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Last week we dropped another episode of Movie Smash! Fergel over at Gotham Night Comics, Jeremy from and I discussed 1990's Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Take a listen and let me know what movie you think we should cover next.

On this episode of Movie Smash!, we discuss 1990's Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles directed by Steve Barron and staring Judith Hoag, Elias Koteas and Josh Pais. Four teenage mutant ninja turtles defend the city from a gang of criminal ninajs.

Hosts: Christopher Roberts, Fergel Amayo, Jeremy Parmentier

Edited By: Christopher Roberts

Produced By: Off Panel Creations


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The Spider-Man Comic Book Cabinet has been wheeled into the finishing tent. Time for it to get a nice touch up.


Hidden on the back of the Spider-Man Comic Book Cabinet are some nice Venom logos. Why? Why not.


The top has been attached to the Spider-Man Comic Book Cabinet. It's attached with internal braces and dowels. It's all coming together.


The trim for the top is all finished up. To pull it off I needed two bits, and a special sanding block. Was it worth the work? Wait until you see it on the Spider-Man Comic Book Cabinet.


The tool of the day is the cabinet scrapper. A simple piece of metal to smooth out some sections of the Spider-Man Comic Book Cabinet. It's inexpensive, but very impactful.

Any else use a cabinet scrapper?


Every now and then, a tool breaks down. Hopefully not while you are using it or hurting yourself. While flush trimming the edge, the guide bearing popped off the router bit. Without the guide bearing, the bit started digging into the panel and trim. The end result was an extreme level of tear out.

I've got to spend some time thinking through how to save the Spider-Man Comic Book Cabinet. Problem solving is one of the reasons I enjoy woodworking, each piece presents its own unique puzzles to solve.


I have a love/hate relationship with sanding. At times it can be relaxing and almost meditative. Other times it is frustrating and taking way too long. This piece went into the latter description. I was using a new brand of 80 grit sandpaper. It was worthless.

Just a little bit longer and the top of the Sand-Man Comic Book Cabinet will be smooth.


Normally to flatten a panel, I use the CNC machine. The top for the Spider-Man Comic Book Cabinet is just a little too large. That means, it's time to make a jig. For those wondering, I used an Amana Flattening/Rabbeting bit, to clean this panel up.


Time to make the top of the Spider-Man Comic Book Cabinet. I love the maple of this piece. It almost became a challenge of how many clamps can I add. With the fall, leaves are blowing into the shop. There is a large oak tree outside the house and daily I need to sweep the leaves out.


The Spider-Man comic book cabinet is coming along nicely.


For the Spider-Man comic book cabinet I am using the deep red epoxy resin to fill voids. This one is hidden under the lip of the front of the cabinet. You can only see it if you are looking for it.


The side columns are built, and time to clean them up. I see a lot of fine sanding in my future cleaning out those lines. The Spider-Man comic book cabinet is coming along nicely.


There was a small void in the maple I was going to use as the footer for the Spider-Man comic book cabinet. Time use some epoxy resin. I decided to use Senshi Red from Eye Candy Pigments . Let's clean it up and see how it came out.

Photos from Off Panel Creations's post 11/07/2023

My shop is located in a neighborhood. Occasionally people stop in and say hi. One neighbor needed their coffee table refinished. After years of kids, it looked more like a highly used cutting board. It was made of cherry and needed a second life. during breaks from the Spider-Man comic book cabinet, I filled a couple voids with copper epoxy and refinished the piece. Yes, my break from woodworking is more woodworking.

What do you think? Did does it look new?


With the Spider-Man comic book cabinet, I am hiding a couple Spider-Man on the piece. This one is climbing the side of the cabinet.


Coasters? No. I'm making some caps for the columns on the Spider-Man comic book cabinet. I plan to hide a few Spider-Man references on the piece.

Photos from Off Panel Creations's post 11/03/2023

One of the best feelings is when I receive pictures of a cabinet in its new home, fully loaded and put on display. As a Batman fan, it was a pleasure to bring this piece to life. I think the new owner put it best:

"I want to thank Off Panel Creations, for making me this gorgeous Batman comic book tower. The work and the time that was put into this masterpiece, is second to none. I totally love the way they made it their business to get all the details correct. The Bat symbol on top of this piece is spot on. Thank you Chris for the work and time that you put into this....."

From the Push-to-Open drawers, the India ink finish, the double exotic-resin pour and the picture frame fronts, I just love this piece.


The shop generates a ton of saw dust. A closeup of the bag always reminds me of the storms of Jupiter.

Every time I fill a bag of saw dust, I send a message to a chat group I maintain. It's first come first serve. People use it for composting or on their vegetable beds. Normally it's gone within a day. If you are local to the Herndon, VA area and might want a free bag of saw dust, send me a message.

If you have a wood shop, what do you do with your saw dust?


Before every new project, I like to look at the current shop set up and the tool quality. Can I improve the shop in some way? Is it time to upgrade? Does the dust collection system work efficiently? It's about always improving so the next project will go faster and more efficiently.

This go around, I replaced the blades for the table saw. I can say after a couple uses, these blades are like a hot knife through butter.


Happy Halloween!

My daughter (Age 11) is saving up to visit her friend in the UK. Every weekend she has a stand outside the house selling homemade cookies, lemonade, chocolate covered strawberries, or whatever she has decided the treat of the week is. She even sold slices of cake she made!

For the month of October I helped her make pumpkin lanterns to give her something new to sell. Most of them were gone the first day. (I got to keep one).

How did she do?


A client popped in to see the current project. After our conversation I realized how much people enjoy the build pictures as I go along. Luckly I've been taking pictures, just not posting.

Let's get back to it. I had to find a new supplier for lumber. Thier stock was tremendous. It was a 2.5 hour round trip, but it is worth it. The trick is seeing the beauty of the wood beneath the rough cuts.


If you haven't already, check out our newest episode on Movie Smash! wherein we discuss 300!

On this episode of Movie Smash!, we discuss 2006's 300 directed by Zach Snyder and staring Gerald Butler, Lena Headey, David Wenham. The film tells the story of King Leonidas of Sparta and a force of 300 men go a long walk across Greece to fight the Persians at Thermopylae

Hosts: Christopher Roberts, Fergel Amayo, Jeremy Parmentier
Edited By: Jeremy Parmentier
Produced By: Off Panel Creations


Plan on decorating for Halloween this weekend and need something to listen to while climbing a ladder to hang spiderwebs? Looking for something to do while you are cleaning the garage? How about while you are organizing your comic collection?

Listen to Episode 2 of Movie Smash!

On this episode of Movie Smash!, we discuss 2007's Ghost Rider directed by Mark Steven Johnson and staring Nicolas Cage, Eva Mendes, Sam Elliott. The film follows Johnny Blaze, a motorcyclist stuntman, make a deal with devil and transform into the titular Ghost Rider and become a supernatural bounty hunter to find sinners.

Hosts: Christopher Roberts, Fergel Amayo, Jeremy Parmentier
Edited By: Jeremy Parmentier


The new owner of the Sandman cabinet gave me a bottle of beer as a thank you. For all future people who wish to give me a bottle of beer, I will not say no. The crafty the beer the better.

Feel free to shoot me a message, and we can figure out the best way to get it to me.

Photos from Off Panel Creations's post 10/04/2023

Recently, I helped install the Sandman inspired cabinet and shelves for my client. We'll be installing the doors for the side cabinets and the lower section. We're just waiting on some commissioned art from a third contributor.

The piece is made of walnut and maple. Anytime there was a void in the wood, it was filled with a copper epoxy to give the piece a subtle accent. The owner commissioned art from Jeremy Bastian and Barry Kitson.

The front maple panels are inscribed with Lucian and Pumpkin head from Sandman (Art by Jeremy Bastian)

The walnut drawer fronts are inscribed with the sigils of the 7 Endless and the Key to Hell from Sandman and Locke and Key (Art by Barry Kitson).

The shelving includes a middle cubby area to display the client's pewter figures of the Endless.

It's been a long summer of work on this project, to say the least.


There's just something about finished walnut.


I'm running low on finish and polish. Time to make some more. A couple bars of bee's wax go a long way. Weirdly, it always make the space smell like a combination of a pine trees and oranges.


The Sandman shelves are moving from the shop into the finishing queue. There are a couple touch-ups that need to be done. After it’s finished, I’ll attach the lower section.

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