Chloe Powell, Rococo Real Estate and Design, Brokered by exp Realty

Chloe Powell, Rococo Real Estate and Design, Brokered by exp Realty


💥💥 Under Contract 💥💥

Congratulations to Chloe Christoforou, Rococo Real Estate & Design and the sellers for getting this amazing property under contract in just 4 days!

We loved staging this home and we knew it would go fast!

Vacant Staging by Staged Above!

Congratulations Chloe Christoforou, Rococo Real Estate on a fantastic job!! This home went UNDER CONTRACT the first day on market and sold for OVER LIST PRICE!! We are so happy for you and your clients! Thanks for trusting Staged Above with the Vacant Staging of this property!!

Congratulations to Chloe Christoforou, Rococo Real Estate & Design and her clients on a quick sale!! This one was gone before we even got the chance to share this beautiful listing!

Rococo Real Estate & Design - A curated real estate experience. Chloe Powell
Licensed Realtor in Vi

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As you wrap up summer projects and make one last trip to the local hardware store, I know what's going to happen.

You're going to see the $8 "For Sale" sign and think to yourself, "How hard could it be to sell on my own?"

The number one reason most people choose to sell their home on their own is to save money (because it's just $8, right?!) However, the truth is, selling your home privately typically COSTS you more than you save. 🤯 This is not the time to get scrappy and DIY...when it comes to the sale of your largest asset, hiring a professional is crucial.

You can swipe through this post to see the pro's and cons to hiring an agent vs selling privately.

But first, know this: a great agent will make the entire experience a positive one because they will stay in their zone of genius (selling real estate!) while you stay in yours (caring for your things & your family when you move!)

And when you consider everything and decide to hire a modern agent instead of selling on your own, do some research and find an agent who has good reviews, comes highly recommended, and who you can learn something about before reaching out. What does their experience look like? What are their clients saying? Then schedule a consultation with them to see how they can help you net the most money possible from your home sale and make your next move a positive experience!

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Before class starts (aka: before we start house hunting), I have a few rules to cover to make sure you're not going to fail the class!

Here are 5 rules to follow when it comes to the house hunting process!

1. Get pre-approved with a local lender: Staying local is so important when it comes to financing your home. Need a recommendation? I got you!

2. Don't agent hop - find someone to represent YOU! Choose someone you like and someone you trust so you can look to them for advice on all things home buying. (If you're reading this, there's a good chance I'm the agent you want!)

3. Don't start your search at the top of your budget - Whether you're in a competitive market or not, you're going to want to start your home search well below the top end of your budget. If you start too high, those houses might not be realistic for your budget because in a market like today, many are selling for over the list price and you won't be able to compete. Don't set yourself up for failure, trust me on this one!

4. Understand how online listing sites work - this goes hand in hand with agent hopping. If you contact an agent on an online real estate site thinking it's the listing agent and they'll have all the answers, you're probably mistaken! Online listing sites have designated agents who are paying to be posted there. Keep that in mind, especially if you are working with an agent already! Always, always, ALWAYS call YOUR agent when you're interested in a home!

5. Understand the general flow of the entire process - this is what my buyer consultations are for! Want to get the entire overview? Let's chat!

Swipe for an overview of the "getting started" process!

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Which do you love more: Selling Sunset or Fixer Upper? 🏠

Sometimes I like to pretend this space here on Instagram is like my very own reality TV show where you get to see my life behind the sold sign.

You go with me to showings and closings and watch me in action as I teach my clients about the market and help them reach their goals.

But the cameras would also stop and interview me to ask me good, tough questions.

Consider this post one of those interviews. 🎥

Swipe through to read all about what life is really like behind the scenes of my business.

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Ever wondered what buying a home is ACTUALLY like?

How much work is it? How long does it usually take?

Swipe to learn about a Typical Home Buying Timeline ➡️


OPEN HOUSE TODAY 1-3PM Sunday, August 14th!

This renovated townhome boasts 3 bedrooms, 2 and a half bathrooms, & a finished basement - and is move-in ready! The new appliances and updated kitchen aesthetic make the kitchen the heart of the home. Gas appliances allow for a culinary grade cooking experience.

Thinking of having a housewarming in the fall? This is the place to entertain! There's an open floor plan on the main level, which leads out to the deck. Perfect for barbecuing! The half bath design on the main level provides a touch of contemporary industrialism to the home that blends nicely with the black and white finishes throughout.

Make your way upstairs to the primary bedroom with updates made to the closet, ceiling fan, and paint to make the room a relaxing place to come home to each day. The serene primary bathroom has been updated with new mirrors, light fixtures, countertops and vanity to give it an alluring interior aesthetic. The secondary bedroom is not too far away and has also been updated with a ceiling fan and closet upgrades. Stroll on down to the basement where there's a guest bedroom and lounge space with a cool, real brick accent wall. The basement lounge space leads onto the patio and yard area, perfect for enjoying some s'mores on fall weather nights.

The community has some great features. The pool is a great place to relax and hang out. Never too full and always a lounge chair or umbrella available. The tennis courts, basketball courts, and park provide a great place to walk. There are also plentiful sidewalks throughout the entire community to allow for a safe place to walk, whether to exercise or just enjoy the fresh air. All of the porch lights in the community turn on at the same time and it is well lit at night.

The best part of all? It's in the heart of Woodbridge. Minutes from the Potomac Mills shopping mall, Lidl, Safeway, Giant, Mom's Organic, Lowe's, stores, or even Washington DC. Whether you enjoy shopping, historic attractions, or sports events, there is plenty to see and do within a very short drive.

Check out the full listing here:

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Welcome to Home Seller School! Let's walk through the 3 major steps in the Home Selling process so you can ace your next listing!

1) Make a plan with your agent. Step number one involves SO MANY important decisions, it's best to have your agent by your side from the beginning. Your agent will help you make a personalized plan for you and your home. Do you need to sell before you buy? What is your projected market value? What do you need to get out of your home in order to buy what you want? All of these questions will be addressed when you meet with your agent!

2) It's time to prepare to sell! We typically want students to get all A's in class, but this time I want you to remember the 3 D's: declutter, depersonalize, and deep clean. We declutter before listing because it makes our home appear bigger and more homey. We depersonalize because we don't want future buyers to be distracted; we want them to picture themselves living there. And we deep clean because a clean home is a well taken care of home and buyers want to know your home has been loved and cared for.

3) Execute your marketing plan. This typically starts with professional pictures (because photos with glimpses of agents snapping pics of the bathroom with their cell phone doesn't scream "top dollar") and a killer description of your home in the MLS. Then we blast your listing to the masses through the MLS, social media, and other techniques unique to your agent so that you can be sure you get the most eyes on your listing.

Once your marketing plan is in action, it hopefully won't be long until we get it under contract. We negotiate so much more than price, so trust your agent as they walk through and address all the terms for you! Then we celebrate on closing day because you did it!

Congratulations! You passed Home Seller School! 👩‍🏫


When students apply at a university, the school looks at both their grades AND their after school involvement.

This is because a letter on a paper only tells part of the story. How a student spends their free time tells a lot about their character and how they would represent a school.

It's absolutely no different when it comes to picking a real estate agent.

It's important to look at an agent's stats and reviews, but it's equally important to look at how that agent spends their free time. Because how they spend their time away from real estate will tell you how well you'll click.

It will tell you how they'll likely respond when you ask a question and it will give you a picture of what you can expect your interaction to be like during a showing or consultation.

Obviously, I'm a real estate agent. But, I'm also:

-Content creator & blogger
-Entrepreneur + Small business supporter
-Baker + Cook
-Wife, Dog mom
-Life long learner (I spend time learning every single day)

I like to treat this space like my very own after school club. 👩‍🏫 I want to invite you in to learn more about me as if we were sitting side by side in my living room so that you can decide for yourself if I'm the agent for you.

So tell me something about you...Do we have anything in common?


If you've ever built a home or renovated a room, you've learned that home design is truly an ART. 👩‍🎨

Here are a few design tips when it comes to putting together your next space!

1) Create a Pinterest board. Start saving all the homes and rooms you love, even if they seem to clash. Once you collect images that catch your eye and that feel like you, start breaking them down.

What do they have in common? What colors are most prevalent? What style of fixtures and finishes do they have? Most importantly, how would each room make you FEEL if you would spend time in them?

2) Fight the urge to go big and bold with every design element. Pick 2-3 elements that are must haves, then let everything else you choose simply compliment those elements. For example, if you know you want green kitchen cabinets and a bold backsplash, then pick a wall color and countertop that are less busy so that your cabinets and backsplash can really shine.

3) Be mindful of cohesion. Not every room in your house needs to match (nor should they!) but you want to have each room in your home feel like it belongs there. Again, consider how you want your home to FEEL, then bring that feeling into every space in your home.

🎨 Other ways to really tie together each room in your home is to have similar color schemes, flooring that flows well into each room, similar style lighting, and similar finishes (brass, nickel, oil rubbed bronze, etc)

So, that wraps up today's class. For your homework, tell me using 2-3 adjectives how you want your home to feel. 🥰

Photo by Olivia Reed Photo


To continue our Back to School series, it's now time for Music. 🎶

Maybe you're selling your house and having a open house and want to have music on in the background, or maybe you're having girls night and you want to enjoy some cocktails...either way, the right playlist is essential.

So, think about what mood or vibe you want to have. Do you want something light and upbeat or something more moody and intimate?

You’ll want to stick with more neutral genres that make good background music, but you can also change it up based on the weather, time of year, or occasion.

Swipe to see some of my favorite playlists! ➡️

What is your favorite Spotify or Pandora station?


The kids aren't the only ones going back to is my Instagram account! 📝

Throughout the month of August I'll be sharing all the home buying and selling basics - from First Time Home Buyer 101, Home Seller School...all things real estate "school"!

So grab your notebooks, sharpen your pencils, get ready for class to start and make sure to bring all your real estate questions here!

Before we start, I want to know, what was your favorite subject in school?


We all sat in math classes where we thought to ourselves, "When am I EVER going to need to need to know how to calculate the area of a parallelogram?!" But this math class is different!

Today I want to teach you all the numbers you need to know when it comes to buying your next home.

First, you need to know what you're pre-approved for. This means talking with a lender where they'll ask you about your debt, your income, and they'll research your credit score. This sounds like a like but it's actually a quick process and these numbers are vital to the home-buying process.

Then you need to find out how much money you need to have saved to purchase a home.

💵 Down Payment (This is NOT usually 20% down like it used to this market it's not uncommon to purchase a home with just 3% down (or even less!) Talking with your lender early on in the process is key!

🔍 Home Inspection ($500-600) Other inspections like well, septic, radon are additional costs.

💰 Earnest Money (1-3% of the purchase price...your agent will be able to best advise you on this!)

📊 Appraisal (Around $500)

💵 Closing Costs (Some of the items I mentioned above are part of your closing costs but the total closing costs may vary and can be determined by your lender). Usually 2-3% of the purchase price.

🏡 Taxes & Homeowner's Insurance (You can roll these right into your monthly payment instead of paying large lump sums every year)

I typically encourage my buyers to look a little UNDER their max budget given by their lender because I believe your home should be what allows you to live the kind of life you want. Not stretching yourself to thin is super important here!

BONUS TIP: Ask the sellers for an estimate of their monthly utilities before you write an offer to make sure you would still have some wiggle room to spend and save if you would buy it!

About me

The name “Rococo Real Estate & Design” was born from a love story.... mine. My nickname is Coco, short for Chloe, and my boyfriend’s nickname is Ro, short for Romie, so we’re Rococo. Funnily enough our namesake also means an “exceptionally ornamental and theatrical style of architecture, art, and decoration…” couldn’t be more perfect! Because I love interior design in addition to having a passion for real estate.

But I wasn’t always an amazing real estate agent & interior designer. Born in England, and raised in VA, I have a compelling combination of British class and Virginian charm. After getting my Masters in Biotechnology, I worked as a neuroscience & psychology sales consultant for years, before making the big switch into real estate & design. You may be thinking, “from science to something so people-infused and creative?” But, I’ve always loved helping others and I’ve also been pretty artistic. My passion for interior design and do-it-yourself projects recently landed me a spot in the Washingtonian magazine.

Flash forward to reality, several years later, I decided to regroup and rethink my career and focus in life, and did a bit of soul-searching. I knew I wanted to find something I loved so much, that by doing it, I’d jump out of bed in the morning with a smile on my face. As someone who loves flipping houses, I knew that I wanted to make real estate & design my new career. ... and I’m so loving life, I haven’t looked back.

What you get with me:

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