Stephanie's Essential Suggestions, Ashburn, VA Video January 7, 2021, 3:58pm

Videos by Stephanie's Essential Suggestions in Ashburn. Learn how to use essential oils, which are safer, cheaper and more effective than traditional solutions!

Defining your target market

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Defining your target market

Adaptiv and Ylang Ylang Uses - today's BOGO

Oil of the day: OREGANO for emotional detachment
Oil of the day for emotional and spiritual healing is.... OREGANO! To release attachments to people, situations, our own bull-headed thinking and need to be right! Please watch for the details. And please like, follow, share and all that! Much appreciated! Please only use CPTG oils for purity and safety. If you need oils, I’d love to help you, and you will get special invites to members-only classes, readings and events. Schedule a consult if you need help deciding. #limitlesswithstephaniegreene #joyfulbusiness #bewelldowell #limitlessfinancialfreedom #limitlesslifestyle #essentialoils #doterra #hypnosis #loudounhypnosis #transformationalhypnosis #aromatherapy #emotionalhealing #spiritualhealing

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