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StarrBlaze Farm


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Love you guys.
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StarrBlaze Farm is a small family owned and operated farm providing farm fresh eggs, produce and more! A unique farm in western NC.

Operating as usual


Transplanted loofah sprouts and took some out to the hoop house. Today I started pepper seeds, a mix of sweet minis, jalapeno and cayenne.


Loofah starter plants are ready and available at the farm now!


Hanging baskets will arrive today! Which means very soon I will have strawberry plants and succulent arrangements available!


I recently found a really wonderful app for growing food! Check out From seed to spoon!

Photos from StarrBlaze Farm's post 03/01/2022

Succulents available 🥰

Photos from StarrBlaze Farm's post 03/01/2022

Our loofah seedlings are coming on strong!


Currently available at the farm!
- live hens
- succulents
- spider plants
- loofah seedlings
- hemp
- air plants with hand blown garden globes
- strawberry plants

StarrBlaze Farm updated their website address. 03/01/2022

StarrBlaze Farm updated their website address.

StarrBlaze Farm updated their website address.


We have chosen a new name for our farm. Old signs are being removed and a new sign for our entrance to the farm will be ordered soon. We are still an operating farm and will continue to grow and provide local food to our community!


While we aren't 💯 sure what will come of this page, we have an announcement to make! Lazy Old Farm LLC has officially been sold! This is the business itself, not the location. We will be creating a new page with our new farm name in the coming weeks! Please be sure to like the new page once we release it and continue to follow us as we continue to grow our sweet little family farm! Thanks for all the love and support folks!


What we have available currently at the farm...
Fresh Lavender
Fresh Rosemary
Bell pepper starter plants


Big stuff in the works over here at the farm.




It's seed germination season here at the farm! We will once again have starter plants available for anyone who is looking to have their own garden this year! We wanna know, what would you like to grow this year?


Just a general update .
-In the past week or so we have been working to create two new greenhouse. So expect starter plants and more selection and quantity of veggies later in season.
-We are considering tearing down our front porch greenhouse due to it facing north.
-We finished our new barn recently and moved our female goats.
-In place of old barn we have considered a stage. Hope to hold small events at some point .
We hope you and your family our staying safe in these trying times.


Starting some seeds today!


Lazy Old Farm has a new phone number .
We got new internet and phone .
So we will be able to post more and live stream more etc.

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Good evening all. Weve been working on some stickers and wood burns .
Pictured is a bunch of stickers we made and a new coaster design we are working on with a rubber edge.


Good evening all. A update from lazy old farm .
We ordered pin backs and will have pins in stock soon. Secondly we got a vinyl cutter and will also be selling stickers soon as well.
Keep watching here for updates .
Thanks for taking time to read. We hope have a good evening .

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We did a few sample image burns last night at 1.5 and 1 inch. Learned some images are too big/complex (4th picture).
Also Wesley drew up a few samples inside a 1.5inch area.
Let us know if you have any ideas, pics, or words you want on hat pins .


Evening all.
We have been working on using our laser engraver/3d printer to make hat pins. We are happy to say we just found and ordered wood blanks and pin backs. Final steps are to find best way to secure and a find few good images to test burn.
We should have wood hat pins ready for sale in a few weeks.

We are also looking for people/peoples to draw images to burn. Surface is 1/1.5 inch wood circles. So smaller drawings skills are better. Feel free to contact Wesley or Sara for more info.


Good morning everyone!
Just a general update from our farm.
-Sara has been making jerky and it's good. With intentions to sell through farm. She also just finished a batch of high strength salves available now.
-Wesely has been working on a "multimachine" to 3d print, laser engrave, cnc and more.
-Mikes been hard at hard on his house. He has made amazing progress.
-Bruce sold his camper and bought a Vanagan VW. He's been redoing the inside.
-We all have been doing general farm work .
Thanks for your support thus far. Our family appreciates it all.

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Drone shots of the farm!


Hello all . So with the new governor's orders . that take effect tomorrow at 5pm . We will be closing till it is plausible for us to reopen.
We are a small family run farm. We do support the wearing of face coverings in public but this new order has made it where we would have to wear on the farm all the times. This seems unreasonable and unachievable to us .
Sorry for any inconveniences this has caused .
We will let you know when we reopen .

Photos from StarrBlaze Farm's post 06/06/2020

Photos from StarrBlaze Farm's post


Hey folks! Just wanted to give a quick update as to what we currently have available here at the farm! Farm fresh eggs are $3 a dozen or 2 for $5! We have fresh herbs like basil, sage, lavendar, spearmint and rosemary! Fresh spinach and a nice salad blend as well. I also have kombucha scoby and starter tea available for anyone interested in starting their own home brewed kombucha. And now we are also offering our campsites at $15 a night per car load. Come on out to Lazy Old Farm!!!

North Carolina Senate passes farm bill that keeps smokable hemp legal in 2021 06/06/2020

North Carolina Senate passes farm bill that keeps smokable hemp legal in 2021

Good news!

North Carolina Senate passes farm bill that keeps smokable hemp legal in 2021 Smokable hemp looks set to remain legal in North Carolina next year after the state's General Assembly sent the state's farm bill to the governor without new regulations for the hemp industry.


As we get closer and closer to 1000 likes . We just wanna say when we hit 1000 likes we will be doing a giveaway!!!!
Details will be posted when we hit 1000 likes .
Thanks for support this far. We hope everyone is safe and sane in these crazy tomes.


Today most of us will be at the Jackson County Farmers Market . We will have eggs, starter plants, seeds, CBD salves and more .
We will also have strawberries from Darnell Farms at $15 a gallon. Eggs are $3 a dozen or 2 for $5.


Farm fresh eggs available at $3 a dozen or 2 for $5.


Cherokee Purple Tomato starter plants, $4 each

Photos from StarrBlaze Farm's post 04/29/2020

Basil & Sage starter plants, $3 each

Photos from StarrBlaze Farm's post 04/29/2020

Fresh rosemary and spearmint available, $3 for 2oz.

The Beginning

We are people that have always loved the outside and plants. Recently we with the help of some friends started a community garden in Lafayette Georgia. After seeing things grow so well and a lifetime of wanting to grow stuff we decided to grow and farm a little bigger scale. So we searched for land and bought 2.5 acres in western NC in September 2018. The property has spring fed water. Food already growing, such as blackberries, blueberries, apples, pears and strawberries. Since moving in we have registered with the USDA , got our LLC, done lots of tree work, got chickens and just completed our first greenhouse. We have almost everything to hook up wind turbines and solar panels to start going off the grid. We have lots more plans in the works and appreciate any and all support .

Early in 2019 we were accepted to grow and process h**p in North Carolina. We couldn't be happier about this. This was something we worked towards and hoped would happen . We are still a small farm with chickens fruit and etc. just added h**p to our plant list. Along with h**p we have added a small(13 trees) orchard containing apple, peach, pear, cherry, and plum trees. Multiple varieties of each for best fruiting possibilities. In the next few years we will have all fruit listed. At the current moment (June 1, 2019) we are buying large amount of h**p from other grower and processing into “Rollies”. We have many plans for the h**p and farm in general. As always thanks for support will update story as need/can. Feel free to contact us with ideas and improvements .

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H**p, Veggies, Produce, Eggs, Starter plants




24 Shiloh Place
Andrews, NC

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