Wellness 1st LLC: Nutrition and Wellness 4 All!

Wellness 1st LLC:  Nutrition and Wellness 4 All!


What an awesome day! Thank you Coach Ben for breaking down the Pathway to Champions this morning at our event! Thank you Karie from Wellness 1st LLC: Nutrition and Wellness for educating us on health and nutrition as we age!

Harris teeter for the win!
Wanted to give a HUGE shout out to you Karie! A few weeks ago, I did my first CrossFit competition! 7am to 7pm, 5 tough workouts spaced throughout the day! I was so worried about what I was going to eat! I brought 5 servings your Chocolate Whey for my post work out protein as well as a few servings of your BCAA's! Best tasting and so easy on my nervous tummy!!! Can't say enough about these products! They helped me stay fueled for every one of the challenges and ended up bringing home a 2nd out of 16 teams! Thanks again girl for all of the thought and care that you put into your products!! Also....now I need more.....that was a lot of protein!!!

Weight loss, Keto-diet, paleo, integrative nutrition, thyroid & adrenal support, Gut health, & more! http://www.wellness-1st.com


Wow! Interesting info on cancer cells! Not all collagens are created equal though. Lots of types out there that aren’t absorbed well. I FINALLY found a liquid marine collagen that’s highly absorbed that you take for 10 days out of the month. 🙌 Your body will learn to make it’s own collagen! That’s how powerful it is! It supports a healthy immune system while making my skin, hair and nails better! Message me if you want to learn more 💗

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Yummy easy low carb salad idea like you are eating an Italian sub w no bread! Serves 2.


My ✨BCAA✨is FINALLY back in stock after 8 months! Let me know if u need! This is the best BCAA out there! I have tried 5 lately & sore after my workouts. This one, not! 💪It’s awesome! 🔥🙌

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Great high protein low carb snack w dairy free keto yogurt!
2/3 c yogurt no sugar 1 tsp no sugar PB. 1 tsp vanilla or stevia 10 -15 no sugar choc chips…..stir & enjoy. If you need to thicken you can add a little bit of coconut flour. I did not!

Low Carb Valentine Treats 02/12/2023

Low Carb Valentine Treats

🏈Happy football day & early Valentine’s Day 💕! Here are some of my favorite low carb chocolate desserts for these events! Enjoy!

Low Carb Valentine Treats Low Carb Valentine Treats


Do you get in healthy fats daily? Avocados 🥑, raw nuts🌰, wild caught fatty fish🐟, omega 3 supplements, olives🫒/organic extra virgin olive oil, avocado oil, seeds, & more! Healthy fats, such as omega-3s & monounsaturated fats can serve as a neuro-protectant and help improve cognition, which makes them essential for brain performance, reducing inflammation, and even stabilizing mood! 😃


Oh no!!
These are usually the better options! I love Lilly’s dark w sea salt
I need to investigate that one 🍫

Many people eat dark chocolate for the rich amounts of antioxidants it can provide. But, as our latest investigation reveals, they could be unknowingly consuming unsafe amounts of heavy metals, too. We recently measured the amount of heavy metals in 28 dark chocolate bars. Cadmium and lead were detected in all of them, but these five bars in particular were above levels considered harmful for both lead and cadmium. Learn more: https://www.consumerreports.org/health/food-safety/lead-and-cadmium-in-dark-chocolate-a8480295550/?EXTKEY=YSOCIAL_FB


Looking to boost your protein consumption in a day? A good quality protein shake can help do that! My wellness 1st brand is grass fed whey w no hormones that is not high heated so you actually absorb the immunoglobulins versus a lot of whey out there that has been heated & destroys the immunoglobulins which is not giving you the benefits of growing your muscles and filling you up! I also offer plant-based protein that tastes delicious! Know what you are consuming. 😁This is a fun recipe for a protein shake to mix it up a little! Enjoy! 😋🍫


Craving sweets? Looking for more protein daily? Try these healthy low carb protein cookies🍪 !


Looking to feel your best in 2023! My program can do that for you! Reset & make it a lifestyle change.


Yes! Wellness doesn’t happen in 2 weeks or 30 days! Habits need to be formed for lifestyle changes & life long habits. If you are having difficulty on your eating habits/weight loss/wellness journey please reach out! I offer a FREE 20 min consult to help guide you with one of my programs that will fit for you.

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Wednesday inspiration! How’s the new year going? Let’s remember it’s a lifestyle not a week or month change! You got this.


Happy new year! As a lot of you are making goals and trying to commit to exercise and good nutrition, also, remember these things! And remember that January is not the only month to be healthy…It’s a lifestyle change. ☺️ 


Scouting Grounds

☕️Ever wonder how your coffee is produced? Or what you’re exactly drinking? Some of you have heard me talk about coffee before and how much mold it can have & most grown with pesticides! Our new scouting grounds is grown clean by small batch farmers in Honduras…tested for mold, mycotoxins and pesticides, making sure that you’re drinking clean coffee every am!  Lower in acid and tastes delicious! Give it a try today and taste the difference! And get the health benefits! ☕️
The coffee gift set is $49 and ships for free while supplies last . 👏


Wed 12/7 will be the last supplement order I put in for 2022!

Tell me what u need!


🚨LAST DAY to SAVE for 2022‼️
6 brands at 25% off plus half case (5%) and case discounts (10%). Ends tonight, Monday, @11:59pm. Great time to stock up or look at our gift sets. 🎁
Do you need hostess gifts?
Are you hosting any parties or holiday gatherings?
I can help!
Check out my wine cellar to see all the great wines on sale & our new clean-crafted coffee☕️ (set too)!
Message if I can help curate a cart or you have questions. Here are my Faves


As always thank you for supporting my small businesses & allowing me to be your wine concierge & healthy product/ supplement specialist❣️

Cheers, 🥂
Karie Zipper
Director of Wellness 1st
Associate Director Scout & Cellar Wines

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Keto low carb cranberry & stuffing in the works! 😋What healthy swaps are u making? Share recipes & check out my thanksgiving blog for recipes in my bio on my site! Happy Thanksgiving!


Keto friendly cranberry sauce underway! 😋

Keto Thanksgiving 11/22/2022

Keto Thanksgiving

It’s that time of year again to share my favorite keto/low carb /healthier options Thanksgiving Recipes! Happy 🦃 day! Cheers 🥂

Keto Thanksgiving Turn your high carb sides into low carb and enjoy Thanksgiving without feeling guilty!

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Time is ticking to get your Thanksgiving wine ordered. Wow your guests w delicious clean-crafted wines that
have no chemicals, low carb & will make
your Friday feel better!
Ground ship ends 11/14.
Freeship over $150 w volume
discounts. All "sets" ship free! Try our Thanksgiving set! Great wines & our Pinot gris in the set was just rated by Forbes.com as a top 8 wine to serve on Thanksgiving! 😃👏🥂

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Healthy brain foods. 🧠Are these in your diet? 🥑 🥑

Photos from Wellness 1st LLC:  Nutrition and Wellness 4 All!'s post 10/19/2022

As a nutritionist I love that people are getting more interested in their health &
quality of their food, & their wine! However, what about your coffee? ☕️

S&C wants to be your clean-crafted company from am to pm! Introducing Scouting Grounds! 🚨Pre-Orders start TODAY 🗓 message me!📲 Not avail til 10/26 on our site. Holiday gift sets $49 (see below) will sell fast! 🏃

We want to offer you the healthiest & cleanest coffee possible. Coffee is known to be moldy & a very heavily sprayed crop. 🥲
Yes there’s other organic coffee out there so here are some of our differences:
☕️all tested for chemicals, molds, mycotoxins, ph, & acid level w a soil to sip report for you 🙌
☕️low acid
☕️not bitter
☕️roasted 10 extra minutes for deep nutty & smooth taste
☕️ shade grown and dry process to create less moisture
☕️small family in Honduras
☕️Organic & mold-free always!

Wellness 1st LLC:  Nutrition and Wellness 4 All! updated their information in their About section. 08/04/2022

Wellness 1st LLC: Nutrition and Wellness 4 All! updated their information in their About section.

Wellness 1st LLC: Nutrition and Wellness 4 All! updated their information in their About section.

Wellness 1st LLC:  Nutrition and Wellness 4 All! updated their business hours. 08/04/2022

Wellness 1st LLC: Nutrition and Wellness 4 All! updated their business hours.

Wellness 1st LLC: Nutrition and Wellness 4 All! updated their business hours.


Diabetes is a sugar/carbohydrate intolerance disease! How do u fix that? Eat less carbs & sugar! And now eating all the carbs & sugar can affect your brain. My Reset 180 program can help you with this! Let’s chat if u need help getting off sugar/carbs & changing your lifestyle.

Eat this Lemony Shrimp + Avocado + Tomato Salad for a Clean... 06/28/2022

Eat this Lemony Shrimp + Avocado + Tomato Salad for a Clean...

This looks so yummy!
Great summer recipe
You can change the protein

Eat this Lemony Shrimp + Avocado + Tomato Salad for a Clean... Eat this Lemony Shrimp + Avocado + Tomato Salad for a Clean, Protein Rich Salad! This SUPER FRESH tasting chopped salad has a good balance of protein and healthy fats to keep us satisfied for hours! Use mixed colors of cherry tomatoes if you can to give this a really beautiful touch! Think about...

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Let's talk wine.... Many people probably don't realize you can lead a healthy lifestyle or be on my plan and still drink wine. Sounds too good to be true, right? It's not. Many of you know I brought clean-crafted wine into my practice 3 years ago so I could share it those wanting to have their wine and stay in ketosis &/or not feel crappy after. I am like you and why I started drinking and recommending Scout & Cellar. I want everyone to know about it, share the same experience, and feel the difference. Wine is social! This guide shows you the comparison between clean-crafted & conventional wines so you know. Keep reading...

Many people think wine is just grapes. Unfortunately, that is not true. Your conventional wine glass is filled w chemical additives & more. Depending on the farming practices, toxic pesticides were most likely used and have found there way into your glass. (you can google glyphosate) And probably lots of sulfites. High sulfites & added sugars can cause the "bad" feeling. We are always under 100ppm & no added sugar (only natural residual sugar which is very low)

Clean wine brands are making a splash in the wine industry but you need to be cautious because not all "clean" wines are created the same. Learn how to tell the difference with the guide above.

Scout & Cellar is a trusted brand with a mission to showcase just how incredible wine can be in its most authentic form. Read about how our Clean-Crafted Commitment is rooted in 3 key pillars. We are also on a journey to create a lifestyle out of clean-crafted goodness.

There has been no better time to try our wines than the month of May. We are celebrating and offering you 30-40% off all wines. Plus volume discounts apply. I can help curate a cart for you if you let me know your favorites. And 100% guarantee you like! No excuses! If eating clean is important to you...drinking clean should be too!

Cheers to Clean Wine, Clean Supplements, Clean Eating, & Clean Products!


Working outside today enjoying the beautiful weather in VA finally! decided to try my Vegan plant protein powder as a "creamy protein ice cream”. I have a mini DASH ice cream maker! I blended 1 cup cold almond milk w 1scoop chocolate protein w 1/2 tsp instant espresso & 1/8 tsp xanthum gum (to thicken) & 3 drops vanilla stevia (can omit). I blended it in my ninja then put on DASH.for about 20-25 minutes
Nice creamy vegan treat w 21 grams of protein 🙌😃💪

Carbohydrate Restriction & GERD 04/29/2022

Carbohydrate Restriction & GERD

Great article!  it’s not always coffee ☕️or tomatoes 🍅 or acidic foods for GERD! This is what I work w in my practice and why my low carb program works for so many! Makes a difference & helps lots of health conditions. 🙌. Reach out to me for more info on my Reset 180 program!

Carbohydrate Restriction & GERD Patients who suffer from acid reflux are often told to avoid potentially triggering or irritating foods and beverages, such as coffee, tomato sauces, spicy and acidic foods. But what if a different approach were effective—one that didn’t require people to eliminate some of their favorite foods? ...

Protein Sparing Noodles - Maria Mind Body Health 03/29/2022

Protein Sparing Noodles - Maria Mind Body Health

Who loves Egglife wraps or is missing noodles on a low carb or keto diet?!
I am trying this tonight! 🍜 have you tried?

Protein Sparing Noodles - Maria Mind Body Health Protein Sparing Noodles, Protein Sparing fettuccine Noodles, keto noodles, protein sparing pasta, psmf noodles, psmf, protein noodles

Chronic Dehydration 03/28/2022

Chronic Dehydration

This is true! Especially when u are low carb your body needs more electrolytes!! Especially potassium & magnesium!

Chronic Dehydration Medical Medium: Chronic Dehydration - now at www.medicalmedium.com


Yes! It’s so true.

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Good swap ideas to reduce toxic load in our homes!

Low Carb Diets & Migraines 03/17/2022

Low Carb Diets & Migraines

Low carb is good for so many things metabolically in our bodies, but did you know it helps reduce migraines?!
Good article.

Low Carb Diets & Migraines Very low-carb ketogenic diets are commonly used for weight loss and comorbidities associated with insulin resistance. However, as we covered in a past article, evidence is accumulating that carbohydrate restriction can be therapeutic for a number of issues that go far beyond dysregulated blood sugar...

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It’s PIE Day! 🥧3.14. I made a keto Kentucky Derby pie. I don’t use a crust but followed the recipe otherwise except I use swerve powdered vs the blend. I also baked for 30 mins which I wish I had done 25. So under bake and can add more time if needed. It should be a soft center like cookie dough. Took only a few mins to make. Easy. Enjoy! #3.14


Cheers to all my friends, clients, & mentors who have supported me in my business! Thank you for trusting me w your nutrition & wellness needs! 💕


There are many ways magnesium can be depleted in the body! But it’s so necessary for our health & body functions! Are you getting enough? What form are you taking? There are different forms of magnesium for different mechanisms in the body!


Sugar!! It’s in so many things….and way too much of it! 😩 Check your labels! So many options out there that are healthier w less sugar & taste delicious!


Feb is Heart month❣️
❤️Research Says CoQ10 Supports Heart Function ❤️
*Not all Q10 the same, please reach out to get the best*

Coenzyme Q10, or CoQ10, is an antioxidant the human body makes naturally to help neutralize free radicals. Research continues to build indicating that coenzyme Q10 (CoQ10) provides significant support for heart health.

Coenzyme Q10 is lipid soluble and provides antioxidant activity in cell membranes, including mitochondrial membranes. Also an important factor in mitochondrial respiration, cells use CoQ10 to generate energy. The highest levels of CoQ10 are found in the heart, liver, kidneys, and pancreas. It decreases in concentration over time with age, and can be depleted by both acute and chronic illness.

In the early 2000s, studies were being published showing that statin medications reduced circulating levels of CoQ10, and theorized that this could be the cause of some adverse effects associated with statin use. It was not long before integrative practitioners and medical doctors began to recommend CoQ10 supplementation for patients using statin medications.

Research continued to build indicating that coenzyme Q10 (CoQ10) provides significant support for heart health. Over the past several years there have been some well-designed studies and review articles published looking at CoQ10 for cardiac support including a 2018 systematic review published in the Indian Heart Journal. In the 2018 review, the authors conclude that CoQ10 supplementation may be a useful tool when it comes to supporting heart health. This is consistent with a similar conclusion from a 2016 review published in Circulation Heart Failure, which also featured a discussion about the physiological role of CoQ10, side effects, contraindications, and safety.

A 2018 meta-analysis published in the Journal of the American College of Cardiology showed that CoQ10 specifically provided support to the heart’s left ventricle. This is significant because the left ventricle is responsible for pumping oxygenated blood to the rest of the body.

CoQ10 is a powerful antioxidant that has been shown to support endothelial function and cardiac ATP production. This mechanism was confirmed in a 2018 randomized double-blind placebo-controlled trial published in the journal Hypertension which showed CoQ10 supplementation provided vascular support in healthy older adults. This benefit was achieved after only six weeks at a dose of 20 mg per day.

According to the highly respected Cleveland Clinic, CoQ10 has been shown to:

💕Significantly increase HDL-C and ApoA1 levels

💕Support healthy inflammation

💕Provide important support to individuals taking statin medications

💕Help support people with blood pressure concerns†

The Cleveland Clinic also reports that there is an inverse correlation between heart health and lower levels of CoQ10, and it is well known that CoQ10 levels decrease with age.

Are u taking CoQ10? Do you know where it’s sourced from? Is it in a fat soluble carrier? Please reach out to get the best to work efficiently for you!

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Be Well Live Well Feel Well!

Weight loss, Keto-diet, paleo, integrative nutrition, thyroid & adrenal support, Gut health, & more! Contact me for all your vitamin needs. I sell high quality professional grade supplements that will deliver the nutrients.


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