Prince Boat Dock

Prince Boat Dock


Fat Bellys food truck menu today!!
Looking to
Purchase a house boat in Fontana
If anyone knows of one please message me
There are clear NO PARKING signs, tape and cones! Yet, you asshats park here. This is marked off so folks pulling boats for launch can get to the ramp. You deserve your car sidswiped by a boat. Take your lazy self to the end of the road.
Trying to get of someone at Prince Boat Dock for scheduling a house in April 7-10 2021, Does anybody know any information whether their open or yet????
Are the boathouses on the bottom ?
Hi Debbie and David ....sent you an email and just checking in to make sure it didn’t go to spam?
Please share-we lost our dog Saturday 8-8 evening. Our house is just below the Tsali Trail. I pray someone has picked him up and is taking him to a local shelter. If you have any information, please contact me asap. Texas Pete is my daughters faithful companion and she (as well as the rest of us) are devastated. We really need him back!
Another weekend of people not caring about their wake and the damage it can cause.

Just after the no wake zone at prince our friends experienced severe damage to their houseboat.

All day today wake boats came out at half plane because it was fun for them. But the damage it causes is not right. Remember. You are responsible for your wake.

To make things worse at about 6pm a boat came by with a bunch of building material at half plane, created a massive wake and broke our friends place.

Please tell everyone you can to be courteous and help reduce the wake. Especially visitors.
I keep my boat at Prince boat dock and someone came and stole all my lights and lifejackets off so beware of people stealing!!!!
Hit the Pit BBQ is coming to Prince boat dock next weekend (Memorial day weekend) Times and menu TBA. Make plans to come by and get some award winning BBQ.
Hit the Pit BBQ is coming to Prince boat dock next weekend. Times and menu TBA. Make place to stop by and grab some of our award winning BBQ.

Prince Boat Dock David and Debbie Prince own and operate Prince Boat Dock on Fontana Lake in Western North Carolina.

Operating as usual


We have a customer that has a houseboat in Wolfe Creek. He is interested in moving to deeper water. If anyone is interested in changing locations let me know and I will give you his contact information.


Happy New Years to our lake family!


Happy Thanksgiving to all our friends and family!


We would like to thank all our family, friends and customers who served!

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Fall is a great time to visit Fontana Lake! Our new rental is available! Call 828-479-3704 to reserve!


Our gray houseboat is available if anyone wants it last minute. Give the dock a call @ 828-479-3704.


Still looking for a yellow paddle board. If anyone has seen it let me know!


Our yellow paddle board came untied. If anyone sees it please let us know!

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Our rental is available in August! Call 829-479-3704 to reserve.

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Our rental is even better now that we have the dock and steps. You have a place to park your boat and swim! Call 828-479-3704 for availability! $200 per night, 2 night minimum! 2 queen beds, A/C.


Fatbelly’s will be here and serving at 11:00 today. Come on out! Spread the word!


Don’t forget about the food truck today! Please support them!


Our grey houseboat has opened up several weekends. Call to reserve at 828-479-3704. Thanks


Fatbelly’s food truck will be here July 10th and 11th. Plan your weekend around it. Here is the menu. Please support them so they will come back!


Thank you Jason and Chris Jones for the fireworks. Thanks to everyone who donated! It was an awesome show!

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Our new rental is available! $200 a night with two night minimum. Fully furnished! Call 828-479-3704 to rent.


Our new mobile home rental is available this weekend. Call the dock if interested. $200 per night fully furnished!


New t shirts for the guys!


Food Truck dates!
Fatbelly’s July 10 & 11
Trucking Tasty July 24
Fatbelly’s August 7 & 8
Truckin Tasty August 14

Please support these trucks! Hoping for more dates!


Jason Jones will be doing fireworks on July 3rd at the Camel Humps. Please donate at the dock this weekend to help him out! Thanks in advance!


New tank tops for the ladies! More to come this week!


New tank tops in for the ladies! More to come this week!


No gas is allowed to be carried on our sheds. You will loose your shed!


Please clean up after you dogs. We have a pet station and no one want to step in dog poop. Thanks for your cooperation!


We are not extending credit at the dock this year. Sorry for any inconvenience. Thanks in advance for understanding!


Call 828-421-5507


Still looking for Food Trucks! Call me at 828-421-5507!


Still looking for food trucks. Spread the word if you know anyone!828-421-5507


Happy Mother’s Day to all of our lake Mom’s. Hope you have a great day!


We are excited that we have Fatbelly’s Foodtruck for 3 dates. May, June and July. We are still looking for other food trucks. If you know someone that is interested have them call me at 828-421-5507 or message me.


The guys had a beautiful day to work today! They were shirtless and short sleeves! It is great to see so many customers getting encased floatation!

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Thinking about putting floatation under your house. Let the experts take care of it for you! Four awesome employees, 2 dump trucks, track hoe, skid steer, metal beams and jacks! Also rental of a large trash dumpster to haul off old foam! They get the job done!


Merry Christmas to all our friends!


Happy Thanksgiving to all our friends and family!


Signs are up! If you do not have a boat in our sheds you do not need to be on them!

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Everytime I think I have all my ducks in a row, one of the little fluffies waddle off! Happy Monday from Prince Boat Doc...




237 Prince Boat Dock
Almond, NC

General information

We have houseboat rentals, pontoon and john boat rentals. We also operate a store and have covered boat slips and houseboat mooring.

Opening Hours

Monday 8:30am - 5pm
Tuesday 8:30am - 5pm
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