Sad Cow, Inspired Llama

Sad Cow, Inspired Llama

Sad Cow, Inspired Llama is a treasure trove used trinkets, high end clothes, used and new electronic


Wizard Book


These neat little trinket containers with polished mineral tops can be used to hold something small or precious: maybe small pieces of jewelry or your medication, or maybe you have a collection of gems or crystals and, like the Russian dolls, what better holder for a crystal than a bejeweled trinket container. $7 or both containers for $12


I'm going to begin posting more items for sale. Some items may not always have firm prices if you offer some sort of barter as part of the price. I'm also not sure about all prucessr


Today I am trying to do a fourth step for my gratitude list/rant. I don't really think I owe an apology to many people except some on this list, but I kinda hate myself for my role in these situations so I am going to express these amends in terms of why I am grateful rather than why I think I'm a piece of s**t or have cause to avoid addressing the people I am grateful to and would prefer to just stare at the ground and disappear into a hole, because I desperately want to learn to love myself and don't care if anyone wants to judge me apart from the people here who I hurt. I am incredibly grateful for my desire to not be addicted to opioids; I almost died probably at least a half dozen tines times between various overdoses and endocarditis. I am also grateful to Romy, my girlfriend for staying in a relationship with me and allowing me to when she probably shoulda dropped my triffling ass like a bad habit when I was trying to be both polyamorous and monogamous but was deceitful although I initially tried to be vague about the nature of things ahdmmbd she was very clear from the beginning about her desire for monogany but instead accepted that I was trying to be better for her and gave me the chance to prove it and also encouraged me to grow a relationship with my infant daughter as well who was a surprise to her. Thirdly, I am grateful that my daughter's mother allowed me to establish and foster a relationship with Ala, my daughter, who I initially was frightened to idk disappoint or let down, possibly related to the fact that my biological father was not in my life since his suicidal response to his mental health issues did not allow him to be there for me beginning in my infancy. I don't hate myself for this one, though I still feel some shame surrounding my initial behavior. I also treated Syd poorly when I was salvaging my relationship with my girlfriend so am especially grateful she encouraged me to foster a relationship with my daughter when telling me to f**k off might've been a more attractive. Maybe noone will read this, but I'm also grateful not to care too much. I'm trying to love ried my fourth step.


For those of you in a relationship, but still hate people. 🎃☠


PENNYWISE creepy, ceramic $30 this was made by tiny elf craftspeople in order to fund their festival lifestyle of trapeze artist carnival folk in the mid 1940's. It can be yours for this discount price.


Romy Eichner follow my bv store please...


Brian Minsk i tried to start a store to sell weird s**t i thrift find but i suck at it so I'm making it a store and meme page. Follow me.


F**k it i suck at selling stuff, maybe it'll just be a meme page -- Life of Lhu


Practically brand new, very little usage. $130. 4 burner plus side burner. Product #720-0783e

Photos from Sad Cow, Inspired Llama's post 09/06/2020

22 disk set. $45, shipping and handling unless you are in the Boston and then I offer free delivery.

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