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Are you effectively putting yourself and your talent online to showcase what you do best? If you are not, then you are missing an opportunity for any potential new clients to find you!

Want to market yourself and your talent online, but don't know what tools to use? Click the link below to check out Stream Marketing!

I love creating newsletters! That was one of the first services I ever provided for a client.

There are so many different programs out there for creating a newsletter and managing your email list. I usually start clients on the free MailChimp plan and if they outgrow that, we look into other systems.

One of the systems that I use is Stream Marketing. This is an all-in-one online marketing system that all the features you need for your online marketing - website, SEO, CRM, newsletter, social media and paid ads features. The price for this all-in-one system is less expensive than just having a website (in my case, a Wordpress website).

The newsletter feature is so easy - it's a drag and drop and new emails can be easily added with people who visit your website!

Want to learn more about Stream Marketing or discuss what software you currently use and if it's the best one for you? Set up a Discovery Call and let's get your newsletter process streamlined!

Need to pick up a gift for someone? Check out SendOutCards to find the best gift for the recipient! Some items are only available for a limited time only!

Want to send someone a FREE card? Just click the link below!

How do you keep on top of mind with your prospects, clients and network? Do you send a newsletter?

If you do, what application do you use? How often do you send a newsletter?

Is this something on your to do list that you just never get around to?

I want to hear your newsletter experiences - the good, the bad, the ugly. Share below!

Have you ever used a co-working space? Are you co-working at home during this stay-at-home time?

I find that I am more productive when I am alone, but co-working spaces are great when I want to get out of my routine.

How do you feel about co-working spaces?

Father's Day is coming up! If you are looking to get a meaningful and memorable gift, check out what Bella Cadeaux has in store for Father's Day!

Just click the link below!

Free Foto Friday - Tomorrow is Hug Your Cat Day! Let's celebrate our furry feline companions! Post your best photo and I will send it back to you as a print!

Want to send a card too?
What email automations do you have in place that saves you time? Time that you can spend growing your business?

I would love to hear what templates you use. If you need some ideas on what tools or templates to use, post it below and I'll help!

Learning is a step-by-step process. Just like a baby learning to walk, taking the first step to start is crucial.

Check out Prompting U and take the first step to learn something new today!

The best tip I got for managing email was to use the out of office feature. Not just when you are out of the office, but ALL OF THE TIME.

This lets people know that you are busy working, and that you will have a set time to answer your emails.

Here's what mine says:
"Thanks for contacting me! I am currently unable to answer your email because more than likely I am working on a current client project. Maybe YOU are a current client and it’s YOUR project! I check my email periodically during the day, so expect an email back within 24 hours. If this is an urgent matter, please feel free to call me."

Even if you are working from home, you should still take advantage of today. It's Leave The Office Early Day!

So close down that computer early today and leave your work behind. It will still be there tomorrow.

Providing business owners with the support they need to give them back their time and let them step


Do you do "all the things" in your business? What if I told you that you don't need to? How? By delegating.

I know - "but no one can do it as well as I can!" I get it. It's tough to let go of tasks. First of all because you probably can get it done in half the time or maybe it only takes you a few minutes to do. But guess what...those minutes add up.

Those minutes turn into hours that you can use to GROW your business. That time can be spend on taking those sales calls or nurturing your relationship with a current client. As a CEO of your business, you should NOT be doing the daily paperwork - no matter how few minutes it takes you.

What about those items that take you HOURS to do? Is there someone that you can hire that can do that work in half the time?

Take some time today to write down all of the tasks that you do within your business. Review it and ask yourself - is this really where I should be spending my time?

I would love to hear what came to light by doing this.


What automation do you have in place that saves you time? Time that you can spend growing your business?

I would love to hear what tools/apps you use. If you need some ideas on what tools to use, post it below and I'll help!


When you are an entrepreneur, you do ALL OF THE THINGS in your business - from sales to invoicing. I use Honeybook to manage my leads, client onboarding, agreements, client projects, invoicing, and client off-boarding.

This all-in-one client system has helped me save time and money. It's easy to use and provides a professional cohesiveness to all outgoing documents.

Want to try out Honeybook? Check out my link or contact me for more information.


Do you send birthday cards to you clients? I do and I schedule them to go out. How? I use SendOutCards. The system lets you schedule cards to be sent 1 week before someone's birthday so that they get the card right around their birthday.

I have several clients that use this feature of SendOutCards. It saves time and money. The best part is that clients will reach out to you and say thank you for the card.

Interested in learning more about SendOutCards? Reach out and let's chat or feel free to visit my website and send a free card.


When I first started my business and was networking, I realized early on that the emails I was sending to people I met were basically the same text every time. At first I would just copy and paste from Word into my email and customize where needed. Then the power of Google came in. Did you know that you can create templates in your Google mail? This has been a time saver for me. Something so simple, but the minutes add up.

If you are looking to become more productive and add some automation to your business, let's chat! I love talking processes.


How much time do you spend retyping and redoing items over and over again?

This could be something so simple as retyping text in an email or something a little more complicated like trying to set up meetings with someone (you know - the back and forth trying to figure out what date and time works for both of you).

Have you taken time to look at those repeative tasks and figured out a way to become more productive? What tools or apps do you use to save time?


I would love to hear how you use social media to grow your business.

Do you post regularly? Do you intereact with others in th network regularly?

How about groups? What group are you the most active in?

If you haven't been consistent on social media, take the next week and spend 15 minutes per day commenting on other's posts. Let me know how it goes!


Here's the BEST tip I can give you for being consistent on social media.

Are you ready for it…

Block a time (like 15 to 30 minutes a day) to build your business on social media.

During that time, use 1 platform to interact with. Look at your newsfeed and comment on the posts that your network has posted. Do NOT just like a post. Still have some time left in that time block? Go to a group and start commenting on posts. Groups are THE BEST way to get your name out there and SHOW your experience. People appreciate your help too!


I have a client that was doing nothing with her LinkedIn profile and what was on there, was outdated - Speaking of which when was the last time you updated your profile? I redid her LinkedIn profile and we also started posting daily.

Since she is in the financial industry, she is required to post what the company creates. However, with some social media tips and tricks, we were able to increase her profile views and her weekly search stats! This was all with a FREE LinkedIn account! Posting daily is only part of the LinkedIn strategy that we created for her. There is so much you can do on LinkedIn. I call it the Facebook of business.

How would you feel if you started to make really connections on LinkedIn and started to get business from it? Let's chat and discuss how Clark Virtual can help you improve and maximize your LinkedIn profile.


Do you use LinkedIn for your business? I would jump on every once in a while, but this year, I took LinkedIn to a new level. I redid my profile and I got consistent with posting and commenting on posts.

Guess what happened? My profile views went up and my weekly search stats went up. I had one month that my profile views went up 90%! And that was after being consistant for awhile! I had another month when I had a 29% increase in the searches I showed up in! I don't pay for my LinkedIn either. This is done with the FREE account.

So being consistent on social media works. Take some time today to spend some time on social media and interact with your network.

Not sure where to start? Contact me and let's chat how Clark Virtual can help you create a marketing strategy for your online presence.


How often do you post to social media? How about commenting on others people's posts (and I don't mean just liking the post)?

As business owners, getting on social media is the last thing we think about doing (or maybe even want to do). However, social media is here to stay and it's a way to get your name or business out there for FREE!

And don't forget, it's a way to grow relationships too! By commenting on other people's posts (again, not just liking), you show them that you are supporting them and people will remember that!

So tell me, how often are you on social media and growing your business?


Do you show gratitude to your network?

Now is a great time to show how much you appreciate them and what they do to help your business.

Take sometime this next week and reach out to 5 people in your network that you haven't spoken to in awhile. Send them a text, email, or call them up and just see what is going on with them and their business.

Let me know what comes out of it. You'd be amazed what new business might be possible.


The easiest way to show appreciation to someone in your network is by sending a card in the mail. Yes, the old fashion way of snail mail!

We are all so overwhelmed with emails now, that getting something personal in the mail makes you stand out.

I personally use SendOutCards to send physical greeting cards. I can create a customized card and have it send within 5 minutes. Yes - 5 minutes! No more going to the store for cards, making sure I have stamps, and then making sure the card gets to the mailbox.

Want to try SendOutCards? Visit my website and you can create a free account AND send a FREE card on me! No obligation!

Try it out and then let me know the response from the person you sent it to!


I have a client who uses SendOutCards for reaching out to her network.

Whenever she gets a referral, she sends a card and brownies (and believe me, these brownies are awesome). The best part, she gets a thank you for her thank you!

Her network appreciates that they do something for them in return and she appreciates what they do for her.

Do you think she'll get another referral from that person? Of course! She has made herself stand out from other people by sending a thank you gift.

Have you ever received a card or a gift for a referral you have given?


I love sending cards using SendOutCards. One of the things I do to continue my relationships with my network is send birthday cards.

You would not believe how many texts or emails I get saying thank you for the birthday card. Why? Because not that many people receive birthday cards.

I also send thank you and congratulations cards when appropriate.

Want to implement an easy system to do these tasks? Definitely try SendOutCards. You can even send a free card on me!

Love the idea, but just don't have the time to implement it, reach out to me and I can set up and management your cards for you!


What do you do to show your gratitude for your network throughout the year?

Yes, there's always the "give them a referral" to show your gratitude for them, but what else do you do?
- Do you send them article that you see and remind you of them?
- What about doing a shoutout on your social media to them (thanking them, or just letting people know about their business)?
- Do you send them birthday cards or business anniversary cards?
- What about just checking in with them via text, email, phone, zoom, or getting together in person?

These are just a few things that you can do throughout the year to keep building your relationships with your network. So tell me, what do you do?


When was the last time you told your client you appreciate them? Why not let them know that you are thankful for them this next week!

It could be something so easy as sending a text, sending a card, or even sharing an article that you saw that reminded you of them.

It's these little things that make your business stand out. These appreciations don't even need to be clients. They can be anyone in your pipeline or your network.

Let me know what action you did and what the result was from showing your appreciation.


The easiest way to show appreciation to a client is by sending a card in the mail. Yes, the old fashion way of snail mail!

We are all so overwhelmed with emails now, that getting something personal in the mail makes you stand out.

I personally use SendOutCards to send physical greeting cards. I can create a customized card and have it send within 5 minutes. Yes - 5 minutes! No more going to the store for cards, making sure I have stamps, and then making sure the card gets to the mailbox.

Want to try SendOutCards? Visit my website and you can create a free account AND send a FREE card on me! No obligation!

Try it out and then let me know the response from the person you sent it to!


I have a client who sends out birthday cards to her clients.

I cannot tell you how many times she has said that a client called her because of the personalized birthday card she sends. Sometimes these are clients that she hasn't heard from in MONTHS!

Why do they react to that card? Because she is probably the only business that remembers their birthday or sends a physical card.

When was the last time you got a card in the mail? When was the last time you sent your clients something that wasn't from corporate and was personalized to them?

Your customer journey doesn't just stop at the sale. It continues whether or not they are still paying you. If you don't have a full customer journey in place (before, during and after the sale), contact me and let's chat! I love creating a customer journey that will have your clients raving about you.

What CVBS can do for you!

We help small business owners get back their time and focus on working ON the business and not IN the business.

We can help you with your administrative and social media needs, along with managing your SendOutCards account.

Haven’t heard of SendOutCards? Check out the link and find out more!

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