Dave Shutler

Dave Shutler

Helping guys in their 30's to late 50's take their shirts off, feel fu***ng good, & never look back.

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Eric, like a lot of guys I deal with are coming from a place where they think they’ve got a lot of things figured out.

Cool thing is, Eric was super open to improving and getting into his best shape.

He asked questions.

And more questions.

And more questions.

And with that he learned.

He gained trust in himself and the process.

Eric’s a great dude who has been through some health trials and tribulations in the past and I’m so glad to continue to see him get better.

He’s now getting serious about getting on stage for his first ever physique show!

Where your focus goes, energy flows and Eric is a prime example of this.

Keep cruising brother 🔥


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Joe didn’t come to CoreMale to lose a bunch of fat/weight

In fact, the opposite.

He’s had gut issues for years.

Food sensitivities, intolerances, lots of things going on.

He wanted more for himself and to get to the route causes of his issues he was having.

He felt bloated all the time and almost became afraid to eat certain things.

Now he’s not only digesting food better but ABSORBING it, which will massively impact his ability to put on muscle.

I’m confident Joe is now on the path to enjoying food without fear by optimizing himself from the inside out.

If you’re anything like Joe you want the absolute best for yourself…

So if that’s you feel free to shoot me a DM with the word “CORE” and we’ll chat.


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💥Client Spotlight💥

Greg wasn’t terribly overweight, but knew something had to change if he was going to take things to an ELITE level.


Optimizing his training, nutrition and physiology to achieve an epic result

Which led to a 1st place finish at his first physique show.

Greg you’re a champ brother 👊

If you want similar results to Greg or you just want to level up your health and life, shoot me a DM with the word “CORE”

DS ✌🏻

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💥Client Spotlight💥

Chuck came to me with lots of small pains and postural things going on.

We weaved in exercises to help with these things along with making the training efficient to get the biggest bang for the buck while training.

Lots of paused stretches incorporated into the workout allowed for more freedom and range of motion to be accessed.

Chuck was a great client and has followed things to a T, including the nutrition which was def a noticeable change as well.

Want results like Chuck or just ready for a change? Feel free to dm the word “CORE” and let’s have a chat.


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🔥Client Spotlight🔥

Chris was doing a bunch of random stuff trying to get results.

Except when you do random stuff you get random results.

He came to CoreMale and crushed his 8 months with us.

Super proud of this guy

If you’re looking to reach that next level for yourself

Just DM the word “JULY” and we will have a chat.

Taking on 5 new guys heading into August.

Speak soon


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🚀 Rob has been smashing 🚀

Rob came into CoreMale not needing to lose a ton of body fat.

In fact, he did that before coming in.

For the past few years he had been looking for ways to really stack some muscle on.

He tried different approaches of just overeating massively with other programs + training 6x a week

All it led to was unnecessary fat gain, beat up joints and burnout.

He’s come into CoreMale and we’ve taken a less is more approach.

Better quality, then more quantity.

He’s really had a nice body recomposition so far and now we’re taking some time to go through a longer build phase.

Patience and consistency is the name of the game👊

If you’re anything like Rob and you’re reading this, shoot me a message and just let me know your situation- happy to see if we can potentially help 🔥

DS ✌🏻

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🔥Jeff is cruising 🔥

I love a good body transformation, but don’t get me wrong

It’s a side effect of all the other things that really matter.

For Jeff, it was getting out of pain, feeling better by not only dropping a little body fat but also feeling more mobile.

As a 54 year old CFO, he’s a busy dude, just like you. 3 daughters, work obligations, all of it.

It’s a continuous journey as we age.

Training needs to be modified to fit the person and their needs, not YOUR needs as a coach.

Hats off to Jeff as we continue working towards the best version of himself.

If you are ready to see what that might look like potentially for you, just DM me the word CORE and let’s have a chat

Time isn’t slowing down.



What’s in better shape currently?


Thinking you’ve got to sacrifice your body and health completely to excel in other areas (business) is a complete f*cking lie.

Now, there are periods where your biz may take precedence, completely agree.

But let me ask you, truly what’s holding you back from achieving the body of your dreams…

And consider the fact you that you could INCREASE your biz productivity if you were to give more focus to your body and the attention it deserves?

Let me know in the comments

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My man Nick has been a part of the CoreMale group for almost a year now.

As VP of sales for his company, he had let himself fall into bad habits and really just needed some direction to get back into the shape he knew he was capable of.

Big thing now is that he is feeling better than he has even since he was younger.


He’s able to sustain his results for life.

Congrats brother-honored to be a part of your journey!

If you want to chat to see what it looks like if we can potentially help, DM me the word CORE today.

Talk soon ✌🏻


How’s your day to day nutrition going?

Probably s**t I’m assuming.

Lots of business stuff to do so you’re out the door quick.

Get the kids off to school, kiss the wife , grab a coffee then out the door.

You’re dominating most areas of your life, but neglecting your body,

Your nutrition is chaotic.


Rather than just “hoping for the best,”wouldn’t it make sense to prepare a bit ahead of time?

I think so.

Having a systematic approach to your nutrition is imperative to success in mastering your body.

Just like in your business.

Without slaving away for hours and hours in the kitchen.

Wanna know more? DM me today and let’s chat


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Some people have what it takes, then some just don’t.
Some people put in the effort it takes, then others will always think they are special unicorns and snowflakes.
Hats off to my man Paul for continuously putting in the effort in not just the training and nutrition, but feeding his mind, equipping himself for the rest of his life.
Proud of you brother 👊


Short term fixes for long term problems 🤯
You've lost weight in the past and you've gotten results.
But did you REALLY get results?
Does dropping a certain % of bodyfat or weight then gaining it back really equal results?
Aren't you after being able maintain your results?
Taking your shirt off without a care in the world.
Bigger shoulders, chest...a midsection that demands attention.
Literally whenever you want, feeling mentally clear and physically FREE.
Free of the limitations you've placed on yourself in the past.
Free of the judgement you've felt in the past from others and now not giving a s**t.
Free to just eat as you wish with absolute confidence and certainty that you know the path that you're on.
This is the path that I believe you certainly desire.
Don't you agree?


Before stressing the metabolism with losing weight you should warm it up. Metabolic prehab focuses on the three components of the metabolism: the hypothalamus, gut, and mitochondria. By walking 10k steps, fasting 12 hours daily, and supplementing alpha-lipoic acid you can prime the hypothalamus, gut, and mitochondria to perform more efficiently when lowering your calories. Warm-ups aren't only important for the muscles, by warming up your metabolism you are setting yourself up for success.


When we use our values to make decisions, we make a deliberate choice to focus on what is important to us.


Hormones and Fat Loss

When it comes to being skinny fat, the answer is counter-intuitive, gain weight. The best way to lose fat on an already small frame is to add muscle. Upping your calories and creating a more anabolic environment will help you gain muscle, and in the long run, make it easier to lose fat.


Most people who want to lose weight turn to exercise to achieve a calorie deficit. Little do they know they could be setting themselves up for failure. Exercise can be overdone, increase appetite, and reduce energy output. The most effective way to incite weight loss is by focusing on diet, not overdoing cardio, and walking. How does this change your approach to weight loss?⁣


Rather than commit to the discipline and commitment necessary to achieve success, we become infatuated with a quick fix.⁣

If you want to succeed, you must get busy working toward that success, and the first step is the hardest.


Muscle Made Simple

We make anything and everything having to do with muscle complicated but thats not reality. Muscle building and maintenance comes down to three things: reps, sets, and workouts. With these three points, consistency, and a healthy lifestyle the game of muscle comes down to time. How much time have you spent in the muscle game?


It's your journey.


Do you ever get to 2 o'clock and the only thing on your mind is getting in bed? Why are we always so tired? Being tired is your body's way of telling you something is out of whack. Anything from too much exercise, stress, unbalanced hormones, or lack of sleep could be the cause. Which of these could be causing you to be perpetually exhausted?


So, why should we train our knees over our toes?
Because it is part of our everyday life!

Walking up stairs⁣
Bending down/squatting to grab something⁣
Standing up out of a chair⁣

Who wants these movements to be painful? I know I don't!⁣


The First 10 Pounds

Stop worrying about the first 10 pounds. The key to fat loss is a having a long term mindset. The poeple who get the best results are the ones that take it slow and attack their plan with a longterm consistency. The goal is to build a new lifestyle that supports your wished, not lose weight and go right back to old habit.


It isn't a secret, chaining eating habits is hard. I think the hardest part is dealing with "high reward" foods. When I eat donuts, pizza, and french fries all I want to do is eat more, it's the biggest food trap. Instead, I prioritize "low reward" foods like fruit, dark chocolate, and my favorite vegetables. This way I satisfy my cravings in the moment and stop myself from a disgusting binge later on.


Good physical health can play a huge role in fostering mental well-being as well.

‘True wellness’ is the wellness of the body, mind and soul. And the wellness mantra for all of us should be a simple one. We must understand that good physical health can play a huge role in fostering mental well-being as well.


Life is a game of choices and decisions. You get to chose if you want to change yourself, but will you decide to do it? What choices and decisions have you made that impacted your life?


Just going to leave this right here....


Carbohydrates for Muscle

For those of us who want to gain muscle, we should NOT be afraid of carbohydrates. Carbohydrates help protein build muscle and make the calories we need easier to take in. Are calories an important part of your muscle building regime?

Timeline photos 11/07/2020

If you want to maximize your performance and feel good you have to step out of your comfort zone. Taking the leap of "engagement" and creating your "fear bridge" is the only way to breakthrough. It isn't easy or else everyone would do it. How could you break through your comfort zone, create your fear bridge, and maximize your performance?⁣


This phrase was a French proverb in the late 1100s "Rome wasn't built in a day." but wasn’t added in English until 1545. The actual meaning of this phrase is – “Important work takes time”. This expression works as a plea for someone to be patient. The same concept applies to your health.


The gym is more than a place to burn calories. It is where you can push yourself physically and mentally but it's also a place to reset and regroup. Things that happen in your personal life that will affect your workout and that's okay, everyone has s**tty days. How has the gym helped you with your personal life?⁣

Timeline photos 10/31/2020

⁣For too long the fitness industry and fad diets have pushed an all or nothing approach to food and lifestyle. Well, that isn't how it should be because it doesn't work. Long term success is determined on your ability to have balance in your diet, exercise, and mindfulness. Yes, it takes trial and error and time to figure out, but your reward is long term success that isn't miserable. Do you use buffer foods to help you maintain a balance?⁣⁣


By being able to categorize our attitudes and clearly understand what drives our positive and negative responses, we are then better equipped to change or adjust them should we wish to. How often do you feel you are being held back from doing something because you’re either afraid or distressed by it?


You have been taught to fear dietary fats, and that is not okay. Yes, fat needs to be eaten in moderation and shouldn't be overconsumed. However, fats play a huge role in producing, maintaining, and regulating your hormones. Fats are an essential part of human existence, and you need them. Just remember, too much of anything is unhealthy.⁣

Timeline photos 10/24/2020

Most people think the metabolism is like a calculator, but it's more like a thermostat. The metabolism is an intricate system of hormones and reactions that are controlled by your brain. Your metabolism responds to all kinds of hormonal feedbacks based on your body's exercise, sleep, and food. It is constantly adjusting and changing. Understanding the basics is the key to enhancing results in the gym and maintaining the energy to maximize your performance.⁣


When you simply look at the correlation between people that exercise and happiness, it’s hard to say whether exercise makes one happy or whether happy people tend to exercise more.


We have been conditioned to fear failure and avoid the uncomfortable, but that is not right. As cheesy as it sounds, the only way anyone creates the opportunities that lead to success is by willingly going into the uncomfortable and accepting failures. No one ever gets things right the first time nor does anyone learn how to get it right by avoiding it. Embrace discomfort and learn from failure.⁣

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Short term fixes for long term problems 🤯.You've lost weight in the past and you've gotten results..Awesome..But did you...
Hormones and Fat Loss
Muscle Made Simple
The First 10 Pounds
Carbohydrates for Muscle


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