Hartland Stables llc

Hartland Stables llc


Hartland is one is one of our favorite places, and we ❤️ their new sign!

Hartland Stables is a beautiful and charming horse boarding barn where your horse is cared for with If the barn is your home away from home, then Hartland Stables is the barn for you!

Hartland provides exceptional care for you and your horse with impeccably clean and maintained barn and pastures and 25+ years of experience. We treat your equine partner as if they were our own and you like family. Hartland Stables provides:
13' x10' new built stalls
12 acres of lush maintained pastures
Tack room
Wash rack
Heated restroom
Outdoor arena
65' round pen and trails
Full and partial boarding available
Top quality care for you and your horse


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horseware fall/winter






RIP fellow horsewoman

Carltonlima Emma, a Fell Pony and one of Queen Elizabeth's favorite horses, and head groom Terry Pendry, pay their final respects.


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Photos from National Disaster Search Dog Foundation's post 09/12/2022

🇺🇲💔 in remembrance of the victims, first responders (canine and human), and unseen heros, we continue to have your surviving family in prayer...let us never forget 🙏





10 EASY Tips for Horse Training Success

If your horse is not moving willing forward from your leg, you will have problems with steering, stopping, and nearly any other training problem you will encounter.

A horse generally lifts his head, do to not going forward. Trying to pull his head down will only cause stiffness and a hollow back and not allow him to become round and driving thru from behind.

If your plan was to work on lead changes, and during your warm-up you were having trouble moving your horses hip, you will never get a correct lead change during your training session. You will teach your horse more during a proper daily warm-up than you will ever teach during a training session.

It is fine if your Dressage horse can rope and drag, or if your Reiner will go trail ride. Remember horses like people need to have a change of pace and scenery. No one likes the same old grind, go see and experience the world, you will both be happier.

Only teach one thing per training session. If your horse understands it in 10 minutes QUIT! There is no time schedule for success.

Show/ teach them what you expect or want and then leave them alone to see if they truly understand. It is easy to fool ourselves into thinking are horses are broke, by micro-managing.

No trainer or person will always have the right answer. If you don’t believe you know what you’re doing, why should your horse?

I understand round is a shape, but being healthy, flexible and at a good riding weight is the most simple and easy way to get a 10% (or more) improvement in your riding/ training. Plus, it’s FREE!

Training is a life long journey. Think of this: If we got a 1% improvement per day, in our training, we should have our horses trained in 100 days. Crazy, right? So remember that we only gain fractions of a percent on every ride, and our horses will never truly be finished. Both, horse and rider, should improve their entire lives.

Having fun was the main reason that we got into riding in the first place, never lose sight of that fact. We all have problems and struggles with our daily lives and training, but getting to ride your horse should be a HAPPY place, for the both of you.

As Always; Ride Hard, Be Safe, Have Fun. - Steve Kutie

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We have a stall available!
🐴Large outdoor arena, 65ft round pen, fields to ride in...
🐴Fed twice daily
🐴Turnout weather permitting on grass pastures
🐴Round bales in winter, heated water troughs
🐴Spacious half door stalls
🐴Restroom in barn
🐴Wash rack
🐴Horses are hosed when hot and blankets when cold no extra cost
🐴Partial or full board options, hay is provided with both!
Give Steph a call to set up an appointment!


We have 1 stall available!
Message Steph
at (614)519-0929



$450 per month

"Wow" "That's a lot" or "Can you do any cheaper"

These are the responses I get when people ask how much it costs to board a horse. And in a way I get it. In a lump sum it seems like a lot of money, and it is to a lot of people. However, instead of looking at the lump amount it needs to be looked at a per day amount. Which works out to be $15 a day!

Now you have to take the $15 a day and look at what that covers. That is the stall rent, feed, hay, water, (2x a day), electric, water, and someone to be there to pick the stall and feed them as well.

Feed a month is approximately a little over $100 per month per horse. Hay is around $50ish per month, water/electric $40 per month, and sawdust is $20ish per month. Then the stall rent is $125 per horse. So that adds up to be around $315 per horse in just cost alone.

Now this leaves $4.50 a day to cover labor for feeding (2x times a day) and cleaning stalls, gas for equipment (quads to drag arena, gas for side by side for cleaning stalls, etc.). Plus the fuel in the truck to go pick up feed from the mill, and the hay as well. And we all know the pain at the pump right now.

This is 7 days a week 365 days a year job. There is no holiday pay, no overtime, no sick days, no benefits.

And Yes... All of us who do this daily understand we chose this lifestyle, however, that doesn't mean we are obligated to do it for merely nothing or for free. It's a hard job so people can enjoy their horse(s)/hobby. None of us are trying to be rich, but we don't deserve to die poor doing it either.

So, take it easy on barn owners, trainers, and farmers as well.... We are just like everyone else....just trying to make a little living, and put food on our plates.

If we could all do it for free I know we all would. 🤠🤎



Horses are not Hondas, so stop treating them as though they are.

Our world is fast and easy, for the most part, isn't it?

We are spoiled and like the ability to sidestep learning.

Horsemanship has fallen by the wayside.

You can learn to drive a car in a few weeks time and be cruising at 70 miles an hour without much trouble (as long as you aren't texting) by 16 years old.

The car, being a machine, cooperates most days. Even if you forget oil changes and windshield washer fluid or cleaning it, it goes on without grumbling for a long time. You can keep driving 30 miles or so once the gas light comes on, at least.

We've decided to treat horses much the same.

We get them out after they have sat in the pasture for 3 months and we spend hours doing something on their backs. A long trail ride, practicing flying lead changes, chasing cows...

Horses are not devices, though. You cannot hop on, push a button and see a perfect performance without building yourself And the horse up to it.

Driving a car while on summer vacation on a country road at 11 and 12 years old actually may help you learn to drive on the highway, but casual riding of horses on trips to Aunt Judy's as a child will not help you become a solid horse person.

Horses are massive, thinking, reactive and emotional beings. They are all unique. You can undo their training with your lack of knowledge. You can increase it with your wealth of knowledge.

Horses end up discarded time and time again by well meaning folks because they are looking for a machine. . . point, click, bam. It doesn't work that way.

People keep looking for the easy path to horse ownership - the dead (inside) broke (literally) horse that has stopped thinking. . .and is 100% safe (no such thing) because they refuse to become a partner to the typical horse. The person refuses to learn. . . anything at all. They want the horse to be a car.

I am sad to see how often I am at horse events and notice decent riders who haven't take the time to learn how to even load their horses into trailers.

We don't want to learn.

Horses reflect You. If you do not know, then you will get "I do not know" often in return from your horse. Even if they do know, they will lay that knowledge to the wayside with time, or your ignorance will ruin their previously solid foundation (thus making a nice horse dangerous - happens all the time).

We don't want to admit there aren't bad horses - just bad people who ruin normal horses.

We don't want to admit anytime we pen something saying, "The horse is _______________," it is actually "we" that lack, not them.

The greatest hill in front of horses today is a lack of knowledge in the people who want to "own them" and our unwillingness to admit we do not know (or want to know.)

Horsemanship, like parenthood and marriage and friendship, is a lifelong learning process. The learning does not end. It isn't something you're born understanding.

So if you wish to have horses in your life, stop trying to find shortcuts and cheap cuts and push buttons.

It doesn't exist, and if that is what you are looking for, horses really do not belong in your life at all.

Photos from World of Showjumping.com's post 05/28/2022



🐴The changing Stages of Balance🧲

When we talk about balancing horses, it is important to recognize that as core strength develops CORRECTLY, the horse is better able to shift their balance and carry more weight behind.

Acquiring the knowledge and resources to progress on a journey that preserves the physical and mental well being of both horse and rider takes TIME, patience and a commitment to continual learning as your experience grows.

The attached graphic, while not perfect, is a visual we put together, from our perspective, to illustrate some of the things we look for as training progresses and the horse is better able to carry weight on the hind end and lighten the front.

Our mission at Equitopia is to provide as many of the resources as possible to help you on that journey.

We invite you to evaluate our membership program and online courses at www.equitopiacenter.com

(Note: not perfect - in photo 2, while you can see that the more advanced core development in this horse, he is a few steps into a stretch. Ideally this photo would have been take a few steps earlier to show a head/neck position somewhere in between photo 1&3)



…But I do know horses. Here are a few things I’ve learned that should help most horses, most of the time, with whatever problem you may be having.

Whatever it is, just do less. Expect less. React less. Use less strength. Less contact. Less pressure down the rein/rope. Less pressure from the leg. Less driving from the seat. Less noise…

More patience. More time. More benefit of the doubt. More rest breaks. More reward. More still. More quiet. More variety. More length to the neck…

Your horse isn’t trying to get one over on you, (or if he is, ask yourself why he feels the need to). What you think is naughty behaviour is usually just an attempt to communicate something: Discomfort, distrust, uncertainty, anxiety, fear, none of which require ‘telling off’…

Be in control of your own emotions before you try and control your horse’s emotions. Once you let your emotions change, the whole dialogue upon which your training is based, changes…

So rather than asking for something that goes against your horse, start by asking for things you’re already pretty sure the horse is going to give, and go from there. (This one takes a little figuring out but is totally worth it!) N.B.: Common sense required!…

More advanced work is simply an arrangement of the basics taken care of simultaneously…

You can never truly ‘rule out pain’ as a cause of unwanted behaviour. No matter how much money you spend, or how good your vet is…

REST DAYS ARE AS IMPORTANT AS TRAINING DAYS: Overtraining can be just as damaging as under preparing. Horses only have so many jumps/steps in them - use them sparingly…

Most issues can be solved by taking a step back, breaking the issue down into smaller chunks, and taking care of those chunks one by one…

You’ll get there much quicker if you do. Cutting a corner will only come back to bite you in the ass sooner or later…

Horse training is subject to the same laws of physics as everything else. You can’t argue with either anatomy or physics, no matter how many medals you’ve won. Train with this in mind, because there isn’t a single instance where an unyielding or strong rein contact will benefit your training, or your horse…



All 45 horses passed the first horse inspection at the Land Rover Kentucky Three-Day Event. Two horses were held but passed when re-presented.

For more photos and insights on how some of the riders picked their outfits for the jog: https://www.chronofhorse.com/article/a-little-diy-the-eye-catcher-and-comfortable-but-fashionable-2022-land-rover-kentucky-jog-outfits

Presented by Cosequin Equine

Photos from Hartland Stables llc's post 04/26/2022

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🍀☘️ Happy St. Patrick's Day ☘️🍀

“Sell the cow, buy the sheep, but never be without the horse.”
– Irish Proverb
Happy St. Patrick’s Day! 🍀
📷: .atelier.dg

Beezie Madden and Mason Phelps Elected to Show Jumping Hall of Fame 02/22/2022

Beezie Madden and Mason Phelps Elected to Show Jumping Hall of Fame

Love Beezie! She has been a show jumper I've looked up to since I was little! Class Act!!

Beezie Madden and Mason Phelps Elected to Show Jumping Hall of Fame Olympic veteran Beezie Madden and media executive and fundraiser Mason Phelps, Jr. have been elected for induction into the Show Jumping Hall of Fame. They will be honored, together with last year’s nominees—Olympic rider Margie Engle and McLain ...


My 3 girls received Valentines from a certain gelding in the barn 💌 needless to say they loved their 🥕 and the love letters 🥰

13th Annual Great Charity Challenge Distributes $1.7 Million To Nonprofits 02/08/2022

13th Annual Great Charity Challenge Distributes $1.7 Million To Nonprofits

13th Annual Great Charity Challenge Distributes $1.7 Million To Nonprofits The annual Great Charity Challenge team show jumping competition returned to the Winter Equestrian Festival on Feb. 5, distributing $1.7 million to charities throughout Palm Beach County, Florida. Held at the Palm Beach International Equestrian Ce...


Ponies are dry, warm, watered, fed plus treats...as for me well...lol 😆🤷🏼‍♀️


It’s Topic Tuesday!✨ Dr. Rambo explains everything you should know about vitamins and the several very important roles they play in your horse's body.🐴


New Price List as of 1/20/2022

Timeline photos 01/10/2022

Timeline photos

New Podcast Episode!✨ Does your horse have a hard time maintaining it's weight? Listen to this week's podcast episode to learn some tips on how to feed the hard keeper! 🐴
Apple Podcast: https://apple.co/336EHa7
Google Podcast: https://bit.ly/3t0bDMH

Top Tips From The USEF Horsemastership Jumping Series 01/10/2022

Top Tips From The USEF Horsemastership Jumping Series

Great advice in this article

Top Tips From The USEF Horsemastership Jumping Series Action in the USEF Horsemastership Training Series moved to the jumper ring over the weekend, with a gymnastics session Saturday led by Lauren Hough and a coursework session Sunday with Laura Kraut. Kraut kicked off her session at Equestrian Villa...

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Merry Christmas from our family to yours 🎄


Happy National Day of the horse!


Happy Thanksgiving to all friends and family! We are blessed to have each of you in our lives...as I fed this morning I took a minute to thank God for the blessings we have as the horses quietly munched hay...my heart is full

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When you gaze at your horse and say to yourself..."I can't believe you belong to me 😍"

When you glare at your horse and say to yourself..."I can't believe you belong to me 😤"

Lol tell me I'm not the only one! 🤣🤦🏼‍♀️🤷🏼‍♀️🐴


Gorgeous Dressage prospect! 😍

Cory Lynn O'Connor maybe play with this guy while you are wait for Ace lol 😉

Timeline photos 11/15/2021

Timeline photos

BIG NEWS!💥 We are excited to launch the Constant Comfort™ Sweepstakes. Enter to win a one year supply of Constant Comfort™ Plus and Constant Comfort™ blocks plus a number of other great prizes for you and your horse, valued at $1,000!

Sign up to win: https://tributeequinenutrition.com/content/constant-comfort-sweepstakes

Timeline photos 11/11/2021

Timeline photos

New podcast episode! Tune in to learn about the differences between pelleted and textured horse feeds, including information to help you decide which is best for your horse. 🐴
🔗Find a link to our podcast below.


The same is true for horse training...


Single horse is the star of her tiny German town

Sometimes if we slow down and let nature do what's natural...stop trying to control everything we are amazed and enlightened by the results ❤🐴


This face..makes me smile 🥰😛


Gastric support that goes beyond balancing pH



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So glad to have Congress back!! 🐴🍁

What You Need To Know: 2021 National Horse Show 10/27/2021

What You Need To Know: 2021 National Horse Show

What You Need To Know: 2021 National Horse Show The 138th edition of the National Horse Show begins today, Oct. 27, at the Kentucky Horse Park's Alltech Arena and will run through Nov. 7. The competition starts out with five days of adult and age-group equitation as well as the Hamel Foundat...

Not Travis on TikTok 10/12/2021

Not Travis on TikTok

Bwhaha absolutely no shame in my game 😉🤣💜😊

Not Travis on TikTok Horse girls explained.

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🎂❤🐴 Happy Birthday to my sweet Lily May! She is such a blessing and has taught me so much in our 12 years together...I c...





10340 Mougey Rd SW
Amanda, OH

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Hollywood Acres is home of 2011 APHA dun tobiano stallion Colored Hollywood. We specialize in breeding & raising beautiful quality reining & reined cow horses in southeast Ohio

Paiges' Produce/Family farm market Paiges' Produce/Family farm market
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We offer U-Pick apples, pumpkins, and peaches in season. We also have pre picked items in our store

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CS Rickly Boer Goats CS Rickly Boer Goats
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CS Rickly Boer Goats strives to raise market goats for 4-H youth that are healthy and ready to win at your fairs. Also we raise Great Pyrenees pups for LGD

Paiges Produce Paiges Produce
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