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USA Insurance and Financial Advisors


We can't keep up! Our gratitude is overflowing! Thank you so much to USA Insurance and Financial Advisors for their generous SILVER sponsorship for PEDALS 2021!

This event is our yearly premier fundraising event! It provides most of the funds needed for us to support our many families living with ALS in Michigan. Respite care, equipment, meals, psychological support are just some of the way we care for our families.


Independent Insurance Agency offering a full line of Health & Life Insurance, Annuities and Senior Products President of USA Insurance Brokerage and Financial Advisors.

We offer a full line of health and life insurance, and are financial advisors to those in or preparing for retirement.

Operating as usual

Timeline photos 03/29/2012

What do you think is going to happen at the Health Care Reform hearing? Please share your thoughts….

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If money is getting tighter, we suggest giving us a call for a free consultation. We can review the current insurance plans you have in place and analyze if there is any saving opportunities available for you.

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Even insurance agencies can have some fun…..

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Another Monday in March!

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Have a great Friday – Plus remember no matter how small you may be, you're always a #1 client with our agency!

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LinkedIn Tip: LinkedIn can act as a great resume for you on the web. It’s important you customize your LinkedIn web address so people can find you when they search for you. Go to LinkedIn, “Click Edit Profile”, and Click “Edit” Next to Public Profile. A new page will now open, then click “Customize Your Public Profile” on the middle right of the page!

Timeline photos 03/21/2012

Timeline photos

Kids and Technology - Effects of Technology on Children 03/20/2012

Kids and Technology - Effects of Technology on Children

Below is a good article from Good Housekeeping about our children and how “Wired In” they’ve become!

Kids and Technology - Effects of Technology on Children How much time does he spend on YouTube, Facebook, Xbox, or other screen-centric pursuits? Find out what's normal, what's ideal; and when to step in

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Let our Insurance agency keep you protected, just like this little piglet is protected by his wee little boots!

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We hope everyone has a fun & safe St Patrick’s Day! Let us know what your plans are?

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Hope everyone is enjoying their slice of life on this fine Thursday! What would be a good refreshing beverage to make this guy into?

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As of March 30th, facebook is changing all personal & business profiles to the timeline look. What is your opinion of the change?

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When it comes to Insurance, we consider ourselves experts. Please keep us in mind if you need advice or a free quote.

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It's finally March and the Madness has begun! Who is everyone’s early pick to win the tournament?

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Don't forget to Spring Ahead and also change your smoke detector batteries!

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We appreciate everyone’s support and business! If you get a chance today, just click the “Share” button below this post! It will help us get more fans and make new friends!

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Things are looking up….We are almost over the hump on this “Hump Day Wednesday”!

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Facebook Quick Tip: Did you know when you post a message on your wall and someone clicks either Like, Share, or Comment it goes out to all of their friend’s news feed that they “interacted with your post?

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Remember the days when Gas prices were under a buck? Gas is over $4 in most of the country. This is exactly why you should give us a call to review your current insurance plans, maybe we can help you save…. More than a buck!

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If you have any friends that you hear are frustrated with their current insurance professional. Just click the “Share Button” below. We are known for our friendly customer service!

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New Look To The Facebook Fanpage- At the end of this month facebook is releasing a brand new look for all of the facebook fanpages. Below is a great article that reviews all of the unique changes.

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Hope everyone is enjoying this special Hump Day / Leap Day!


LIFE Foundation | Ann Reynolds – Insurance Brings Freedom

A great video on the importance of Life Insurance

LIFE Foundation | Ann Reynolds – Insurance Brings Freedom The Life and Health Insurance Foundation for Education (LIFE) is a nonprofit organization dedicated to helping consumers make smart insurance decisions to safeguard their families’ financial futures.

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Another week is upon us… Just remember we are here to answer any Insurance questions you may have!

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Google is indexing LinkedIn and pages. This means when someone is searching for you or your company your social media page could be a top result. To boost your social media page ranking you need to get more interaction on your page by getting new connections, comments or likes.

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It’s been a long week of talking insurance with interested consumers……Friday is almost here!

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We want everyone to know that we’re always available to answer any questions or concerns you may have. Insurance is confusing……we can make it simple for you!

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Having a bad Fat Tuesday? This Otter help….

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We hope you’re having a great holiday weekend!

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Enjoy the holiday weekend! Is anyone doing anything exciting?

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Facebook Posting Tip – When you upload a link into facebook post, you can edit the default text by double clicking on it. Customizing the text could make the link more enticing to click on for your friends & fans.

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Fan Support: If you’re impressed with our Agency and Social Media presence, then click the LIKE button at the bottom of this post for us!

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My favorite type of chocolates to get on Valentine’s Day Are ___________!

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Do you think he has Life Insurance?

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Fun On Friday: As a kid _______ was my favorite TV show.



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