Rescued Home Decor

Rescued Home Decor


Hello Jay, I won this at the fundraiser for Shawn. I'm one of Shawn's AOH brothers. Its really great piece. Now I just have to decide where to hang it.
Still not sure where I’m putting It yet, but I love It! Added some fairy lights for a little twinkle.
It fits perfectly over our sofa!
Sorry y'all, but I can make more
No questions, just get in here.
Your family and friends will thank you.
Custom, handmade, & one of a kinds
It's not to late.
Get out and get some handmade goodies.
This extended family team is awesome.
Stop by and visit the House of Red crew. I loved working with them during our Home Eclective days.
Shop small.
Shop One-of-a-kind
Swing on by for some amazing finds
Say what...
Great finds to start off your
, dare I say, holiday season...
Grub & home decor.

RESCUED: Unique, one-of-a-kind home decor pieces made from salvaged, discarded, & reclaimed materials

Jason Michael Designs HD - A lot of my inspiration comes from the appreciation I have for the artists and craftsmen who used their bare hands to create beautiful pieces. When I see a broken vintage or antique item destined for the dumpster I try to find a way to extend its life, to repurpose and reinvent it. I love telling the story of how my repurposed decor came to be and the previous life it ha

Photos from Rescued Home Decor's post 01/29/2023

Not to think too far ahead.... but I'll be available to make You some great custom stuff if all goes right!


Every GameDay I've been posting a throwback pic of an Eagles sign I've made. Let's keep the magic going today so I can continue.
Salvaged wood, stencil, & repurposed eagle door emblem


Always be a Batman. Always


Nail'd Art mini deerhead #2


Happy Saturday friends. I just got word recently that this beautiful table of mine was sold at Sycamore and Stone Farm over the past week. I'm hoping the buyer with the great taste can send me a picture once it is set in its new home. Thanks!!


Small cubbies and drawers always add a little bit extra to a space. Whether it's warmth or unexpectedness, it's just neat to see things even this simple- get repurposed
(If have a few items like this if you'd like to reach out)


Stencil #2
Drawn, cut & I'll do some fine-tuning once it gets set for the wood


Night vision. It's not fun trying to put in work, like this, in the dark.
C'mon Spring!!
Snow- you had your chance

Photos from Jeff Devlin's post 01/25/2023

Photos from Jeff Devlin's post


She's starting to take shape
Mini Nail'd Art


With the 3 mini deerheads I need to make for my commissioned pieces, I needed to draw a few new stencils. Here's one from the other evening


Here's one of the follow-up pictures of the carpenters cabinet that I'm turning into a hanging dry bar.


This is pretty awesome

✨Hot air balloon bedroom ❤️
Designer✏️:Anton Saveliev❤️


Lovely woodwork ❤

Content Creator:


Coming off of that Phila. Eagles high !!!
Bathroom framing & commissioned mini deerhead Nail'd Art


Throwback jawn. Salvaged panel from a vintage door with galvanized (plant) holder. I sold two of these as a set. Fun & easy build that makes a big statement


Look what I screenshot from IG.
That's a sweet Love sign hanging up at Sycamore and Stone Farm .This was a picture from their Ladies Night event last night.


Keeping it creative- like this guy's self-made basketball uniform. We had a nice end to the week with a 9yr old and 12yr old playing well in their basketball games and getting wins. Now Carson has his first practice- then it's back to two things this afternoon- kitchen & commissioned pieces. Happy Saturday


That wood, that window, that view

I love this house so much, the beautiful rustic beams, that peaceful view, what else could a country girl want? (Photo Credit: ) 💞🏡🌳🌾🚜🐓💛🧡🌿🌼
Best Voted Farmhouse Bags!! ☕🧡👜
Closing Sale! Rock Bottom Prices while they last!!!
Shop Now ➡️ ➡️

Photos from Becki Owens's post 01/20/2023

Photos from Becki Owens's post


Big Playoff game Saturday night.
Reclaimed window, cut to make the E.
Salvaged eagle emblem.
Dry-brushed Salvaged ply for backing.


Time to put this big boy back in the mix. Believe it or not, I purchased this from Philadelphia Salvage Co. about 5 years ago. It was a carpenters shop cabinet. My plan was a wall mount dry bar. I started working on it a few years ago, but never finished.
This year is the year!! Stay tuned


Boring coat and bag hooks can be just that... boring. Why not turn the basic into a cool eye-catching piece. Take a screenshot of this piece that I found online for inspiration!!


If you're looking for something cool to do in February in a beautiful setting

NEW CLASSES! Our February class schedule is up and running! Be sure to check out our new classes and register for some DIY fun!


Throwback to some great lighting I made a few years back.


Super cute

We made two totally different crafts tonight, but this one is stunning in person! I used leftover buttons and Totally Dazzled bling (even pieces from their appliques). I'll add links below! Thanks all who hung with took us a while! 😁

Photos from American Farmhouse Style's post 01/18/2023

Photos from American Farmhouse Style's post


I'm a lover of all things creative.
Check this out 01/17/2023

I don't know how some of you knew but I appreciate all the birthday wishes.
You guys are the best.


Kristen bought me these vintage corbels from Brandywine View Antiques a few years back. It's one way the ways I try to make our house a little different than others. This year, one of my resolutions is to get our house decorated more. We held back bc of having young children, but I think we can go full steam ahead now.


No fun builds today- But, the bathroom is starting to take shape


That is a killer focal wall/ headboard


Do you prefer white or colored kitchen cabinets?
We’re loving the pale sage green of the cabinets in the updated kitchen of ! They add color without being too much 👍️

Photos from Rescued Home Decor's post 01/14/2023

Panning out

Photos from West End Architectural Salvage & Coffee Shop's post 01/14/2023

This is insane


Had to share

Lovely sculpture in Belgium



Nothing to see here. Just taking apart a broken dresser. Carry on

Photos from Rescued Home Decor's post 01/12/2023

This is what I've been up to

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A little throwback love
Here's the transformation of the old school desk for the newbies. Have a great weekend!!
So whatcha think? I painted the vintage gold frame light gray, added a wood insert in off white,  then went to it with a...
Took Kristen to Wonderspaces last night. It was a really cool venue. Look it up.
Soooooo.... should I email them? Something seems kind of fishy #blackdawg
Throwback of the donation piece I made a few years ago. I ran online bidding for this sign. This was an outtake from whe...





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