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A new post. A grain bowl of local veggies with keep you full all day. Pleasant Valley Farm
A new post on the link. Delicious sweet potatoes in maple butter. Pleasant Valley Farm
Lots of local produce at the Greenwich Pantry tonight!🥬🍠 We've got kale, chicory and radicchio from Owl Wood Farm; bok choy, salad mix, and scallions from Pleasant Valley Farm; celery and escarole from The Alleged Farm; kohlrabi from Slack Hollow Farm; acorn squash from Gardenworks; spaghetti squash from BJ Farms; plus apples from Saratoga Apple😍

The pantry is open until 7PM!👋
Thank you Pleasant Valley Farm for letting us be a part of your open house! It was wonderful to meet so many of your long time customers and tell them about our chicken products.
Gorgeous tomatoes from Pleasant Valley Farm
Yellow cupcakes w/strawberry buttercream made with strawberries from Pleasant Valley Farm
Not your traditional “office view”, yet still lots of work to be done!👩🏻‍🌾 Our Food Recovery Team spends much of their time on local farms like this👀🌱 Gleaning produce in the early morning hours and traveling to CFC’s many distribution sites throughout the region.🚛💨

Thanks to Pleasant Valley Farm and Free Food Fridge Albany for joining us this week!🌿👏🏽

Our Food Recovery Team is looking for 3 early birds to help glean lettuce at Pleasant Valley Farm in Argyle tomorrow morning from 6AM-8AM.🥬 The forecast is calling for sunshine and low 50s- perfect gleaning weather!🌤👩‍🌾

To sign-up visit:

Questions? Please reach out to Mary Beranek at [email protected]

Thank you!🙌
Ramps and more for their spring "glam" shot. Pleasant Valley Farm
Ramps are here. Pleasant Valley Farm
Bok Choy from Pleasant Valley Farm
Brassica from Pleasant Valley Farm

For over 30 years, Pleasant Valley Farm has been owned & operated by Paul & Sandy Arnold, with help from their kids (Robert & Kim). Year-round, online ordering for home delivery & pickup with CNG fruits & vegetables, & many other local products.

We service the Glens Falls and Saratoga area on Saturdays year-round with our online sales of fresh, healthy produce and other local products like cheese, fish, dairy, breads, honey, pickles, soup, baked goods, and much more. Greens are grown in our high tunnels all winter.


It's strawberry season! Order through our store by 9am Thursday OR see you at @saratogafarmersmarket Saturday 9am at High Rock Park!!

Photos from Pleasant Valley Farm's post 05/21/2022

Paul is at the Saratoga Farmers' Market today at the Wilton mall with a beautiful display of fresh greens, ramps, scallions, and great root crops, including sweet potatoes on sale! It’s very troubling to see such a slow, unattended market when this used to be a huge, flourishing event with lots of support. Hope you will come out over the next 2 hours to keep this market alive… so many great vendors and lots of parking. On June 4th the market moves back to High Rock.


ANOTHER MARKET DAY!! HAPPY EASTER everyone! We will be at the Saratoga Farmers' Market today with a full array of fresh greens and produce until 1:30pm. Lots of Salad mix, kale, spinach and chard! Paul also has carrots, potatoes, beets, fresh herbs, celery, and our frozen soups and pesto! And DAFFODILS!
Come visit us and all the other wonderful vendors at the Wilton Mall by 1:30pm Today!!!
Have a wonderful Easter and do a preorder next week to get Saturday produce! 🐰🐣💐


IT’S MARKET DAY!! We will be at the Saratoga Farmers' Market today with a full array of fresh greens and produce! Salad mix, kale, arugula, and lots of spinach! To celebrate April, the spinach is on sale $7 for a double bag! Paul also has carrots, potatoes, beets, herbs, celery, and our frozen soups and pesto!
Come visit us and all the other wonderful vendors at the Wilton Mall 9:30am to 1:30pm Today!!!


IT’S MARKET WEEK! We will be at the Saratoga Farmers' Market on Saturday with a full array of fresh greens and produce! The crew spent extra time this week harvesting the extra produce from all this warm weather!
Come visit us and all the other wonderful vendors at the Wilton Mall 9:30am to 1:30pm Saturday March 19th!


We will be attending the Saratoga Farmers' Market TOMORROW JAN 8th!! 9-1pm at the Wilton Mall.
Will have lots of fresh greens, spinach, kale, chard, carrots, beets, fingerling potatoes, fresh ginger and celery! See you there!

Photos from Pleasant Valley Farm's post 12/26/2021

Merry Christmas to all our family, friends, customers, and folks around the world! The photo out our bay window was from a few years ago but the tree photo was taken today! Sandy has collected Christmas ornaments most of her life and has hundreds from all her travels. Such fun to decorate the tree each year and reminisce (for those that fit on the tree!)
Wishing you all a wonderful holiday season filled with Joy and Love! We had a great day with our children and grandchildren here at the farm for a Christmas feast and sharing gifts. 🎄☃️

Photos from Pleasant Valley Farm's post 11/25/2021

Happy Thanksgiving to all our families, friends and customers around the world! We are thankful for all of you, for our health, for the beauty around us (especially the beach!)and for good food of course!
Robert, Paul and I are at The Villages just north of Orlando, Florida with my sister for the holiday and just finished an amazing Turkey feast with all the fixings. Birthday cake yet to come for Robert!
Wishing you all a fantastic day filled with many blessings!

Photos from Pleasant Valley Farm's post 10/21/2021

The farm has been busy harvesting many crops this month during these warm days which have been a great blessing. Sweet potatoes done and ginger crop is real nice!

🍽 🍷NOTE: Pleasant Valley Farm is being featured at an amazing “Collaborative Cuisine” 4 course meal at SUNY ADK’s SEASONED in Glens Falls on Friday Oct 22 at 6PM….The meal is prepared by the amazing SUNY ADK Chef Matt Bolton and his Culinary Arts students. A bargain and important community event for $55 per person. Please support it and come join Paul, Sandy and Robert for a delicious meal! Limited seating. Reservations: 🍽 🍷.


A beautiful day for our farm open house!
Come over if you want 4-7pm today!

Farm Feast for Grassland Birds 07/22/2021

Farm Feast for Grassland Birds

JOIN US August 1st for a wonderful dinner event on the farm to benefit the Grassland Bird Trust.
Tour the farm, meet fellow bird lovers, and enjoy a wonderful farm-to-table feast featuring fresh, locally grown products from PVF, Mack Brook Farm, Slyboro Ciderhouse, Battenkill Valley Creamery LLC and more!
Also includes a live bird of prey presentation! Seating limited!

Farm Feast for Grassland Birds Join us for a special farm-to-table feast! Hosted by Pleasant Valley Farm to benefit Grassland Bird Trust


We are at the Saratoga Farmers' Market TODAY ONLY with lots of our sweet strawberries! Will be last of them for us so go visit and say hi to Paul! Paul is near the corner across from our old stand. We have a spot at the market for the season and may appear now and then when we have surplus! Every week, you can order our produce direct through our store for Glens Falls and Saratoga:

Enjoy the weekend!


Lots of Mother’s Day specials on our store this week! Spring is kicking into high gear with ramps, fiddleheads, herb plants, rhubarb, edible violets, flowers and of course a full supply of fresh greens and produce!
We are also offering special one time items from Moby Rick’s Seafood such as fresh shrimp and 3 special seafood salads for your upcoming special weekend meals!

Check out our online store and get your order in before popular items are sold out!

We’ve also opened up a Monday pickup option in Glens Falls if you aren’t around Saturday!

Photos from Pleasant Valley Farm's post 04/22/2021

What fun spring weather on the farm today! Harvesting was interesting and we protected the flowering strawberries as best we could with temperatures expected to be in the mid 20’s tonight. Challenging but real pretty!

Photos from Pleasant Valley Farm's post 04/05/2021

HAPPY EASTER to all our customers, friends and family!

Photos from Pleasant Valley Farm's post 03/20/2021

Spring is popping in the greenhouse!

Photos from Pleasant Valley Farm's post 01/28/2021

Quite a contrast from one year ago as we celebrate Paul’s birthday today in snowy Argyle vs in New Zealand on the Viking cruise pre-Covid! Happy birthday to a special guy, my best friend, and amazing farmer! Hope to be cruising again soon. 🎂💕🎉

Pleasant Valley Farm updated their information in their About section. 01/25/2021

Pleasant Valley Farm updated their information in their About section.

Pleasant Valley Farm updated their information in their About section.


To all our friends, family, customers, employees, and people around the world....

Photos from Pleasant Valley Farm's post 12/19/2020

Happy...winter?! After receiving over 30” of snow on Thursday, we have dug ourselves out and managed to pack and prepare over 160 pre-orders/deliveries for Saturday AND enough produce for the Saratoga Saturday market at The Wilton Mall!
This is the only market we are attending this month (otherwise we are fully online order only) to help you stock up for the Holidays!
Make sure you stop in at the market and say help!

Photos from Pleasant Valley Farm's post 11/26/2020

Wishing all our family, friends, employees and customers a Happy Thanksgiving filled with great fun and good food. We give thanks for our many blessings this year as we celebrated a farm feast with Robert and Anne.
Still busy on the farm with projects but taking time to enjoy life!

Photos from Pleasant Valley Farm's post 11/21/2020

Big Thanksgiving spreads at the @saratogafarmersmarket and @gffarmersmarket today!! Stock up!

Photos from Pleasant Valley Farm's post 11/10/2020

We are finally digging the potatoes today, some of which still are not completely dead after 20 degrees!
If anyone has an hour to help on this beautiful afternoon, come on out!! We will work till sunset again!

Photos from Pleasant Valley Farm's post 10/31/2020

After a very cold night of 19 degrees, the frost was beautiful and now the sun is melting it off the crops. The high tunnels had the backup heaters running part of the night so the greens are fine! The markets were cold this morning and we thank all of those who came out... we sold out of the trucks part of the time! Next week both markets move inside and after long days of harvesting and protecting crops this week, we should continue to have a lot to offer at markets and for our online store/delivery. 😊
Happy Halloween to all and enjoy the extra hour of sleep tonight!! 🎃❄️🕰



MONSTER cauliflower! $12! Any takers?

Due to extreme cold and COVID-19 restrictions, we will be selling out our heated trucks at the Glens Falls and Saratoga markets this Saturday October 31st. Next week we will move inside hopefully at both markets.

What this means:

1. We will have a full supply of the staple vegetables and greens in the trucks, many pre-packed in grab and go style and we will take your order outside the truck and then pull it inside and hand out to you. How we do this exactly will be worked out at the market.

2. We are encouraging Pre-Orders through our online store if you get them in by 10AM FRIDAY OCTOBER 30TH! Link to store:

GLENS FALLS: you can order anything from our online store and pickup is at 50 Elm Street across from market parking lot

SARATOGA: you can ONLY order products that come from our farm (the name won't have any other vendor listed) and pickup will be at our truck. If unsure just ask or add the item and we will double check (just don't pay during checkout!).

PLEASE pre-pay for your orders through our store to help pickup process go quicker if you can. The pay later option is fine too, and allows us to make any changes without complicating the finances! You can login later and pay and we may send invoices direct as well that you can pay credit through. Of course all food programs accepted as payment at pickup like usual.

We are working to update the store with what we have available so best to check again or wait to place orders till early morning Friday!


Support something awesome and local at the 5th Annual Adirondack Film Festival this week!
This is an awesome event all designed for you to enjoy from the comfort of your own home for anyone interested in the some of the best independant and short films in the world!

They have been super helpful to our farm in providing a convenient pickup location at their office in Glens Falls this summer, so please go support them if you can this week!

Photos from Pleasant Valley Farm's post 10/03/2020

Cauliflower! Spinach! Fall is most certainly here and the bounty along with it!
Cauliflower and other seasonal fall crops won’t last long! Visit us at the Glens Falls Farmers’ Market and Saratoga Farmers' Market Saturday to grab some along with TONS of other fresh produce!


Prepping the tunnels for winter! Kale, chard and Asian greens first!


Tomatoes! Tomatoes! Tomatoes!
The time is now if you want canning tomatoes, bulk seconds, paste, heirloom, and cherry tomatoes! Hop on our online store and reserve yours if you want for markets Saturday!! Don’t wait!


Strawberry tips all stuck in trays and starting to root in to prepare for transplanting! Anyone ready for fresh 🍓 next June?!

Photos from Pleasant Valley Farm's post 08/15/2020

Busy weeks on the farm, but took time to get a few flower photos! We are grateful for our pond and endless supply of water as we irrigate almost every day to keep crops growing. Last photo is okra in case you haven’t seen how those monster plants grow!
Only 45 min left of the Saratoga Farmers' Market behind the Bon Ton if you didn’t go! Thanks for all the support from our customers in the area... we are still taking on new home delivery folks!

Timeline photos 08/07/2020

Garlic is all racked and stacked! Great harvest this year!

Timeline photos 08/05/2020

After the storm!

Driveways washed a little and we got 2.77” of rain, but otherwise all is well!


All setup for order packing with a full summer bounty!

Timeline photos 07/29/2020

Happily trellised tomatoes! With cooler weather in the forecast, we should start picking them soon!

Timeline photos 07/24/2020

Timeline photos 07/21/2020

Some evening swiss chard transplanting!


Over a week ago, a fellow farmer in our area, Jenn Ward, lost her arm in a haying accident and was airlifted to Albany Med. Most of you likely don't know her, but if you have some prayers or positive thoughts to spare, please send them her way. Jenn has been farming and in our local Sustainable Farmers’Network group since the 1990’s. There are going to be a lot of adjustments ahead for her and I’m sure she will get back to farming as soon as she can! Please consider helping with the finances of caring for her farm and purchasing a good prosthetic through the link below. And share this...
The Arnold Family

Fund Raiser UPDATE:

Timeline photos 06/27/2020

It’s pea season!! Won’t be around long so make sure you stop by the @gffarmersmarket and @saratogafarmersmarket and grab some!

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