Dr. Dina Bambrey

Dr. Dina Bambrey


Hi, I am with Town Hall.
We publish a monthly welcome Town Hall Guide that is mailed weekly to all new residents as they move into your community.
Our Welcome Guide is going to feature only one exclusive business inside each category, and I am searching for a Dentist in your area to fill that spot.
I would like to schedule a time when you are expecting me so that I may drop off a sample of our "Welcome Kit" and explain the program in greater detail.
Please message me or for immediate assistance, feel free to call or text me on my cell which is listed below.
Karla Cain
(540) 664-5514
"Ring of steel" lifted for Melbourne Metro with a rosy outlook!

Melbournians have worked hard to contain the virus which has lead to the lifting of the "Ring of Steel" over Melbourne Metro area. For those that don't know, over the last seven or so weeks, Melbourne Metro area dwellers, have been confined to a 5km then to a 25km radius, from home & work. As case numbers & deaths, for COVID-19 has declined, today the 9 November, marks the day, where travel restrictions for the Melbourne Metro area, have been lifted.

Other restrictions have also been lifted, which will help the economy, but social distancing , mask wearing & number limits are in place still.

Travel where you can, visit your local dive centres, but be aware of social distancing & hygiene regulations.

Lets keep us all safe & let's go diving!

Pic - Brighton Bathing boxes Wayne Williams Images

All About Scuba
Dr. Dina Bambrey

Thanks to Dr. Dina I am enjoying corn on the cob for the first time in at least 15 years. (On vacay in Punta Cana too)
Wonderful testimonials. I'll look her up if ever I move to Virginia.

Welcome to our cheerful, serene, state-of-the-art office! Dr. Dina is a family & cosmetic dentist wi


Got to spend yesterday with this handsome fella....I think things may be getting serious! :) He's a dude of few words, and yet, our lil' dates seem to be fulfilling for the both of us. Can't wait to see him again and I heard him tell his Mama the same. Really, I did.

Photos from Dr. Dina Bambrey's post 01/27/2022

This poor lil' dude got an accidental ski pole to the mouth. Had his orthodontist remove his bracket and wires so we could rebuild the tooth, by hand, with composite resin. He was super happy with the result, which is all I could ask for!


Life, in general, has been pretty taxing since COVID began. But got to go on a lonnnnng date this afternoon with this handsome fella’. Many of you may recognize him…his name is Levi. It was a wonderful date and he’s asked to see me again soon! I’m a lucky lady.
PS: for the many of you who have inquired, T-the-D is doing faaaabulous and she was back to pre-pregnancy weight in a millisecond!

Photos from Dr. Dina Bambrey's post 12/30/2021

What a fantastic way to end this (horrid) year and roll right into a better 2022! Last year I called my sweetest Dynamo my 'half wonder, half warrior' and in the wee hours of the morning today she held up to her moniker! She pushed this handsome little 8 lb. 12 oz. butterball out like a champ! Welcome to the world our baby dynamo: Levi Alexander VanAtta!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Congrats. & Mazel Tov to the happy Mommies!!!!


Just did a special donation to Children's Hospital! Donate to them every year, but this year, it seemed to have even more meaning and importance. I did it to celebrate and honor several people and events......1) this time last year I was literally fighting for my life and wouldn't have made it without the tireless and selfless team of nurses and doctors I had. An enormous thank you and endless gratitude to ALL healthcare workers!! You are the true miracle makers. 2) My stepdaughter turned 18 on December 3, and would not have made it if it weren't for the double-digit, life-saving surgeries she's had at Children's. 3) My sweetest Dynamo/friend/workwife/forever-part-of-my-heart Taryn is gonna bust that bun out of the oven any day now. In anticipation of this new life coming into the world, it's so uplifting to know how many kids and families this donation will help! The radiothon is still running.....anyone want to join me in being one of their 'miracle makers' and donate?! Happy Holidays everyone!

Photos from Dr. Dina Bambrey's post 10/29/2021

It was early Halloween in our office today. My Dynamo's pumpkin is wayyyyyyy cuter than mine! Hope everyone's weekend is filled with more treats than tricks.


Happy Monday. I...can't...even.....! This little lady made my entire afternoon, my entire week, my entire month! My first-ever centenarian! Lovely Rose has no hearing aids, no glasses, no walker or cane. She is simply amazing. And a mouth full of healthy teeth to boot! She readily agreed to us taking a picture together so I could post it for all to see (both vaxxed, thank you). She is a site to behold (check out those fingernails) and a lady to admire. Welcome Rose! 💯💯💯

Photos from Dr. Dina Bambrey's post 09/21/2021

So, it's a tad late because we've been kinda' busy and all...driving out to the Secluded Cabins of Ohio! And when they say secluded...boy do they mean it! But what a beautiful, perfect day Saturday was for two beautiful, perfect ladies, at a beautiful and perfect ceremony. My lil' Dynamo looked even more glowing at this BIG ceremony than she did as we watched her on Zoom last year. Maybe it was knowing COVID wouldn't stop this...maybe it was that she was supported by so many...or maybe it was that this time their son was in attendance. 🥰 Whatever the reason(s), wishing these two beautiful souls who've come to mean so much, the happiest life possible. Cheers to forever love...and forever friendship!


“We out”! Headed to LOUDOUNville (ironic?) for the VanAtta re-wedding!

Photos from Dr. Dina Bambrey's post 09/15/2021

What a lovely Hump Day here in Ashburn...gifted with 3 gorgeous displays of flowers! The 2 beautiful ones in the cool glass jars are from one of our faves....THANK YOU Mary for thinking of us and making us smile! The other one is from the lovely and talented Dima, who always creates a beautiful arrangement for me this time of year, courtesy of Dr. Jean-Claude Kharmouche and gang. Thank you to everyone for making our day!!


First there was the pandemic. Then came the dang cicadas. Now it seems my sweet Dynamo has caught a 'parasite'. This one is expected to hatch on New Year's Day. Can't wait to be an Auntie!!!


Can't believe it's been a year since we lost our sweet patient, and friend, Jamie. I have thought of her daily. But, sometimes the world works in mysterious ways....we were still working on Friday when this aired but we could not be MORE proud of this sweet and handsome son of hers! Congratulations Kyle Tinschert on your awesome game-winning goal at Nationals!!!! What an achievement! Mama would be bursting with pride!!!




It's Thankful Tuesday here at Pipeline Plaza. I really have no words for how I felt finally getting the 2nd dose of my Fauci-ouchi. I'm hoping beyond hope it keeps me healthy for a looooong while! I have to send out a special thank you to that awesome unnamed patient who helped me get the initial appointment, since the state system messed up my registration. If not for her, I'd be waiting until the Fall and the thought was terrifying. I also want to thank all of my awesome patients who are volunteering their time at the VAMS vaccination center at Nordstrom. Though I'm sure I don't know all of you who are helping....thank you to my personal nurse and mega-volunteer Alisa Rooney; thank you to Barry Smith, my Paramedic patient who spends every day saving lives in our county, is a fellow COVID survivor, and is now helping vaccinate others; also huge shout outs to Cyd Shelby, Candy Grant, Brendan Rooney, & Christina Haaq for helping our community! Y'all rock!!


Was given these beautiful flowers this afternoon by an equally beautiful soul...someone who's been with me over 15 years and followed me from my last practice. She knows I love bright colors and picked the perfect arrangement! I haven't even opened the card yet but I know it's going to be filled with the kindest sentiment...such a lovely way to end the day. Thank you KJ!


Happy Monday-funday! 😉😁

Photos from Dr. Dina Bambrey's post 03/03/2021

I tried, America! Tried to donate my plasma so some lucky people can have my army of COVID antibodies, but I was denied due to the blood thinners. Darn it!
Anyways, people have been soooo thoughtful, still, in wishing me well. Two lovely ladies bestowed absolutely gorgeous flowers on me. Lotte brought me these tulips that are absolute perfection--I should take a picture and turn it into art. They were yellow when I got them and the orange has developed in the last 48 hours! The gorgeous bouquet that is sitting on our counter for all to see was from Aimee and the awesome Preast family who contacted me weekly when I was sick, to send well wishes my way. Thank you all SO much for this. It did the trick and has brightened my entire week! 😍💜


March may have dawned today but our February door message still holds true, from now to eternity...! Trust me when I say you DO NOT want this virus!

Photos from Dr. Dina Bambrey's post 02/18/2021

One year ago, today, was a changing day for this practice! It was the first day of employment for this super-duper-dynamo of mine! The past year been SO full of curveballs, but the biggest one of all was how very much I have come to appreciate, adore, and love my Taryn. She is a gem to my patients and me. I thought she would be the lucky one to receive a few small gifts and a lunch of her choice, but turns out I am the lucky one. She came in with these on-pointe goodies, but the best part of all was her card. Thank you Taryn...I can't say it enough. I can't imagine coming to work without you at the helm!


Always thankful for amazing people in my life who bring a smile to my face. Last week that happened twice...Once from Pamela who never comes empty-handed to an appointment. Thank you for the deliciousness! Twice from Dr. Jean-Claude Kharmouche, by way of the talented and beautiful Dima Faham, for these flowers that truly brightened my day! We love having them on the front desk for all to see. Thank you both for your caring and generosity. 💜


Last night I had an unusual, yet uplifting experience that reminded me there are still good people in our world. After leaving my office, I got through one stoplight only to come upon an accident that had just happened. I saw a man pulling over across the intersection and the one next to me looked as if he was going to stop, too. I was in the turn lane, so I put on my hazards and we all started heading towards these two cars in the middle of a 4-way, 8 lane intersection, in the pitch black, freezing cold of night. It turns out it was 2 young females...one car was totaled, the other had all of the airbags deploy, but I wanted to ensure no one needed medical help. I helped the ladies, the one man was calling EMS, and the other, bless his heart, was trying to direct traffic in the dark. As I looked around I realized it was me, an Indian man, and an African-American man that all made the effort to help these girls. We were gender blind, politically blind, and ethnicity blind. We need more of this in our world! Be the change you want to see..... (Thankfully, the ladies were okay other than being scared to death.) ❤️🤍💙


Another bummer of a day around here...just found out my beloved orthodontist passed away. Dr. Stern is THE reason I went in to dentistry. He was just an amazing man and so kind to all of his patients. Growing up I was a figure skater and half of our rink went to see him. He wasn't near our house...in fact, far from it, but he was worth the trip! He would even come to our rink when we had local competitions to watch us all skate. Who does that?! And, he gets all the credit for my smile..the one I've gotten so many compliments on over the years. He lived a good, long life but it still saddens me. Love, L'chaim 🔯, and rest in peace, Dr. Stern. 🔯💔


Facebook is supposed to be for business, finding new patients, blah, blah, blah. I’ve never been one to subscribe to that and I’m not starting now! I have always used it to show thanks, show final results, or cheer people on. Today is no different, and this post is much more for myself than those around me. Today is day 53…my first day back to work since I fell ill with a severe case of COVID. It has been a 7 week nightmare, one I hope never to repeat, but I have so many people to thank. And so, I’m doing it here—for family, patients, and friends. It’s in no specific order and please forgive me if I forget anyone. It isn’t intentional.
•To my sweetest husband, hero, & savior..I wouldn’t be here if not for you
•To the world’s best Mom..for everything
•Gail, Nicole, and Jeremy for your constant concern and texts
•Susan for your worry and offers to help
•Pannell family for more than I can say…food, cards, errands, gifts, and uber-caring
•Drs. Kharmouche, Maharaj, & Bidgoli…my professional saviors and just amazing people. I can’t thank you enough, there are no words sufficient. My practice would have folded if not for your help and selflessness!
•Brittney B…for being the only familiar face I got to see in the hospital…for taking time out of your crazy shifts to come give me a hug when you knew I needed it
•Alisa…my nurse patient who’s taken it upon herself to be my private, on-call help
•My Australian family for constant check-ins across continents and time zones
•Debbie, my soul sister, for caring, cards, and the most cuddly of blankets
•Chrissy, my first employee-now-dear-friend for the daily check-ins and a 4 bag COVID survival delivery from Whole Foods. You didn’t forget a single thing.
•Ashley for the flower bouquet, constant check-ins, and the offer to come take care of me if all else failed
•Davey, my residency director-turned-dear-friend for all your texts and the delicious croissants
•Dr. Julie for literally keeping me sane and calm for sooo long
•Trudy, my first hygienist-turned-dear-friend for your concern and messages
•Karl for your grocery delivery
•Kinkaid sisters for the beautiful calla lily plant
•Jenn for your delivery of delicious homemade banana bread
•Ma & Pa Lessick, patients from my residency 20 years ago who are still in my life…for your card and chocolate delivery
•Judy & Gretchen…for your multiple drop offs, in the rain, to our home with food, flowers, cards, sanitizers, books, well wishes, and more!
•Dr. Milla for your many check-ins
•Terry & Donna for the delicious holiday chocolates…I will enjoy them eventually!
•TJ for the truffles
•The Bowlings, Joanne C., Cours, & Tammy F. for the lovely cards
•Craig, Kennedy, Leanne L. , Cyd, Becca, & the Kutner family for your kind messages of genuine caring and concern
•DelCid family for the lovely dental ornament and e-card
•SvenTech dental lab for the beautiful flower arrangement to brighten my day
•Preast family for your messages of concern and hope
•Dr. Abes for checking on me
•To the too-many-to-count patients who’ve emailed the office asking about me and sending well wishes my way
•Leeanne B. for giving me Dr. Rodriguez
•To my entire ‘team’ at Loudoun Hospital for your empathy, skill, and continuous kindness! Thank you for helping others while putting yourselves at risk.
•Drs. Cherlakola, Kopstein, & Pooyan for saving my life!!!!!!!
•••And last, but certainly not least…to the BEST thing that happened to me in 2020…my dynamo. Taryn, thank you for keeping this place afloat, for making a literal million calls to cancel 7 weeks’ worth of appointments, for making me laugh when all I wanted to do was cry, and for providing me my own, personal Taryn’s Delivery Service. You are such a g-i-f-t and I love you!

To be very clear, I finally tested negative on day 43 and I did NOT get this at work! We know exactly how it was contracted...unfortunately from dishonest people. So, PPE works! Wear your masks and get vaccinated! That is our wish for all for 2021. I still have a road ahead of me, but I am working my way back into the office. I appreciate everyone’s patience.
Dr. Dina

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That's a wrap!  Another successful case and a happy, beautiful patient!  This lovely lady had crowns of different colors...
Here's a little somethin' I just completed on this lovely lady!  Unlike those zany t.v. commercials, this DID NOT happen...




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