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We are especially thankful for each and every one of our team members today. They are dedicating time away from their families to ensure each citizen is provided the best SERVICE should they need it. Thank you all for what you do day in and day out. Thank you to all other services for what you do as well. Police, Fire, EMS, Air Transport, Hospital Staff, etc. If you see any of these providers today. Please make sure to give them a kind and uplifting word of encouragement.


We are hosting a Community Lunch & Learn with Advanced EMS!

Main topics will revolve around Heart Health and techniques that are important skills for anyone.

Please RSVP with Brooke Greathouse if you are interested, and feel free to bring someone along!
Lunch will be provided.


We are especially thankful for each and every one of you who are working this Thanksgiving, and also thankful for all of our family. (crews, dispatch, billing, shop, etc.) We wouldn't be where we are or today or where we can be tomorrow without all of you! Thankyou! Be safe! Happy Thanksgiving!


Merry Christmas to all our crew members and faculty! We thankyou for all the hardwork yall've done, and thank your families for the sacrifices made! You are all part of this amazing family! Be safe to those working today, and God bless!

Photos from ASAP EMS of Alabama's post 12/20/2020

Photos from ASAP EMS of Alabama's post


To all the mothers, fathers, sons, and daughters we have working today, and not only today but everyday, thankyou! You are all apart of this amazing Advanced EMS family, and you all help play an important role in helping us reach our goal to be the Best Service to Mankind!! We hope everyone has a Happy Thanksgiving today! Be safe and God bless!


HAPPY HALLOWEEN from your Advanced EMS family and all our crews on the Boo Boo Bus 🎃
To all our 👻 🧟‍♂️ 🧙‍♀️ 🧛‍♂️ and other monster trick or treaters out there, be safe tonight!



Good evening brothers and sisters. Tonight we take a step. A step that has presented many obstacles. A step that other services said that they would need 60-90 days to accomplish. A step that today marks day 15 and we take this task with finesse and accomplishment. A step we have pulled together, worked together, and many sleepless nights and we have powered through without anything stopping us. Through these trials I want to say thank you to all at ADVANCED EMS. WE all made this happen together. Thank You all for the help and as well putting up with Terry, Mary, LiL Mike, Wallace. We are expanding our family with new crews in Selma. We together and only together are once again able to bring our service to Selma and yes we are once again bringing services that others say can’t be done or don’t need to be done. We have been told that before. It is hard to stop something when our BLACK SHIRTS come together in the effort to expand the Best Service to Mankind to more people. PS. Our sister service ASAP EMS will be taking over tonight in Simpson Co. Miss. More BLACK SHIRTS also coming together in the effort to bring the Best Service to Mankind. They also were told they couldn’t do what they are going to do tonight. THANK YOU ALL. Together we truly become unstoppable. Thank you Terry, Karen,Arristie, Mary, Lil Mike, Wallace and all at ADVANCED. This is truly the result of teamwork.

Thank you Dallas County for this Honor.


Good Morning. I would like to thank Mary Sasser-Owens Lil Mike Smith and the whole Crew at Advanced EMS for their hard work and dedication to allow Terry Stephens Karen Jay Arristie Parker and Kevin Smith to work together very hard to allow Advanced EMS to Expand to Dallas Co. And Selma area. Everyone working together as a family we are and with our sister companies has allowed us this opportunity to serve Dallas Co and Selma with our values and dedication to EMS. It is an honor for us to expand our Family and have a chance to take care of their family.

Thank You All



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