Foster Farms Shorthorns

Foster Farms Shorthorns


Congrats to Ella Tarbert
Class winning Shorthorn heifer at OYLE
Sire: FF/DL Bottom’s Up
Dam: ESQ Sara’s Perfect
Raised and Sold by Us!!!

Check out her maternal brother that will be for sale this fall out of Hot Rod!
❗️Official Backdrop Photo is in❗️

What a great weekend... can’t wait till this fall with her!
Shorthorn Jr. Nationals was definitely one for the books.

Class winner
FF/DL White Crystaleen 37G ET
Sire: Trump
Dam: WHR RT Crystaleen 448
Maternal Sister to “Amber”
Raised and sold by us
Congrats Emily Dahse

2nd in class
FF/DL Demi’s Reward 32G
Sire: SULL Reward Me
Dam: FF/DL Demi Delight
Raised by us

2nd in class
SULL Red Ruby 9862G ET
Sire: SULL Red Knight
Dam: HD Ruby 903

4th in class
FF/DL Meg’s Mae 10G HB
Sire: FFDL Hot Buckshot
Dam: JM LA Meg 120
Raised by us

5th in class
MILLER/CS/DLF Margie Girl 105 ET
Sire: DF Waco
Dam: D&D Margie’s Beauty
Owned by: Miller Shorthorns, Du-Lyn Farms, Cairns Shorthorns
It’s that time of year again.. summer show season is right about the corner!
Thank you so much for the shirts we really enjoy them,love the slogans on them. Tell everyone Marry Christmas from us to you.
We would like to invite you to come join our country living group. We would love you to share your farm with our members.
For those of you that do not know what happened tonight, our cow barn and calving barn caught fire tonight. As of right now we do not know what caused it. In the fire we lost my whole goat herd and the kids that were already born. We lost our priced and main herd bull that we were promoting. We also lost two cows and a calf in the fire. The fire took our whole hay and straw supply for the winter. But to top off the his horrific event I lost my welsh corgi Mo who was in the barn. The fire went so fast that it was impossible to get everything out. Thankfully we live in a tight net community that our neighbors who came and help get the cows out of the barn that we could. It's going take the support of our family and friends to get trough this and get back on our feet before calving season starts.
Lot 10 in the Banner Up Sale. She sells September 25 on BW. This heifer has been a favorite since birth. This heifer reminds me of a heifer I showed in 2014 SD MISS CRYSTAL that was never beat in class. This heifer is long body, big footed, freaky fronted, tons of heifer, and tons of rib and belly. She is going to be one that is going to see many back drops. This female is yet so sound. She is hard to let go but she is going to do wonderful things this fall, winter and summer.
D.O.B: November 2015.
Available for viewing by appointment. Contact Desirae Desirae Logsdon or Anthoney Verhovec.
Lot 9 in the Banner Up Sale. She also sells September 25 on BW. This heifer is one you have admire for her depth of body, spring of ring and freak front. Yet she is sound as they come. She is going to to be the fall division. After a successful show career this heifer is going to back into the herd and be on of your top cows. These HOT SAUCE daughters don't disappoint and each ear they get better and better. Don't miss you chance here.
DAM: purebred shorthorn
D.O.B: November 2015
Available for viewing by appointment. Contact Desirae Logsdon or Anthoney Verhovec.
Lot 8 in the Banner Up Sale. He sells September 25 on BW. This guy has been a favorite since birth and a favor to everyone who has come and saw him. He is as hairy as they come and big b***d and big hipped. Yet he is so sound. He has the eye appeal to catch any judges eye. His full sister we sold last year at the Eastern Ohio Shorthorn Sale were she was named Champion Shorthorn Female. He is going to fallow in her foot steps and do amazing things. He is going to be that I wouldn't want to show against this winter or next summer at Junior Nationals and State Fair.
D.O.B: March
Cattle are available for viewing by appointment contact Desirae Logsdon or Anthoney Verhovec.
Lot 7 in the Banner Up Sale . He sells September 25 on BW. This steer has market steer written all over him. I think his video and picture speaks for him self. He is big ribbed, deep body, and has the muscle shape everyone loves. He is also puppy dog brook. He will stand out in any shorthorn plus class.
Sire: Purebred Charolais
D.O.B: March.
Available for viewing by appointment. Contact Desirae Logsdon or Anthoney Verhovec
Thank you to Drew Browning and his family for purchasing this female. She is a HOT SAUCE X STAR LIGHT. This female was a hard one to let go. Look for this female come fall, winter, and next summer.

Foster Farms, located in Amanda, Ohio, focuses on raising top quality purebred Shorthorn, Shorthorn Plus, and Hereford genetics. We strive to produce cattle that excel in both the show ring and on the rail.


Well the show barn is full of kids—literally. These little guys have turned it into their own personal play ground… but we aren’t complaining at all.

Photos from Foster Farms Shorthorns's post 03/21/2022

🍀Congrats to Addison Boyd
• Class Winner Ohio Beef Expo
•FF/DL Killian Rose 23H
•Handsome Reward X Killian Rose

This duo has had quite the run so fair! Keep up the good work! 


✨It’s that time of year, where sleep is light, and the barn is full of momma cows and babies. Quite frankly it’s the best time of year.✨

We just couldn’t help, but not share this guy.
Unstoppable X RR PCC Let’s Roll (MAB x PCC 308U)

Make sure to keep checking Snapchat, Facebook, & Instagram! The late fall calves are some of the best we have had to date!
From the Shorthorns & Shorthorn Plus to the Simmental & 1/2 Blood Simmy to even the Hereford and the % Red Angus/Durham Red… yes you read that right😜

Photos from Foster Farms Shorthorns's post 02/21/2022

🔥For Sale🔥

May 2021 Shorthorn Plus Heifer
FF DL Hot Buckshot x CYT Blue Crystalleen 409B

Reg# AR4332368

This will be the first female we are offering to the public out of 409B, but we are committed to offering the best and this heifer has just gotten better and better since weaning… I could go on and on but I’ll let her picture and videos speak for themselves.

Contact Desirae at 7405039773


Another Great Weekend
💕DTS Cupid Classic💕
•2nd in class Ring B
•Evolution X Sharben Styln’ Crystal
Congrats Wyatt Binckley!

Photos from Foster Farms Shorthorns's post 01/31/2022

A great weekend at the Clark County Cattle Battle!

🔹Class Winner Ring A & B
• SULL Handsome Reward X Killian Rose
• Raised and sold by us!
• Congrats Addison Boyd!
🔹Class Winner Ring B
• Evolution X Lady Crystal
• Raised and sold by us!
• Congrats Wyatt Binckley!


Happy Birthday to the man that leads the charge at every show.. has everyone laughing in the makeup ring and at the chutes… and who also makes the multiple trips to the farm without a complaint.
🎉HAPPY BIRTHDAY Jason George 🎉


To answer a lot of questions circling about if Shorthorns are still the main focus around here with the recent purchases, the answer is most definitely YES. When Grandpa (Bob) started this operation he wanted Maine influence cattle along with the Shortys. We have watched and waited for the right time and the time is now.
Introducing the newest addition and genetics that I have always been wanting, since I saw the cow 4 years ago.

🔹ASC Bonnie 257H
▪️Data Bank X Meyer 734


2021 was a good year for us & our customers! We can’t wait to see what 2022 has in store!

Happy New Years!


Merry Christmas, from our farm to you 🎄

We hope your day is full of joy and love as you spend the holidays with your family and loved ones!🎅🏼


Merry Christmas Eve🎄

The work never stops around here as we are busy breeding for next year!

Photos from Foster Farms Shorthorns's post 12/19/2021

🎄Christmas Comes Early Around Here 🎅🏼
•Introducing the Classic Girls

🎅🏼GCC Miss Hawk G150
•RB Hawk x GCC Miss Whizard

🎄 GCC Miss Whiskey Girl G404
•Maternal Made X GCC Miss Whiskey 5066

We are excited to see what these two young cows can do for our Simmental and Maine lineup.


Success in Alabama at the BJ Rice Memorial Show!
Congrats to the White Family!

🎄Res. Champion Shorthorn Plus
•FF/DL Red Bombshell 19J

Photos from Foster Farms Shorthorns's post 12/13/2021

Congratulations to our customers on a successful AGR Holiday Classic!

🎄1st in Class Ring A and B
•FF/DL Killian Rose 23H
Congrats Addie Boyd

🎄2nd in Class Ring B and 3rd in Ring A
•FF/DL Demi Delight 30J
Congrats Gracie Tarbert!

🎄Also congratulations to Asher Frazier, Ella Tarbert, and Wyatt Binckley!


🍁Happy Thanksgiving 🦃

We are thankful for a lot this year, from new customers to returning customers, our friends, and our family. We hope you all have a wonderful day filled with family and friends.

Photos from Foster Farms Shorthorns's post 11/19/2021

Our customers had a great time on the green shavings! ✨

🔹2nd in Class Jr. Show, 3rd in Open Show
FF/DL Demi Delight 30J
Sire: Omaha
Dam: DLF/DL Demi Delight ET
Congrats to Gracie Tarbert
*Sold Privately this fall

🔹Class Winner Jr. Show, 2nd in Open Show
FF/DL Crystal’s Evolution 25I EV
Sire: Evolution
Dam: Sharben Stylin’ Crystal 922 ET
Congrats to Wyatt Binckley
*Sold Privately this fall

🔹4th in class Jr and Open
Little Miss Perfect
Sire: FF/DL Hot Rod 5E
Dam: FF/DL Sara’s Perfect 11G
Congrats to Ella Tarbert
*Result of a past purchase from us!

We couldn’t be prouder of this kids and all their hard work so far! We look forward to what her is to come!

Photos from Foster Farms Shorthorns's post 11/17/2021

We are very fortunate to have great friends to help us get these heifers dialed, so they looked there best at for NAILE. Thank you to Jason George Rosemary Thompson Wyatt Binckley Travis Binckley Landon Helmke McKalynne Helmke, and Tyler Dahse for all your help!


Congrats Wyatt Binckley on a successful Southern Ohio Showdown!

▪️8th Overall Heifer
🔹FF/DL Crystal’s Evolution 25I EV
🔹Sold Privately this fall!
▪️4th Overall Intermediate Showman



June Shorthorn Plus Heifer

Sire: FF/DL Hot Rod
Dam: Bombshell

It is hard to not fall in love with this heifer. She is so correct in build and design. Not only is she beautiful from the side, but when you get behind her she doesn’t disappoint either. This ones grand dam we bought from Pembroke Cattle Co and Reimann Ranches with the goal of creating Shorthorn Plus Cattle. We are absolutely loving these Hot Rod calves. He is doing exactly what we thought he would do an more.

Pictured this post comments are pictures of Sire and Grand Dam.
Video in comments.

Contact Desirae at 7405039773


❗️SOLD ❗️

Late May 2021
PB Shorthorn

Sire: FF/DL Hot Rod (Hot Commodity X CYT White Rose)
Dam: ESQ Sara’s Perfect (Element 79 X Sull Sara’s Perfect)

This is the last purebred shorthorn heifer we will be offering this fall and boy is she cool.This heifers 1/2 sib was never less than 2nd in class at the state and National Level for the Tarbert Family and her full sib had an excellent year up in New York.

Video in comments.
Along with pictures of sire and dam.

Contact Desirae at 7405039773



▪️Shorthorn Plus Steer

🔸FF/DL Hot Buckshot x Can’t Fool Me

Photos from Foster Farms Shorthorns's post 10/18/2021

🔸Customer Success Story🔸

🔸Champion Shorthorn Heifer -Jr. Show
▪️Res. Shorthorn Heifer - Open Show

CONGRATS Ella Tarbert!!

This heifer is sited by FF/DL Hot Rod out of a show heifer that Ella purchased from us!

If you like this heifers mating you should see this heifer’s dams maternal sister by Hot Rod… stayed tuned for her picture this week 😉 along with 4 heifers sired by Hot Rod to be selling private treaty!


🔸Champion Shorthorn Heifer🔸
▪️NR Myrtle Bo 342H▪️
Sire: SULL Red Sensation 6554D ET
Dam: NR Myrtle Bo 342D ET
Bred by: Norman & Ripberger
Congrats Gracelynn Tarbert!!!

Photos from Foster Farms Shorthorns's post 10/14/2021

🔸Res. Division at KILE (PA)—Open & Jr. Show🔸
JSUL Northern Miss 7H
Sire: SAM
Dam: BNWZ Northern Miss 7219
Bred by: Sullivan
Sold by: Fred Ripberger
Shown by: McKalynne Helmke

Photos from Foster Farms Shorthorns's post 09/27/2021

Another great weekend for the Binckley Family

▪️5th Overall Heifer - Pike County Fall Show Cattle
Classic (OH)
▪️4th Overall Intermediate Showman

▫️Evolution x Stylin’ Crystal

🔸Raised and sold by us!


🔸Congrats to Wyatt Binckley🔸

▪️Res. Champion Heifer, Adams Co. Kick Off (OH)
▫️Third Overall Intermediate Showman
▪️CSF Evolution X Stylin Crystal
🔸Raised and sold by us!
🔸Special thanks to Jason George for helping us place this heifer!

Photos from Foster Farms Shorthorns's post 09/12/2021

🔸 FF/DL Scandalous 06I🔸

▪️ASA#: 4326045
▫️Sire: Sull Red Sensation
▪️Dam: Demi Delight
▫️DOB: February 2021

Offering up an unique opportunity on some of the most sought after genetics in the Shorthorn Breed today. Scandalous is straight out of our Louisville string we have been working on. After much considering we decided to offer him up to someone that could use him more then us. He will definitely be a herd changer for anyone looking to make females or show steers.

Contact Desirae at 7405039773


▫️Check out these AMAZING steaks 🥩

◾️Everything is raised and fed out on our farm.. you know what you’re buying when you buy from us….
🔸Quality Home Raised Shorthorn Beef🔸

📸: The Local Butcher


50% Shorthorn Plus Steer
Late March 2021

Sire: Monopoly 2
Dam: Solution X Demi

We aren’t big one raising steers around here, but once in a while we get a good one and this guy is GOOD. If you’re looking for a breed steer to run this winter and next summer then this is your guy. He is loaded with power, bone, and is still sound. Oh and he is as tame as they come.

Contact Desirae at 7405039773

Photos from Foster Farms Shorthorns's post 09/05/2021


7/8 Shorthorn Plus Heifer
March 2021

Sire: Sull Red Sensation
Dam: Sassy Crystal

We are keeping the ball rolling with these heifers… another great heifer from the Sull Sassy Crystal cow family. I showed this ones grand dam in 2014 who was never beat in class at the state and National levels. This heifer has a lot of the characteristics of her grand dam at this stage. I think this one has a bright future. Crystals have always been a hot item in the shorthorn world, jump on the chance to add this one to your show string and herd!

Contact Desirae at 7405039773


Late March Shorthorn Plus Steer

Sire: Hot Buckshot (Durham Red)
Dam: PB Shorthorn

This guy is puppy dog tame to the point that he has won everyone over in the barn with his sweet attitude… he would be perfect for a first year showman or anyone for any age.

Approx weight is 700#

Priced to sell.
Located in Amanda, Ohio
Contact Desirae at 7405039773

Photos from Foster Farms Shorthorns's post 08/24/2021


Shorthorn Plus Heifer
Sire: Evolution
Dam: Style X Lady Crystal

Thank you all for overwhelming amount of interest!



Pb Shorthorn heifer
February 2021
Sire: SULL Red Demand
Dam: Hot Commodity x Coleen

Contact Desirae at 7405039773



January 2021 PB Shorthorn Steer
Sire: Evolution
Dam: Dolly

Contact Desirae 7405039773

Photos from Foster Farms Shorthorns's post 08/24/2021

Is still a thing?
FF/DL Hot Rod ages like fine wine… this guy has been turned out on heifers and cows since April. Never seen an ounce of grain since his showing days… a pedigree like his and the fact he can make the type of cattle that excel on the rail, in the ring, and in the pasture…
Stay tuned for a select offering of heifers out of him this fall….

Hot Commodity X CYT White Rose

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Amanda, OH

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