Mark Miller, Realtor

Mark Miller, Realtor

I live in Leesburg, VA with my wife and 2 children. I'm a Realtor with Long & Foster in Ashburn. I can be reached at 703.726.3427 or [email protected].

Visit me at This page is about helping folks learn about real estate and lending trends both locally and nationally, to promote my services as a Realtor, to market my properties for sale & rent and to serve as a Real Estate resource for those who have a need.

Operating as usual


June saw a culmination of several weeks of a wide and varied real estate business. I settled 7 properties in June. I sold my own residential condo, did a 1031 exchange into an office condo and put my own client in it with a 5 year lease. I sold my own townhouse listing: my friends' investment property to a friend from college. I sold a single family home in WV and one in MD and past client's carriage home in Reston. I also rented out a condo for family friends. All told, I sold & leased commercial real estate and 3 types of residential real estate in 4 counties spread over 3 states for 8 different groups. Basically, whatever your real estate needs are, I can help!

June saw a culmination of several weeks of a wide and varied real estate business. I settled 7 properties in June. I sold my own residential condo, did a 1031 exchange into an office condo and put my own client in it with a 5 year lease. I sold my own townhouse listing: my friends' investment property to a friend from college. I sold a single family home in WV and one in MD and past client's carriage home in Reston. I also rented out a condo for family friends. All told, I sold & leased commercial real estate and 3 types of residential real estate in 4 counties spread over 3 states for 8 different groups. Basically, whatever your real estate needs are, I can help!


I did good. :)

We're sold -- our amazing agents are the best!

Congratulations to our Top Producers and to all of our agents for another tremendous month!

Long & Foster Realtors Ashburn

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Tacky Kitchen Decor Mistakes To Avoid 05/03/2021

Tacky Kitchen Decor Mistakes To Avoid

This may be a click bait article; but, a lot of it does hit home for realtor world. Check out some of these dated kitchen looks. Do you have any of these looks? Should any stay? What's missing?

Tacky Kitchen Decor Mistakes To Avoid Without a doubt, the kitchen is one of the most important rooms in the house. It’s responsible for storing and producing everything you put inside your body, which is why most people put so much effort into making sure it’s clean, organized, and looks as fresh as the food in the fridge (or at le...

Upfront underwriting gives homebuyers an edge in today’s competitive real estate market | WTOP 04/26/2021

Upfront underwriting gives homebuyers an edge in today’s competitive real estate market | WTOP

In this hyper competitive real estate market, cash is king. However, you can still compete if you get fully underwritten by your lender before you start house hunting. Fully underwritten before you shop means you can make an offer without a financing contingency because the lender has already approved your ability and an amount to borrow. You are still protected by an appraisal and clean title. At the end of the day, it's all cash to the seller. Put yourself in the best possible light to have a chance at your dream home. (That's the take away from this article, some of the other stuff, maybe not so much.)

Upfront underwriting gives homebuyers an edge in today’s competitive real estate market | WTOP Upfront underwriting gives homebuyers an advantage in today’s competitive real estate market.


Year End Update

[08/11/20]   I should probably do a better job of asking for testimonials from my clients, especially if they are this kind.

"Selling a home during a pandemic is a process that I thought would be incredibly stressful, and instead the professionalism and thoroughness of Mark Miller made the process straightforward, painless and efficient. Mark was there every step of the way to answer questions, interface with contractors and other real estate professionals and be of assistance in any way he could. I am eternally grateful for his service and his reassurance...and his success in ensuring my home was sold quickly and at a price well above my asking price. "

Nancy Nuell

[07/28/20]   A friend recently asked if I'm doing better with real estate in WV than elsewhere. I realized it's not really "better;" it's just opportunity. I'm grateful for the referrals to WV. I drive a lot and the average price is lower but I don't care. I'm happy to help people buy/sell. I did explain to him that just 30 miles away (up to 50) you can get twice the house for half the price. I did a little more number crunching with my lender and found that a $270,000 3 bed/2 bath/2 car garage single family home (which would cost $540,000 or more in Loudoun County, VA) can be purchased with the current interest rates and with 100% financing through the Department of Agriculture (USDA) on an annual income of about $50,000. The payment would be about $1400 a month. (low debt and good credit, of course.) In Loudoun County, VA our first year teacher starting salary is about $50,000. That same income and price would get you a 2 bed/1 bath condo without a garage. So, yes, you have to drive an hour or so. But if you want what you want, you can buy it. And those areas in WV are developing. They have Target and Chick fil A, a hospital and all the usual stuff you'd find in the "big city." If you want to learn more, reach out and we'll talk. 07/17/2020

21483 Trowbridge Sq, Ashburn, Virginia, 20147

My newest listing in the Farmwell Hunt neighborhood of Ashburn, Virginia. 3/2.5/2 car garage townhome for $545,000. Plantation shutters, freshly painted, large deck in a fenced yard backing to trees. Let me know what you think of the photos. PIX N Palette Photography has several photos, a virtual tour, and additional information about 21483 Trowbridge Sq, Ashburn, Virginia, 20147


The previous post about the new listing? Under contract in 2 days during a 3 day holiday weekend. Multiple offers. It’s a very hot market locally if you have the right home.


My newest listing in Sterling, VA. $440,000. 3 beds/2 full & 2 half baths/1 car garage. 3 finished levels. Main level floors refinished. Lower level floors replaced. Owners bath completely redone. Roof is just a year old. Whole house painting. Move in ready.


Closing out June on a high note. We sold 6 homes in 3 different states, VA, WV, MD. Plus a couple of rentals for good measure. Interest rates are at all time lows. Buying power is huge. Let me know how I can help. Here's a snap shot of a feature from each of the homes.


While I've been selling several homes in West Virginia, my primary marketplace is Loudoun County, VA. The last week saw a lot of activity in Loudoun. Of note, local budgets are mostly funded with property taxes. If a recession is coming and home values drop, that can greatly impact municipal budgets. But when prices are clearly higher than a year ago, it's hard to understand why property values overall would decrease year over year.

[06/09/20]   Business has been brisk lately with 3 sales in the last 9 days. Everything is getting multiple offers. Virginia, West Virginia both are super hot for sellers. Even with renters the competition is huge. 4, 5 applications for good rentals. If you need assistance navigating through this market, I'm here to help.


A current client recently got a mortgage at a 2.875% interest rate for 30 years. First time buyer. If you'd like to be your own landlord, I'm happy to help. 05/21/2020

8 Home Projects to Tackle While You're Stuck Inside

Most of the time with stuff around the home, we know we have plenty to do, but, we just don't know where to begin. Mabye these ideas will get you started. Now is not the time to visit stores for non-essential items. It's possible to enhance your home without buying anything new.


Beautiful Plants for Added Curb Appeal This Spring

If you've ever wandered by your neighbors home and wondered what those pretty, fragrant blooms were, well, wonder no more!

Nothing can compare to a hydrangea in full bloom.


No matter where you live, you're paying a mortgage. It's just whether it's yours or someone else's. If you'd like to get on the path to home ownership, I'm happy to help explain the process.


Since it looks like Spring may actually arrive this week, you may want to get out and see what the housing market has to offer. In Northern Virginia, pickens are slim. But, with low interest rates, it could be a great time to sell and move up (or down) to the next phase of life! I'm happy to help.


Great clients of mine just had their first baby. I had nothing to do with that. But, I did have something to do with the two houses they own. With new baby, it may be time for house #3. A growing family can lead to a growing real estate portfolio. Ask me about real estate investing. I'm happy to help.


You can sign your settlement papers from whatever comfortable place you'd like. I'm happy to answer any questions you may have.


If you'd like to discuss selling your home without me coming in, we have the tools necessary to help you.


The last time most people changed their furnace filter, they had never heard of Coronavirus. Please change your filters regularly. It's good for your health and will keep your HVAC system running better.


No matter the time or circumstances, we still need a place to live. I'm happy to help with you find your home for love, memories and laughter.

[03/27/20]   While the stock market will very likely recover when the covid-19 event is under control, it still shows the risk associated with owning stocks. I own them. Everyone who can should. But, there are other ways to invest money in addition to the stock market. Commercial real estate can be such a path. There's an opportunity right now to own a commercial building with a tenant that is national company with an investment grade credit risk. There's 14 years left on the initial term of the lease and the return is 7% with no landlord responsibilities for building maintenance. The rent alone will pay off the sale price in a little more than 14 years. When the tenant exercises the options, the rent goes up. If you'd like to learn more about commercial investing, please don't hesitate to reach out.


Please check out my newest listing in Sterling, VA. 4/3/2 car garage single family home on a cul de sac backing to trees. $515,000. Please check out the full photo tour in the link.


The best time to buy a home is when you need to buy a home. All seasons have their advantages, even the fall holiday season. 11/12/2019

Governors announce 'Capital Beltway Accord;' plans to replace American Legion bridge

A new American Legion Bridge will improve traffic congestion on the west side of the DC region like the new Wilson Bridge did for the east side 11 years ago. Another river crossing to the west would be even more beneficial but this is a great achievement nonetheless. Virginia Gov. Ralph Northam and Maryland Gov. Larry Hogan today announced an agreement to create a new, unified Capital Beltway, replace the aging American Legion Bridge and relieve congestion at

[07/18/19]   Unsolicited feedback posted to other networking sites is so kind. People only chime up when things don't go well. (Fortuntately, that doesn't happen for me.) But to get such a glowing review rejuvinates my desire to help people make their most expensive life decision. Thanks, Jeff!
"Mark is an amazing relator. He helped us purchase our first home, and sell that same home 9 years later. From start to finish, Mark partnered with us; which made the entire process effortless and stress free. His knowledge and experience was essential to helping us avoid and issues and/or delays in selling our home. Mark is so much more than just a good relator, he is a trusted friend. " 07/11/2019

How to Make a Statement in Your New Home with an Accent Wall - Dream Finders Homes

Accent walls are a fantastic design element to add some pop to your home. In particularly like the reclaimed wood walls. Thinking about that for our home. What style do you prefer? We've highlighted a few favorite accent walls from our model homes to hopefully provide a little inspiration and insight for your next home project.

[11/02/18]   Mortgage rates are rising. The 30 year fixed rate conventional mortgage is hovering around 5%. When shopping for a home loan, please understand that the cost of money is the cost of money. If the prevailing rate is 5% and a lender is offering you 4.625%, it's probably because they are charging you upfront fees called "points" or they are slipping it in as an "origination fee." Either way, it could add thousands of dollars in upfront costs to save a little on the monthly payment. Just remember to compare apples to apples. If you need basic help, I'm happy to review with you. If you'd like more expert help, I'm happy to refer you to a lender that will help you evaluate your offers. You'll either find that the deal you have is the best or you'll get something better.

[10/29/18]   While I don't have a South Carolina real estate license, I do know a good one. So, if you know the person in SC that won the 1.6 Billion, I can still refer them to a good realtor to help them invest......or buy a $10,000,000 Brownstone on the water in Historic Charleston!

[10/22/18]   When you win the $1,600,000,000 lottery this week, you'll need to diversify your investments. Did you know that you can buy a single use tenancy building, have no landlord responsibility and collect rent every month? You could buy a Walgreens for about $5,000,000 and get a 6% return for the duration of the lease. Usually 10 years or more. They usually renew the leases because how often do you see Walgreens go out of business? If you only win a $300,000,000 lotto and don't want to spend that much, Dollar General stores can be had for less than $2,000,000!

[10/20/18]   If you win the billion dollar lottery tonite, I’m happy to help you buy your mansion and invest in commercial real estate! 10/13/2018

20683 Erskine Terr, Ashburn, VA, 20147

My newest listing in Ashburn, VA. The Tyler model is one of the best layed out townhouse floor plans around. Let me know what you think. VHT Virtual Tour 08/24/2018

15+ home maintenance tasks that are vital and should be done regularly

Keep your home clean by taking care of some of these overlooked areas. Don't wait until something goes wrong to start paying attention to these areas of your home.

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Year End Update
This weeks video post is yours truly on the topic of escalation clauses in your purchase offer.
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Prior to joining Long & Foster, Mark Miller was a small business owner in Ashburn for 6 years. Mark's involvement in the community helps him stay on top of the latest news and information affecting real estate. He is the Chairman of the Loudoun County Library Board of Trustees and a founder of the Smashing Walnuts Foundation, a childhood brain cancer research funding organization. With his background and experience in retail, customer service and local government, Mark offers his clients outstanding service with a personal touch. Mark was born and raised in Miami, Florida. He graduated from the University of Florida before moving to Maryland to attend graduate school at the University of Maryland. He resides in Leesburg with his wife Ellyn, and son Jake. His daughter Gabriella passed away from brain cancer in October 2013. He is licensed in both Virginia and West Virginia.

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