CPD, Inc.

CPD, Inc.


really sorry to see CPD go and i know i am looking for a new dist. as Medart sucks they have changed my discount rates and jacked up the shipping costs and no longer ship same day. With cpd if the order was in by 4 it shipped that day not now so getting parts next day are gone and so am I. I will buy from Oscar Wilson and Stens. I have been buying parts from CPD for almost 20 years to bad it has to end this way
I used to work for Strikemaster when it was still in Big lake. Is there any way to still buy parts through you?
Hello! If you are a fan of CPD, then there is no doubt that you will enjoy our affordable high-quality products! Check out and like our page today to follow up with all of our awesome deals!
Enginemasters Inc. is ready for all your Kohler EFI repairs and diagnostics!
Troy-Bilt said we were suppose to get info from you fine folks about the 3 stage snow-blowers. Is that true?
When is the Columbia Outdoor Power Equipment coming into play?
Good job for picking up on my idea to try and liven up your page. Kudos
you guys need liven up your page. Don't just read social media, be a part of it, and use it.
Very good inventory
Your quote by Paolo Cohelo on your email is coincidental to me as on this Friday I'll be in a show at my church based on a book by the same guy ,called Warrior of the Light.
Tip of the day Fuel Recommendations
WARNING: Explosive Fuel!
Gasoline is extremely flammable and its vapors can explode if
ignited. Before servicing the fuel system, make sure there are no
sparks, open flames or other sources of ignition nearby as these
can ignite gasoline vapors. Disconnect and ground the spark
plug leads to prevent the possibility of sparks from the ignition
General Recommendations
Purchase gasoline in small quantities and store in clean,
approved containers. A container with a capacity of 2
gallons or less with a pouring spout is recommended.
Such a container is easier to handle and helps eliminate
spillage during refueling.
Do not use gasoline left over from the previous season,
to minimize gum deposits in your fuel system and to
ensure easy starting.
Do not add oil to the gasoline.
Do not overfill the fuel tank. Leave room for the fuel to
Fuel Type
For best results, use only clean, fresh, unleaded gasoline
with a pump sticker octane rating of 87 or higher. In
countries using the Research method, it should be 90
octane minimum.
Unleaded gasoline is recommended as it leaves less
combustion chamber deposits and reduces harmful
exhaust emissions. Leaded gasoline is not
recommended and must not be used on EFI engines, or
on other models where exhaust emissions are
Gasoline/Alcohol blends
Gasohol (up to 10% ethyl alcohol, 90% unleaded
gasoline by volume) is approved as a fuel for Kohler
engines. Other gasoline/alcohol blends are not
Gasoline/Ether blends
Methyl Tertiary Butyl Ether (MTBE) and unleaded
gasoline blends (up to a maximum of 15% MTBE by
volume) are approved as a fuel for Kohler engines.
Other gasoline/ether blends are not approved.
On vacation in San Diego...they were cutting lawn here today!

CPD is an small engine, parts, & lawn & garden equipment distributor in Anoka, MN. We represent Koh We have been in business since 1985.

We are a lawn & garden equipment, parts & small engine distributor located in Anoka, MN. We carry over 40 product lines.


WIth summer winding down, be sure to talk to your TM about great fall products.


We are shipping your orders the same day they are received.

CPD Online 07/12/2018

CPD Online

CPD is hiring! Go to www.cpdonline.com and click on the Employment link. We can't wait to hear from you!

CPD Online


CPD has a goal to ship orders sent to us the same day. Since May 22, 2018 we have not achieved that goal. Our goals have not changed or been altered. We expect to be back to same day shipping Wednesday June 13, 2018.


Happy Memorial Day!


CPD will be closed on Monday, May 28th for Memorial Day.

WSO orders will be honored on Friday, May 25th or Tuesday, May 29th. Just mark your order WSO.

Have a safe and Happy Memorial Day weekend!

Kohler 05/15/2018


Yes, we make reliable power products (like engines and generators), but anybody can say that. At Kohler, every engine we make is designed to help you achieve more than you imagined.

Your job, your earnings, your time — that’s what matters most. That’s why we’re maniacally obsessed with making great engines. They have to work — or you don’t. You’ll only get as far as your engine can take you. That’s why it has to be a KOHLER.

Built to last since 1920, KOHLER engines have been battled-tested at the South Pole, Hoover Dam, WWII and victory lane. And today, we power the toughest equipment in the commercial world. From heavy construction to lawn and landscape, the pros count on KOHLER.

Every KOHLER engine is meticulously quality-tested start to finish. Our engineering team runs tens of thousands of hours of performance tests during our design process. Everything’s examined — down to the bolt.

Once the engine design passes our inspection, it’s ready for production. But before it leaves our factory, we put it through the paces one more time. The result is total reliability.

We are agents of change. A company of fearless thinkers driven to do everything better. And we have the pedigree to prove it.

EFI (Electronic Fuel Injection)
We created the world’s first EFI engines for lawn mowers 20 years ago and now offer more EFI engines than any other brand.

KDI (Kohler Direct Injection)
We built the world's first Tier 4 diesel engine (KOHLER Diesel KDI) without a DPF. This revolutionary engine provides operators with a Tier 4 final solution and significantly lower operating costs.

With 13,000 dealers worldwide, we provide the help you need any time, anywhere. And we’re not afraid to go above and beyond to make sure you’re taken care of. There’s no part we can’t get, no question we can’t answer.

TruFuel Products 05/15/2018

The perfect fuel for all 2-cycle, air cooled engines requiring a 50:1 or 40:1 mix. Premixed & ready to use gasoline formulated with synthetic oil, a fuel stabilizer, and ethanol-free gasoline.

2-cycle fuel often becomes stale and contaminated after repeated opening of the storage container. If not mixed properly, according to original equipment manufacturer recommendations, excess smoke; plug fouling and short engine life can be expected.

Synthetic oil, mixed at the correct ratio, with the correct octane, and ethanol-free gasoline ensures better lubrication, reduces smoke, minimizes engine deposits, and extends engine life. .

Available in straight gas for 4-cycle engines as well. A great item for fire departments and other government agencies.

Available to all CPD customers.


We are back up and running! We thank you for your patience 😊


We have experienced a power outage at our MN facility that has affected our phones and E-Zone. We are working to get back up as soon as we can.

Proven Power Recruits Veterans for Service Team 05/09/2018

Proven Power Recruits Veterans for Service Team

Way to go Proven Power! Not only for supporting our Veterans, but for thinking and looking outside the box for quality employees.

Proven Power Recruits Veterans for Service Team Proven Power Inc., a Wisconsin-based John Deere dealership, is trying new ways to find employees, including seeking out veterans for their technical expertise as well as those from outside the industry who have a strong customer service background.



This is SO cool! Talk to your CPD TM about EGO equipment today!

EGO on Twitter 05/02/2018

EGO on Twitter

Are you on board with EGO? Contact your CPD TM today to find out more info and schedule a demo.
Available through us in MN, ND, SD, & WI only

EGO on Twitter “Spring is here so now’s the time to get your yard ready for warmer weather. Wondering which tools will help you power through all your outdoor chores? Check out this review of EGO POWER+ tools from https://t.co/6e9O4kBxtR”


The May edition of the CPD Power Source Newsletter is up on E-Zone!

The High Performance Manager: Good & Bad Managers 04/30/2018

The High Performance Manager: Good & Bad Managers

Brilliant tips on good vs. bad management. How many of these do you identify with? https://t.co/EDR3cXMFD8

The High Performance Manager: Good & Bad Managers Bob Clements of Bob Clements International leads a discussion at a recent Management Boot Camp about what sets a good manager apart from a bad manager.

Reducing Friction 04/30/2018

Reducing Friction

Thoughts and suggestions on the changing landscape of consumer buying habits. https://t.co/JtAg3Jruw2

Reducing Friction The topic of the “Amazon Effect” came up during a recent conversation with our dealer advisory board. This refers to the impact the digital marketplace has on the traditional business model regarding consumer expectations and the new competitive landscape, according to a story posted on Millenia...

PET Magazine on Twitter 04/18/2018

PET Magazine on Twitter

EETC testing to get easier in the future!


PET Magazine on Twitter “EETC Votes For Online Testing https://t.co/rWzwXdVzpD”

OPEI on Twitter 04/18/2018

OPEI on Twitter

Free education materials on safe fueling from


OPEI on Twitter “Outdoor power equipment, powersports, and boat dealers - get free education materials on safe fueling. Social media copy, downloadable fact sheets, and more. New users - type your email address and choose a password. https://t.co/m8LMig0Ldz

KOHLER Power on Twitter 04/17/2018

KOHLER Power on Twitter

Work hard, play hard!

KOHLER Power on Twitter “If you want the kind of hardworking, hassle-free equipment the pros use, you’re in the right place. Learn more about our professional-grade engines: https://t.co/Ma7WdSnZPe”

Green Industry Pros on Twitter 04/17/2018

Green Industry Pros on Twitter

Great question!

Green Industry Pros on Twitter “Leverage your and to establish a rapport with your , and as a result, acquire repeat customers. https://t.co/CcrQef2FHg”


RuralLifestyleDealer on Twitter

Do you have a succession plan? Let us know!

RuralLifestyleDealer on Twitter “Who Will Take Over? More than 1/3 of the dealers in a recent RLD poll say they plan to retire in the next 5 years and our succession expert, Rex Collins, says succession planning should begin 10 years before the owner plans to retire. https://t.co/iVSmnoldNn”

Green Industry Pros on Twitter 04/12/2018

Green Industry Pros on Twitter

How are you preparing for a predicted bullish sales season in 2018? Comment below to let us know!

Green Industry Pros on Twitter “ equipment are bullish about in 2018, but how should dealers get equipped to maximize the boom? https://t.co/tSLXIPZcPK”

RuralLifestyleDealer on Twitter 04/12/2018

RuralLifestyleDealer on Twitter

We have had the pleasure of working with for a brief one day seminar. We can't imagine how many areas he can cover in a 2-day boot camp! https://t.co/G30pjHrRE3

RuralLifestyleDealer on Twitter “New Video Series: Management Boot Camp by Bob Clements International - Bob Clements International's Management Boot Camp is a two-day event that covers six critical areas dealers need to master to be a high performance manager. https://t.co/HNfLJnAmM2”

Marty Grunder! on Twitter 04/12/2018

Marty Grunder! on Twitter

A simple but POWERFUL reminder! https://t.co/l7CCGPJiaR

Marty Grunder! on Twitter “A-Men! https://t.co/y2iwTtYIdu”

EDA on Twitter 04/10/2018

EDA on Twitter

What a great way to help educate the future of our industry! https://t.co/NW34KpLbHE

EDA on Twitter “Just 3 weeks left to submit your application for the Equipment Dealers Foundation scholarship! https://t.co/osNRVAdG3m”

Landscape Management on Twitter 04/10/2018

Landscape Management on Twitter

What powers you?

Landscape Management on Twitter “Product of the Day: Command PRO EFI 999cc with ETB Technology. https://t.co/76KJpUUucr

2018 Dealership Minds Summit 04/09/2018

2018 Dealership Minds Summit


2018 Dealership Minds Summit The annual Dealership Minds Summit will be held July 24-25, 2018, in Iowa City, Iowa. Get more details on registration and hotel reservations below.


The High Performance Manager: Critical Job Functions


The High Performance Manager: Critical Job Functions Bob Clements of Bob Clements International leads a discussion at a recent Management Boot Camp about a manager's critical job functions, which include developing processes, hiring the right people, and measuring, monitoring and adjusting.

RuralLifestyleDealer on Twitter 04/09/2018

RuralLifestyleDealer on Twitter

Great advice! Especially as we wait for the spring season to fully start, morale can get low. Read on for tips on how to keep it up! https://t.co/XTvKvEuTR3

RuralLifestyleDealer on Twitter “3 Ways to Boost Morale in Your Dealership: Executive coach Ashley Stahl believes that small gestures can inspire employees and management. The effect of a simple gesture will improve your relationships with employees and inspire them to do the same. https://t.co/dKZ3BIi5UH”

Dealer Marketing Strategies 04/05/2018

Dealer Marketing Strategies

Free E-Guide on Marketing for Dealers from Rural Lifestyle Dealer https://t.co/I09huC9XyX

Dealer Marketing Strategies Now is the time to drive more business to YOUR dealership through more effective marketing.


Do You Have a Business Plan?
Read our article in the April edition of the CPD Power Source Newsletter and let us know!

In Command with Electronic Fuel Injection 04/03/2018

In Command with Electronic Fuel Injection

Darn right we're in COMMAND!

In Command with Electronic Fuel Injection KOHLER integrated an electronic throttle body into its Command PRO electronic fuel injection 999cc engine.

Differentiating the Dealership from the Competition 04/03/2018

Differentiating the Dealership from the Competition

Are you selling propane powered equipment? If so, comment below with what brand and how it's going for you.

Differentiating the Dealership from the Competition Selling propane equipment can help outdoor power equipment dealers grow their customer base and stand out from the competition.

Our Story

Founded in 1985, Central Power Distributors, Inc. (CPD, Inc.) immediately impacted the marketplace with its determination to provide the best customer service in the industry. With the industry’s need for a results-driven distribution partnership, manufacturers immediately recognized the ability of Central Power Distributors, Inc. (CPD, Inc.) to add value and flexibility to the engine market customers. Always geared for success, in a short time CPD began leading the distribution industry as the first choice supplier of quality air-cooled engines to the Original Equipment Manufacturers including nationally recognized names as Associate Engineering, Coleman/Sanborn, Crary, Goodall, Dosko, Boss Industries, Grainger, Ingersoll, Northern Tool Manufacturing, MBW, Minuteman, C.F Struck, Schweiss, Tennant, Toro, Turfco, Wacker, W.S. Darley, Winco and others.

1994 saw an expansion of our customer base to include the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, eastern two thirds of Wisconsin, northern half of Illinois, and the northwestern corner of Indiana. Service to this area of responsibility is provided by our distribution center located in Menomonee Falls Wisconsin.

In 1999 we expanded our customer base to include the remainder of Indiana and Michigan, as added Kentucky and Ohio. Service to this new area of responsibility was provided by our distribution center that was located in Dayton Ohio. Unfortunately, with Platinum Equity Group’s decision to discontinue the production of Tecumseh branded engines in 2009, this location was closed.

In October of 2005 we became the Central Distributor for the MTD Consumer Group. We aquired Hance Companies and preparedourselves for the expansion of our core business within the Outdoor Power Equipment industry.

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