baked Salmon (wild-caught)
Crispy Kale & Collard Greens
Roasted Chick Peas
Goat Cheese

1 mashed avocado
1 tbls dijon mustard
1 tbls avocado based mayo

Everything is seasoned with Trader Joe's Lemon Pepper Seasoning.
*most ingredients are organic

Cooking doesn't have to be hard or take a long time. You just need to have staples in the house, plan ahead and create the time in your day to get it on the table!

What's in the Crock Pot?
Pumpkin Curry Chili
(vegetarian; gluten and dairy free)

A snow day brings out the crock pot for hot and warming soup! I decided to use different spices in my chili to make it have more of a Curry flavor. I make a delish Pumpkin Curry and turned it into a soup. You could even take this chili and serve over rice. I keep ours vegetarian but you can add any meat you would like. This would also be good with tofu. I can't eat onions or garlic so I suggest if you can, add it in. (Trust me...if I could, I would!) The key to this soup's flavor are the spices! I give suggested measurements but adjust to your liking. I always use some sort of chopped nuts in my chili to give it the texture of meat based chili. Top off with your favorite cheese if you'd like. I like to top it off with iceberg lettuce to give it a little bit of crisp coolness against the spice.
This is a very easy recipe. I always say...if you have staples on hand...you can always throw something together. If you are struggling with food prep, grocery shopping or what to keep in the fridge and pantry as staples, drop me a message and I'll send you ideas. If you are local, I will even go grocery shopping with you!

Put all the ingredients in a crock pot and cook according to the time/temps on your crock pot. You can also simmer over the stove.
3 cups vegetable broth
1 can pumpkin
1 can unsweetened coconut milk
2 cans garbanzo beans
2 cans cannellini beans
1 cup chopped pecans
4 carrots, chopped
2 tsp sea salt
1 tbls red chili pepper flakes
1 tbls ajika georgia seasoning (from trader joes)
2 tbls paprika
2 tbls cumin
2 drops doTerra turmeric or 1 tsp fresh turmeric
*see ingredient note in comment
This soup provides nutrients, protein, vitamins and warmth for your body...and a little spicy kick!

Hello and Welcome! I empower and guide teens to live a holistic, natural and nourished life...mind, Hi! My name is Leigh! I am a mom of two teen daughters and an Integrative Nutrition Health Coach for Teens, ages 12-22.

I have a passion for all things wellness for your family and teen. I empower and guide families with teens to live a holistic, natural and nourished life...mind, body and soul...all while keeping it simple and real. Whether your teen has a chronic health condition, is overwhelmed and stressed, suffers from every day health challenges, is going off to college and wants to be prepared, or you simply


It’s Friday!
✋🏼High-Five Friday Time!!✋🏼
🌟Celebrate your Teen!🌟

What will your teen high-five for today?

When your teen looks at him/herself in the mirror and gives a high five while saying out loud something they know they are proud of, the brain hears this and listens. This one little act, can change the signals the brain is sending to the body and can have a positive impact on emotional, physical and mental health.

Getting in the habit of positive self talk also leads to belief, confidence and self-worth for your teen.

So, every Friday, have your teen take a high-five moment and before you know it, they’ll start doing this daily.


It’s Sunday night before a new school week.
Does your teen get a sudden
😘Stomach Ache or
😘Headache or
😘Hives or…..
In this video I share ways Sunday Blues might exhibit in teenagers which sometimes get overlooked and disregarded.

What signs does your teen show when anticipating a new school week?

Be sure to follow my page here or on Instagram for tips for teen health and share with others.


Protein Snack Bites!
So easy to make. I’ve made all different versions of these. I used a Trader Joe’s granola which is super yummy...like eat-out-of-bag-with-a-spoon yummy! This adds and perfect little crunch and sweetener to the snack balls.
Cacao can be used as a substitute for cocoa in any recipe. It has protein and is high in antioxidants, iron, magnesium and calcium!
These are a perfect on-the-go snack, pre-workout snack and great to put in lunchboxes for the kiddos...or the parents!

Chocolate Almond Butter Protein Crunch Bites

1 cup Oats
1/2 cup Your favorite gluten free Granola
1 Tbls Cacao
1 Tbls Protein Powder-I use doTerra’s Vanilla
1/2 cup Almond Butter
1 Tbls Raw Local Honey
1/4 cup Mini Chocolate Chips (I use Enjoy Life)

Mix everything together except the chocolate chips. You’ll need to put some muscle into it in order to get the almond butter really mixed in so everything holds together. Once it becomes a dough texture, add the chips. Form tablespoons size balls and set on a tray or in a container and keep in the freezer.

Watch this reel by leighdebrawellness on Instagram 07/25/2022

Watch this reel by leighdebrawellness on Instagram


Protein Power Pancakes

Watch this reel by leighdebrawellness on Instagram Jeppe Reil • Summer Energy


Come view my latest recipe creation on Instagram!!
It is delish!!



🍈Chilled Lime Grilled Veggie Salad🍈

It’s HOT today!
I used chilled grilled veggies from our dinner last night for a crisp and delish salad for lunch today.

🍆Grilled Asparagus, Zucchini, Squash and Eggplant all from our local farm market.
🌿Purple Basil
🌿Chick Peas (also left over from dinner, served chilled)
🍆Goat Cheese Crumbles
🍈Tossed in Olive Oil and Fresh Squeezed Lime

TIP:always cook extra veggies, grains, beans and proteins at dinner to create lunch the next day.

Leigh Debra Wellness updated their information in their About section. 07/13/2022

Leigh Debra Wellness updated their information in their About section.

Leigh Debra Wellness updated their information in their About section.

Photos from Leigh Debra Wellness's post 07/10/2022

🏖Change It Up!🏖
On a typical day-in-the-life, we tend to stick to the same routines. This can be a good thing especially to create healthy habits. AND, it is also healthy to CHANGE IT UP every once in a while. Especially for TEENS! Teens have more on their schedule and mental plate than ever before. School, sports, friends, expectations, self-discovery, etc. etc. Vacation provides a great opportunity to simply take a break. Give your teens permission to do so. Ask them, what will you do differently this week to truly relax and be out of a routine? And give yourself permission to do the same and set an example. It is good for teens to learn this skill of life.

For me, two things are a must…less/almost no time on devices and how I choose to exercise each day. I made a pact with myself several years ago that as long as my body could handle it, my exercise needed to be barefoot and on the beach. I used to run and walk through the neighborhoods or along the path that runs next to the main street while on vacation. I would add in “one” beach walk and at some point it hit me…I need to be earthing on the beach every day and not listen to anything on my headsets. Just to enjoy all the magic that the beach has to offer…the sounds of the ocean and the discoveries I would find around me…the sand, shells, ocean and sky. This is not only physical exercise, but mental fitness as well. Vacation is a time to renew and refresh and these choices I make truly allow me to be present to do so. I didn’t even need to pack a pair of sneakers for my trip!

What choices will you make on your next vacation or even for a stay at home vacation to CHANGE UP your typical routine? It can be anything, not just exercise. Get your teens involved in this and empower them to make a choice to do so as well.
While I did not use devices much for work/social media, I did use it to take pictures of some of my discoveries. 🌟☀️🌟


I know as a mom of teens, I can definitely relate and I’m sure you can as well. I recently had a similar conversation with my own family. We had actually all been home at the same time on a summer evening (that alone is a win with teens!) and watched a show together. I had a moment looking around with us all on the couch (with the dogs too) and what could be seen as a small moment, was like a big hug to me. And I expressed this to my family so they had a glimpse into my heart. Just being together in the same room, laughing. And then there are the bigger moments like travel. We are on our annual beach trip (19th year!!) with extended family right now and I can’t tell you how many of these moments I’ve had where I simply pause and breathe it all in.
As always, Guilty Chocoholic Mama - Elizabeth Spencer’s words expresses this in a eloquent and relatable way and why these moments are vital to our mama hearts! 🥰

On our most recent family vacation, I had a mom meltdown.

The trigger was an activity we really wanted to do that didn’t work out (and didn’t work out in an unnerving, unsettling way).

But that wasn’t the actual reason for my meltdown.

The real reason was something my poor family did not understand, though they tried, bless them. It’s something I’m pretty sure only moms of big kids (or pre-big kids) can really understand: that the older your children get, the more time together takes on epic significance because you know just how much it took to get to that place and you don’t know when you all might find your way back there again.

Gathering an entire family (which may include teens and young adults) for any extended length of time is a feat of scheduling, negotiation, and preference management. International treaties have been worked out in fewer steps. The sheer number of details that have to line up is mind-boggling.

The same goes for multigenerational family dinners and holidays and other moments whose casts include older kids who have other things to do (have to do, want to do) and other people to do them with or for (bosses, friends, coaches, teammates, significant others).

So as moms, when we look at our people all together at a table or sprawled on couches or posing in front of some scenic backdrop for an obligatory family photo, we think we never know when or if we’ll see them just this way again.

We see days past and envision them spilling over into the present and future.

We see the relational house that love and time built and imagine adding onto it.

So when something interrupts this scene or chips away at it, we freak out a little (or a lot).

We do this for the same baseline reason we do everything as moms: WE LOVE OUR PEOPLE.

We love spending time with them. We love watching them interact with each other. We love hearing them laugh together. We love seeing who they’ve become...and who they’re becoming.

And so, dear spouses and teenagers and adult children of the world, if the mom of your family gets a little meltdowny when all you’re trying to do is sightsee or play a game or eat a meal together, please try to understand what that “together” represents to her.

You will tell her, kindly and with the most reassuring of intentions, that it doesn’t matter if everything doesn’t work out.

But you see, it matters to her, because YOU matter to her. If she’s falling apart, it’s because she wants so much to hold you all together.


💗I am honored and delighted that this podcast is out in the world and helping others. Thank you to those who have reached out with love about our story and thrilled to hear how it’s already given families a new perspective.

💗You all know I’m passionate about empowering teens to live their most joyful and energetic lives with holistic/natural healthy habits.
Did you know that part of that passion was created from my own story with my daughter’s health journey?
💗Excited to share the Rebuilding My Health podcast episode I was interviewed for to share Lauren’s story (with her permission) and about the holistic approach we took to help her cope with POTS and H-EDS. (postural orthostatic tachycardia syndrome and hypermobile ehlers danlos)
💗I’ll admit, when I listened to it myself, I got emotional hearing our own story. As did my husband. We are so proud of our daughter’s resilience in how she copes with her conditions with grit and grace. She’s gone from a Freshman in high school who could hardly get out of bed to just completing her Freshman year of college and creating her best teen life!
💗I’m honored that Casey had me on to share because I’m on a mission to help and give HOPE to other families with children who have pots or other chronic health conditions. I also hope that by sharing Lauren’s story, it gives others insight to teens who are challenged with chronic health conditions which often are “invisible” yet can be debilitating both emotionally and physically and this on top of traditional teen life challenges.
💗Thank you for listening and please share with anyone who you feel would benefit from our story. Please follow this podcast for other inspirational stories too.
💗Link to the podcast and a contact form to connect with me can be found in my bio.


Just refilled my DIY non-toxic, easy to make, cleaners. Makes me feel good to have this option and adding essential oils makes them smell so fantastic and fresh!

Did you know that harsh chemicals/fragrances in many typical household cleaners may have a negative impact on your health? Many of these harmful ingredients have been linked to respiratory cellular health, immune, digestive, reproductive, hormone, neuro and behavioral challenges, just to name a few, in both adults and children.

Be careful of “natural” or “green” cleaners which often are not so clean after all. For more information on this topic, follow Environmental Working Group as one resource.

No one can totally avoid being exposed to these toxins 100%, however, there are easy swaps that can be made in our homes and taking a few minutes to make DIY cleaners is one simple way.

See one recipe below in comments.

Fill out the form in my link in bio if you’d like to learn more about using essential oils as part of your switch to reducing toxins in the home and body.


I needed a quick dinner between a busy day and and going to our neighborhood concert this evening.

🌟I love pasta salad during the Summer. One tip I like to give if you’d rather not fill up on pasta, is to fill your bowl with greens and veggies and then toss in some pasta rather than making the bowl mostly pasta.

What did I toss in my salad tonight?

🥬Protein Greens
🥬Gluten Free Jovial Pasta
🥬Fresh Lemon Juice & Olive Oil with Trader’s Everyday Seasoning
🥬Parmesan Cheese
*add protein of your choice

Make this ahead of time for your kiddos for when they say they are hungry and they think there’s nothing to eat!
Quick and Delish!

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