From the Edge Soap

From the Edge Soap


Hi Im running out of some of my favorites and was going to purchase some online but the website is gone?. . . . HELP! :)
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liking you from my personal and business pages!
New Like from a fellow Hummingbirds Nest vendor! Come on over and share the love Martha Marie Vintage
Hi Cheryl,
How can I see all the scents you have?? I received a bar for a gift from Angie Buck and I am HOOKED!!!! Absolutely Love your soap!!
How can I get more????/
Just gave my coworker two FTE soaps, and she loves them! The Coffee Commando will be great for after gardening and the Wine and Roses for everything else. These make awesome gifts!
The soaps are amazing! The day you brought them over they filled the family room/kitchen with such a wonderful fragrance! I was tempted to leave them there. The stars are very nice. My 12 year old Matthew loves using them.
Hi Cheryl - I was going to give my bar of Christmas Sugar cookie as part of a gift, but ripped it open to use myself, it smelled so good. Also, the smell of the beautiful snowflake "cookies" I bought as gifts is wonderful! I believe those are the champagne soaps? I just ordered a few more a minute ago. They are actually scenting my closet where I am keeping gifts until they are wrapped. SO yummy! Think I will keep one in my lingerie drawer...TMI? :-) Let me know when I can stop by and pick them up...
LOVE YOUR SOAP!!!!!! Have been looking for you for months! lost the bizz card you gave me and have had everyone helping me find you! cant wait to shop! I met you last year at W.G. Colemans craft fair. Do you have any events coming up soon?
Hey, everyone sitting still in one place at the same time, no way!!!
Hi Cheryl, Angie Buck gave me a bar of your soap and I LOVE it!!!!
How and where can I get more??
Mommy's Mimosa--Heavenly!!!

Contact information, map and directions, contact form, opening hours, services, ratings, photos, videos and announcements from From the Edge Soap, Makeup artist, 44023 Louisa Dr, Ashburn, VA.


Don't forget to stop by the Ashburn Wine Shop this evening for some incredible wine tasting via Spain, and also some wonderful handmade wine (and other) soap buying! We'll be there from 5:30-8. See you then!


Lots of news FROM THE EDGE:
First -- if you would like to sniff, experience, and buy many of our wonderful cleansers, including our wine-, beer-, and champagne-based soaps and new Fall line, stop by the Ashburn Wine Shop tomorrow from 5:30-8 p.m., as FTE will have a table set up and ready!
Second -- Our Foaming Handsoap line is *finally* on the website! There are 4 brands at this time, and each with only 3-4 ingredients! Order your pumps today.


From the Edge Soap will be at the Ashburn Village Fest Craft Show *today* from noon until 6 p.m. Featured will be handmade foaming soaps in Wake Up!, Lovely Lilac, and Fresh and Clean fragrances, bar cleansers ready for Fall, and a chocolate mint bar of soap featuring organic cocoa butter. Hope to see you later!


Oh. My goodness. I'm busy multitasking at the moment, as my favorite soap supplying website is having a flash sale, and I am being patient on Facebook whilst they continuously post "error" messages because of all the website traffic :)
Oh *yes*, and stay tuned -- From the Edge Soap will be at the very first Ashburn Village Fest craft show this Saturday from noon-6 p.m.! And.... on Friday, I'm announcing a *boatload of soapy debuts* that you will just *love* and I will be featuring at my Village Fest table. (And if you do not live near Ashburn, VA -- no worries -- all the new products will be on by Monday, at the latest.)


My hands smell like chocolate from the pure cocoa butter I just used in a custom batch of Chocolate Mint Madness. Oh my goodness, if this turns out, I may have to post a warning on the label that this soap will be ineffective as a punishment for bad language

From The Edge Handmade Soap » 08/28/2013

From The Edge Handmade Soap »

It is time. Yes -- it is Back to School Soapy Sale Time! If you order from my website between now and Tuesday, September 4, I will take $10 off your order, no matter how many bars you decide to buy! Just type in "BACKTOSCHOOL" where indicated during checkout, and happy washing

From The Edge Handmade Soap » HomepageWelcome!You have discovered a most unusual soap website. In a world of growing complexity, my handmade cleansers contain simple, effective, ingredients: clean-rinsing oils, fragrance, and sometimes a gentle exfoliator. But, oh, there also are bars with surprise additions — bring in the beer…


Just finished up a mega soap making/wrapping week -- getting ready for my back-to-school sale next week!

I'm also looking forward to launching FTE's foaming soap line in mid-September! Place an order this week, and I will slip you a sample to try, in exchange for a testimonial for next month's debut :) !


Two new Fragrances to introduce! "Coco-nutty!" is a fresh, summertime dive into coconut nirvana, and "Baby's Breath" is a gentle, unscented cleanser made especially for the baby's sensitive skin.

I also have back in stock my popular, moisturizing "Hummingbird Heaven" and beer-based "Men in Kilts". Try them and see why FTE Customers love these bars so much!

And remember, you can take a Summer vacation from life's stresses -- but please do not take a break from daily cleansing.


Thanks to The Hummingbird's Nest, a wonderful antiques shop right outside of Leesburg on Route 15, From the Edge Soap, both in bar and liquid form, is in one more local Virginia store! Thank you, Connie :)


Haven't tried handmade From the Edge soap yet?? Well, what are you waiting for? I just re-discovered a wonderful thank-you from a grateful customer:
"Using a (bar) as just hand soap, because they are always so dry and my fingers split open at the ends. NO MORE! What a welcome relief that is! I sure have cut down on my use of lotion! Thank you so much."
FTE soap will truly make a difference in your everyday washing routine -- it's not just an awesome cleanser but a soothing, effective moisturizer, for both women and men!

Timeline photos 06/03/2013

With Father's Day less than 2 weeks away, FTE has great, unique, and fun soapy gifts to make Dad feel even more special. Every one of our soaps, no matter how unique the ingredients, are *effective, thorough, long-lasting* cleansers that will make his time in the shower amazingly awesome.
Tuck in one of our beer-based soaps: Freshly-masculine "Casual Water", assertively-spicy "Alpha Male", or our ever-popular "Men in Kilts". Does he love bacon? Our "It's Bacon" soap (made with real bacon lard) has an authentic just-fried scent to go with the rich, fluffy lather. The athletic dad may opt for "Mighty Mike's Rugby Remedy": Big on the mentha and camphor, and even bigger on the cleansing.
Supplies are limited, so order now!

Timeline photos 05/21/2013

This past weekend my family had a wonderful day congratulating my parents for 50 incredible years of marriage. At each place setting was a custom From the Edge champagne soap favor, hopefully making the day a little more memorable for everyone.

And FTE can make *your own special event*, be it a wedding, anniversary, baby shower, etc.., more special with a custom-shaped champagne-based soap favor that can sparkle with your choice from a variety of colors.
Contact me, Cheryl, FTE's Sudsy CEO, today for more information -- I would love to help you out!

Corporate Events, Company Outings, and Private Parties at Hillsborough Vineyards 05/11/2013

Corporate Events, Company Outings, and Private Parties at Hillsborough Vineyards

From the Edge Soap will be offering a large number of unique cleansing gifts, both solid and liquid, at Hillsborough Vineyard's Mother's Day Celebration tomorrow beginning at noon. Hope to lift a glass of red with you soon :) !

Corporate Events, Company Outings, and Private Parties at Hillsborough Vineyards


Spring flowers are blooming at From the Edge Soap! New batches of Lilac and Honeysuckle are now available :)


If you need a simple, yet sincere, way to say "thank you" to a valued Administrative Professional/Secretary/Right-Hand Man/Thankless Minion-Who's-Really-in-Charge, please consider adding one or two of my handmade, unique soaps to their deserved gift package this week ;) .

Timeline photos 04/10/2013

and "Strawberries and Cream" -- FTE's *first* cream-based Buy and try today :D !

Timeline photos 04/10/2013

New at From the Edge! "Mighty Mike's Rugby Remedy" ("strongly scented to cure the strongly scented")....

Legacy Elementary PTO 03/14/2013

Legacy Elementary PTO

If you have a little time tomorrow evening, and would like to sample/buy some of my handmade soap in person, From the Edge Soap will be at Legacy Elementary's PTO vendor show tomorrow evening from 6:30 - 9:30 p.m. Hope to see you there!

Legacy Elementary PTO

Timeline photos 03/08/2013

A recent at-home FTE experiment from a Soap-loving Friend:

A long post, but I wanted to get some consumer information out there:

Keeping in mind that I am not Consumer Reports and teach Latin, not science, I did the best I could in comparing commercial soap (Irish Spring) and From the Edge Soap. I weighed them out of the box, and a bar of Irish Spring weighed 108 g and costs 1.17 at Walmart; a bar of Men in Kilts weighs in at 166 g, and cost 5.50.

As far as initial cost, the Irish Spring seems cheaper, at slightly more than 1 cent/gram, while the Men in Kilts is about 3 cents/gram. But then we look at wash time.

After using each for a week, I weighed the soaps again. Men in Kilts came in at 147 grams, a change of 22 grams, or 13.3%. Irish Spring? It weighed 69 grams, a change of 39 grams, or 36%. Almost three times that of Men in Kilts. So the initial savings is almost wiped out, because in the time that you would use one bar of From the Edge Soap, you would use three of Irish Spring.

Factor in the quality issues, the fact that you feel cleaner using From the Edge Soaps, along with their intensely cool names, it is a better bargain all around. And you're shopping locally.


In honor of today's snow, my remaining inventory of Snowball Fight, a shea butter soap with an incredible sweet/fresh scent, is on sale for $4. While supplies last!


It may look like Dragon's Bloo -- but it's really *Dragon's Blood*, FTE's newest red-wine-based soap! Ah, the warm skin-softening effects of red wine paired with an earthy, spicy fragrance. Order yours today!

Untitled album 02/15/2013

Untitled album

Timeline photos 02/04/2013

Unique St. Valentine's Day Gift Alert! From the Edge Soap will be at the Ashburn Wine Shop (FTE's newest best friend on many wonderful levels) *this Saturday, Feb. 9* from 2-6 p.m. We're offering a sweet variety of heart-shaped champagne soap gift sets, as well as a selection of handmade cleansers for the special man or woman in your life. Hope to see you there!


Oh baby! Batches of Wine and Roses, Butt Naked in Bed, Bamboo Bliss (fresh jungle love ;) ) , and heart-shaped champagne soaps in chocolate, mimosa, and champagne fragrances are now curing in anticipation of St. Valentine's Day and the *Feb. 9 event at the Ashburn Wine Shop*.
For the men, bars of Epoch Win, Alpha Male, and Men in Kilts are also on the drying rack


In honor of the epic inch of snow that we had here in Northern Virginia -- I have a new batch of the fresh-smelling Snowball Fight ready to go! Ah! And don't forget the bracing/tingling Wake Up! Extreme for that fresh polar-bear-plunge feeling.


From the Edge handmade soap is a *great* all-natural weapon against colds and flu. Visit our website and stock up today!


Happy New Year! From the Edge Soap reminds you that dirt doesn't just happen during gift-giving season, and invites you to consider shopping for handmade soap during the rest of the year -- you never know what specials or bonuses you might receive from a grateful soap maker

From The Edge Handmade Soap » 12/20/2012

From The Edge Handmade Soap »

I've invigorated my soap inventory for Christmas! Go to for any last-minute, yet thoughtful hostess gifts/bff presents/stocking stuffers :) .

From The Edge Handmade Soap » You have discovered a most unusual soap website. In a world of growing complexity, my handmade cleansers contain simple, effective, ingredients: clean-rinsing oils, fragrance, and sometimes a gentle exfoliator. But, oh, there also are bars with surprise additions — bring in the beer and wine! — that...


I will be mega-busy this weekend/Monday getting my soap inventory up to Christmas-day standards. I guarantee Christmas Eve delivery if you order by Thursday, December 20:


A little behind on my increasingly-popular Real Champagne Soap. I will have many bars available by Sunday, and sorry for the delay!


Attention soap lovers and gifters! From the Edge Soap will be available **tomorrow**, Dec. 11, at a Shopping Open House, sponsored by Megan Clark at her home -- 21482 Tithables Circle, Ashburn 20148 -- from 1 - 4, and 7 - 10. Come when you can, bring a friend, and choose from a wonderful selection of bars, liquid soaps, and uniquely-shaped soapy Christmas gifts.
Also at the event will be:
Stella & Dot (stunning jewelry)
31 (cute bags & totes)
QuickSwitch Collars (switchable dog collars)
MaryKay (awesome cosmetics)
*So* -- Remember to stop by, relax, have a drink, & maybe even shop a little! Hope to see you there :)


Don't forget to visit From the Edge Handmade Soap with its assortment of soapy gifts at "Shopping From the Heart" (also featuring Longaberger Baskets, 31 Gifts, Pampered Chef, Scentsy, Tupperware, Tastefully Simple, Passion Parties, Mary Kay, and Silpada). Get a lot of your Holiday Shopping done thanks to these good women and their excellent companies.


Happy Soapy Cyber Monday! If you shop at From the Edge today, Cyber Monday, for every 5 bars of soap that you order, I will issue you a $10 gift certificate, that can be used on any order placed after December 15! Also, if one of your soap selections is not available, please let me know, and I will ensure its availability by mid-December!

Timeline photos 11/20/2012

Making some big batches of glittery snowflake champagne soap for the big Dec. 2 "Shopping From the Heart" vendor show at the Ashburn Mills Community Center from 2-5. Come on out for From the Edge's Christmas Soap Debut, shop with an eclectic group of other wonderful vendors. Bring a friend, and have a relaxing shopping experience!



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