Around the Clock Notary, LLC

Around the Clock Notary, LLC is a mobile notary service located in Ashburn, VA.


On the surface, being a notary sounds boring. Look at identification and stamp a page. Boring. However, I find being a notary anything but boring. Often it is fascinating! Perhaps it is because I am a traveling notary. There is a story behind every stamp. The excitement of a young couple buying their first house. The deafening silence of a lady signing her will knowing she only has a short time left. The irritated look of a grandfather whose car was impounded when his grandchild was caught joy riding. The relief in a daughter 's face when a notary arrives at her father's hospital room. The sadness in the air as a couple signs divorce papers. The joy of a young couple signing adoption papers. Each of these notarizations had a story. Some sad. Some funny. Some joyous. Some a mixture.
I love the stories.


So excited to share Around the Clock Notary will be reopening!


For many years, a family has been dealing with a custody issue that has dragged on in the court system. A few years ago, I became the “go to” notary for them. My role was to verify the identity of the husband for an out of state Court. Throughout this process, I have admired the tenacity, dedication and commitment of this father and step-mother. The hope was that the father would get sole custody. A few days ago, the step-mother called and asked me to come notarize some documents. This was unusual as normally there are no documents—just the verification. There are no words to describe how delighted I was to learn these documents included adoption papers for the step-mother. Their lawyer called them to come to the office so the in-house notary could complete the paperwork. They asked if they could instead call me because I had been a part of this journey for so long. I was so touched! Never has my notary stamp and ink pen meant so much to me.


None of us likes to think about a day coming in which we cannot care for ourselves. However, such a day is very possible. Most of us imagine that it will come when we are quite advanced in age. Unfortunately, for some of us, that will not be the case. Accidents happen. Illness happens. Life happens. Presently, Covid is happening. I received heart-breaking call. A gentleman needed a notary—so he thought. His father had Covid and was in a coma. His father handled all of the family business and everything was in the father’s name. This gentleman and his mother were in quite a predicament. The gentleman was already distraught about his father’s condition. Nonetheless, I had to tell him a Power of Attorney was no longer an option. Once a person is incapacitated, a court has to appoint guardianship—a long involved process. I share this to encourage everyone regardless of age to have these difficult conversations with family. I also encourage everyone to explore appointing a Power of Attorney. There are three types: durable, nondurable and springing. All have their benefits and drawbacks. Talk to an attorney, but do not wait.


It is always a pleasure to notarize for seniors who need the convenience of a mobile notary. I recently notarized for a very appreciative gentleman who is temporarily residing in an assisted living facility. He shared that his bank could notarize his document for him. However, because he is in a wheelchair, it would cost $150 for the roundtrip transportation alone. Often I thought of the convenience my service provides; it was not until meeting him that I realized the cost effectiveness of the service.


I had the pleasure of notarizing documents for a lovely resident of Ashleigh at Lansdowne this week. The Ashleigh staff took my temperature and required that I wash my hands with soap and water (not just use sanitizer) before allowing me to meet with my client. These measures are important and necessary to keep our seniors safe. Hats off to The Ashleigh for finding a way to make sure their residents can safely utilize outside services that they need.


Around the Clock Notary can help with a variety of notarization needs. Buying or selling a home? We can execute the loan documents. Hired remotely? We can serve as the Authorized Agent for your I9. Getting a divorce? We can notarize your separation agreement. Preparing your Last Will and Testament? We can help with that too.


For the last several years, I have had the pleasure of notarizing documents for a resident at Sunrise Senior Living in Reston. She is now 88. We meet for the same document every year. I could not believe a year had already passed since we last met. In the past, I made sure I had a pen, my stamp and my journal. Covid has changed all of that. It is so important to keep this vulnerable population safe.


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Notarizations are still needed. Social distancing is a must. Both are possible. The answer Curbside Notarizations!

A special table cleaned with Clorox spray between notarizations will be provided outside of the notary’s vehicle. Gloves as well as hand sanitizer will be provided. The signer will show the notary valid ID through the vehicle window and sign the documents in the notary’s presence on the table provided. Documents will be passed through a partially opened window for notarizing. Together we will get through this.


Around Midnight Pet Services, LLC Around Midnight Pet Services, LLC is an in-home pet care company that served Northern Virgina. Pet services are no longer being provided. Our online store remains open.


Waltonwood Ashburn thanks for a wonderful grand opening. What a lovely facility! The staff seems so warm and welcoming and the food was absolutely delicious.


At 10:50pm, I received a call from a lady who had just realized her loan documents needed to be notarized tonight. She and her husband had to sign the documents; her husband is flying out first thing in the morning. When I answered the phone, I could hear the surprise and emotion in her voice. I truly thought she was going to cry. We met 20 minutes later and I notarized their documents. I was happy to help and they were extremely grateful.


Advice to seniors and their family from a Notary: It is very important that seniors keep a valid government issued photo ID once they stop driving. It is especially important to have this ID when they want to have a Power of Attorney or other important documents notarized.

Around the Clock Notary, LLC - Home Around the Clock Notary, LLC is a mobile notary service located in Ashburn, VA. Our notaries are members of the National Notary Association and our Signing Agents have been certified and background screened by the National Notary Association.

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