Katie & Ollie's Edible Art, LLC

Katie & Ollie's Edible Art, LLC


Wonderful dinner and oh so nice to have liquor license in Amelia!! Great selection of beer and wine! Thank you Karen Amelia !!
Go get some soup and salad today!! Wonderful!!
Thank you so much! Sandwich is amazing and joslynn really loves the fries!!!
Let me tell you something, if you’re in the town of Amelia or passing through make this a stop for a bite to eat or if you need to fulfill your sweet tooth! This is a gem I found and I absolutely love the owner, the ambiance and obviously the food! Check them out, you will not be disappointed!
Ohhhh My My! Peanut Butter Pie!! Go getcha some! Was going to send a pic. but was too busy eating it!!
Thank you for the cake for Paige’s birthday. It was beautiful and delicious!
Thank you so much for the wonderful smash cake!! The cake, pie, and cupcakes were a hit! Everyone loved them! Especially our son! He didn't skip a beat diving right into his first birthday cake!
My daughter's birthday cake was a hit! If you need a cake contact Karen! The cake is super moist, light and fluffy, and not to sweet! Thank you!
Scavenger Hunt - Amelia Style GRAND FINALE!!! Final Clue ⬇️

If you haven’t heard Katie & Ollie's Edible Art, LLC has FREE soup & breadsticks to anyone who needs a HOT meal!! 16420 Court St | Amelia
Thank you so much for hosting our meeting this weekend!! We are so grateful!
Thank you Karen the birthday celebration was a success! The key lime pie was amazing
I ordered 2 pies from Kate and Ollie for Thanksgiving - the apple and chocolate. They were both unbelievably delicious and very reasonably priced. The apple pie, I believe, was the best I have ever tasted! Thank you.

comfort food, elevated. Local restaurant featuring a scratch kitchen, freshly baked croissants, cookies, soups, sandwiches and daily specials.

Beer and Wine available. A portion of proceeds benefit organizations assisting the elderly.

Operating as usual


Ryan is the inspiring young chef I had the pleasure of getting to know while in California in September (we went to ad hoc together). His specialty is African fusion cuisine and he is an inspiration. If ever in the Virginia Beach area look for Market Soul.

Thank you @ghent_living for the local business highlight ❤️


Friends, Evan and Jaimi are opening this Thursday! I am so excited for them and Steve and I will lend our support Sat night!


Our first night out on the new
deck of the new house with the new firepit table and new puppy. :)





Hey there friends! Is anyone looking for part time work with great pay? Sitter & Barfoot (the Veteran's Care home down Hull St) is looking for all kinds of people to join their teams, but in Nutrition Services we need part time help. Pay is $17/hr for weekends or every other weekend. Interested? Visit www.jobs.virginia.gov and type "Sitter" in the search bar. If you are interested, let me know and I can tell the Director to BOLO for your application. :)



What are your Valentine’s Day traditions? Mine is making Chocolate Covered Strawberries for my girls and Grands… and that, coincidentally is how I carried it over to Katie & Ollie. Now that I’m at home it’s a little more difficult in a tiny kitchen and not knowing where most of my stuff has been placed… but the tradition lives on! What’s yours?


Can I share this? I spent the day conducting interviews with people with disabilities regarding their disabilities and food.... and though I'm still doing a few interviews tomorrow, there is one Strong Recurring Statement that I feel compelled to share....


Friends, this is horrifying and sad, and and and.... I wish I knew this while I was still open.

More than one person said this. It's too hard to go and get food. It's too hard to prepare food with constant pain. It's too hard to order food because the disability affects ability to order food in one way or another. The cost of food is too high and so they skip meals. Skip meals. Can we let this sink in for a moment?

To be continued. In the meantime let's let this marinate and see if we can't noodle a solution.


Would the gentleman who bought the Craftsman cabinet like the 2nd key? I will leave it with Jerry at the antique shop next door.


Friends, I need to interview 3 people with disabilities tomorrow. Is anyone available for a phone or in person interview? I'm specifically wondering (trying to learn) how a restaurant/food delivery service or app can help provide nutritious meals for people with disabilities *who work from home*. Disability can be anything that prohibits being able to easily go out, order or prepare meals for yourself during the course of your workday. Please let me know!!!


Coming March 2022.


Thank you and farewell from me, Hailey (and Lulu).

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On a happier note, can I give a huge shout-out to my friends at Nibbs Creek Properties, Inc?! They have undertaken the significant job of numerous upgrades, fixes and renovations on both our old and now new houses! This is the after pic of the master bath in the new house. There is no “before” pic because it was so bad I couldn’t bear to commit it to memory…. and seeing how we never had the opportunity to renovate the bathroom in our old house this was a biggie for me. This is beautiful and warm and professional… there aren’t enough adjectives. In addition to this they have redone the roof, installed new doors throughout the house, repainted the entire interior, they are rebuilding the sun porch, installing a fence, fixing a gazillion things from the inspection report, installing tankless hot water…. Is there more??? Probably. But the point is they are professional, timely, reasonably priced, and they do what they say when they said they were going to. And they communicate every step of the way. Thank you Ed & Shelby!!!!!!

Carol Burnett Sign-Off 01/27/2022

Carol Burnett Sign-Off

Friends, tomorrow is our last day as Katie & Ollie. I want to thank you all for your friendship and support. You are an amazing community. It was my wish to honor Oliver’s memory by being a positive space and a light in the darkness of the pandemic. I wanted to become a franchise or even the beginning of a cool food revolution in Amelia. But maybe those are the dreams of a 30 year old and maybe I needed to learn that dreams have to age a bit with the dreamer. As such I have sublet my space to a young dreamer (details to come next week) and I am transitioning into a landlord role. It’s probably more realistic at my age. 🙂 In any case, I will still be around and I am keeping the door open for who knows what a few years down the road. Until then….

Carol Burnett Sign-Off


I’m going to the shop today. Bringing the puppy.


Friends, beginning Tuesday - Limited Menu, and no indoor seating. We need all the space we can get for the Huge Sale on restaurant small wares, bakery items, catering items and equipment. Come see us Tuesday - Friday 10-3. As items sell out they will not be restocked.


Friends, stay tuned for news about the new restaurant opening in this space!!!!!


Today’s Specials:
Pastrami Reuben on Marble Rye /fries $8.99
Cheese Pizza $7.99
Pepperoni Pizza or Peppers & Onion: $8.99


Friends, join us today for Chicken Pot Pue Soup and Hamburger Steaks with Mushrooms, Onions, Potatoes and Gravy.

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Sprinkles!! All colors $1.99 - $9.99




Update: You’re all killin me. Thank you so much… it was definitely a tough decision, but only because you all brighten my life. Please don’t worry about me…I got a state job. With benefits. And a pension!! I’m good, honest.

Regarding the restaurant: Serious inquiries only please. $2550 per month covers rent, water, fire suppression inspections and the use of my equipment. Two months rent in advance and there is a year lease. You are responsible for insurance, all your licenses and taxes, inventory, electric and propane. You will also be expected to maintain the equipment and keep it in good working order. You can get a COOP license to piggyback off my ABC license while you apply for your own. And I think that’s it. Please do not call me during lunch hours to discuss- my customers always come first. 🙂 thanks!!

Friends, it is with equal parts sadness and excitement that I am announcing that Katie & Ollie is closing. Please know that your support allowed us to not only stay open, but thrive in the face of a Global pandemic. It is not because of a lack of support or customers that we are closing, but other personal reasons involving mundane (but necessary) things like health insurance and benefits.

Our last day will be Monday, January 28th If you have gift cards, please redeem them THIS MONTH.

IN OTHER NEWS, All those who want to open a restaurant but perhaps are unable to because of a lack of startup funding.... (in the $50-$100K range), RENT MY RESTAURANT. Seriously. If you're serious, so am I. I have everything you need to succeed... all you need is passion and a will to succeed. The people of Amelia are amazing. ;)


Friends, join us for dinner tonight: 5:30 - 9 (restaurant open til 10).
Tonight's Special: Meatloaf and Smashed Red Skin Potatoes, and Veg $9.99!

Available All Day: Roast Beef Hoagies with Fries $9.99, Poutine $5.99.

Please note: We are sold out of Chicken Tenders!! Sorry!


It’s baaaaack!!! Poutine, $5.99


Hi Friends! Today’s Specials while they last…. Hot Roast Beef on Toast Points with a Rich Brown Gravy and Fries $10.95. And, Loaded Potato Soup $3.99. See you soon!

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Friends, we open back up on Wednesday after a much needed break, followed by a blizzard! Join us, we’ve got healthy salads, wraps, loaded potato soup, a half pound shaved roast beef hoagie and individual pot pies. I wasn’t just sitting home you know!! :) Open Wed-Fri for lunch 10-3 and Fri/Sat for dinner. See you soon.


I felt inspired this morning. Need a special dessert for your holiday table?? I made these incredible, flaky, delicious apple caramel blossoms. Serve alone, with ice cream, whipped cream, or a caramel drizzle. Let me know ASAP if you want some. $3.79 each.


Do you see what I see? Be careful or you’ll shoot your eye out!!! I have 5 leg lamp cookie kits. $13.95 Open 12/24 9-12 for bakery. I also have a Lemon Marscapone cake and a bunch of lovely baked goods and sugar cookie kits. See you soon!!!

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Friends, bakery only today and tomorrow. Also, closing Friday at 12 - noon so we can Christmas with the grands. Thank you and Merry Christmas. !!! WE ARE CLOSED UNTIL MONDAY 1/3. See you then.

HAVE 11 Buffalo Trace Cupcakes extra and I made 2 extra Chocolate pies.


3 coconut custard pies
7 cookie kits
Sugar cookies
Macaron gift boxes
Jumbo PB Cookies
Cream Cheese Brownies
18 Buffalo a trace Cupcakes

UPDATE: This is what we have remaining:
5 Coconut Custard Pies
7 Cookie Kits
2 Lemon Marscapone Cakes
Buffalo Trace Cupcakes —maybe.
Buttercream Cupcakes
Macaron Gift boxes
Jumbo Peanut Butter Cup Cookies


Friends, with the high demand for all things Christmas, restaurant operations this week are **limited**. I have closed the lower dining room and am limiting the menu too. The only (really delicious) special this week is Bacon Cheeseburgers with Fries… in addition to the regular menu.

FRIDAY IS BAKERY PICKUP ONLY!!!! Thank you for understanding.

Now, speaking of increased demand for all things Christmas, I made extras!!

First Come first served for:
4 Whole Lemon Marscapone Cakes $39.99

6 10” Coconut Custard Pies with Chantilly Cream

1 10” Key Lime Pie $24
1. 9” Key Lime Pie. $13.95

2 Whole Winterberry Cakes $55

I am also making extra Chocolate Pies and Chicken Pot Pies tomorrow. They will be available for pickup Thursday/Friday $15 each

We also have sugar cookies, cookie decorating kits, cream cheese brownies, jumbo peanut butter cookies and gift cards!!

I will be making extra Buffalo Trace cupcakes too. Those strawberries have been marinating in BT for almost a week now!!!

See you soon and merry Christmas!!

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1 dozen assorted freshly baked sugar cookies in a decorative tin. While they last. $12.95

Photos from Katie & Ollie's Edible Art, LLC's post 12/14/2021

Friends, new to Katie & Ollie - decorate your own sugar cookies. Each comes with 6 freshly baked sugar cookies, 2 decorator icing, 2 sprinkles and 2 adorable spreaders $9.95. Let me know ASAP if you want one! We also have cupcakes and macaron gift packs.

Photos from Katie & Ollie's Edible Art, LLC's post 12/05/2021

Stop moving to cater a birthday party??? Easy. Getting out of the shop before they closed the road for the parade was not so easy….

Photos from Katie & Ollie's Edible Art, LLC's post 12/03/2021

Did I forget to mention we have smoked chicken today?? All white meat on toasted Sourdough with Mayo, provolone, lettuce, tomato and a Carolina Sauce drizzle. Served with onion rings. $9.99

Virginia’s Premier Source for Quality Cookie Kits for Individuals, Families, Groups, Events and Corporate Giving.

We are Central Virginia's premier source for cookie kits made with the finest, freshest ingredients at an attractive, affordable price. Katie & Ollie's provides cookie kits for individuals, families, parties, groups of all sizes, corporate events and employee appreciation. A portion of our proceeds is donated to groups for at-risk youth and animals in memory of Oliver Jackman.

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Scratch Kitchen specializing in freshly baked cookies and pastries, croissants, soups, smoked meats, daily lunch specials, and custom cookie kits made with the finest, freshest ingredients for individuals, families, groups, customer and employee appreciation. Catering available.

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16420 Court Street
Amelia Court House, VA

Opening Hours

Monday 10am - 6:30pm
Tuesday 10am - 3pm
Wednesday 10am - 3pm
Thursday 10am - 3pm
Friday 10am - 3pm

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