Anna Triviso - Realtor

Anna Triviso - Realtor

Hi! I specialize in move up buyers and first time buyers in Ashburn and surrounding areas.

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It's estimated that the average adult makes more than 35,000 decisions per day. No wonder we're all exhausted at the end of the day!

Well, good news. Today, I'm gonna take one of those decisions off your plate — especially if you're thinking about buying a home soon. It’s this: What property type is right for you? Here's what to know:

- Single-family home: Got a big family? Three dogs? Lots of stuff? In most places, that means a single-family home.
- Condo: Don’t need a lot of space or okay with trading square footage for the best of city living? Consider a condo. Also the smart decision if you prefer an HOA to handle most of the maintenance.  
- Townhome: Similar to a condo, but different in one major way. You own the space just like a single-family home and are responsible for 100% of the maintenance.
- Neighborhood with an HOA: Maybe you like the idea of a single-family home, but you also want amenities like a pool, walking trails, and a dog park. Easy! Just know those add-ons will come with a monthly HOA fee. 
- Home with acreage: You don't much care about space inside; what YOU really want is space outside - space to breathe and stretch your legs any time of day or night. (Keep in mind when you buy a home with acreage, you can’t control what pops up beside you or across the street.)  

Know what you’re looking for? Want to see what’s out there? Send me a DM, and I’ll send over properties that meet your wishlist! Still undecided? DM me anyway and let's figure it out together.

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If you’re thinking you want to sell, but you have NO IDEA where you would go (especially if your home sells quickly), then please read this post!
Having a place to go is important, but it shouldn’t keep you from forging ahead and making a move that’s right for you. 
Here’s the thing: Selling your home isn’t about the details of selling. It’s about you keeping the big picture in mind long after you’ve left the closing table. And that is you in an amazing new home that fits your needs, wants, and lifestyle for the next chapter of your life. 
And while you may need a plan for temporary housing (think friends with a spare room, family with a basement, a house-sitting gig, or a leaseback with your buyers), the real estate stars may align, as they often do, allowing you to sell and buy within days of one another. Plus, there are a few things we can do to simplify the process of buying and selling simultaneously.
The takeaway? Don’t let short-term decisions keep you from your long-term goals!

Want to talk more? Let’s chat so you can hear straight from me.

Not ready now, but you know you will have to buy and sell in the future? Head to my link in my bio and click "Move Up With Ease" to learn about the different strategies to use when buying and selling at the same time.


It’s that time (again) — time to get your home primed and ready for a new season. Summer temps and rains can take a toll, so here are a few maintenance tasks to perfect for your to-do list this September: 

1. Change the air filters. 
2. Check the exterior for areas where critters can get inside.
3. Clean out the garbage cans.
4. Clear out the gutters.
5. Inspect and clean the siding
6. Inspect your home’s windows and clean inside and out.
7. Repair leaky faucets
8. Schedule an HVAC maintenance appointment.
9. Test all smoke and carbon monoxide detectors.
10. Deep clean the refrigerator.

Happy September, friends!

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So you want to get your home ready for the market and looking its best, but you don’t want to spend an arm and a leg? I get it. Promise. 

That’s why when I work with sellers, I tell them there are really only three rooms they need to focus on when decluttering and staging…in order of importance, here they are:

- Living room
- Primary bedroom
- Kitchen

If prepping your home to sell has been holding you back, know it’s doable if you break it down room by room. And if you’d like another set of eyes on your space, DM me today. I’m here to take the overwhelm out of selling your home!

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And they’re off to 4th and 5th grade! 🥰🥰


Dear first-time buyer,
Buying your first home can feel extremely overwhelming. I wanted to send a little reminder that may help when you're feeling down or discouraged.

It's this: Buying your first home is, well, just that — a first home. It’s not your final destination; that’ll come a few years down the road. For now, stay focused on location and keep an open mind; I know great things are up ahead!

And don't forget, I’m here to chat if you need a helping hand or a listening ear. My DMs are always open.

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Labor Day is just around the corner! But before you start planning your epic end-of-summer bash, take a weekend and prep your home for the changing of the seasons.

If the summer heat has you dazed and confused when it comes to all things home maintenance, here are 5 tasks perfect for tackling this time of year:

1. Deep clean rugs and carpets. The warm weather will help them dry quicker.
2. Clean and organize your home’s “drop zone.” Back-to-school is just days away!
3. Clean and store summer gear like sports equipment, (still) sandy beach chairs, and camping supplies.
4. Clean vehicle interiors. All that travel took a number on your car. Now’s the time to get ready for the school year runaround.
5. Organize closets, and if you have little ones, have them try on. I’m guessing not much will fit!

What do you love doing around your home this time of year? Share in the comments!

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So you want to buy a house? YESSS! This post is for you!

What to Expect in the Housing Market for the Rest of 2022
1. Homes available for sale are likely to grow. 
BUYERS: You’ll have more options, just be ready to act fast and put in your best offer upfront. 
SELLERS: You may soon face more competition as other sellers list their homes. BUT, if you’re also in the market to buy, you’ll benefit from the boost in inventory. 
2. Mortgage rates will continue to respond to inflation. 
BUYERS: Find a trusted agent and reputable lender, so you’ll know exactly how rising rates will impact your purchasing power.
SELLERS: Selling and then buying? Work with an agent to time your move so you, too, can take advantage of rates before they tick higher. 
3. Home prices will continue to climb, more moderately in some markets
BUYERS: Good news! In some markets, home prices are beginning to stabilize or moderately grow compared to earlier this year. Competition is decreasing, especially as some leave the market due to interest rate rise.
SELLERS: Current home prices are still great news for the value of your home and your bottom line. Just be sure to work with an agent who knows how to get you top dollar while staying on top of market conditions. 
If you’re diving into the market this summer or fall, DM me to chat — I’d love to help and tell you what I'm seeing in your neighborhood!


🤣🤣 In all seriousness, I hope everyone has a safe and happy fourth!!

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Wrapping up my weekly for National Homeowners Month, I’m heading into the living room for a few helps and hacks that will make your living room come alive this summer:⁣

1. Make furniture do double- or triple-duty. For example, a small ottoman can be extra seating, a personal tabletop, and extra storage all at the same time.⁣

2. Hang them high. Placing curtains high above the windows will give the illusion of higher ceilings. -The change is small but dramatic. Give it a try!⁣

3. Splurge on fresh flowers. It may seem extra, but when you can, snag a bouquet for the living room. Extend their beauty by replacing the water daily. Another trick? Use ice cubes in the vase instead of water. Flowers like the chilly temp.⁣

Have you enjoyed my homeowner hacks? My homeowners receive monthly tips and tools straight to their inbox on how to safeguard their biggest investment - their homes! Head to my link below to sign up!

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REMINDER: It's okay to stop your agent and ask "Wait... What does that mean?"⁣ (I’m talking to you, first time sellers 😉)

That's what we're here for! Here's a few vocabulary words you'll hear around your real estate agent when selling your home (—>)

Thinking of selling and want to hear more about comps, staging, or any other parts in the process? DM me, and let’s connect!

Link in bio for more tips on selling ☺️

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Wondering how to transform a darker-than-you’d-like kitchen into a space that’s light, airy, and the hub of your home? Today’s is for you.

Instead of pricey under-cabinet lighting, pick up a few stick-on LEDs from your local hardware store. Install them every 8-12 inches to illuminate your countertops and cabinets at virtually no cost. For maximum impact, use LEDs that put out at least 400 lumens per foot; 500 lumens is even better but may be harder to track down. ⁣

Got a small kitchen hack that’s a huge difference in your home? Let me know in the comments below!

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I don’t know about you, but I have been feeling summer vibes for weeks. Today, it’s official! It’s the first day of summer 2022!

Here are a few of my bucket list items to do in and around Ashburn this summer:

Carnival at Uptown. June 8-26 and August 10-22 - All your favorite carnival food, games, prizes, and more!

Kids Concert Series at - Every Monday now through August 29 - Kids (especially Leo!) love the music from Rocknoceros, and sing and dance and can even cool off in the splash pad!

Summer White Party - July 10 - They will be showcasing their favorite white wines that have been stored in the cellar the past few years! Tickets include 2 white wine tastings along with great food, music, and a few summer surprises!

EatLoco Farmer’s Market at - this has been my fav for years! A treasure trove of fresh produce from regional farms, homemade baked goods, and various artisan goods including jerky, hot sauce, coffee, and much more! The perfect way to start your summer weekends!

These are just a few… what’s one thing on your list?

Shoot me a message if you have some home projects and maintenance on your to do list this summer - I’ll send you my free Summer Home Maintenance Checklist!

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I was that mom today. Last day of school bus stop pics! 🤗🤗🥳 (Vivi keeping it weird… as usual).

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This is your reminder that it's totally normal to feel overwhelmed by the home buying process (especially if it's your first time!)⁣

Once your offer gets accepted on a home, there are a few important deadlines you'll need to know. Since I get asked this question a lot, I wanted to break it down in this post!⁣

Swipe for a quick rundown of what to expect once you decide it's time to make an offer on a home!⁣

I know this seems like a lot, but I'm here to walk you through this process step-by-step!

Are you thinking of buying for the first time? Check out my series on buying a home (no matter what the market is doing 😉)… link below


If I had to choose my top 3 best tips to give someone wanting to sell their home, here's what I'd go with:⁣

Number one: Prioritize repairs over upgrades.⁣

Upgrades look nice, but prioritize repairs first. The roof, HVAC, electric, and plumbing should be in good condition.⁣

Number two: Professional photography is a must.⁣

Don't let anyone convince you that photos taken on your phone will do the trick, the photos marketing your home are the first impression buyers have of your home. Make sure to use a professional photographer for your images; I work with some of the best real estate photographers (and stagers 😉) in the area to ensure your listing is shown in it's best light.

Number three: Don't wait! Get started now - Summer 2022 is the time to list!⁣

If you’re looking to move up soon and are in the Nova area, I’d love to help you! (the sooner I meet with my clients, the better.) I have a step by step plan that will get as much money possible for your current home and help you find your next home that has everything you want and need, all at the same time. Head over to my link and bio and click "move up with ease".

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Buying your home was magical. Remember how you played the process like a champ, beat out all those other buyers, and came out on top. Yeah, I see you. Know what else is magical? This week’s for National Homeownership Month. ⁣

Forget all those smelly, expensive, and harsh cleaning chemicals. All you need to magically clean your home is a little baking soda and vinegar, and you’re ready to cast a clean home spell. Use the two to⁣:

1. Clean your disposal.⁣
2. Remove residue on pots and pans.⁣
3. Deodorize the fridge.⁣
4. Remove coffee and tea stains on mugs.⁣
5. Brighten laundry (baking soda) and remove odors (vinegar).⁣
6. Scrub bathroom counters, tile, toilets, and grout.⁣
7. Loosen mineral buildup on a shower head.⁣
8. Remove pet stains on carpet.⁣
9. Clean the grill.⁣
10. Kill pesky weeds.⁣

Know a way to use baking soda and vinegar that I missed? Let me know in the comments!

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If you’re waiting for a market crash to snag a cheaper home, you might be waiting for a while. Housing experts predict the market will remain strong for a while for several reasons:⁣

1. Ample homebuyers. With most first-time buyers under 40 and the U.S. population nearing 170 million, there’s no shortage of buyers, which leads to the second reason experts predict a robust housing market well into the future.⁣

2. Low inventory. Too many buyers. Too few homes. It’s simple supply and demand — and experts say it will take at least several years to inject enough new supply to balance out the market.⁣

3. Healthier mortgages. Unlike the 2008 housing crash, tougher lending standards and modern mortgage regulations mean today’s homeowners are less likely to default than those who were approved in the pre-crisis lending period.⁣

Like to have a chat about your decision to wait out the market? I would love to! Reach out, and I’ll be in touch. Or, check out my email series on buying a home in today’s market in my link in bio 😊

Nova real estate, Ashburn real estate, Ashburn realtor

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Did you know that June is National Homeowners Month?!⁣

To celebrate my homeowners, this month I'll be sharing to help you make the most of the place you call home. ⁣

I’m kicking the festivities off this week with a June Home Maintenance Checklist.⁣

1. Clean out gutters and downspouts.⁣
2. Power wash driveway and sidewalks.⁣
3. Clean and repair outdoor play equipment.⁣
4. Check the A/C and schedule maintenance if needed.⁣
5. Prep the grill for summer barbecuing.⁣
6. Clean the dryer vent and exhaust duct.⁣
7. Wash, fold, and organize pool and beach towels.⁣
8. Organize and store school supplies and papers.⁣
9. Replace air filters.⁣
10. Dust ceiling fan blades and set to spin counterclockwise. ⁣

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