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Greetings from the land of Mt. Everest & Buddha ….
In search of world peace ambassadors, COMPLIMENTARY Yoga- Meditation Retreats at Tush*ta Nepal Spiritual Retreat Center on July 1 & Aug 1 (Twice- ) 7 nights full retreats. Nominal participation fee of Euro 456 only ( food and accommodation ). Awake for the noble cause . .. .

LET THE WORLD KNOW THAT: Himalayas of Nepal is the source of river Ganges and the origin place of Vedic Sanatan Dharma (the root of all the religion, Astrology, Ayurveda, Fengsui, Ta**ra, Yoga and Meditation). Not to be confused, the original Rishikesh lie in Ruru Kshetra / Palpa district of Nepal- NOW !! . For this, know THE REATER NEPAL just 80 yrs ago. So, it would be a matter of pride for yoga lovers to be in the pious land of Guru Gorakshanath (the father of Ta**ra and Yoga) and to practice yoga and meditation from where it was started.


We create learning & transformational opportunities through coaching, trainings & retreats. Join us as we explore the most rewarding and joyous aspects of Life!

Finding our own, unique path, embracing the beauty and power of nature as aspects of ourselves, and opening to the grandest dimensions of existence-our highest callings. We make these concepts relevant and accessible by providing you with specific tools and techniques drawn from the art and science of Yoga and related systems. May All Beings Everywhere Be Happy

New Offerings to Come Home to ✨ 12/09/2023

New Offerings to Come Home to ✨ -

New Offerings to Come Home to ✨ As the seasons change, embracing the coziness of fall in the northern hemisphere and the vibrant growth of spring in the southern hemisphere, it's the ideal time for nurturing, growth, self-care and inner exploration. To support this process and in response to your requests, I'm excited to announ...

Exploring the Overlap of Yoga Nidra & Plant Medicine - Somah Journeys 21/08/2023

Simone's new blog:
Exploring the Fascinating Convergence of Yoga Nidra & Plant Medicine/Psychedelics

My journey with Yoga Nidra began nearly two decades ago, and although I might have dozed off during my initial encounter, it sparked a profound fascination that eventually led me to delve deep into this transformative practice. As the years passed, I immersed myself in the study of Yoga Nidra with a number of the main schools and methods. Parallel to my explorations with Yoga Nidra, I felt drawn to the world of entheogenic plant medicines recognizing a profound connection between these seemingly different paths of healing. While not everyone is drawn to plant medicine, I discovered that Yoga Nidra holds within it the potential to offer similar, albeit subtler, experiences, making it a practice of its own right but also an invaluable preparatory and integrative tool for those who embark on medicine/psychedelic journeys.

Understanding Plant Medicine & Psychedelics in a Healing Context

When I speak of plant medicine and psychedelics, it’s essential to clarify that I approach them with a focus on their healing potential that open us to our spiritual nature. I honour that these substances have been used recreationally and have brought significant shifts to many lives. However, in this context, I refer to their ceremonial and medicinal use with reverence for indigenous lineages around the world that have held and been guided by this wisdom for thousands of years.

The Captivating Realm of Consciousness

I’m profoundly interested in the vast realm of consciousness and both Yoga Nidra and plant medicine/psychedelic healing ignited my curiosity and fascination for the exploration of these realms. Yoga Nidra, a practice of deep relaxation and meditation, holds the potential to facilitate profound psychological shifts, expand sensory and spiritual awareness, and open doors to altered states of consciousness where all the magic happens. Plant medicine and psychedelics, such as psilocybin, ayahuasca, and san pedro (and many more), can induce altered states characterized by heightened sensory perception, shifts in thought patterns and so much more. These gifts from Mother Nature affect our personal and collective field of consciousness, rippling through time and space, influencing not only the present but also our ancestral lines and generations to come. The convergence of these practices is a captivating area of exploration, with profound connections evident in their influence on brain activity, altered states, and the potential for healing.

Unraveling the Influence on the Default Mode Network

An interesting overlap lies within the Default Mode Network (DMN), a network of brain regions responsible for self-referential thoughts, mind-wandering, and the construction of our sense of self. Both long-term meditation practices and the use of psychedelics have been shown to deactivate the DMN. When the DMN is active, it reinforces narratives centered around “I-me-mine thinking,” strengthening our egoic identity.

Deactivating the DMN opens a door to the Present-Centered Mode Network, leading to a dissolution of self-boundaries. This widening recognition of infinite possibilities allows for insights to arise, the positive to overcome the negativity bias, and individuals to experience a profound sense of interconnectedness with the universe. These experiences may give rise to insights often described by individuals during psychedelic journeys as well as yoga nidra journeyers, where they sense a quieting of the incessant thinking mind and may experience an increased feeling of unity with their surroundings.

Enhanced Brainwave Patterns

Beyond the DMN’s influence, both Yoga Nidra and psychedelics have a profound impact on brainwaves and bring the brain and heart into coherent patterns. Yoga Nidra’s meditative practice induces alpha and theta brain waves, associated with deep relaxation, heightened creativity, and access to the subconscious mind which is the driving force behind most of our behavioural and conditioned belief patterns. Similarly, psychedelics have been observed to induce changes in brainwave activity, often characterized by increased alpha and theta waves. These altered brainwave patterns likely contribute to the heightened sensory perception and altered states experienced in both practices, fostering profound healing and shifts in our psychology and physiology.

Unlocking the Potential for Deep Healing

Perhaps one of the most intriguing aspects of this convergence is the potential for deep healing. Both Yoga Nidra and psychedelic experiences have been linked to facilitating emotional processing, addressing childhood wounds, overcoming addictive patterns, healing relational issues, resolving health imbalances, and releasing psychological blockages. Participants often report transformative experiences, leading to increased self-awareness, personal growth, and healing from past traumas.

Embarking on a Profound Journey

The interplay between Yoga Nidra and psychedelics is a captivating journey into altered states of consciousness, brain function, and the potential for profound healing. The deactivation of the Default Mode Network during both practices appears to be a pivotal aspect that fosters a softening of personal identifications right through to ego-dissolution and nurturing a sense of our broader interconnectedness.

The influence on brainwave patterns and the potential for deep healing are indeed intriguing. As we continue to delve into this fascinating territory, we are bound to uncover more profound truths about ourselves and the body/mind/spirit connection. Whether we embark on a meditative journey with Yoga Nidra or venture into the realms of plant medicines, or catalyse the healing potential using both practices to complement each other, we embark on a profound exploration into the mysteries of consciousness. It is one filled with wonder and potential for healing, self-discovery, spiritual growth and provides essential medicine for our troubled times.


Irest course material
I AM Yoga Nidra, Amrit method course material
Heartmath Institute
Dr Joe Dispenza ‘Becoming Supernatural’

Seeking support with preparing & integrating a ceremonial psychedelic / Plant Medicine experience or explore the depths of Yoga Nidra?

1) Start with my free offerings, including guided sessions on the Mindleap app and sign up to ‘Get Free Yoga Nidras’ on this page.

2) Sign up for trauma-informed, somatic Plant Medicine Prep & Integration single session or duo package.

3) Yoga Nidra deep dive: 3-month Yoga Nidra Mentorship program or join a 7-week educational dive into guiding Yoga Nidra sessions yourself.

Exploring the Overlap of Yoga Nidra & Plant Medicine - Somah Journeys My journey with Yoga Nidra began nearly two decades ago, and although I might have dozed off during my initial encounter, it sparked a profound fascination that eventually led me to delve deep into this transformative practice. As the years passed, I immersed myself in the study of Yoga Nidra with a...

Accessing Our Deeper Being Within with Simone MacKay EP 3 19/06/2023

It was so much fun and really an honour to have such a meaningful conversation with Brittany Dobbs. Her healing journey includes so much of what I offer via Somah Journeys I SOSA offerings from yoga to somatic practices to plant medicine and more.

Check it out!

Accessing Our Deeper Being Within with Simone MacKay EP 3 In 2018, Brittany traveled to Bali for her 200hr yoga teacher training with School of Sacred Arts (SOSA). This is where she first crossed paths with Simone -...

HELD Nervous System Rewire Teacher Training Bali 28/03/2023

Rich and effective ways to settle your nervous system and learn to teach it. Join this 100hr Yoga Teacher Training in Bali to learn from a wonderful team (including me!) in a most magical place off the beaten track.

Join us so you may share these practices with many others and touch the world with a regulated, rested and restored nervous system! The power of this is not to be underestimated!

HELD Nervous System Rewire Teacher Training Bali HELD Nervous System Rewire Teacher Training BaliMay 14th-30th 2023If you have found yourself suffering from : * Anxiety, fear, emotional overwhelm * Chronic ...

HELD Nervous System Rewire Retreat Bali 28/03/2023

Super excited to be returning to Bali next month and to be sharing some Yoga Nidra (and time!) with our dear friend Tina Nance and all who are fortunate to soak up all that she brings!
So much good medicine in these offerings.
Feeling called to Bali?
Come join us!

HELD Nervous System Rewire Retreat Bali HELD Nervous System Rewire Retreat Bali :April 24th -30th 2023Our collective nervous system endured significant challenge these past few years.At HELD we are...

Bonfire - The Psychedelic Community App 28/11/2022

I'm (Simone) excited to be a facilitator and a part of this community! I will be sharing weekly live yoga nidra sessions for the next few weeks.
I also co-facilitate group sessions along with my co-host and lead organiser, Jack Bunce, every 2 weeks. We, along side other skilled and professional facilitators, hold space for personal growth and explorations in all things altered states (from breath work to meditation to psychedelic experiences). If this speaks to you, come join us!

Feeling alone with your personal growth work?
Join the Bonfire Community
Bonfire is a virtual community where you can meet like-minded peers, journey together, and participate in transformative experiences that help you grow as a person.

Bonfire - The Psychedelic Community App A virtual community that supports your personal growth with altered states and helps you find your people


Happy Birthday to our very own Soul Guide Simone. Your heart and vision is so needed in the world. Celebrating you, always 🤎


Hello friends,
Here's a Somah Nidra for you (my version of Yoga Nidra) for finding balance this time of year.

Also, I invite you to make a cup of tea, take 3 deep breaths to settle your nervous system and have a little break from your day to read this.I invite you to make a cup of tea, take 3 deep breaths to settle your nervous system and have a little break from your day to read this.

I'm a long-form kind of gal - a slow and steady presence in a fast and frantic world, that's part of my personal medicine. If you're a "TLDR" (too long didn't read) sort of person, if you're feeling overwhelmed or lacking direction, this might just be for you.

As we come to the midway point of 2021, we are invited into a time for reflection of the year so far. Perhaps we bring attention to where we’ve been and where we may be heading. If you’re like me, I’m considering where there’s a need for more support and calling it in....

Continue reading here:

If this speaks to you, please get in touch for a 30-min complementary exploration call. :)

Photos from School of Sacred Arts's post 08/06/2021

WIN an opportunity to join the virtual healing space of Yoga Nidra Online.

A 4-week journey into the therapeutic benefits and spontaneous healing of dreamtime states of consciousness with Soul Guide and Senior International Yoga Teacher: Simone MacKay.

Explore the healing techniques of Yoga Nidra across traditions from an experiential, embodied and trauma informed perspective.
The winner will receive a place on the program starting Friday 11th which includes 4 live weekly sessions of talks and Yoga Nidra practices and Q&A time with Simone, 7-day playback for review (or if you aren’t able to join live) and a downloadable copy of each Yoga Nidra to keep forever. Usually $88USD.
For a chance to win make sure you:
FOLLOW both and
LIKE the competition post
SHARE the post to your stories
TAG your friends, families, dreamers, meditators and all those in need of a good and deep rest in the comments below 👇🏽
One tag per comment, each tag = an entry. No limit on amount of people you can tag.

The winner will be announced Thursday 10th June by 7pm GMT.

Good luck and see you in dreamtime.


Photos from School of Sacred Arts's post 13/04/2021

Yoga Nidra has been validated in its healing potential by cutting edge science and research in neurology. Studies have shown the practice combats exhaustion, stress, disease and trauma. 

Yoga Nidra:
*  Reduces burn out
*  Alleviates depression, anxiety, PMS
*  Reduces insomnia & improves sleep
*  Decreases thoughts, stress and tension
*  Soothes the nervous system
*  Calms brain waves through improved relaxation response in the brain
*  Helps to heal trauma and emotional problems resulting from PTSD
*  Allows gentle processing of difficult emotions 
*  Improves ability to focus and think clearly for work and creativity
*  Accelerates healing and greater awareness of body-mind-spirit

We’ve been teaching at for 25+ years. With a background in social work and crisis counselling, we have extensively trained in Yoga Nidra with different lineages and teach from a trauma informed perspective to offer deeply restorative and healing practices that bring your soul alive and spark your creativity.

Link in bio for all our Yoga Nidra offerings including our new Root, Release, Rise, online Yoga Nidra Series 😴

Photos from School of Sacred Arts's post 05/04/2021


A brand new 12 part Yoga Nidra online series with Simone MacKay.

We are so excited to invite you into this virtual healing space.

The journey begins on Thursday 15th April 9pm Central Time / Friday 16th April 9am Bangkok time. Please check your time zone carefully.
The sessions are recorded if you cannot join live.

Booking now live on the website. Link in bio.

Invest in rest and it will fuel your entire life.


Teaming up with 2 wonderful trauma-specialists & yoga teachers, Atira Tan & Gemini Adams for this unique online in-depth 100 Hr Online Trauma-Informed Yoga Teacher Training from 3rd - 12th April 2021. Simone's sharing on this training will be working with trauma through the healing lens of Yoga Nidra.

Final Call to save €200 on registration.

Join our expert, experienced teachers: Atira Tan, Gemini Adams and Simone MacKay for interactive live-sessions, videos, and group breakouts via Zoom, to gain this Yoga Alliance certification, all from the comfort of your own home.
> Improve your capacity to create safer spaces
> Identify patterns of trauma in your students
> Understand how trauma impacts the nervous system
> Learn to spot trauma hot spots in students
> Discover which yoga asanas heal, and which can harm
> Learn language and cueing that creates safety
> Develop your therapeutic presence
> Learn to create your own TIY programs
> Connect with like-minded community

If you’re ready to up-skill your qualifications, hold safer spaces and bring TIY to your community, this training is ideal for you!
Save €200 when you register before midnight on 15th March simply use the code: SOMAHJOURNEYS at

Timeline photos 02/03/2021

Join me for the 3rd series of live Yoga Nidra online will focus on the heart, soul and psychic advancement of this profound and ancient practice.

This 4 session series of Yoga Nidra is an opportunity to establish a regular practice in your life from the comfort of your own home. Receive expertly guided practices that are designed to help you slow down, soothe your nervous system and rewire neurological pathways to allow for healing and beyond into cosmic connection.


HI dear ones,

how are you each navigating these times?

I'm feeling myself slowly emerging from my own cocoon. My past year has been quite solitary, fortunately it has not been due to restrictions, but rather somewhat self-imposed solitude. I've been in Thailand, the longest I've been in one place in years, which has offered an opportunity to go deeply into practices, to truly FEEL all that's showing up. From that place, I’m inspired to share the medicine of Yoga Nidra with online live classes.

I welcome you in to the nidra nest!

In these quiet spaces, there's a magic that happens when we give ourselves full permission to let ourselves BE, to dream, to sink deeply into non-doing. Yoga Nidra is a beautiful practice that supports the wisdom of our BEing. When we can take shelter in rest, our imaginations can be set free. Where we create a responsibility-free space, we can access the realm of sacred dreaming. This becomes an Oracle space, in which not only profound healing of our bodies, emotions, and mind occurs, but we can begin to access and follow the call of our own soul’s wisdom...and to also begin to dream a new world into being. This is the opportunity at hand.

I'd love to see your shiny faces...and even imagine a (muted!) snore or 2 sneaking into the space. ;)

Much gratitude and love to you all.

Join me on Thursdays (or Fridays depending on your time zone!) for live Yoga Nidra sessions.

Beginning Feb 11 (Thursday evenings for the timezones in Americas) & Feb 12 (Friday mornings for those in Asia/Australia)

Yoga Nidra: Holding the Space for Healing: Recording available for 7 days if you are in a different time zone or for whatever reason can't make the live.

Investment: 4 weeks: $44 | $15 drop in I $55 (keep the recordings forever)

Payment via:

Please add your name and email address and yoga nidra as a reference and drop us an email at [email protected]

Love Simone.x

Timeline photos 27/01/2021

Join me LIVE THIS SUNDAY (4pm GMT) to honour the cycles and rhythms of nature, alongside Letizia Xuih our shamanic medicine goddess in Peru and Emma Lowe our Celtic soul songstress in Ireland for connection, meditation, mantra and medicine music.

We have worked with plant medicine and our team in the unseen for many years now. It is vital for us to honour and give back in our service. This event will plant a tree for every participant and will provide emergency supplies for refugees.



Hi SOSA family,

Simone is holding space for deep rest this month:
Yoga Nidra for Ultimate Restoration & Heart-centred Living

We'd love to see you there and please share with anyone who you think would benefit from the deep quantum healing of these practices.

* Thursday 14th January
* Thursday 21st January
* Thursday 28th January
* Thursday 04th February

Time: 9pm Central Time (North America)

Where: Live via Zoom. Recording available for 48hours if you are in a different time zone or for whatever reason can't make the live.

Investment: 4 weeks: $44 | $15 drop in.
Payment via:
Please add your name and email address and yoga nidra as a reference and drop us an email at [email protected] with any questions of if you haven’t received the link by Thursday.

With deep respect and love,
Simone and the SOSA/Somah Team.x

Timeline photos 09/01/2021

4 weeks of live Yoga Nidra with Simone January -

Dates: Thursday 14th January '21 - Thursday 04th February '21
Time: 10am Thailand | 2pm Sydney | 7pm LA | 10pm New York/Toronto

Where: Zoom. Recording available for 48hours if you are in a different time zone or can't make the live.

Investment: 4 weeks: $44 | $15 drop in.
Payment via:
Please add your name and email address and yoga nidra as a reference.

Om Nidra Shakti namah.

Timeline photos 06/12/2020

Reawaken the ancient wisdom within in 2021

Simone's Soul Embodied Mentoring program will begin on Saturday 9th January and this time we are offering 2 call time options: 8am & 4pm Bangkok time.

This will accommodate a Friday evening call (which falls on the 8th) in North America and a morning call for those in Australia, Europe, Africa & United Kingdom (on the 9th).

Find out all the info here:

Yoga Nidra Trainer Online - SOMAH Journeys | Simone MacKay 09/10/2020

This unique program supports you over the course of 6 weeks to slow down, sense, unwind, feel, receive and learn to trust your intuition. Combining practices from the mystic to the scientific, this is a sacred process that invites creativity, embodied wisdom, renewal and self empowerment.

7 x live zoom calls starting on the 17th October
Weekly talks, movement practices, breathwork and Yoga nidra meditations (approx 2 hours)
Workbook: with additional practices, exercises, conversations with nature and rituals to choose from
1 private session for 1-2-1 support with Simone (30min)
Access to closed facebook group page for additional support, resources and to connect with community

About Simone: Simone MacKay holds a Bachelor of Social Work degree with years of experience in crisis counselling working from an anti-oppression approach. She is an experienced registered Yoga Teacher, Yoga Alliance continuing education provider and teacher trainer having founded the School of Sacred Arts in 2008. Spanning over 2 decades Simone has mentored over a thousand yoga teachers, conscious leaders and soul seekers from around the world. Simone combines yogic and mindfulness practices, somatic coaching, shamanic and nature-based teachings to empower others to tap into life’s deeper currents so they may realise their innate gifts and navigate life with more ease, meaning and purpose.

Embark on a deeply nourishing journey of soulful embodiment. Reawaken the ancient wisdom within. Learn to trust your intuition. Gain practical tools and support to stay centred no matter what comes your way.

For more info for the Soul Embodied Group mentoring program or for 1-2-1 sessions:

[email protected]

Yoga Nidra Trainer Online - SOMAH Journeys | Simone MacKay Simone guides Yoga Nidra practices and workshops when facilitating teacher trainings and retreats. She also engages herself as a Yoga Nidra trainer online.

Timeline photos 25/09/2020

Soul Mentoring with Simone -
A brand new online offering of soulful connection.

Embark on a deeply nourishing journey of soulful embodiment. Reawaken the ancient wisdom within. Learn to trust your intuition. Gain practical tools and support to stay centred no matter what comes your way.

Read all about our online program today:


Simone is doing a live chat with dear brother over on tomorrow. Check it out - 4pm Bangkok time.

Ho O' Pono Pono ~ I'm so sorry and I Love you, Please forgive me & thank you ~ Hawaiian Prayer ~ 18/08/2020

Today, like many other days, amidst deep gratitude for being able to live in a place as magical and beautiful as this, I walked the beach gathering up plastic bags, cups, wrappers, straws, bottles, caps, flip flops, rope, etc. All of it is trash that the tides wash to shore every day. Everyday I am reminded, amongst this beauty, of the way we trash our only home. The primary item is plastic that chokes up everything and doesn’t biodegrade.

As I was gathering the trash, I sang the Ho’oponopono prayer and began to weep. The tears flowed for all the ways we’ve lost our way. I wept for all the creatures that have had their lives stolen as a result of our deluded ways, like this puffer fish.

As I was gathering the trash, it was so clear to me that the garbage floating to shore from the body of our beautiful ocean-mama is no different than the garbage that is held within each of us. Our own bodies and minds and hearts are clogged up with trauma, toxicity, pain and suffering that has never been tended to or properly processed. Generations have gone by without adequate means to tend to the mounting inner wounds. Once we are able to tend to those inner wounds, once we are able to clear up our own inner garbage that pollutes our bodies, minds, hearts and ancestral lines, then undoubtedly polluting the body of our Earth-mama will cease.

The work begins right here. Right here with me. Right here with you. Not out there, but in here. Right now. With tenderness and care. When tears flow, know they are watering the ground of your heart.

Ho’oponopono is a powerful prayer in the Hawaiian tradition that speaks to the notion of “setting things right”. It is a powerful doorway into our hearts that allows us to take radical responsibility in the most loving tender way. From a place beyond the mind, an understanding emerges that there is no blame, that nothing will ever be held against us and that we can begin to recogn-eye-s that wounding is created by wounding…. that pain feeds pain…that hurt people hurt people….and when we have the capacity to access our hearts, moving from compassion, goodwill and wanting ALL beings to know that they are loved and do not deserve to suffer, then true healing can occur, one by one, starting with ourselves, then rippling through the collective field. This prayer offers us an opportunity to hold everyone with regard, even those we do not agree with or who have hurt us.

Mother, Father, Sister, Brother....
Green Ones, 4 legged, Fliers, Crawlers, Swimmers...
The Waters and this living Earth....
I am so sorry
I love you
Please forgive me
Thank you

The personal is political.

As above, so below.
As within, so without.

All my Relations
Allyu Masikunapa
Mitakuye Oyasin

* Thank you, Lindsey Wise for this beautiful version that opens the floodgates every time!


Ho O' Pono Pono ~ I'm so sorry and I Love you, Please forgive me & thank you ~ Hawaiian Prayer ~ Ho O' Pono Pono I'm so sorry and I Love you Please forgive me and thank you

The Way of the Wise Woman - Somah Journeys 17/07/2020

Women’s Ayahuasca & Feminine Mysteries Gathering, Peru Nov 30 - Dec 5 2020

Now, more than ever, women are being called to rise up and remember their inherent wisdom and infinite strengths as the world hungers for a different, more sustainable way.
This all-inclusive 5-night yoga and plant medicine retreat in Peru is an invitation to the Wise Woman, Crone, Mother and Child within us to embark on an unforgettable journey of soul discovery and embodiment.
Throughout the Amazon basin and beyond, the entheogenic tea Ayahuasca, is known as a feminine energy, a living consciousness referred to as “the Grandmother”. For thousands of years people have come to Grandmother Ayahuasca to heal, grow and curiously peak behind the veil into a radically different reality. During ceremony, it is said that she speaks the feminine wisdom of the Earth, sharing with you nature’s secrets and your part within it.
This retreat combines powerful shamanic ceremony and medicine teachings with yogic and ta***ic practices to develop your own living connection to the divine feminine energy known in Eastern traditions as Kundalini or Shakti.

WHEN: Nov 30, 2020 - Dec 05, 2020
WHERE: Munay Sonqo, Arin, Sacred Valley, Peru
Early Bird rate available of USD $1550 if paid in full by August 1, 2020

The Way of the Wise Woman - Somah Journeys Come! Journey to mystical Peru, a land where the old ways are carved into the landscape and are embedded and alive in the heart of the local culture.

Timeline photos 08/07/2020

The call of soul work - are you listening? -

‎YOGA HAPPY HOUR: Layers of Self on Apple Podcasts 01/07/2020

Our very own Simone MacKay has contributed
a mini Yoga Nidra practice to the Yoga Happy Hour podcast.

Perfect for a short, deeply powerful rest and reset, this 10 minute guided meditation explores the yogic layers of self called the koshas.

You can listen for free on google or apple podcasts.

‎YOGA HAPPY HOUR: Layers of Self on Apple Podcasts ‎Show YOGA HAPPY HOUR, Ep Layers of Self - Jun 30, 2020

Timeline photos 20/04/2020

Here's a gift from Simone's heart to yours -
You can now listen (for free) to a range of Yoga Nidra recordings directly from the Somah Journeys website. We hope they allow you to ground, find inner space and nurture your soul at this time.

Love Simone & the Somah Journeys team.


Humble yourself to the eyes of the mother, you gotta bend down low and
humble yourself to the eyes of the mother,
you gotta know what she knows and
we shall lift each other up.

Advanced TTC Thailand — Lorraine Taylor Yoga 09/03/2020

Very excited to be sharing Yoga Nidra on this beautiful 100hr Advanced Women's Yoga Training in Koh Phangan, Thailand at Orion Healing Centre (Daliah Barkan) Facilitated by my long term friend Lorraine Taylor.

Lorraine is offering a discount of 25% for someone who would like to take a few professional photos or videos during the course to capture our journey. And if you are having difficulty with ample funds, there is also one half price scholarship place left.

It’s important to Lorraine to make yoga available for all while paying the overheads and running costs. If you know someone, please share this post with them. Thank you.

Here's a little bit about the course:-

This Advanced 100hr Women’s Yoga Training is devoted to the continuing development of the qualified teacher or dedicated yogini. It is a sacred pilgrimage into Traditional Ta**ra, Bhakti Yoga & Jnana Yoga allowing women to discover the depths of who they are and integrate it into their lives.

Morning sadhana will explore the Ta***ic Mahavidyas through soft feminine vinyasa & nourishing pranayama; Afternoons will open the heart and voice through sound, mystical poetry and devotional kirtan; And just before sunset, soothe the nervous system with the beautiful practice of Yoga Nidra. We will also be exploring the ancient text of Kashmir Shaivism 'Vijnana Bhairava Ta**ra' and the wonderful meditations in daily life throughout the entire course.

This Yoga Alliance registered course will be offered by a group of senior teachers who all have been immersed in yoga for over 25 years.

For more information, please visit:…

Advanced TTC Thailand — Lorraine Taylor Yoga This 100hr Advanced Training is devoted to the continuing development for the qualified teacher or dedicated yogini. It is registered with Yoga Alliance as a Continuing Education program and is an exploration into Traditional Ta**ra & The Mahavidyas.

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