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At Smith Printing Company we offer a variety of book printing services for your creative writing projects. Our business is about helping people create their own books.

We will help you create a book you will be proud of. Whether you need 1000 copies of your project or only 1, we are excited about the opportunity to serve you!

- Book Printing Service for Writers
- Special Book Writing Package for Children
- Family History Books
- Photo Editing and Restoration
- Yearbooks
- Book Binding Services
- Hot Foil Stamping

Operating as usual


"Customer service defines this company" says Elaine McDermott about her experience with Smith Printing! We were proud to print this beautiful cookbook for her.


I would like to share a personal item this Christmas season. A long time ago my family inherited a small book called The Story Of The Other Wise Man from my grandfather...


We offer many different book printing and book binding options to our customers. Elizabeth chose to have a custom hard cover binding for her project and was very happy with the service and final product she received!


Helping people print books that capture life experiences to share with future generations is one of our favorite things! This book was about growing up on a farm.


Kandy and her daughters have a family owned publishing company run by two generations of women who believe stories matter! During a time of isolation she wrote a book where the story provides opportunities to find happiness. They sent us a nice card expressing their thanks for our assistance in producing "Red Was Blue."
Read about her experience and where to buy her book!


Book signing in Wisconsin!
Irene is an author that wrote about her hometown of Greenwood Wisconsin. The book has been very popular and she stated, “The books have been well received with all 300 of her initial order going quickly.” We have even received phone calls at Smith Printing from individuals praising the quality of the book! Starting with notebooks full of information, and little help, she was able to transform it all into book form. As mentioned in the Medford Star News, she hopes the book serves as a resource for families with roots in the Greenwood area. I’m sure she had a lot of fun at her book signing!


Family history books are one of the most popular types of books we regularly print at Smith Printing Company. The Burns family has printed two books with us commemorating their own family history. They sent us a nice handwritten note stating their experience with Smith Printing...


It may be the middle of a hot summer but customers are still feeling like it’s Christmas! Opening boxes of your printed books can be a great experience, Teresa shared hers:


Smith Printing goes to Washington!
These books went to the White House to commemorate the 70th anniversary of the Presidential Food Service...take a look at the book here:


Even as a small family run business we have customers all over the country and world! Good packaging and planning ensure that a great book project gets delivered successfully. Thank you Bob and Colleen for your kind words:


Well it may be the middle of June but it was like Christmas for Anne! She created a fun dog themed book and was delighted with the result...


This week's customer feedback story is about an author that wrote a book containing a collection of stories and interviews. Her book contained a history of the families and church of a small town in northern Wisconsin...


Just in time for the fishing opener! Here is a fun book about kids learning to fish...


Every book printing project is different…authors often share their deepest passions with the world through their creative works. Christie had Smith Printing produce her book about Sully the rescue dog. It has been a busy time but a great journey!

More about her experience and where to buy the book:


Kim came to us with a book project that he had originally completed in digital form only. He had his daughter help with cover design and Terri at Smith Printing assisted in formatting the book. There were also some friends that helped push him over the finish line! He sent an email sharing a Facebook post detailing his experience:


When Ann Sawyer had her book printed by Smith Printing Company that was just the beginning of her journey. Since then she has had a public reading of her book, received a great professional review and created her own YouTube video!


As a book printer we know there are many options out there to choose from. We believe that we not only produce a great product but provide great service as well. One of our recent customers had an experience with a very large book printing company and had this to say…


One of the ways we find out how we are doing is by sending out customer feedback surveys once we have completed a book printing or book binding project. Thank you Tawnia for taking the time to let us know about your experience with Smith Printing!


Guiding you through the book binding maze…
Many of our book binding customers have never done a project like this before. We can guide you through the process so you look like a pro!


We recently had the honor of helping Barbara print a family history book for her granddaughter Alex who was missing her father...


One of our published authors has taken her love of books to the next level! She has opened a book store called the Book Nook, located in Delano Minnesota.


Susie came to us with her family book printing project because she experienced good customer service right from the start. We are glad she was very satisfied with her printed and bound books!


This has been a year different than any other most of us can remember. Fear and uncertainty have been the main headlines. We have not been able to be as close as we would like to those dear to us for comfort and encouragement. And yet during this darkness a light is shining upon the world this Christmas season reminding us that there is still hope and joy in the world! We celebrate a God who sent His son Jesus to be our Savior over 2000 years ago. I love watching the "A Charlie Brown Christmas" story because Linus reminds us, "this is what Christmas is all about!" Merry Christmas everyone!


When you add pictures to your book you should have a basic understanding about the different types of digital graphics used in publishing. Pictures that look great on your computer may not look good at all when printed on paper. The first step is to understand the two basic categories of graphics; raster and vector.


There is certainly so much to be thankful for this year! 2020 has been such a different year than we could have ever imagined. We at Smith Printing have been blessed to have had so many wonderful customers this year. Our customers come from many locations and I can see that people are doing everything they can to keep their families, friendships and this country going strong. Jody recently worked with us on her book publishing project and gave us these encouraging words…
...and yes I used Cooper Black's just so warm and friendly!


Ron already had some experience with book publishing when he went looking for another solution. Despite all the limitations of the current virus climate he was able to receive exactly what he wanted...
I used an old favorite font in the image, can you guess?


All of us at some point had to learn how to drive a car. Learning how to publish your own book can be much easier than that, and certainly safer! Many of our customers have little or no experience at all. We have been helping people with their book projects for over 20 years and still enjoy helping you understand the process...


On our home page we say, “Whether you need 1000 copies of your project or only one, we are excited about the opportunity to serve you!” This was one of the instances where we printed 1,000 copies of the book...
Also, can anyone guess the font we used in the picture?


One of the questions we always ask our customers is, “Why did you decide to produce your book printing project with us?” Two of the most common answers are, “lowest price” and “best customer service.” We have found...


Dan actually started his book publishing journey with another company and found himself stranded, looking for answers. He called on Smith Printing company to help rescue the project and bring it back home safe and sound!


A big family tree makes for a great book.
This large family was looking for a way to capture more than 180 years of history in a printed book…


Nicole was looking for a nice gift to help a family member through a time of life transition. The books turned out to be a perfect idea!




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Smith Printing is a book binding and printing company. We create beautifully bound books for Writers, yearbooks for schools, Family History books etc. We also do photo editing and restoration as well as hot foil stamping.

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