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We're grateful to The Water Dr. LLC for donating a $1,000 challenge gift to Slate School's Giving Campaign. If we collect 20 more individual donations of any size to reach 150 total donations, Water Dr and a small group of Challenge Gift donors will collectively contribute $136,500 to Slate School. Please donate today to help us unlock these challenge gifts, which go directly to scholarships for the 89% of our students who receive significant financial aid.

As one of the most environmentally friendly schools in the country, Slate School has a robust water filter system which removes chlorine, any possible heavy metals, and any other potential contaminants. Water Dr LLC maintains our water system and also tests our water annually. We ensure a healthy environment for our students and staff.
John Cafferty & the Beaver Brown Band hitting the The Water Dr. LLC stage at the Chaz and AJ Dave McDermott Chevrolet David McDermott Lexus of New Haven Toy Drive 🎤👏 Stop by Jordan's Furniture in New Haven to donate and see the rest of the live show.

Thanks to our partners at LeClaire Heating & Air Conditioning and Connecticut In-Home Assistance
BEWARE!!! some of the employees are incompetent (no common sense) after installing a new pump and water tank they left a old leaking tank in the system! of course with a new pump the pressure was greater and the leaking increased damaging furniture and carpeting, when I called to complained I was told " we didn't remove it because it wasn't our tank" WTF! (when they were installing the new pump & tank it was requested they remove the old tank, they said Oh! that's a big deal to do we need to drill the bottom of the tank to get the water out! BS! there is a drain on the bottom of the tank!
And then this happened - chicken hid under The Water Dr. LLC truck and rode all the way from Oxford to the shop in Ansonia and arrived unscathed! Be careful for animals hiding under your vehicles or in the engine compartment during this cold spell...
Had the Water Dr. crew out at my house last Saturday for a new system to be installed,👍 I will say that Matt and Eddie are great guys and explain everything that they are doing and the craftsmanship is great. My water quality and pressure is awesome. Thank You the whole team at The Water Dr. These ARE the people to call for your water needs.
Well, well well Jc it always pay's to shop around. see what I did here kid's Kira, Randall and Lizz that was a pun ;)

Greco & Haines here in Orange wanted 5k + to come here with a backhoe and take down my beautiful old wishing well here on The Compound because it was "the only way this job could be completed" well this not being an option they were not used and instead We within just a few hours had The Water Dr. LLC here and everything replaced giving the House water once again WITHOUT having to tear down my Well, or tear up the lawn and with NO backhoe.

Amazing work gentleman I thank you very much and will make sure to spread your name around. Once again, that was The Water Dr. LLC who can be found at the official website or go to 488 E Main St, Ansonia, CT 06401 to talk to them personally and tell them you heard about them here.
Matt and his colleagues are excellent. We had an issue with our water quality which they resolved with great service. Appointments are kept at the times promised, work explained and completed as promised. Only the highest recommendation for The Water Dr.
Just had Dennis and Matt come by. We had no water last night. An hour after arrival, we are good to go. Water Dr. was again responsive. Very appreciated.
We have used the Water Doctor for years and the professionalism of both Rick, Matt and all the staff are unsurpassed. We experienced a flood in our basement recently and Rick diagnosed a broken water pipe caused by freeze. He responded almost immediately and pinpointed the problem. Thank you to Joey who did quick and concise work and cleanup doing inside and outside work in the evening. Every one whom we have met is cordial, caring and professional. A++++
Hi there.. I live in Woodbury, CT, have a well, and hydro-air heating system, so if we lose water, we lose heat too, heh... Recently (about 2-3 months ago), our water has started pulsating.. WHOOOOOOSH, whoooooosh, WHOOOOOOSH, whooooosh, WHOOOOOSH, wooooosh... etc.. and is not just from any particular faucet or room in the house.. it does it throughout the whole entire house... all faucets, toilets, showers, dishwasher, etc etc... Is this just air in our lines somewhere??? No air pockets spit/sputter at all from any water source in the house, water is steady.. just pulsates.. and seems to be getting a little worse, i.e. pressure is going lower on the whooooosh than originally... Any ideas??? What do you think it could be??? Is it a pump issue? House was built brand new in 2005 - never had any issues until a few months ago... Please feel free to contact me directly via PM or email at: diablo DOT help AT gmail DOT com --- Thank you Sir! -Lew
These guys are Great!! Called at 7ish in the morning, and was told that they would juggle the appointments around and fit me in (I had no water at all). Matt pulled up at around 11am and was finished at around 1pm. Fast friendly service with Mom & Pop prices!! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!!
We are at the Chaz and AJ Dave McDermott Chevrolet Toy Drive! Watch Comedian Dave Riley roast some mayors of CT on the The Water Dr. LLC stage! Also thanks to Bankwell! Bring a new, unwrapped toy and come join us at Jordan's Furniture in New Haven! You can also donate at Broadcasting live until 10am.

Water Dr. LLC is Connecticut based company. Experts well pump replacement and servicing. Also specia We are locally owned and a family business.

Serving all of Connecticut, we repair, replace, service all well water equipment. Well water pumps and all filtration systems. 24 Hour emergency service, no matter what time or day. The owner will always be the one to answer your call!

How Water Filtration Systems Extend Your Appliances' Lifespan 08/22/2023

Water is an essential element in our daily lives, powering a wide range of household appliances that make our routines more convenient. However, the quality of the water you use can significantly impact the lifespan and efficiency of these appliances.

In our latest blog, we'll explore how water filtration systems play a crucial role in extending the lifespan of your appliances.

How Water Filtration Systems Extend Your Appliances' Lifespan Explore how water filtration systems enhance appliance lifespan. Learn how clean water improves efficiency and prevents wear and tear.


Experience the expertise of our team in solving well pump issues. We understand how inconvenient water supply disruptions can be, which is why we work swiftly and efficiently to restore it to its full functionality.


If your well tank is approaching or has exceeded its expected lifespan, it's important to consider replacement to avoid unexpected disruptions to your water source.


Dealing with a malfunctioning well pump can be frustrating, especially when your water supply is at stake. Here are some steps to take if your well pump stops working, helping you troubleshoot the issue and potentially restore your water source:

Signs of Well Pump Troubles 08/13/2023

Don't let well pump issues derail your water supply! Stay ahead of problems and fix them fast with these crucial warning signs. Whether you're a well pump pro or just getting started, knowing what to look out for can save you time, money, and headaches.

Signs of Well Pump Troubles Stay informed and take swift action to ensure a smooth and reliable water flow in your home.

How Does a Water Filtration System Work? | 08/08/2023

Unlock the secret behind water filtration systems. Discover how these systems enhance the safety and flavor of your tap water, and gain insight into the various filter options on the market today.

How Does a Water Filtration System Work? | Water Filtration Systems Explained Are you concerned about the quality of your drinking water? Are there too many impurities or contaminants getting in and ...


Experience the luxury of soft, silky water that pampers your skin and protects your appliances. Our elite water softeners eliminate minerals and impurities for a more delightful taste, vibrant laundry, and extended appliance lifespan. Don't wait, book your installation today and indulge in the perks of pristine water at home.


Protect your family's safety and well-being with our radon mitigation services. Water Dr. is here to shield your loved ones from potential hazards, ensuring peace of mind in a healthy home environment.

Upgrading Your Well Tank: When is it Time to Invest in a New Model? 07/28/2023

Discover the six unmistakable signs that it's time to replace your well tank. Say goodbye to unreliable water supply and regain consistent performance.

Upgrading Your Well Tank: When is it Time to Invest in a New Model? Stay informed and ensure a consistent water supply by discovering when to take the next step in upgrading your well tank.


Experience a sudden water shortage? Don't worry, our expert plumbers are available 24/7! With years of experience in well pump installation and repair, we'll have your well up and running in no time.


Thank you so much for the review, Luis! Our team will always be here for you, no matter what time of day or night.


Whether it's a sudden or ongoing issue, give us a call and we'll take care of your low water pressure in no time.

Signs of Well Pump Troubles 07/18/2023

Don't suffer from sputtering faucets or unpredictable water pressure! Learn how to recognize the warning signs and take action to ensure a continuous flow of smooth water in your home.

Signs of Well Pump Troubles Stay informed and take swift action to ensure a smooth and reliable water flow in your home.


Don't stress about well pump problems! Choose Water Dr. LLC to take care of it for you. Our experts will quickly assess the situation and provide exceptional service, so you can have peace of mind knowing your system is in good hands.


Is your well water safe for you and your family? It may contain harmful minerals and heavy metals that can damage your pipes and appliances. Let Water Dr. LLC test your water and ensure your filtration system is working properly.


Embrace these water-saving tips to make a difference:


If you're struggling with low water pressure or volume, it might be time to get your well tank looked at. Water Dr. LLC in Connecticut is your go-to for well tank replacement and repair. Don't let a simple issue like this affect your daily routine – get in touch with us today.

The Benefits of a Home Water Filtration System | 07/08/2023

Water is a fundamental aspect of our daily lives, needed for everything from staying hydrated to cooking and cleaning. However, despite treatment, tap water can contain harmful contaminants like bacteria, chlorine, aluminum, pesticides, and herbicides. The solution to this issue is simple: install a whole-home water filtration system to guarantee the purity of the water you use every day.

The Benefits of a Home Water Filtration System | 5 Benefits of a Home Water Filtration System From staying hydrated to cooking and cleaning, water is an essential part of our lives. Unfortunately, even aft ...


Happy Independence Day! We hope everyone has a wonderful and safe 4th of July. 🎇


Protect your family from harmful radon exposure with our expert mitigation services. Our customized solutions address every area of your home to ensure the safety and health of your loved ones. Trust our skilled professionals to provide the right treatment for every aspect of your household.


Summer Well Maintenance Tips | 06/30/2023

If you utilize a well system, educate yourself on how to maintain it. Water Dr. LLC's team of water technicians has compiled a list of summer well maintenance tips to help you ensure your well system is working correctly.

Summer Well Maintenance Tips | Tips to Maintain Your Well During the Summer Your home’s plumbing should always be taken care of properly. If you have a well system, you should consider un ...


Say goodbye to faded clothes caused by hard water. Water Dr. has the solution you need to keep your wardrobe looking vibrant and new. Our experts can provide you with a reliable and trusty water softener system that will do the trick.

Learn more about our water softener services here:


Thank you so much, Devin! If you ever run into any well issues in the future, don't hesitate to reach out to us.


Need emergency assistance? We're available 24/7, 365 days a year. You can rely on our prompt response, any day, any time!

Maintaining Your Water Filtration System: Tips for Longevity and Efficiency 06/20/2023

Your water filtration system is the key to clean and healthy drinking water for you and your loved ones. We have some essential maintenance tips to keep your water running smoothly.

Maintaining Your Water Filtration System: Tips for Longevity and Efficiency Discover essential tips for maintaining your water filtration system. Learn how to ensure optimal performance, extend its lifespan, and enjoy clean, healthy water at home.


Happy Father's Day! Today, we honor and celebrate all the dads and father figures who guide and inspire us along the way. Join us in recognizing and thanking these amazing individuals for their unwavering love and support.


Get access to clean and refreshing water with Water Dr. LLC! Our professional team guarantees the best quality filtration system installation for your home. Enjoy tastier and healthier water from now on.

Learn more about our services on our site:


From small changes in your daily routine to smart upgrades, you can do your part in saving water at home.


Looking for a free quote for your next water quality project? Look no further than Water Dr.! Don't hesitate, make your request today and don't delay the start of your project.


Effective Ways To Save Water At Home | 06/08/2023

Did you know that small changes in our daily routine can make a big difference in conserving our planet's most precious resource? Let's work together to conserve water and protect our planet for future generations.

Effective Ways To Save Water At Home | Best Practices to Reduce Water Usage In today’s world, many of us strive for an eco-friendly lifestyle to protect our planet by conserving natural resources ...


| Wow! Thank you so much, Annemarie. We're so happy to hear you were satisfied with our team's service. We hope to assist you again in the future!


Don't let a failing well tank disrupt your water supply! Our expert technicians are here to provide reliable well tank installation, repair, and replacement services to keep your water flowing smoothly. Contact us today to schedule an appointment and ensure that your well tank is operating at peak performance.


Say goodbye to hard water and hello to soft, silky H2O that's gentle on your skin and appliances! Our top-of-the-line water softeners can remove minerals and impurities from your water, resulting in better-tasting H2O, brighter clothes, and longer-lasting appliances. Contact us now to schedule your installation and enjoy the benefits of clean water in your home.

How Long Do Water Softeners Last? | 05/31/2023

Are you wondering how long water softeners last? The lifespan of a water softener can vary depending on factors such as usage, maintenance, and water hardness.

How Long Do Water Softeners Last? | What You Need to Know About the Lifespan of a Water Softener Hard water affects almost 90% of homes in the United States. Whether you’re dealing with hard w ...


On this Memorial Day, let's take the time to show appreciation and gratitude for those brave individuals who gave their lives defending our country.


Struggling with a lack of water pressure? You're not alone! It could be the result of several factors, from mineral build-up to blockages in your pipes. Uncovering and dealing with these issues can often solve this pesky problem.


If you're concerned about radon in your home, contact Water Dr. LLC to schedule a test and learn about your mitigation options.

Upgrading Your Well Tank: When is it Time to Invest in a New Model? 05/23/2023

Is it time to upgrade your well tank? If you're experiencing low water pressure, frequent pump cycling, or unusual noises coming from your system, it might be time to invest in a new well tank.

Upgrading Your Well Tank: When is it Time to Invest in a New Model? Stay informed and ensure a consistent water supply by discovering when to take the next step in upgrading your well tank.


Upgrade your water quality today with our state-of-the-art water filtration system! Say goodbye to harmful impurities and enjoy clean, refreshing water straight from the tap. Contact us now to schedule your installation and take the first step toward a healthier home!


By staying on top of filter replacements, you can ensure that your water filtration system continues to provide clean, safe drinking water for you and your family.

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Water Dr. LLC is a proud sponsor of the Mike Lapitino Golf Tournament for past 7 years. This is for a great cause- helpi...
Iron finally killed this pump. Weston, CT #weston #goulds #wellwater #wellpump #waterdr
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Happy customer with fire hose pressure. Naugatuck, CT
Naugatuck, CTNaugatuck PatchCustomer very happy with pressure.
New pump ready to go. Moodus.
Moodus, CT
When needed, we will be there for you. Customer lost water late last night- got our guys there and the boom- had water b...
@East Hampton, CTSunday, On Call, Emergency NO WATER. Decided to bring Sawyer the puppy to the job. After Pulling out 55...
Dirty job.
Cold out today!



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