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QueenSuccess FabStore & Luxury Collections

You’re personal shopping consultant from USA!


Let’s get productive and get away from any destructions. Just Focus aiming your goals!!!


Here’s my kind of cup of tea. Good morning lovely people! 😘❤️


Now you can Get a TM6 with a FREE Cutter starting today!!!

There’s no regrets when you invest in one Thermomix. It’s a brilliant addition to your kitchen. It’s a beautiful masterpiece that will be valued for many years. Thermomix is called a Tesla of your kitchen! 😉
Let me show you how you can use it in many different ways. It’s not just a cooker, it’s also a bread maker, a mixer, blender, food processor, slow cooker, steamer, souvide, ice cream maker, rice cooker, coffee maker, tea infuser, fermenter, sterilizer and many other functions. It saves your time, money, energy, and less efforts every time you make something in your kitchen.

Dm me to book your Thermomix cooking Experience as soon as possible so you can get this Free Cutter when you make a purchase.
Plus a free host gift and an e voucher to get you a FREE Shipping. It’s a $49 savings!

*Contact me before placing your order.
Feel free to check on my link here: shop.thermomix.com/consultant/110389/

Place your order here: Shop.thermomix.com/consultant/110389/


A beautiful personality is not defined by outward appearances or material possessions, but by inner qualities such as kindness, empathy, integrity, and a genuine desire to bring joy and positivity to those around them.
True beauty cannot see through the eyes but felt from your ❤️.


If you're brave enough to say Goodbye, life will reward you with a new Hello.👋🙋‍♀️


Ask me how?


How often do you use your gas stove? Which do you think is safer to use for cooking your gas stove or Thermomix?

Need a Thermomix? Send me a DM for more information or book a free cooking experience.

Get your Thermomix today!


Oh yes!!!
We’re back to RBC Life business.
“Health is wealth” So we gotta live healthy and to be wealthy. According to Harvard economist and health expert David E bloom in the finance and development lead article about how health is the foundation to building a good healthy life.
Your health is your greatest wealth and asset. Your healthy body gives you the strength and energy that help you to achieve better results in every aspect of your life. Being able to sleep at night, walk without pain, eat and enjoy food is the main meaning of happiness.

Am sharing you my link so you could try this amazing health and wellness products that we highly recommend. Became a preferred customer using my link below so you could avail discount on every purchase.😍🥰
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Want to live longer and healthier ? Invest in cooking your own food. Gut health is very important to keep your health and body in great condition. Taking care of what you feed yourself and your family is worth more than any amount of money you can earn from your job. Keep your body healthy and stay away from sickness due to unhealthy eating lifestyle. Invest a little time making your own food will give you the peace a mind that your total wellness is being taken care of.
Let me show you how Thermomix can help save time, effort and money without compromising the quality and nutrition needed for your body. Home cooked meals are healthier, safer, cleaner, and more nutritious. It is worthy knowing what’s happening into your food before it goes into your gut.
Do you agree it’s worth to invest time making your own food? 😉💚
Connect with me. Dm or PM me for more details. Click my link here Shop.thermomix.com/consultant/110389/

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Thanks and goodbye 2022.
Happy New Year 2023! Fresh start for new you, new feels, new chances, new memories. May it be filled with new adventures and good fortunes. 🙏❤️🥰

Let’s build new dreams together. Create new relationships and live your best life! Let’s build wealth together. Check on my link below and connect with me.

💚Become a Thermomix consultant and enjoy cooking healthy meals and enjoy earning cash and amazing rewards
👉 Shop.thermomix.com/consultant/110389/

💚Become a Jafra Beauty Consultant and build a business in the comfort of your own home helping women to achieve luxurious, radiant, healthy skin.
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💚Acorns makes it easy to save and invest. Join me and you'll get a free $5 investment!

💚Join Robinhood with my link and we'll both pick our own free stock 🤝


New year, new beginning, new chances to start fresh and live a health you! Freedom to eat the perfect balance diet that fits your body needs. Cook it your way, the healthy way with Thermomix TM6 way.
Get your Thermomix today!

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This is the season of beauty! Discover the skin rituals with instant results as soon as first use. Restore your skin’s bounce and hydration with precious oils for a youthful and younger looking skin.
https://catalog.jafra.com/interactivecatalog/catalogo.html?lang=en&utm_source=jafrabiz&utm_medium=display&utm_campaign=HPbanner_December2022-Virtual-Brochure_EN #2022-12-1



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It’s now or never! Place your order before December 4, 2022. If don’t have a Thermomix TM6 yet this is your best chance to get one! Don’t miss out a rare opportunity like this. Stop procrastinating! Get it now!!! Shop.thermomix.com/consultant/110389/


Happy Thanksgiving to all of you beautiful people! Let’s remind ourselves to be grateful for everything we have big or small. Sending warm wishes for a holiday celebration filled with everything that brings you

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Nothing beats a kitchen appliance as smartest as the Thermomix TM6! The revolutionary multifunctions kitchen appliance you can own today. One
best investment that you can pass on to your kids. Plus having an access to more than 75000 recipes worldwide you will cook like a real chef even without any experience in cooking.🤩Don’t miss out the best deals for BlackFriday offers for a limited time. Take action today!!!Shop.thermomix.com/consultant/110389/


Thermomix Noir is a Editors’ Pick 🎉 Read the full review 👇

The limited edition Noir is only available through November 27, or while supplies last - contact your Consultant or DM us to learn how to get cooking with before it sells out 🖤

✨”This heady do-it-all combo appliance took the place of some of my bulkiest kitchen machines, and does everything from mix, blend, chop, knead and even cook your food. I adore it because not only is there less mess and cleanup while you cook and bake, the Thermomix TM6 even weighs each ingredient with a built-in scale (goodbye, measuring cups and dirty mixing bowls). And the newest accessory even peels your potatoes for you, so Thanksgiving is going to be an absolute breeze (and I'm finally going to attempt my own pie crust and biscuits as well!). The white version has been available in the US for about five years, but this gorgeous, shiny black version will only be on shelves until the end of November.” — Tobey Grumet, contributing editor✨

Become a Thermomix consultant and learn how you can earn a Thermomix by just sharing your love for food, recipes and cooking.

Click here to register:



Great News!!!!
You can have a Thermomix at a discounted price or even let it pay for itself. Would you like to know more?

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“It’s NOIR or NEVER?”
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Great News!!!!
You can have a Thermomix at a discounted price or even let it pay for itself. Would you like to know more?

Hurry!!! Register now!👇

https:/ register.thermomix.com/110389

“It’s NOIR or NEVER?”
Shop your Thermomix here:👇


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Thermomix Noir is the newest version of ThermomixTM6. For a limited time offer of $1499, you’ll get all the 3 limited items - Thermomix Noir, Apron and the sliding board from it’s original price of $1614. It’s a total savings of $115. Plus I can also get you a free shipping voucher which another savings of $49 and a host gift.

Here's a good news, I can coach you how you can earn a Thermomix Noir for FREE!

Let's have a quick chat.
Send a DM now!!


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Jafra Royal Beauty Flash Sales!!! Hurry! Place your order before it’s gone. Click here: 👇


What thing do you have that you cannot live without?

Me: Thermomix TM6
Because it’s the BESt INVESTMENT I’ve ever made as a mom and a wife. Thermomix made me an extraordinary human being for my family. Because it does amazing magic in my recipes. It makes my family always happy and excited, satisfied and there’s always smile on their faces every mealtime.🥰
My return of investment is PRICELESS!!!❤️

Get your Thermomix today! Shop.thermomix.com/consultant/110389/




Here’s a limited Skin-Caring Steals!!!
Get 60% OFF Protect + Condition from head to toe. 👇👇👇👇👇👇👇👇👇👇👇👇👇👇https://downloads.jafrausa.com/pdfs/en/2022/Sep/220905_SunCare_Eblast_en.pdf

Click here to place your order: www.jafra.com/QueenA




Thermomix have captured
the attention of CNN. It will definitely change many lives as it changed my life from the day I got one since 2013. No more boring meals because Thermomix will transform your life to many possibilities in the way you cook, planning meals and your diet, saving more when you shop ingredients, being intentional about your what you eat and serve healthier meals to enjoy with the whole family. You’ll love it because it’s the only smart kitchen appliance in the world that has multiple features and functions that does everything you need in your kitchen.

Hope you’ll consider to have one. It’s the best kitchen appliance in the world! Our family and loved ones deserve the best. Help me to share Thermomix to your friends and family.
Thanks for your support.

Click my link here to see amazing offers for the new customers this month of September. 👇


Looking for a wealthy minded people like me. Let’s connect and grow wealthy together. 💰💰💰💸💸💸

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Try my favorite Jafra skincare.
Here are the best products I highly recommend for you to use and enjoy great results. 🥰

➡️ https://catalog.jafra.com/interactivecatalog/catalogo.html?lang=en&utm_source=jafrabiz-HP-Banner&utm_medium=display&utm_campaign=August2022-Virtual-Brochure_EN #2022-8-1

➡️ Shop here: www.jafra.com/QueenA


Healthy & Delicios Meals in a Flash with Thermomix.

Filled with recipes for every occasion - from mid-week meals with a twist to impressively easy dinner parties - you can have wholesome meals on the table in 40 minutes or less.

Check out this delicious recipe I found on Cookidoo®: Fish with ginger lime sauce https://cookidoo.thermomix.com/recipes/recipe/en-US/r256229

Own a Thermomix today!!! Shop.thermomix.com/consultant/110389/

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Look who’s traveling with me. My traveling kitchen - TM6! 🤩🤩🤩 consultant


With the do-it-all Thermomix TM6 - plus an extra Mixing Bowl for FREE 🤩 - Dad will save time, money, and effort putting delicious, healthy meals on the table.

Contact your Thermomix® Independent Consultant to order or click here Shop.thermomix.com/consultant/110389/

This incredible gift with purchase offer is only available through June 30 at 11:59pm PT, or while supplies last.



Only business minded people will understand this. Ask me how?


Is it time for a Self-Care Day?
You better treat yourself with the ultimate and luxurious skincare products from Jafra. This Revitalize Ritual set is my favorite! Highly recommended! You’ll love it too! Click my link to order


Protect your skin and beat the heat this summer! Sale! Sale! Sale! 👇


Aging is inevitable! But you can always have a healthy glowing and younger looking skin with our Revitalize skin rituals.
Beat that FMO! Get yourself a complete Revitalize Set before the amazing SALE is gone. 👇👇👇


Become your own Beauty Boss with JAFRA today! 👇👇👇


Having extra money will surely makes you happy! 😊
Supplementing your income by making yourself and others happy with their skin. 😍😘
“ Beautiful skin is not forever but making a difference for others through your unique beauty will live forever. 💖💖💖
~ QueenA
Check out my link here: www.jafra.com/QueenA


Fresh and clean skin anytime of the day whenever you need it without the need of soap and water.
Keeping your skin breathing, feels clean and moisturized. No to oily and greasy skin for Summer!😉
Get yourself one Micellar cleansing water here: www.jafra.com/QueenA


Mother’s knows how to make life beautiful, sweet and most of all delicious when she makes food for everyone in her family! We honor all the Mothers today for the great love you give and for simply being you. The world couldn’t be happier without a Mom. Mother’s doesn’t only give life to the world but you are the light the world needed most. Happy Mothers to all our Thermomix Hero Moms!
Enjoy this special just for you. 💖🌸🍾🎉🥂💐🌷🌹🌼🌻🌺🎈
Get your Mom a Thermomix today!

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Spoil mom this with the gift
says is the “only kitchen appliance busy mamas need” - the Thermomix TM6 🫶

Here’s why they 💚 it:

📚You’ll never need a cookbook again
🏃🏽‍♀️It’s perfect for mamas on the go
⚖️The built-in scale is a huge help
🗓 It simplifies meal planning
👶🏼Takes the place of bottle warmers + food makers
🗣You can ask for help anytime

Swipe for the full story!

Contact your Thermomix Independent Consultant to order in time for the special day ✨

Don’t have a Consultant? Visit Shop.thermomix.com/consultant/110389/


This month’s Host Reward will have all your favorite baking moms knocking down your door, requesting their Cooking Experience.
If your Host chooses the Thermomix® Baking Set as their Host Reward, we won’t just send them one item, we’ll send your Host a Baking Bundle, complete with THREE items.

The Baking Set is complete with a Pudding Mold, a Bundt Cake pan, and a Detachable Cake Mold – worth $62 USD / $80 CAD.
Get your TM6 today!!!

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Royal Jelly RJX helps restore volume and firmness of skin . Keep you looking younger everyday!
Happy 4th! Celebrating freedom with my love! ❤️😍🇺🇸


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