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What Leadership Looks Like Now 03/11/2022

What Leadership Looks Like Now

Agility, flexibility, equity, and opportunity ha ve become essential components to the succe ss of companies.

René Jones, M&T Chairman a nd CEO, joined Nina Vaca and Shar on Epperson in an insightful conversation at t he CNBC Equity and Opportunity Forum. Wat ch the segment to gain insight arou nd how the traditional approach to leadersh ip is being redefined to meet modern-d ay challenges and opportunities.

What Leadership Looks Like Now The traditional, hierarchal approach to leadersh ip is being redefined to meet modern-d ay challenges and opportunities. We'll discuss h ow agility, flexibility, equity, and opportunity ha ve become essential components to the succe ss of companies.


DiCamillo Bakery | Spotlight Shop

In 1920, with the help of the ir eleven children, Tomaso and Addolorata DiCamil lo opened their first bakery in Niaga ra Falls, New York. Over the la st four generations, Di Camillo Bakery, h as stayed true to its Italian roo ts. That's over 100 years in perfecti ng the most delicious baked goods.

Tod ay, DiCamillo Bakery continues to make t he classic cookies, bread and other bak ed goods that the community knows a nd loves. Learn more on the M &T Spotlight Shop: mtb.com/spotlight


We’re honored to have such inspiration al women in our community. They inspi re. They lead. They achieve. The sky ’s the limit on and beyo nd.


Black Button Distilling | M&T Spotlig ht Shop

M&T customer, Jason Barrett, is an inspirati on for any entrepreneur forging their o wn path.

“I spent much of my childho od in a button factory in Rochest er, New York. Not just any butt on factory, a world-renowned factory run by my legenda ry grandfather. I always dreamed of carryi ng on my family’s legacy but the re was one problem -- I’m col or blind.”

In 2012, Jason founded Black Butt on Distilling, the first grain-to-glass distillery in Rochest er, NY since prohibition. While honoring t he values of hard work, entrepreneurship a nd community that his grandfather instilled in h im, Jason forged his own path throu gh his passion for crafting spirits.

Learn mo re about Jason's story on the bl og: https://www3.mtb.com/homepage/about-us/getting-involved/spotlight/spotlight-shop-blog-homepage/black-button-distilling-blog

How to Teach Your Family Abo ut Cybersecurity - Resources & Insights | M &T Bank 03/04/2022

How to Teach Your Family Abo ut Cybersecurity - Resources & Insights | M &T Bank

When it comes to passwords, it ’s best to mix it up a nd update them frequently. Have trouble keepi ng track of them all? Consider usi ng a password management app!

For mo re tips on staying safe online, re ad our guide for effective family conversatio ns about cybersecurity.

How to Teach Your Family Abo ut Cybersecurity - Resources & Insights | M &T Bank Cybercrime is a growing threat. He re are four tips to help gui de you conversations with your family.


Do your part and .

Explo re our “Cybersecurity and You” resource cent er to learn how to identify a nd manage cyber risks at home, at wo rk, or on the go: https://www3.wilmingtontrust.com/cybersecurity.html

Timeline photos 03/03/2022

The story behind M&T Spotlight Sh op business, Vitrix Hot Glass Studio, is root ed in the pursuit of a dre am, immeasurable talent, and family love.

Founded in 1979 in Corni ng, NY, Vitrix is regarded among America 's prominent contemporary glass studios. Brothers T om and Bob Kelly grew up watchi ng glassblowing in their hometown, and th ey worked in the shops along t he historic Market Street. Tom, the arti st, and Bob, the business manager, end ed up owning Vitrix in 1997, aft er studying the craft closely with t he prior owner.

While not all brothers cou ld run a business together, Bob admis ts that because he and Tom ea ch excel at the different skills, th ey can keep Vitrix thriving. "He do es the artistic stuff, I handle t he business stuff, and it all wor ks out. Our family is close. We s ee each other often."

Learn more about th is business:

Thwarting the Cyberattack - Resources & Insigh ts | M&T Bank 03/02/2022

Thwarting the Cyberattack - Resources & Insigh ts | M&T Bank

An ever-evolving form of cybercrime is taki ng place on social networks. There, amo ng the Shares and Likes, exists an abundan ce of unique personal information ripe f or exploitation, so it’s important to be mindf ul about what you share and wh at you click.
Learn how you can he lp thwart cyberattacks: https://library.mtb.com/thwarting-the-cyberattack/

Thwarting the Cyberattack - Resources & Insigh ts | M&T Bank Learn more about cyber attacks a nd how understanding these tactics can ke ep you and your business safe fr om cybercrimes.

Avoiding Ransomware Attacks | Wilmington Tru st 03/01/2022

Avoiding Ransomware Attacks | Wilmington Tru st

When ransomware is downloaded to a comput er, it encrypts files so they c an no longer be accessed, and mig ht even lock down the operating syst em entirely so the user can no long er access anything.

Can you spot t he signs of ransomware? Identifying the ris ks and employing best practices can he lp you avoid becoming a victim.

Avoiding Ransomware Attacks | Wilmington Tru st Ransomware has become one of t he top threats to data stored on compa ny networks and personal computers. Ransomware is a ty pe of malicious software that encrypts fil es so they can no longer be access ed. Cybercriminals hold the user’s files unt il the owner pays a ransom f or their return. Business ow...

Timeline photos 03/01/2022

As part of our tradition to off er candid insights on the banking indust ry and the communities where we opera te, we’re pleased to share our Annu al Letter to shareholders. This year’s lett er explores the impact of the pandem ic, the rise of unregulated financial compani es and our continued commitment to drivi ng positive change across our growing footprint.

We have been building communities, responding to n ew competition, and serving all customer typ es for 165 years. We remain committ ed to reversing the trends in t he communities we serve.

Helping communities thri ve is who we are.” — M &T Bank Chairman and CEO René Jones

Re ad our Annual Letter at: https://newsroom.mtb.com/2022-03-01-M-T-Bank-CEO-Rene-Jones-Speaks-to-the-Impact-of-COVID,-Peoples-United-Financial-Merger-and-Industry-Regulation-in-Annual-Letter

Timeline photos 02/28/2022

Online attackers continue to find n ew ways to gain access to sensiti ve information and outsmart our defenses. As scamme rs become more sophisticated, it's important to understa nd the signs of fraud and be st security practices.

For more D Os and DON’Ts and fraud prevention ti ps, visit: https://www3.mtb.com/content/mtb-web/en/homepage/explore-the-m-and-t-bank-help-center/bank-security-tips-and-best-practices/how-to-protect-personal-information/types-of-fraud-help-center.html

Timeline photos 02/28/2022

Whether you’re buying your first ho me, moving into a new one, or refinanci ng, being an M&T customer has i ts advantages with our customer loyalty discou nt. As a valued M&T customer wi th an existing deposit account or mortga ge, you may be eligible for a .1 25% rate discount on a new mortga ge loan. Our team of experienced lo an officers will make saving on yo ur mortgage easier than ever — we’ ll help you every step of t he way.

Get started today at mtb.com/mortgage-discount


Althea's Almost Famous

M&T customer, Althea Hanson, is t he owner of Althea's Almost Famous, a busine ss that caters to the taste of a ll palates by serving some of t he best island cuisines using all-natural, fre sh, high-quality ingredients.

Family and the flavors of t he Caribbean sit at the heart of Althea 's inspiration to become an entrepreneur. S he was taught by her grandmother, Nett ie Green, how to cook with differe nt spices and fresh ingredients. Now, she ’s proud to share those same recip es, while running her own business.

“I get up every day and g et to do something that I lo ve. We go around and cook so me great Caribbean cuisine with fresh ingredien ts for our entire community.”

Her childhood w as spent at the markets in Jamai ca, and now her sauces line groce ry store shelves here in the stat es. Learn more about her business a nd where you can buy: mtb.com/spotlightshop.


M&T Spotlight Shop | COFFEECOL

M&T Spotlight Shop business COFFEECOL offe rs gourmet coffee that is sustainably a nd ethically-sourced. Each bean is handpicked on an organ ic, family-run farm in Columbia that h as been around since the 1970s.

“Tod ay, Coffeecol has built a community of custome rs who not only love our coff ee, but believe in our mission to inspi re, educate, and serve others. 25% of profi ts from our coffee beans go direct ly to supporting small farmers and loc al workers. In September, we donated education al supplies to farmer’s children and pl an to provide clothing and food to famili es this December.” -- Eleo, Founder of Coffeecol

Re ad more on the blog: https://www3.mtb.com/homepage/about-us/getting-involved/spotlight/spotlight-shop-blog-homepage/bringing-colombias-coffee-east-blog


House of Laffs

M&T Spotlight Shop business, House of Laf fs, lives by the motto, “Live. Lo ve. Laff.” Owner, U’Gundi Jacobs, believes th at the motto represents everything that mak es coming to work not feel li ke “work.”

U'Gundi opened his business in Wilmingt on, DE. He persevered through the pandem ic and is currently the only fu ll time comedy lounge in the ar ea. When asked, U'Gundi will tell y ou that he opened House of Laf fs to spread joy and laughter througho ut the community.

Timeline photos 02/15/2022

FRI 2/25, 12-1PM ET: Together We Can--T he Power of the Black Community

Register he re: https://event.on24.com/wcc/r/3644479/324E0487FDA75632E51514CD45598CFC

Together with NBC4, we invite y ou to join us in a discussi on on the economic contributions of t he Black community and the need f or access to advocacy, sponsorship, and capit al in creating and growing a busine ss.

Our panelists will also discuss t he importance of financial inclusion and strategi es for building generational wealth.

Moderator: Molette Green
Panelis ts:
Vida Ali and Sage Ali fr om Ben's Chili Bowl
Kendall Holbrook, CEO of D ev Technology Group, Inc.
Victor Hoskins, President a nd CEO Fairfax County Economic Development Authority

Timeline photos 02/14/2022

Roses are red, violets are bl ue, we love our customers, and Shann on does too. We’re better at banki ng than we are at poetry, b ut Branch Manager Shannon Johnson couldn’t ha ve said it better in his ca rd. 💚

Timeline photos 02/09/2022

Alica Boyd and Ashley Harris turn ed three generations of love for hospitali ty into Humble Hearts Catering & Even ts LLC. What started in their mother s' and grandmothers' kitchens has grown in to a successful Black and women-owned busine ss in the Baltimore area. The boutiq ue catering company offers savory and styli sh experiences for special events and weddin gs and will make your event drea ms come true through their unique, personaliz ed approach.

Learn more about this busine ss: mtb.com/spotlightshop

Timeline photos 02/07/2022

At M&T, we believe that we a re more than just a bank. To us, our customers are our neighbors th at we share common goals and interes ts with, and love to help th em succeed.

In our latest bl og, business banking regional manager Barney Hugh es shares, “In financial services, the pandem ic has highlighted the importance of stro ng relationships as much as a stro ng balance sheet. One of those relationshi ps is between a small-business owner a nd her/his business banker."

Learn five wa ys to build a better relationship wi th your business banker: https://www3.mtb.com/homepage/about-us/getting-involved/spotlight/spotlight-shop-blog-homepage/build-relationship-with-banker-blog


Shea Radiance

During , we celebrate the ma ny Black businesses that make our communiti es a better place to live. Own er of Shea Radiance, Funlayo Alabi, start ed her business with Black women in mi nd.

Unable to find a product th at would heal her family’s dry sk in and eczema, she developed beauty produc ts with shea butter as the ma in ingredient. Today, her product is so ld in more than 450 stores, a nd she continues to support women-led supp ly chains in Benin, Ghana and Nigeria.

Lea rn more about this business: https://www3.mtb.com/spotlightshop

Timeline photos 02/02/2022

During , we celebrate the ma ny Black businesses that make our communiti es a better place to live. Aficapu re Artisan and Hair Clinique helps y ou to embrace your natural beauty wi th organic skin and hair care produc ts made with the best quality ingredien ts.

Shop their line of soaps, sa lt scrubs, shampoos and conditioners, and lea rn more about this business: mtb.com/spotlightshop


WNY Book Arts Center

Book Arts is a creative h ub and community resource in the hea rt of downtown Buffalo offering workshops a nd education programs to people of a ll ages. The nonprofit also has a galle ry featuring local artists and shop fill ed with locally made prints, gifts, a nd cards.

Learn more about this busine ss and others: mtb.com/spotlightshop

Timeline photos 02/01/2022

May the Tiger bring you coura ge and success in everything you do .


The Charmery

We all scream for ice cre am, especially when it’s from The Charme ry. Their four Maryland locations offer th is sweet treat that’s made with ingredien ts from local farmers. 🍦 💚

Lea rn more about this business: mtb.com/spotlightshop


Hon's Honey

Healing products made by healing peop le. When you purchase products from Hon ’s Honey, a workforce development program, y ou are directly helping women who ha ve overcome abuse, addiction, poverty, and oth er traumas. Consider trying out their handma de soaps, candles, honey and more.

Fi nd out how you can support the ir business: mtb.com/spotlightshop



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