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Hairstylist working at The Salon by Instyle inside JCPenny Algonquin and Artistic Educator with Matr Hi All!!! Back and working in the states! BIG NEWS! AWESOME!

I am currently working at The Salon by InStyle inside JcPenny in Algonquin

Hours: Wednesday 3-9
Thursday 10-5
Friday 10-3
Saturday 12-7

E/0ther Sunday 11-6

JCP Phone: 1-847-915-3267

Please try to make appointments, however walk-ins are always available. I am currently taking appointments for:
Haircuts, Upstyles
Colors, Highlights, Balayage, Ombre


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Photos from Hairstyles by Amanda J's post 05/04/2023

If this photo doesnt capture the essence of a ONE year old im not sure what will!!!!
Our sweet, smiley, happy, chill, honestly very easy baby is officially one!
Isla is FINALLY cutting her 3rd tooth (probably with another right behind) since 2 days ago and is truthfully the best behaved teething baby!
Some of her favorite things are blueberries, straw cups, her shape sorting blocks, any remote or cellphone, and really any snack you want to share with her.
She loves waving at everyone in the grocery store, clapping, blowing kisses, “so big” game and moving her little body around the house.
Isla recently started to “dance” and clap to music and just started to point to her nose/mouth area when you ask her where her nose is (we are working on it hahah)
We will say it over and over this year has flown by and we still can not believe what a great baby we have. She truly is a gift and has filled a void in our lives we didnt even know we had.
Miss Isla Skye Trout is officially ONE TODAY!!!! We love you!!!

Photos from Hairstyles by Amanda J's post 04/04/2023

Our sweet Isla is 11 months old!!!! We love all her dinosaur sounds she makes and wonder what she she is actually thinking when she is babbling!
Isla still only has 2 teeth but doesnt let that stop her! We think shes teething at the moment and its amazing how many photos i got without her hands in her mouth 😂 she loves to feed herself, especially with a pre-loaded spoon and even has started to use a fork. If we let her, she will play and try to load her spoon herself.
She is exploring the house more confidently, and found out drawers open- now its time to put some locks on the cabinets!
She is still the sweetest and happiest baby! Up until the last few days (thanks teething) she has been sleeping like a champ!
She loves waving hi and bye and has started to give high fives. She claps and also signs all done
We are soaking in the last month of her being our little baby!!! We cant believe she will be 1 year old in a month!!!!!

Photos from Hairstyles by Amanda J's post 03/04/2023

This baby is officially 10months!!! Isla is waving, saying all done, and army crawling all over the place! Her personality is showing more each day. We love when she tells us shes excited, she clenches her fists and rawrs like a dinosaur! (3rd photo) She is offically sleeping better and has a pretty good streak of sleeping through the night! we cant handle that we are now thinking about her first birthday!!!! Stop growing Isla!!!!

Photos from Hairstyles by Amanda J's post 02/04/2023

9 Months with our sweet, smiley, happy, chill baby girl!
Isla is still the happiest baby around. At nine months she has not met her food she doesn’t like however she’ll certainly tell you when she’s done by swiping and dropping everything on the floor. 🤣😩
We have for sure mastered the army crawl and are really starting to explore. One of these days it’s all gonna click and she’s gonna be crawling up a storm!
She played in thr snow for the first time this month and squealed with delight.
Isla’s personality is really starting to show and we love seeing it grow each day. We say it all the time, we’re not sure what we did to deserve this sweet baby but we’re thankful each and every day that she’s ours!

Photos from Hairstyles by Amanda J's post 01/04/2023

Trying to get photos of an 8 month old…. Everything is exciting and everything goes in the mouth!!!
This sweet babe is officially 8 months old! She has 2 teeth and loves to chomp on everything! She is LOVING food and loves to feed herself… which can be extremely messy!
Isla is rolling and inchworming towards anything she wants and she pulls on her tot bucket until it falls over! It will only be a matter of time before she is offically crawling.
She is using her voice more than ever and loves babbling (especially mammamama vava and bababab) and screeching (she sounds like a dying cat) and loves to laugh.
All of a sudden Isla looks like a “big girl” and less if our baby! We cant handle how fast she is growing.
Isla had officially gone on her first International trip, and the flight attendants made it known how good of a baby she was! (Coming back to the usa was much tougher for sure but she was still good!)
We can not handle the fact that she is closer to 1 year old than when she was born!!! Time can slow down so we have more time to love on this baby girl of ours!!


This year has been one for the books!! I want to start off by saying how thankful I am for each and everyone of you!!! The likes and comments on social media, the messages of kind words, and the gifts for Miss Isla and myself, the hot teas brought during appointments and all your generosity, flexibility and understanding with appointments and support while I was on maternity leave- I truly has the best job and the best clients!!!!
I can not thank you enough for being such amazing clients turned friends!
With that being said, it is that time of the year that i need to inform you that starting Jan 1st prices will be going up. If you have any questions or concerns please let me know!!
Reminder I am out of the salon Dec 22-Jan 5 and will not respond to appointment messages, but please feel free to send them and i will respond when i am back to work 🙂
I hope you all have the best holiday season and i cant wait to find out what 2023 will bring!!!!!

Photos from Hairstyles by Amanda J's post 12/04/2022

This sweet babe is 7 Months today!!!!
She is rolling everywhere, are sitting unassisted for short periods of time and officially has cut her front tooth! (Good bye gummy smiles)
She is honestly the smiliest and happiest baby! She loves to talk (and squeek, and squak, and squeel in high pitches) and is babling non stop!
Isla has been a champion with solid foods, peanut butter seems to be a favorite! She even has started sleeping just a little bit better (hallelujah)
Our girl is truly a joy to be around and we love her more each day!!!!

Photos from Hairstyles by Amanda J's post 11/16/2022

Thanks everyone who has helped build Isla’s library! She loves playing with the books and being read to! We finally got a shelf for all the books to fit!!!

Photos from Hairstyles by Amanda J's post 11/04/2022

We have been blessed by Isla Skye for 1/2 A YEAR now!!! (Im not crying- youre crying! Ok we are both probably crying!!!)
I cant even get over that 6 months have gone by with this sweet babe!! She still doesnt love sleeping through the night and is for sure flexing those lungs when unhappy- but for the most part we have a very happy and go with the flow little girl! She smiles most of the day and loves kicking her feet! I swear every time we go to a store someone comments how smiley and chill she is. So far we have tried avocado and oatmeal but the jury is still out on solids.
Mom and dad love kissing her chubby chipmunk cheeks and they totally look like they are storing nuts away for the winter.
Isla is small but mighty- and very loud… she will NOT let you forget she is in the room with her high pitched squeals (we may have a soprano on our hands)
Overall the last 6 months have been a happy blur - we for sure have our hard moments and struggles but somehow her little 3am smiles and how her little arms curl around our necks in a hug make it all worth it!
We love you Isla Skye!!!
Shoutout to Grandpa and Grandma Jayko for hollowing out the pumpkins!

Photos from Hairstyles by Amanda J's post 10/04/2022

I cannot believe I am typing 5 months!!! 5 Months with Miss Isla Skye!!! Her personality is showing more and more each day and we love it so! Isla LOVEs her tongue and putting things in her mouth to chew on. She is very vocal and very loud! We are excited as she is almost rolling over but nervous for what comes after that!!! She is still the happiest baby and we cant be more lucky!


12 weeks away people. W. T. F.

Photos from Hairstyles by Amanda J's post 09/04/2022

4 months with Miss Isla Skye today! She is still the happiest and smiliest baby! Isla for sure has FOMO and loves knowing whats going on around her and will happily skip a nap to keep playing! Cat naps our our jam! She has recently learned how to blow raspberries and is all about the tongue! We are not quite rolling but loves tummy time and kicking her feet! Mom and dad are ready for her to STOP GROWING SO FAST!!!!

Photos from Hairstyles by Amanda J's post 08/04/2022

3 Months with Isla Skye! She is really starting to show us her personality and we are falling more in love! Isla loves looking and wiggling at the mobile on her changing pad, bath time, and is starting to tell us stories! Her smiles are contagious, she has just started to laugh a bit and overall is a good baby! Much like her momma, she does get HANGRY so dont leave her waiting for food for too long! We keep joking she must be tricking us because of how lucky we are! Our biggest complaint is that she is growing up to fast!!!

Photos from Hairstyles by Amanda J's post 07/04/2022

Miss Isla is officially 2 months old and i cant handle it!! She loves stroller rides, eating, and is really starting to see things this last week! She is changing every day and we cant believe it! We are still so lucky to have such a happy chill baby!!!


Left this little cutie at home so i could head back to work today! 8 weeks flys by!!!!! Im missing her but glad to be back at
If you dont already have and appointment scheduled let me know! Lets get you in!!!

Photos from Hairstyles by Amanda J's post 06/01/2022

This week miss Isla turns 1 Month! How has it already been a MONTH with this little one?! She is such a good baby! Isla is consitantly a happy baby and she loves walks, snuggling, sleeping, tummy time, and even drive in movies! She is starting to smile and we hope her happy chill personality continues as she grows! We for sure have a pooping machine on our hands and are still working on sleeping during the night but she makes up for it by being cute!


Friday baby spam for your viewing pleasure


Maternity Leave Update:

Thanks so much for all the well wishes! We still cant believe we have had ONE WHOLE WEEK with Miss Isla!!!
As most of you know I had planned on taking 6 weeks of maternity leave, ending the week of 6/14. I have JUST found out about a new opportunity from JCP that will give me an extra 2 weeks of PAID leave!
Knowing full well how precious this time is I have decided to jump on the opportunity. My new, final, and official return date will be June 29.
You all know how i like to plan my book to maximize everyones time and I apologize that i didnt know about this sooner!!!The front desk team will reach out to you this week to reschedule, or you can call them asap! I do not have access to my book at the moment, but i am happy to recommend someone if you wind up needing your hair done before i return!
Thanks for your patience and understanding! I promise to continue the baby spam and see you the end of June!

Photos from Hairstyles by Amanda J's post 05/05/2022

Miss Isla Skye Trout made her debut on 5/4/22 at 3:04pm! She was born small but mighty at 17.5” and 5lb 11oz. The Scottish One and I in love already!


Who else loves dimensional color?!!
Love using my and to create beautiful hair color on my beautiful guests!!

Photos from Hairstyles by Amanda J's post 03/21/2022

Baby girl will be here before we know it!!!! Have you made your appointments yet before i leave? Message me here or call 1 (847) 915-3268 *ALL ONLINE BOOKING FOR ME HAS BEEN TURNED OFF*
My “plan” is to be gone all of May and part of June depending on how the birth goes. Hopefully just 6 weeks, but possibly 8 if i have a c-section. (If you already have an appointment and the ladder happens, dont worry, the salon will call you to reschedule asap 🤗)
If you need some hair help while I am on maternity leave, please dont hesitate to reach out before and i can give you some stylist recommendations.
ALL of my co-workers at are amazing and will be totally happy to help you out! I also have some amazingly talented friends in woodstock and huntley i can also refer you to if need be.
While i am on leave, please be do not hesitate to reach out for future appointment times, but know that i will have extremely limited access to my book from home during that time. Also please be patient with me as i probably will NOT reach back out in a timely manner 🤷‍♀️.
So many of you have generously asked where baby trout is registered and if you feel compelled, we have a list on amazon and buy buy baby. Please do NOT feel the need to purchase anything for us! We would love for you to make a donation to your local food bank or favorite charity in Baby Trouts honor!
Thank you all for your continued support this year (….and every year to be honest!) it has been QUITE a ride and i am so thankful you have all chosen to stick with me on this journey!!!

Photos from Hairstyles by Amanda J's post 03/18/2022

Been a hot minute since i posted!!!! This year has been amazingly busy at the salon which comes with challenges balancing time! Time to take photos, time to post photos, time to edit photos, time to make up when im running behind 🤣🤪
Im sure when Baby Trout comes she will take up more of my time so I will have to for sure have to be more mindful balancing my time!
While i still have time here is a gorgeous ive been saving for a while! Who else is ready for some warm weather?!?!

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12 weeks away people. W. T. F.
Who else loves dimensional color?!! ....Love using my @matrix #lightmaster and #socolorsync to create beautiful hair col...
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