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🔥Want to feel more confident?
🔥Want to release limits and pain from your past?
🔥Want to make more money NOW? (And work LESS!)

👉 heal, simplify, diversify 👈

I am reopening my Money Makin’ Mama Mastermind {{as a no-obligation membership!}} 🔥

Today only, you can enroll for just $555 and get 2 FREE monthly 1:1 sessions with me!!

👑 plus you can cancel any month you choose!!

This is normally a $4k program for 4 months...

Expires tonight!

DM me for details or go to my profile and click the cover photo!

Janica Jammes ❤️


I asked and you told me...
👉 I know you are you trying to grow your business.
👉 You constantly feeling stressed, you feel like you can't drop the struggle. 😩
👉 Plus, I know you're working your ass off but none of the people in your real life believe in this, or you... and you aren't sure what to do.

It is time to take this seriously, it is time to feel confident and sexy, it is time to make more damn money!

This Black Friday, The Empowered Mompreneur has everything you need to overcome the obstacles that appear to be getting in your way right now and set you up for MASSIVE success in 2021!

If you're on the email list - GO CHECK YOUR EMAIL!

If not... stay tuned and I will fill you in tomorrow {unless we sell out tonight!}


Is crypto even real money?

Um yeah!! Just like other assets you put your money into, when it grows… YOU MAKE MONEY!

When we bought eth last week it was right around $400, now it’s worth $600! That money is ours 🤯 not only that, the platform rewards the WHOLE team for its growth, so we make commissions too 😳.

It seems scary because it’s different.

You’re not using the common centralized banking system, it’s private and digital, so it pushes you to think differently.

Imagine buying Bitcoin when everyone thought it was a scam, for pennies… well Bitcoin is over $19,000 now! {I’ll wait while you grab a calculator!}

Our mentor @taraelleee uses her very real debit card - straight from her crypto wallet to buy groceries, get her nails done or buy $6k in mattresses - cuz she can!🥳

Oh, and she’s only been doing this for THREE MONTHS!

What are you waiting for?

Eth is growing with no end in sight. {in fact, eth 2.0 is coming, which is driving the price of eth up with it!}

Message me and I will answer any questions you have!

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“Do you ever feel guilty talking about your success in your business because of what is happening in this world right now?”

I just saw this question posted in a big group for entrepreneurs.

First, I’d like to hear your take… 👇.

But I’d like to also tell you my thoughts.

👉 Nope, not at all. And here’s why: we need more people doing good and making the world a better place. Because in doing that, we are inspiring others to do so, too. We can’t fix anything if we play into the “woe is me” narrative.

🔥 Your success is NOT competition for others, it is inspiring.
🔥 People will feel less helpless if they see other people succeeding.
🔥 If you see someone else succeeding, that just means YOU CAN DO IT TOO!


On a practical level: we keep the economy going.
On a personal level: less stress = happier life.
On a service level: we can help more people.

PLEASE do not apologize or hide your wins for fear of hurting someone's feelings or making someone else feel uncomfortable - that doesn't help anyone.

You are not responsible for other people.


If you are here to help people - share the goodness!

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Your relationship with yourself and everyone else is a direct reflection of your inner dialogue.

Did you know that when you take care of yourself, you honor your boundaries and start to be at a place of unconditional self love - other areas in your life begin to heal and evolve, too.

Some relationships will go and some will grow stronger.

But in order to feel peace in your life, you have to heal the relationship you have with yourself. 11/11/2020

More Money Workshop! • Life with Janica

Last week, I asked a few multiple choice question about which stage of business you’re in and what is holding you back from growing {amid the many a f**ked up situation of 2020}
I got a TON {read: HUNDREDS} of comments & messages and came to a few conclusions... {keep reading}

Then, I asked in some female based business groups how many streams of income the business owners currently have...

Again SOOO many comments and messages! {I am still getting back to people, I apologize if I haven’t responded yet!}

I have learned a TON!

Here’s the facts:
🔥The uncertainty that has become so real for most of us this year is causing a lot of anxiety, thereby making you believe that it is HARD and will take a lot of time to make more money/grow to your next level

🔥You feel stuck because the people {who should care most about you} irl/online don’t believe in you or what you are doing - so you’re putting their opinion above your dreams {inadvertently, it becomes a massive block}

🔥You KNOW you need support and accountability - but you think it is inaccessible to you, you’re not “there yet” or “that type of person”

🔥You believe that if you don’t have the “right strategy” or “enough” followers that you can’t make more money or impact.

🔥You think that in order to create multiple streams of income - that it has to be hard {the word I have heard SO many times in the inquiries I have gotten is HUSTLE or SIDE hustle} 😳

BUT… what if all of that was just made up limits by people who think differently?

Who says those beliefs are right or true for YOU?

Coach talk ^^ right? 🙄

Let me say it like this: THAT ISN’T TRUE and I want to show you why it’s not true...

But before I tell you why women think it's too hard...
🔥 Here are my favorite things:

:: TONS of women already have 3-10 income streams in their business BUT...

:: WAY more than that are women with {barely} 1 or 2 🤯

:: A good portion have 3-4

:: NOT ONE WOMAN said they DON'T want to add 3-5 more by the end of 2020 🥳

What if all of those were limits I mentioned above are just made up limits by people who think differently?

Who says those beliefs are right or true for YOU?

Coach talk ^^ right? 🙄

Let me say it like this: IT ISN’T TRUE THAT IT HAS TO BE HARD and I want to show you why it’s not true.

SOOO I decided to host a workshop this week, where I am going to not only debunk all that ^^ but walk you through the steps you can take to add new streams on income into your business THIS WEEK.
💰 This is a paid workshop, and I will tell you why. 💰

We are going to come together in a mastermind setting, brainstorm and actually WORK ON YOUR BUSINESS.

The women motivated and ready enough to make more money KNOW they need to invest and hold themselves to a higher standard {you don't get rich taking in freebies!}

👉You will walk away with tangible action steps and a plan. When you enroll, I will email you the workbook and a link to the pre-work training so you are ready to GO when we come together.

👉If you resonate with any of the things above or are just ready for some fresh ideas and MORE MONEY coming into your life every week… you will not want to miss this!

What this is NOT: a done-for-you system, not plug and play… you will need to do the work to get the results, but the goal is to only do the work ONCE and have it pay you back over and over!

The cost: $97 or 2 payments of $55
{after the workshop, the whole bundle will sell in The Empowered Mompreneur course collection for $499+}
Those of you who have taken my "$1kThisMonth" course KNOW how easy it can be to add more money into your business, with minimal "hard" work.

Being we are going to work together as a group, I am capping enrollment at 10 women {so the call isn't 3 hours long!} If you want in, lmk ASAP so I can get you enrolled! {so you don't have to feel like this pic looks 😂}

Pre work will drop tomorrow, our call will be Friday with a follow up meeting next week... all recordings will be available forever - including all updates or future trainings! INTERACTIVE WORKSHOP: Make More Money! Learn how to create multiple streams of income in your life and business with ease.

[11/06/20]   How many streams of income do you currently have?
How many would you like?


What a year. It started off awesome. I was free and happy and moving forward with so much momentum I didn’t think I could be slowed.

Newly-ish divorced, I had money coming in and had started having a social life again. My business was growing and I was making big plans. I took my kids to Arizona for a fun spring break with my sisters - and because work was going so well I decided to work from there, too. Pool side.

I was living and loving and having a blast - exactly what I was wanting for so many years. I finally had it.

Then it was March... {full post here 👇}


Janica is a Certified Holistic Health Coach turned Empowerment Coach for motivated female entrepreneurs. Her mission is to empower women to strive for their best life and to help them make their dreams come true on their terms. She is also a single mom of 3, a published author, digital course creator and a powerful influencer who believes you can have or do or be anything when you love & trust yourself first.


The Empowered Mompreneur's cover photo


I am so tired of beating around the bush. It is time to step up and say what I need to say.

Social media is f**ked up

People are losing their minds, pointing fingers, blaming, shaming, jumping on bandwagons, losing to fear and falling into the trap of the media and propaganda…

It is time we rise up and remember who tf we are, why we started these businesses and make a decision for how we will go forward, even in the chaos that has become 2020

Introducing… UNHINGED: its ok to be happy in the midst of chaos {true self love, business acceleration for successful online entrepreneurs}

This group is a TEMPORARY, 30 day, bootcamp style pop up group designed to help you calm the chaos in you so you can show up as the leader and mentor you truly desire to be.


🔥 I will post daily questions, action steps and inspiration - anyone not participating will be removed from the group.

🔥 We will have weekly trainings {and maybe some bonus videos, too… I have a LOT to say on these topics!}

🔥 We will also welcome in guest experts and mentors who specialize in the weekly topics.


- Women who ALREADY have an established business
- Women tired of censoring themselves for fear of being censored by others
- Women who have a high-end mindset and are ready to scale using the tools and resources provided here and in their own work
- Women ready to team up and collaborate with other business owners
- Women ready to POLARIZE their audience & finally let their FIRE burn!
- Women who are BORED with the surface-level-salesy-Karen’s on social media

- Political ranting {tho we can and will have a civil, adult discussion!}
- Anyone ready to spew hate, bullying, pointing fingers, judgement, shame #notrolls
- Shared posts - this group is only for new, original and REAL content in regards to current events and how it is affecting our holistic health: mind, body, spirit, business, relationships, and finances
- Lolligaggers & freebie-seekers... hiding in the corner so you won’t be seen is not allowed.

We are here to stand up, make change and better ourselves. You can’t do that if you aren’t a part of the conversation.


WEEK 1 {AUG 24TH-28TH} CURRENT EVENTS: problem solving for the ever evolving challenges and fear that we all are facing right now - and how to apply it to your business so you can THRIVE, just just survive the rest of Jumanji {I mean 2020}

WEEK 2 {AUG 31ST- SEPT 4TH} BREAKING FREE FROM CONFORMITY - how to choose courage and integrity when everyone’s cookie cutter opinions seem to matter so much.

WEEK 3 {SEPT 7TH - 11TH} CANCEL CULTURE - building on integrity and conformity, we will discuss how to get your message across, be polarizing and still not fear being cancelled

WEEK 4 {SEPT 14TH - 18TH} SELF RESPECT - the true, unapologetic self love that you desire but aren’t sure is even possible. Discussion on how confidence and courage make you unstoppable!

Join us here: UNHINGED


Sending more thank you cards to the amazing women I’ve had the pleasure of talking with in the last week 🔥 ☕️

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I just created a FREE checklist showing you the exact steps to take in order to boost your ideal client engagement and start making more $$$ on social media.

If you want a copy, comment with 🔥 and I’ll send it to you right away!!
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You don’t get a break, like ever. The household duties fall on your shoulders and there is no one else who can do it. I get it, I lived that for a LONGGG time.

What if I could show you how to make consistent $5k+ months in 20 hours a week or less?

I will help you make a plan, specific to YOU and YOUR business, in less than 1 hour.

Interested? Drop me a “YUP” And I will send you the details!



🔥You can be happy AND be successful in your business
🔥You can make money AND have a fun life
🔥You can enjoy your work AND be a good mom
🔥It’s ok to work less hours AND make more money
🔥You can be healing from your past AND helping people move forward

I used to feel like, if I went for my dreams… like, really doubled-down and did what I KNEW I needed to do, that I would somehow be letting my kids down, my husband at the time, my friends and family…

I thought I had to be all things to all people if I wanted to make a positive impact on the world. 🤦‍♀️

‼️How can I launch a program when I have hockey games and play dates?
‼️How could I be present with my family if I offered a group program that needed evening calls?
‼️How could I do client calls if I had a house full of kids?

And, most importantly - how could I reach my goals if I only had 2 or 3 hours a day to actually “work”?! 🙄

So I pushed it all off. I tried “manifesting clients”, pretending that the bare minimum would yield me the money I truly desired - and settled when it wasn’t enough - telling myself I couldn’t have it all. #sabotage

After my divorce, I realized that the only thing holding me back was myself and that it actually COULD be easy.

I COULD run my business in just a few hours a day and that it would, in fact, benefit everyone in my life for me to be happy and successful.

As women, it is all too easy to please everyone else and settle for the leftovers. To justify that what we have is good enough and that our happiness isn’t as important as everyone else’s.

The truth is, we get to have it all.

We get to have boundaries and standards and we get to enforce them with love and appreciation for where we are and leave behind the guilt that says other people's opinions and choices have anything to do with us.

There is no rule book or Universal law that says we have to make things so hard, we do NOT have to create an uphill battle for ourselves with self sabotaging, doubt and comparison.

We get to fully love ourselves, decide what we want and then go get it.

So many of the women I talk to say the same thing “I read all the books and take the courses, I have even invested thousands of dollars on coaching, but nothing has worked! I KNOW I have limiting beliefs but, I don’t know how to love myself and I don’t know what I want enough to actually just go for it”

I want you to know you are not alone.

The patterns handed down through the generations have told us to sit down and shut up, be the good little girl, give, give, give… and to ask, receive or earn is selfish and unnecessary.

I work with women everyday who have decided they are worth it, they deserve to heal, and that they have a right to be successful… We work through the doubts and fears and subconscious beliefs that are holding them back from their true potential, whatever that is for them.

You don’t have to know exactly what you want, but you do have to decide you are worthy of whatever that may be. {this is where I come in}

If you struggle with overcoming the challenges in your personal life and it is holding you back from the business you truly desire, I want to help.

It is more than reading another book or watching some course material... it is love, support and real connection.

Understanding you are not alone and then learning what to do about it.

If I could help you see these beliefs for what they are and give you a plan to put into action immediately - which WILL lead you to consistently hitting your goals in both life and business, would you be interested?

Comment "YES" below, I have a special gift for the first 3 women who KNOW they are worth it, and just need someone in their corner.

How To Become An EMPOWERED Mompreneur

Actually, I often made excuses. I would ride the excitement of a good plan, but not actually take action. There were MONTHS of zero.fu***ng.income. There were years of feeling like a failure, no matter how much I made because I just didn’t feel like I would ever be enough.

My husband would say things like “when are you going to just quit and get a real job?” or “you aren’t happy, just go work for someone else” and it would trigger me, but, not into action. It would trigger my victim mentality. I wanted to have it all, but I didn’t actually think I could...

I became a “misunderstood martyr”

I would blame everything outside of me for my lack of success, flow, inspiration, and stress level. I never took action to work on ME. I thought “self care” was talking a good strong game, saying no, putting my foot down, taking long baths and reading books. I checked all the things off my list everyday - but I just became tired and resentful.

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Fear and Letting Sales Be SEXY!
Imagine where you’ll be ON Jan 1, if you don’t wait!!!
The truth about my 2018 and how it was a total s**t show AND the best year of my life {{so far 👌😉}} Notes: you are not a...
Today I haven't gotten dressed. I have meditated twice, played with playdoh, made 4 lunches and 2 different breakfasts. ...



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