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I believe in a “see it all” approach to life. It’s too short to be lived standing still. With that in mind, let me help you plan your next adventure!

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🍿 What is your favorite Chicago treat?

When at Chicago O'Hare International Airport you get Chicago Mix Popcorn from Garrett Popcorn Shops!!!!! Nothing beats caramel popcorn and cheddar cheese popcorn mixed together.


Rumor has it, I’m traveling to Miami today. ✈️ Currently, my flight is on time. 🚢 Tomorrow, I am boarding the Scarlet Lady for 5 days at sea. Yep, I’ve seen the weather.

This is a great moment to share a few of my favorite travel trips!

1) Be prepared. 🧭 Know your rain plan. I’ve eyed my back up flights, I’m ready to hop airports, I’m prepared to drive if I must, etc. I’ve updated my travel party and I feel confident it will be a-okay.

2) Travel Insurance is your friend. 🆘 There are always travel insurance options and coverage can vary. Travel insurance is worth its weight in gold when things go side ways. There are a lot of moving pieces during travel, so the little extra security goes a long way.

3) Be adaptable. 🩰 At some point you’ll have to pivot, some piece won’t fall perfectly into placing, and that is really hard when time, money, and energy has been invested. I remind myself that this is coming and it helps me when it does. Keep looking forward for the next best thing for you and your family!

All in all, no need to worry or stress when your mentally ready and have a support system - like a great travel agent - to help! You’ll never have to go at it alone! 🤝


👋 Yep, still here! But I have no fear when airplanes are near. 🛫 What tips do you have for surviving extend stays in the airport?

My favorite 🤩 EXPLORE. There is way more in your local airport than you think - scope out the food, explore shops for unique local things, find your favorite bathroom, people watch! Don’t forget to look out the window too. 😉 Really, the entertainment is endless!


No bad days start with airplanes! ✈️ This trip is going to be a blast.


✅ Pro Tip: Most VV Promos are stackable! This allows you to achieve the best rate possible!! 🚢 And boy, have Virgin Voyages Promos been keeping me on my toes and ready to plan my next trip!

☀️ For my trip this week, I was able to take advantage of 3 promotions at my time of booking!!!

‼️ Right now, there is an opportunity to take advantage of the “Limited Time Savings” promotion, along with the “Sail with Friends” promotion (earning you and your friend’s cabin $200 each), and the “Book Early and Save” offer (hello, 10% off).

🍹 Plus, as always, you’ll get $50 on any Bar Tab purchase! Free wifi, tips includes, free fitness classes, and a foodies paradise!

🤩 It’s Win-Win! I’m obsessed.

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🚢 Catch me sailing Virgin Voyages this week: June 5th! I can’t wait to share all the details.
🙋‍♀️ What do you want to see most? Wanna join me?


Happy June! Happy Pride Month! 🌈 Don’t forget Disney 2023 packages release next week!

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💙 Who is your favorite Disney character?

A couple weeks ago, Bradley decorated for my birthday and found balloons of my FAVORITE Disney Character - Stitch!!!

I don’t think I’ve had a character themed party since I was a kid, so this was a fun surprise. I had been working overnights and Bradley was able to set this up quietly in our downstairs corner; hidden, so I wouldn’t see it until I was fully awake. It was the best! He definitely accepts my Disney addiction. 😉

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What are your plans this Fall? 🍂
Is Trick or Treating in the mix? 🍭

Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party is a great place to celebrate, trick or treat, and dress as your favorite character. It is one of my favorite events of the year! I can’t wait to attend. Tickets are on sale NOW - let me know if you’ll be joining the fun!


I can’t tell if it is more fun to watch the people or the dragon. 🐉 You can feel the heat when this happens. It is nice to know the bank is fully protected!

Virgin Voyages Says No Kids On The Ocean 05/29/2022

Virgin Voyages Says No Kids On The Ocean

Spare a minute for some entertainment:

Adults Only is one of the MAIN reasons I loved Virgin Voyages! The whole experience is tailored for grownups to play. 😉

Virgin Voyages Says No Kids On The Ocean

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One Week! 🚢 I’ll be back at sea! 🌊

I have an idea! 💡 Do you have summer plans yet? Let’s get you sailing!!!!

Virgin Voyages is one of the best cruiselines I’ve ever sailed with! It’s adults only and sometimes that’s just what you need. Also, all tips, dining, fitness classes, wifi, and fun is included!

THIS WEEKEND - deposits are 50% off and discounts are in place! Also, if you sail with friends, both cabins get $200.

If you book before May 31st and sail in the next 120 days, you can get 40% off** your Virgin Voyages sailing!

Or sail farther out and get 20% off and plus half of your deposit!

Have a crew you’d like to bring along? You can refer up to 16 friends and score $200 in onboard credit per cabin, up to $3200.

Want more? Each referred cabin gets $200 in onboard credit!

SAMPLE: 2 sailors, 4 Night Fire & Sunset Soirees Cruise
June 15-19, 2022
Cabin: The Sea Terrace

What’s included? Wifi, Essential Drinks, Group workouts, Tips, and all food.

PLUS Fair and Flexible booking policy allows you to cancel up to 48 hours before the voyage date and recieve full credit** for all sailings through October 15, 2022.

** some restricions apply. Contact me for more details!


Hello Adventurers!!! Never forgot how amazing you are. ♥️

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The food at Aventura’s Urban Pantry didn’t disappoint. A delicious mushroom and swiss burger along with a buffalo and blue chicken sandwich made for a successful lunch. 🍴

Photos from Jenna with The Charming Travel Co.'s post 05/27/2022

Bao Buns and Fried Mushrooms at Aventura Hotel! 🍱 I’ll always be a foodie at heart!

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Cocktails creations from the Scarlet Lady!

Shots4Shots taught me to create multiple great cocktails and perfect photos for later! This was a wonderful class. ♥️

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It was a rewarding few days learning and spending time with my fellow agents at The Charming Travel Co. ♥️ I am thankful for the opportunity to grow and collaborate with an inspiring group.

It was great to visit Universal Orlando Resort again. I picked up a million more tips and all the insight throughout my adventures at Universal Studios, Islands of Adventure, City Walk, and Volcano Bay. 🌎

So… with that in mind… when are we planning your next trip!? 😉

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Last night, I was able to watch the fireworks for Magic Kingdom and Epcot from my room at Aventura Hotel. It was a nice way to close the day. 🎆

Today, I woke up to the sun cast upon Cabana Bay Beach Resort and Volcano Bay. The views can’t get any better. ☀️

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Come relax at Aventura Hotel with Jocelyn Hsu Violin! 🎻 She is an amazing artist and local to the Orlando area. Her musical background is phenomenal. Learn more here:

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Some rooftop views before heading out tomorrow morning! Universal’s Aventura Hotel offers an amazing bistro and bar on the roof of the hotel - Bar 17 Bistro.

You can see all of Universal Studios, Island of Adventures, and Volcano Bay! Disney World and I-Drive can been seen in the distance along with downtown Orlando and the airport. Views 👓 for days!!!


When you can control the whole room from a tablet!!!! I can also request room service, additional room items like towels, and chat with the front desk! 🌟 Win!

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Volcano Bay is something else. 🌋 It is a great way to mix up your trip and schedule some time to relax.

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A delicious lunch started the day off in CityWalk before heading to Universal Studios. The late start was perfect for some much needed rest and relaxation!

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Jurassic World VelociCoaster was a wild ride!!! The queue has fun insight from the movie and has lockers for all your items to stay safe. 🎢 It may have been the craziest rollercoaster I’ve ever done!


Nutella Hand-scooped Ice Cream from Tuk Tuk Market in the Royal Pacific Resort was the perfect way to end a fun packed day!!! 🍦

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Florida can be hot. 🥵 As someone who deals with heat intolerance I come prepared: fan ✅ sunscreen ✅ blackout umbrella ✅ liquid iv ✅ frequent breaks ✅ willingness to look ridiculous and not care ✅ plenty of AC stops ✅

🧊What do you do to stay cool?


A little Butterbeer to kick the day off right!!!


Pepperoni Pizza for the win! 🍕 Thank you Pier 8 Market for the delicious, hot snack!

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The Volcano Bay View at Cabana Bay has me wanting to jump over there immediately. This photo barely does the view justice. These rooms are larger and have a welcoming view with lots of natural light!


Hard Rock Hotel Club Level is the way to go! Breakfast, snacks, drinks, and treats throughout the day. Stay like the Rockstar you are!!! 🌟


🍴Which speaks to you? ♥️
🌶 Antojitos - Chips and Salsa with Queso Fundido
🍣 The Cowfish - Crab Rangoon Dip and Bison Burgushi

Citywalk Orlando

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Arrived at Universal’s Endless Summer - Dockside Resort and Suites and ran into a little room mix up. 🤷‍♀️ After I did the shuffle from Tower 2 to Tower 1, I was surprised with a room upgrade to a suite along with drink vouchers!

This room is spacious and welcoming - 6 people can stay here, it has a small kitchen, and dining area. Now I just have to decide which drink to get later! 🍹


See ya again real soon!!! I’ll be heading to Universal Studios Orlando to explore the wild side of Jurassic Park, the Wizarding World of Harry Potter, and so much more. Follow along for updates. 🌎

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When it rains it pours… sometimes plans don’t unfold perfectly and that is okay. Today I wasn’t feeling great, so I went back to the resort early to rest. This storm rolled through shortly after and I was happy to be tucked away safely from the rain. 🌧

Welcome the rain ☔️ to dance under rainbows 🌈


♥️♥️ June 8th ♥️♥️ Do you have 2023 Disney plans? ✈️ Let’s get the details together! Packages go on sale June 8th!!!

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Cheers to Virgin Voyages! ♥️
So Many Trips to Plan!!!



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