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Malzahn Law, Ltd. is a personal injury law firm in Anoka, Minnesota. For more information go to our website at The law firm of Malzahn Law, Ltd.

has devoted its practice exclusively to representing victims of injury accidents for over 30 years. We have experience helping people injured in car accidents, semi-truck accidents, wrongful death cases, no-fault law, premises liability claims, and dog bite cases. Most people, when injured, find themselves struggling to contend with insurance companies, medical bills, wage loss, etc. The injury te

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[07/16/21]   Mark and I received this letter from a former client the other day. We got her permission and had to post it. This is why we do the work we do, to help people in their time of need.

Dear Mark & Kay:

I have written and rewritten this letter to you many times over. I cannot begin to say the words to tell you how grateful I am for your help with my case over the last few years.

I could be in a different place had I not chose your law firm. In the last few years, I went through some very trying circumstances. You never left my side and you gave me hope that someday it would be settled.

I have no idea how many other cases you were working on during this time, but you never let me feel like I was too much to handle. I cannot express how much that helped me feel like I mattered while everything around me was so uncertain.

I had major life changes and many of them were out of my control. From losing my mom to losing the ability to gain employment that was my life before the accident. I had to overcome obstacles mentally, physically and emotionally. All of which were difficult to deal with.

Your "bedside manner" is what I would call it, was calm and reassuring. There were many tears that you never saw and times when I felt I couldn't do it anymore, but you were there to tell me that things were slowly moving forward.

So thank you from the bottom of my heart for helping me turn this life changing event into a beautiful butterfly. Since you last saw me, I have acquired a new career path. Although my physical issues will be ongoing, I can now manage it and I can still receive future treatments. I will always be thankful for your services!




We hope everyone has a safe and wonderful 4th of July!

We hope everyone has a safe and wonderful 4th of July!

[06/28/21]   Bicycle Accidents

Bicycles provide little to no level of protection that cars, trucks, or other automobiles include. This means that injuries in bicycle accidents can be much more severe, with the most common being:

• Neck/spinal cord injuries
• Leg and knee injuries
• Nerve damage
• Dislocated joints
• Road rash
• Dental/jaw injuries
• Temporary/permanent muscle damage
• Bone fractures

The Law Office of Malzahn Law, Ltd. represents clients all over Anoka County and Sherburne County in bicycle accidents and other personal injury claims. Mr. Malzahn has more than 30 years of experience in all types of accident claims. Do not work with inexperienced attorneys. Don’t handle your personal injury claim on your own. The stakes are too high - uou could lose compensation for long-term medical care and the losses you have suffered.

Mr. Malzahn takes a compassionate, personalized approach to representing our clients. He understands the challenges you are facing. When you work with Mr. Malzahn, we take time to advise you of your rights and options. We will walk you through every step of the legal process and will also get you the full measure of compensation you deserve.

If you, or a loved one, was injured in a bicycle accident, schedule a free initial consultation with Mr. Malzahn at 763-421-2160 or contact us online.

[04/22/21]   Automobile accidents are by far the most common type of claim in personal injury law. On average, preliminary numbers show 341 traffic crashes in 2020, compared with 309 last year. 366 people that have been killed in traffic crashes in 2020, compared with 339 this time last year. Of the 366 fatalities: 29 people died in distracted driving-related crashes.

Mark Malzahn is a car accident attorney here to help you through the process of recovery and to hold the at-fault driver responsible for your pain and suffering; and to also help you with your medical bills, lost wages and other damages.

Call Mark Malzahn at 763-421-2160 for a free consultation.

[01/27/21]   How Personal Injury Claims are Being Affected by the Coronavirus Pandemic

The coronavirus pandemic continues to complicate day-to-day life across America, months after quarantine procedures first began in most states. Here at Malzahn Law, Ltd., we have continued to come to work to help our clients. To help you prepare for how the COVID-19 pandemic will likely impact a personal injury claim you are thinking of filing soon, we have provided this quick list of key points you should know ahead of time.

Increased Financial Pressure

The coronavirus pandemic has gutted businesses of all sizes, and unemployment rates are historically high. Everyone is feeling the pressure on their finances – and insurance companies know it.

You will probably feel pressured to take the first settlement an insurance company offers you because a promise of any amount of money would help right now. With this knowledge at their disposal, many insurance companies are expected to lowball settlement offers like never before. If you are deserving of $100,000 in damages, for example, then don’t be surprised if the insurance company says they will give you $10,000 to end the claim early.

It is so important right now to be patient, take your time with your claim, and let the team of Malzahn Law, Ltd., your personal injury lawyer, help you along the way. We can evaluate any settlement offers that come your way and let you know if the insurance company is trying to apply the pressure in hopes that you will crack.

Nationwide Court Slowdown

Court systems of all sorts closed up their doors at the start of the pandemic, and have only recently started to reopen. Depending on where you live, you might only be able to interact with the court remotely. Even if your local courthouses have reopened, you can expect them to be dealing with a huge backlog of incoming cases and lawsuits.

During the coronavirus pandemic, you can expect that any case or claim will take longer than usual. Again, it is important to have patience and work with our personal injury team who can stay on top of things for you while also ensuring that your claim is developing correctly. The last thing you need while the court system is delayed is an avoidable setback because of a clerical error on your paperwork.

Do you want to work with a trusted team of attorneys for your personal injury claim? Call 763-421-2160 and speak with Mark W. Malzahn. We are accepting new clients during the pandemic.

How Whiplash Can Cause Lasting Trauma & Pain - Malzahn Law 12/11/2020

How Whiplash Can Cause Lasting Trauma & Pain - Malzahn Law

How Whiplash Can Cause Lasting Trauma & Pain - Malzahn Law Whiplash is one of the most common injuries suffered by people who have been rear-ended in a car accident. Being common does not mean that whiplash is not a big deal, though. The injury might start as a neck ache, but it can and often does worsen and become a problem that causes lasting pain […]

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Can You Sue If Someone Gives You COVID-19? - Malzahn Law The coronavirus is dangerous in all cases. COVID-19 either causes someone severe symptoms that require hospitalization, or it makes someone a carrier who can spread the virus to someone else who might suffer worse symptoms than that carrier. Social distancing, proper mask use, and good hygiene are a...

Malzahn Law, Ltd. updated their business hours. 10/28/2020

Malzahn Law, Ltd. updated their business hours.

Malzahn Law, Ltd. updated their business hours.

Driving Distracted Could Result in Criminal Charges 08/21/2019

Driving Distracted Could Result in Criminal Charges

Driving Distracted Could Result in Criminal Charges By now, we know the serious dangers of distracted driving. But did you know distracted driving could result in traffic offenses and/or criminal charges? Distracted driving, specifically texting and driving, is generally a new area of law and is largely ... Read More

[07/03/19]   It is a well-known fact that Minnesotans adore the warmer weather and the longer daylight hours that come with summer. Once June hits, people from all over Minnesota travel to the water every chance they get. After all, what better way is there to beat the heat than by swimming in the 10,000 lakes Minnesota has to offer?

With summer here, and people enjoying our waters, comes a higher risk of injury. The crowds on beaches, in lakes, and rivers means accidents can occur both in and out of the water. If you find yourself affected by a boating accident, there are a few things that you should know.

1. Boating Accidents and Car Accidents Produce Many Similar Injuries.

Alcohol use, extreme speeds, and dangerous conditions are all common causes for car accidents, but these are the same culprits for boating accidents as well. The most common types of injuries sustained from boating accidents are contusions, bumps and bruises, broken bones, and head injuries. However, boats do not have the same amount of protection as motor vehicles do, so there are more impact-related accidents with boats than with automobiles.

2. After You Receive Medical Attention, Document Everything You Can.

Once your injuries have been treated by a professional, it is imperative that your write down and photograph everything related to the incident. Take photos of any bruises, damages, or injuries you have received. Also, write down how the accident happened and any witness names and numbers. This information will help to complete an investigation because there are two key aspects to every case: who caused the accident, and what the resulting injuries entail.

For more information regarding boating accidents, please call Mark W. Malzahn at 763-421-2160 for a free consultation.


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Solo Practitioner of the Month Mark W. Malzahn | Minnesota Edition - Minnesota Edition 09/22/2017

Solo Practitioner of the Month Mark W. Malzahn | Minnesota Edition - Minnesota Edition

Solo Practitioner of the Month Mark W. Malzahn | Minnesota Edition - Minnesota Edition With more than 30 years of experience representing injured people, veteran trial lawyer Mark W. Malzahn demonstrates that winning in the courtroom takes a hearty combination of passion, courage and trust.


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