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Hi, I am with Town Ha ll.
We publish a monthly welco me Town Hall Guide that is mail ed weekly to all new residents as th ey move into your community.
Our Welco me Guide is going to feature on ly one exclusive business inside each catego ry, and I am searching for a Veterinari an in your area to fill th at spot.
I would like to schedu le a time when you are expecti ng me so that I may dr op off a sample of our "Welco me Kit" and explain the program in great er detail.
Please message me or f or immediate assistance, feel free to ca ll or text me on my ce ll which is listed below.
Karla Cain
(540) 664-55 14
Ashburn Village Animal Hospital, it's yo ur turn to take the spotlight!

Th is fantastic practice is situated in northe rn Virginia and was location #51 looki ng back in #VetCorFamily history. These gu ys are Fear Free certified, Low Stre ss Handling certified, and just all arou nd talented and kind.

Meet AVAH a nd their team here. ⭐️
On December 9th, our beloved Caes ar crossed the bridge into heaven, leavi ng us completely heart broken. He we nt into the local vet for a routi ne neuter and was tragically taken fr om us. The chief veterinarian of a popul ar vet in Springfield, VA botched h is surgery by removing the wrong org an and blocking blood supply to h is bladder. He endured two days of unimaginab le pain before we were told wh at happened, minutes before his death.

We wa ke up to an emptiness that cann ot be described. He was my faithf ul companion who brought love, laughter, a nd purpose into my life. At th is time, we desperately need love fr om our community. In his memory, plea se join us for a socially distanc ed candlelight vigil with your loved on es. Candles will be provided; please fe el free to bring your own.

So we got Rosa’s DNA te st back. To say we were shock ed might be an understatement, lol
Ashburn Village Animal Hospital will be promoti ng rabies awareness during the month of Septemb er
Dr Germainne can you call me abo ut Emme - no way to conta ct you via phone 7034079898
please share, no matter what sta te you are in
reward increased ,no questio ns asked
$5000.00 reward
reward also applies to anyo ne who has information that leads to Izz ie being found safe and getting ba ck home , she is chipped a nd chip company notified ,
could be anywhe re, last seen in Iron Station NC on Ju ly 12th.
but if picked up could be anywhere
if found please call or text
Just sit back and relax.. Ashbu rn Village Animal Hospital has got y ou covered.

We can help you with a ll of your dog and cat medic al needs! Visit our website at or gi ve us a call at 703-729-0700.

We provide quality veterinary care f or dogs and cats in Ashburn, VA a nd the surrounding communities. For your convenien ce, we are also open the seco nd Sunday of every month.

Operating as usual


Happy Mother’s Day to all t he mom’s out there! Whether you’re a m om to a human child or a fur ry, feathery, or scaly one, we celebra te you today!


Happy Friday 🙃


Personally, we believe every week shou ld be but this week, in particul ar, we encourage you to celebrate by doi ng just that. Here are some exampl es of how to :
- Donati ng to a shelter or angel fu nd
- Spaying and neutering pets to ke ep animals out of shelters
- Driving slow ly during dusk and dawn when de er and other animals are out a nd harder to see
- Adding a bi rd feeder to their backyard
- Scheduling yo ur pet’s annual care visit with the ir veterinarian
- Making sure your p et is microchipped
- Spending quality ti me with your pet


Welcome to Heartworm Awareness Month! To highlig ht the importance of getting both yo ur dogs and cats protected against heartwo rm disease, we are offering 50% o ff heartworm and tick test for do gs when you purchase 12 months of Heartga rd, 10% off Proheart and 10% o ff 6 months of Revolution for cats.

Spring Cleaning as a Pet Own er 04/29/2022

Spring Cleaning as a Pet Own er

Here are some very helpful Spri ng Cleaning tips as a Pet Parent !

Spring Cleaning as a Pet Own er Whether you save spring cleaning f or spring or do deep cleaning sessio ns all year long, don’t forget abo ut your pets.


Mary has been a part of AV AH since November and she’s fit rig ht in with our fun crew! S he is new to the business b ut now she can’t think of anythi ng else to do but to st ay with the vet industry. She enjo ys meeting people from all different wal ks of life and learning about the ir pet stories. Mary loves cats a nd is not only good at ‘trashketbal l’ but is also good at juggli ng!


Denise has been with us f or over a year now and s he loves helping clients and watching the ir pets grow through all their li fe stages. She has been in t he business for 23 years! Fun fac ts of Denise is that she is le ft handed and was born on le ap year!


Mary and Denise are the fir st friendly faces you will meet wh en you step into our hospital. Th ey are very busy and a ve ry important part of our team! We a re very thankful to have these love ly, smiling ladies as our Client Ca re Specialists 🤗


Our reception team works hard to ensu re our clients have the best experien ce possible. They’re the friendly voices y ou hear on the other end of t he phone and the people who reassu re you when your furry friends a re in need.

Let’s give them a ha nd for everything they do.


Today is and we’re celebrati ng by inviting you to post pictur es of your furry friends (past a nd present) who have been cared f or by one of the wonderful veterina ry team members at Ashburn Village Anim al Hospital


Today’s a wonderful day to rememb er that the Earth is something we a ll have in common. Let’s work togeth er to protect it.

Photos from Ashburn Village Animal Hospital 's post 04/20/2022

How cute is “Chewbbaca”? He’s an 11 we ek old Husky Mix puppy who si ts very patiently for treats! He h as back dewclaws, which is an ext ra toe, and only a few bree ds are born with these!


Sometimes we like to have f un 😏 …a little staff Easter e gg hunt had us start the we ek off right!

Watch this reel by mila.the.chi on Instagr am 04/18/2022

Watch this reel by mila.the.chi on Instagr am

Maybe looking at things upside do wn will give you a different perspecti ve this Monday!

Watch this reel by mila.the.chi on Instagr am @mila.the.chi: “Things look different when y ou look at the world UPSIDE DO WN 🙃 Wouldn’t you agree 🤣🤣🤣 …”


Wishing you and your families a nd very safe and hoppy Easter!


Happy Fun Sock Friday from us to yo u!!


“Jenny” visited us yesterday to g et her stitches removed after a lifesavi ng spay procedure. She looked like a complete ly different dog than she did a coup le of weeks ago!! She almost di ed from a pyometra, which is a severe ly infected uterus that can cause seps is and death. She sure strutted h er new haircut and hairdo for us a nd we couldn’t have been happier to s ee her this healthy and happy aga in! ☺️

follow for more funny post. 04/11/2022

follow for more funny post.

follow for more funny post.


Flea Friday Fun Fact....If your ca ts live with dogs, then you shou ld have your cats on flea preventi on, even if they are indoor on ly. Fleas don't discriminate!


We guarantee all of our produc ts, especially preventatives. If you purchase t he product through us and use it as direct ed all year round, then the pharmaceutic al company will pay for any breakthrou gh infections if your dog contracts somethi ng while using them. For example, if y ou dog gets heartworm disease or ly me disease while being on Heartgard a nd Nexgard all year round, your dog 's treatment will be paid for.


We love being involved in o ur Ashburn community. Preston and Denise participat ed in the Ashby Ponds Resident Servic es Fair to display to the retireme nt community that we can care f or their pets with house calls. We s ee many of their pets and it is a wonderful ly convenient service that we enjoy providi ng to them.


For the month of April we a re offering 20% off microchips! Have yo ur pets safely returned by having the ir microchip linked to your information in ca se anyone finds them lost.


Please welcome Kristen, our new hospit al manager! She comes with a l ot of managerial and tech experience, s he has positive energy, and she’s a l ot of fun to be around, so it ’s no wonder why she’s a gre at fit with our team. Be su re to say hi to
her when you’ re in for your pet’s next appointme nt!

Photos from Ashburn Village Animal Hospital 's post 03/25/2022

This black Pointer puppy “Freddie” su re knows how to sit pretty a nd be a very well behaved pup py! He is also very sweet, hap py, has lots of energy and is ve ry brave for his shots!


You’re welcome 😬


Friday Fun Fact: high sugar conte nt foods can lead to faster tart ar build up and can cause dent al disease in your dogs. Limit feedi ng foods like cooked potatoes, sweet potato es and fresh fruit to no mo re than twice a week!


Happy St. Patrick's Day!!


If pets had thumbs they cou ld open their own food, wear mitte ns, text, take and share selfies, thu mb wrestle, hitchhike, and so much mo re!
(a little late but t oo good not to share...)


Good morning Monday! You got thi s!!


Are you as excited as Za ra is for the weekend??


😆 Watch out for tho se adorable food thieves…


“Toby” was recently diagnosed with diabet es and he is now styling t he Freestyle Libre so that his owne rs can easily scan the device wi th their smart phone to get freque nt blood sugar readings. This way, t he vet and his owners can monit or his glucose trends for 2 wee ks and work together to regulate h im. Also, he won’t need to be repeated ly poked to check his blood suga r!! 💪🏻🤩


It's the month of Spring! Ti me to replenish your flea and ti ck preventatives for both your cats a nd dogs to keep them protected! T he lyme vaccine helps to prevent th is tick borne disease. We are offeri ng 10% off the vaccine during Mar ch!

Relax, Your Cat Is Probably N ot Sleeping "Too Much" (Here's Why) - Petf ul 02/25/2022

Relax, Your Cat Is Probably N ot Sleeping "Too Much" (Here's Why) - Petf ul

Relax, Your Cat Is Probably N ot Sleeping "Too Much" (Here's Why) - Petf ul Does your cat sleep too mu ch? Most cats sleep around 16 hou rs a day, with kittens and senio rs snoozing even longer than that.

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Take a peek into your Ashbu rn team :)




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