Institute for Building Technology and Safety (IBTS)

Institute for Building Technology and Safety (IBTS)


This account shares information about IBTS and all its subsidiaries.

IBTS Strives to:

- Increase awareness of building technology and safety among members of the government, industry and business, as well as consumers.
- Increase the availability of safe, durable, affordable residential and commercial structures.
- Provide a better understanding of, and uniformity in, the application of government regulations.
- Create better relations with industry by providing u


We are proud to announce that U.S. Department of Energy's Grid Deployment Office selected Institute for Building Technology and Safety (IBTS) as part of a $10 million investment from the Puerto Rico Energy Resilience Fund. This funding will support the education and consumer protection of up to 40,000 Puerto Rican households to receive residential solar and battery storage system installations from DOE.

Read the announcement:
U.S. Department of Energy


El Grid Deployment Office del Departamento de Energía de EE.UU. (DOE) ha seleccionado a Institute for Building Technology and Safety (IBTS) como parte de una inversión de $10 millones del Fondo de Resiliencia Energética de Puerto Rico. Esta financiación apoyará la educación y la protección del consumidor para hasta 40,000 hogares vulnerables de Puerto Rico que recibirán instalaciones residenciales de sistemas solares y de almacenamiento en baterías del DOE.

Lea el anuncio:
U.S. Department of Energy

The Council of State Governments on LinkedIn: One week away. Hundreds of state leaders. Endless opportunities… 11/29/2023

We are thrilled to be partnering with The Council of State Governments to share more about our grant and funding support services for state governments. Be sure to stop by our booth next to the registration tables to chat with IBTS' Patrick Howell to see how we can help your state!

The Council of State Governments on LinkedIn: One week away. Hundreds of state leaders. Endless opportunities… One week away. Hundreds of state leaders. Endless opportunities. Experience all the capital city has to offer + meet industry experts and more! Register for…


This Thanksgiving, we share our sincere gratitude to those who make IBTS what it is--our valued clients, trusted partners, and dedicated employees. It is your expertise, passion, and commitment to the important work you do that drives our success in creating communities that are safer, stronger, more resilient, and thriving.


Esta semana, Jugando Pelota Dura entrevistó a nuestro colega, Sebastián Tossas Merced, quien es parte de nuestro equipo de investigadores trabajando arduamente en el estudio de uso de energía, en nombre del Negociado De Energía De Puerto Rico. Este es el primer estudio de uso de energía en la historia de Puerto Rico, y estamos reclutando residentes que para que tomen la encuesta--¡tarda solo cinco minutos! Si vives en PR, ¡ayudanos participando de inmediato!

Toda esta data se le proveerá al Negociado para que logren desarrollar e implementar programas que reduzcan los costos de energía para todos los puertorriqueños.

Durante la encuesta se les pedirá que se anoten para una visita a su hogar.

Todas las visitas son breves (menos de una hora) y nada mas requieren que el residente nos de un paseo por la propiedad para que tomemos fotos de los equipos y les hagamos preguntas sobre los mismos (por ejemplo, cuando fue la última vez que compraron un calentador de agua).

Todas las respuestas son completamente confidenciales y se reportarán en agregardo.

¡No te demores! Necesitamos tu opinión para ayudarnos a reducir los costos de energía y mejorar el acceso a la energía para todo puertorriqueño.


Continuing our celebration of , this final highlight is Charlie DeCassios II.

Charlie joined IBTS as a building inspector in 2016. As a new hire, he initially trained with our senior inspectors, obtaining his commercial certifications and becoming especially adept at conducting remote inspections by leveraging his building code expertise with his passion for technology. This passion also motivated Charlie to pursue his degree in computer science. Upon completing his degree in 2021, IBTS offered him a position as a Junior Developer, where he could put his new skills to work maintaining in-house software. Since then, he has played an instrumental role in our Technology Solutions team's efforts to create a new software platform to support remote inspections. We are thrilled Charlie is continuing to develop his career with IBTS!

“I am grateful to IBTS for allowing me the opportunity to transfer internally to utilize the education I received,” said Charlie.


States: don't miss this funding opportunity! There are only 5 days left to submit a letter of intent (LOI) for U.S. Department of Energy funds that are already earmarked to help you adopt or implement the latest Model Energy Codes.

We can help! Contact us today for more information or free LOI assistance. Deadline November 21, 2023


Thanks to the incredible team at SESA Puerto Rico for another great Summit this year! We are grateful, as always, to have spent the week with so many professionals who are all driven by the goal of shaping Puerto Rico's future.

Pictured here:

Agnes Crespo-Quintana, Director of IBTS Puerto Rico
Desiree R. Guzman Garcia, Project Manager, IBTS Puerto Rico
Javier Rúa-Jovet – Chief Policy Officer SESA


Gracias a nuestros planificadores quienes nos ayudan a cumplir la misión de IBTS de fortalecer a las comunidades por toda la Isla.

Argenis Cátala Sánchez
Rosa Lozano- Torres, MP, PPL
Brian Javier Rodríguez Acevedo
Sandra I Torres-Villanueva
César García García-Conde


IBTS’ Patrick Howell and Amy Hawkins have been busy at work in Minnesota this week! Utilizing IBTS’ Community Resilience Assessment Framework and Tools (CRAFT) process, Patrick and Amy have been working with Ramsey County, Minnesota to enhance equitable processes and outcomes of their Climate Action Framework.

To learn more about how CRAFT can benefit your community, visit our website at:


Here at IBTS, we are thankful to all who have served and continue to serve our great Nation.


For National Career Development Month, we are highlighting a few employees who have embarked on a career journey during their time at IBTS.

Since joining IBTS in 2020 as an HR administrative assistant, Ceren Turan has been a dedicated, determined employee. Now working as administrative assistant to our financial department, she assists with a variety of projects and account receivables/payables. Throughout her time with IBTS, she has taken advantage of the company’s LinkedIn Learning program that rewards her for any training she pursues as well as the company’s tuition reimbursement benefits, to learn and grow in her positions. Ceren is currently a George Mason University student working towards a degree in business with a focus on Management.

“IBTS has been very helpful, supportive, and welcoming as I have changed departments and decided to further my career,” said Ceren.


As we mentioned, for National Career Development Month, we will have a series of posts highlighting employees. First up:

Matt Vaughn-Zyjewski, Program Director of City of Central, Louisiana

˃ Joined IBTS in 2011 as a planner/code enforcement officer
˃ By 2019, Matt had:
• Completed his MA using IBTS’ tuition reimbursement program
• Become Central’s Program Director
• Trusted advisor to Mayor Evans

“Without the support of IBTS and their tuition reimbursement program, I would not have been able to complete my Graduate studies. I am thankful for the many mentors and leaders who have guided me and coached me along the way.” -Matt Vaughn-Zyjewski


November is National Career Development Month! This year, we are highlighting some of our employees who exemplify our commitment to career development for our staff nationwide! Stay tuned for more in the coming days.

Interested in joining our team? View our job openings at:


We are thankful for the Indigenous peoples in our nation, whose grace, wisdom, traditions, and rich culture continue to breathe life into our land and honor those who have faced arduous trials with courage.

FEMA Offers Every State $2 Million to Adopt Safer Building Codes 10/30/2023

Adopting the newest is one of the most cost-effective ways to improve to . IBTS' team of code modernization & grant administration experts can help you make the most of these funds

FEMA Offers Every State $2 Million to Adopt Safer Building Codes First-of-its-kind FEMA funding aims to update archaic building codes that leave millions of people exposed to climate-fueled hurricanes, floods and other extreme weather

Energy Use Study (ESP) 10/24/2023

Es un orgullo para IBTS estar realizando el primer estudio de uso de energía en Puerto Rico para apoyar al Negociado de Energía de Puerto Rico (NEPR) de la Junta Reguladora de Servicios Públicos (JRSP) como parte de sus esfuerzos para desarrollar programas de eficiencia energética para la Isla. Los programas ayudarán a mejorar la seguridad energética de Puerto Rico y tendrán el potencial de ahorrarles a los puertorriqueños miles de millones de dólares cada año.

Si vive en Puerto Rico, haga clic en el enlace a continuación para participar en este importante estudio y crear un futuro con mayor seguridad energética para Puerto Rico.


Energy Use Study (ESP) El primer estudio de uso de energía en Puerto Rico se está llevando a cabo en toda la isla, y tu experiencia con la energía en tu hogar y en tu negocio es esencial. Participa en el estudio y contribuye a fortalecer el futuro energético.


At IBTS, we are thankful for our fire safety inspectors, who with even the largest, most complex projects meet all fire safety codes, saving developers and jurisdictions time and hassle, and most of all ensuring the safety of the occupants for decades to come.


At IBTS, we recognize that the cybersecurity landscape is constantly changing. Staying ahead of hackers requires that we remain vigilant. Follow these steps from Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency to keep your information safe & secure.


Happy National Clean Energy Action Month! This month, we are celebrating our team, who help ensure the reliability, accessibility, and safety of PV systems nationwide. Learn more at

Photos from Institute for Building Technology and Safety (IBTS)'s post 10/04/2023

And that’s a wrap! It’s always a pleasure presenting at the ICMA - International City/County Management Association Annual Conference. IBTS’ Agnes Crespo Quintana, ESQ, Lisa Mariel Escobales, Ph.D., and Patrick Howell discussed Leveraging Federal Dollars to Support Grassroots Resilience Building: The Whole Community Resilience Program and Beyond! If you missed their presentation, reach out to us for more information at


Join IBTS’ Agnes Crespo Quintana, Esq., Lisa Escobales, Ph.D., and Patrick Howell at the ICMA - International City/County Management Association Annual Conference! They will be leading a panel & discussion on using federal funding to make a difference in communities through Community Development Block Grants for Disaster Recovery, the Whole Community Resilience Program, and more!


SESA Puerto Rico 09/28/2023

Thanks SESA Puerto Rico! We are pleased to sponsor and look forward to seeing you at the in November!

SESA Puerto Rico Solar Power Puerto Rico April 30-May 1


It’s always a pleasure to exhibit at the Louisiana Housing Corporation Annual Conference. Thanks to Marguerite Oestreicher from New Orleans Area Habitat for Humanity for stopping by to talk with IBTS’ Larry Walters. If you missed us, learn more about our Louisiana services, including independent green verification for the National Green Building Standard, here:

Photos from Institute for Building Technology and Safety (IBTS)'s post 09/25/2023

IBTS was pleased to sponsor and exhibit the 94th Annual VBCOA Conference & School this past week. Thanks to VBCOA for a great conference again this year and for your important work supporting Virginia code officials. Thanks also to all our clients and colleagues who stopped by our booth to chat with us. If you missed us, be sure to check out information about our Building Department Services here:


IBTS’ Larry Walters is headed to the Louisiana Housing Corporation Housing Conference in Baton Rouge, LA this weekend. Larry will be on hand to talk about the NGBS Green Building Services! Stop by and say hello.


IBTS recently provided Tidal Basin Group staff with training on identifying and assessing manufactured housing in support of their important work for the Florida Division of Emergency Management Homeowner Recovery Program. IBTS manufactured housing subject matter experts James Turner and Roger Sorenson covered how to distinguish manufactured homes from modular housing, mobile homes, recreational vehicles, and other types of dwellings, as well as, how to assess title and registration requirements for these properties. This training equips Tidal Basin’s staff with the necessary tools to resolve even the most challenging cases to help homeowners receive disaster recovery improvements through the program.


It’s National Construction Appreciation Week!!

For all of the hard-working professionals who work to build and enhance our infrastructure, homes, and buildings. We are grateful for your skill, expertise, and dedication.


Happy National Hispanic Heritage Month!

IBTS honors and celebrates the beautifully rich culture, history, and contributions of our Nation’s Hispanic community.


It’s ! Check out FEMA Federal Emergency Management Agency and for guidance on how to best prepare your community for disasters.

This National Preparedness Month, we're honored to partner with a bipartisan team of Congressional co-chairs and the Rosalynn Carter Institute for Caregivers to spread the message of preparing older adults and their caregivers ahead of disasters.



IBTS is proud to once again participate and exhibit at the Missouri Municipal League’s annual conference this coming September 10-13. Stop by booth 224 and learn about our partnerships across the Missouri and Kansas regions including the services we offer such as plan reviews, inspections, floodplain management, and more! Visit us online at:


At IBTS, we are thankful for the employees who embody our mission and values every single day. Each of you define who we are. Thank you for all you do.

Have a safe, happy, and relaxing Labor Day.


¡Gracias a NotiUno 630 AM y Ferdinand Perez por recibir a la directora de IBTS Puerto Rico Agnes Crespo la semana pasada para hablar sobre el Programa de Capacitación de la Fuerza Laboral (WTP, por sus siglas en inglés)!

El programa WTP es un ejemplo de cómo IBTS Puerto Rico está aprovechando nuestra pericia en la construcción, capacitación de la fuerza laboral y experiencia en fondos CDBG-DR para ayudar a la Isla a crear un futuro más fuerte, más seguro y más resiliente. A través de WTP, el cual es administrado por el Departamento de la Vivienda, IBTS y Huertas College Training Center les están brindando a 1,280 estudiantes capacitación gratuita en oficios de construcción y energía renovable para apoyar los esfuerzos de reconstrucción de la Isla y desarrollar las habilidades de la fuerza laboral las cuales serán necesarias para fortalecer su economía en los próximos años. Vea el video completo o visite para más información.

Isaac Esquilín - Speaker

-DR ́mico

Wraparound services needed to remedy homelessness 08/25/2023

Wraparound services needed to remedy homelessness To alleviate the country’s crisis in housing and homelessness, national and local leaders are urging large urban counties to go beyond merely providing more housing and address broader societal issues, like lack of access to health care, food insecurity and substance use disorder.


Calling local building departments, contractors, developers – join our remote inspections steering committee!

Remote building inspections offer an attractive possible approach for local building departments, especially for those facing backlogs, staffing gaps, long drive times, and construction surges.

If your community is using or is interested in learning more about this technology, we invite you to join our remote inspections steering committee. The committee will explore best practices, barriers, and opportunities to better understand how remote inspections can be beneficial to jurisdictions and contractors.

Sign up at the link below!

Photos from Institute for Building Technology and Safety (IBTS)'s post 08/23/2023

IBTS’ work on the Panasonic electric vehicle (EV) battery project in De Soto, Kansas continues! IBTS was chosen by the City of De Soto Government to provide onsite inspections and remote building plan reviews. Given the size and scope, this project has building plans that contain hundreds of pages that need reviewing as quickly, safely, and efficiently as possible. IBTS is proud to support the City of De Soto in ensuring the safety of the facility. EV battery production is slated to begin in March 2025.

Learn more about our plan review services:


With Governors focused on aligning workforce and economic development activities across their states, NGA’s Summer Workforce Symposium brought together state leaders, including North Dakota Governor Doug Burgum, to focus on developing a skilled workforce and expanding economic opportunity. The symposium also marked the launch of NGA’s Workforce Strategic Planning Collaborative, a new joint effort between […].

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Our Story

Institute: Ideation. Innovation. Investment in programs, procedures and the communities we serve. As a nonprofit organization, we are able to focus our thought leadership and subject matter expertise on large-scale goals and challenges instead of shareholder profit demands. We have a long history of sharing our knowledge through teaching and training others. It’s about mission over margin. Good governance and guidance. Vision and value.

Building: Bungalow. Brownstone. Bridge. And all points in between. Our work touches almost every aspect of the built environment. We are building resilient communities by reducing risk, enhancing public safety and improving quality of life. We balance social, economic and environmental priorities, whether manufactured housing, major infrastructure project or local government services.

Technology: Tools. Techniques. Tricks of the trade. We bring them all to bear on every project we touch. Some are tried, tested and true. Others are new innovations, like using live mobile video to conduct inspections, or drone technology to survey a site, or new ways to think about and meet challenges. Emerging technologies are on our horizon too. How can they help us improve the built environment?

Safety: Security. Sustainability. Shelter. Life safety building codes and standards. Trusted third-party advisor. Provider of local government services. Much of our work involves helping communities become resilient, or to recover after a disaster. We understand that the physical, emotional and economic wellbeing of a community depends on its ability to provide citizens with the services and resources they need to thrive in a safe, secure environment.

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¡Gracias a NotiUno 630 AM y Ferdinand Perez por recibir a la directora de IBTS Puerto Rico Agnes Crespo  la semana pasad...
Achieving Greater Resilience with Keep Safe Miami



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