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Isabel Framer is the founder and principal partner of Language Access Consultants, LLC. Since 1998, Isabel has worked as a consultant to defense attorneys, prosecutors, law enforcement, state and federal government agencies including the U.S.

Department of Justice, and advocacy firms on language access for Limited English Proficient persons in the justice system. She is a state court-certified judiciary interpreter and has been qualified as an expert witness in court proceedings regarding language access and interpreter standards. Isabel has served on several boards and advisory committees, including the Supreme Court of Ohio's Adviso

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¡Alerta! Variations in Spanish dialects complicate emergency messaging 07/28/2021

¡Alerta! Variations in Spanish dialects complicate emergency messaging

¡Alerta! Variations in Spanish dialects complicate emergency messaging

¡Alerta! Variations in Spanish dialects complicate emergency messaging Meteorologists call to standardize Spanish advisory terms for weather-related emergencies.

Interpreter In Federal Criminal Investigation Charged With Disclosing Investigation And Court-Ordered Wiretap To Targeted Drug Dealer 02/25/2021

Interpreter In Federal Criminal Investigation Charged With Disclosing Investigation And Court-Ordered Wiretap To Targeted Drug Dealer

This is the problem with not hiring certified or trained qualified (for languages that no certification exists) interpreters in legal settings and for hiring through agencies that do not understand legal interpreting rules and laws and/or do not train interpreters. Unfortunately, ignorance of the law (assuming she states she did not know she couldn’t chat with anyone about cases she works in) is no defense. Laws and policies applicable to any setting (legal or otherwise) are also applicable to the interpreter.

Interpreter In Federal Criminal Investigation Charged With Disclosing Investigation And Court-Ordered Wiretap To Targeted Drug Dealer Department of Justice U.S. Attorney’s Office Northern District of California FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Wednesday, February 17, 2021 Interpreter In Federal Criminal Investigation Charged With Disclosing Investigation And Court-Ordered Wiretap To Targeted Drug Dealer SAN JOSE – Liliana Moreno, a Spani... 12/30/2020

State Justice Institute

For the Courts: See Priority Investment for 2021. Please feel free to share with your courts (nationally & statewide). You can also click “Like” on our FB page “State Justice Institute” or go to to view updates, grant application deadlines and/or sign up for our Newsletter. Beginning in FY 2021, all new grant application submissions must be made via the online Grant Management System (GMS). Visit SJI’s Funding Toolkit for State Courts and Justice System Partners to learn about additional grant opportunities, access grant resources, and to request grant writing technical assistance.
SJI Priority Investment Areas Announced for FY 2021
Opioids and Other Dangerous Drugs, and Behavioral Health Responses
Behavioral Health Disparities
Promoting Access to Justice and Procedural Fairness
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Language Access
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Training, Education, and Workforce Development Beginning in FY 2021, all new grant application submissions must be made via the online Grant Management System (GMS). Also, all awards made in FY 2021 and forward are required to be managed in the GMS. Grantees with open awards made prior to FY 2021, may elect to create a new account and complete a... 11/10/2020

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SJI Priority Investment Areas Announced for FY 2021 Each fiscal year, SJI allocates significant financial resources to support its Priority Investment Areas (PIAS). The PIAs are applicable to all grant types, and the categories within allow for greater flexibility to be responsive to current and emerging court trends.  These broad PIAs are closely... 04/14/2020

COVID-19 Webinar Part II: More Tips on Implementing Remote Judicial Hearings

For the courts: “In the second of a series of webinars exploring how state courts can continue to maintain access to justice through remote hearings, speakers will dive further into some of the operational details. Topics will include software security, procedures for introducing evidence, and considerations for language access and self-represented litigants. This webinar is free and open to the entire court community.” 04/03/2020

COVID-19 Webinar: A Timely Primer on How to Implement Remote Judicial Hearings

For the courts from the State Justice Institute (SJI)...

“COVID-19 Webinar: A Timely Primer on How to Implement Remote Judicial Hearings”

April 7, 2020 at 3 PM EDT


Commonwealth ex rel. Logan County Attorney v. Williams, NO. 2018-CA-000304-MR (pg.23), 2019 WL 4559354, at *9 (Ky.App., September 20, 2019)

“We are unwilling to trust—without question—a foreign language translation just because it was found on the internet. The internet, and access to it via cell phone, is a fantastic advancement, but by no means is it perfect and unquestionably accurate such that it is a proper basis on which to take judicial notice. Unless someone with knowledge of the particular foreign language thoroughly investigates the computer program, website or cell phone app, and assures its accuracy, we cannot endorse reliance on it. Languages have various dialects, and while citizens of several different countries speak Spanish, not all speak the same version. Even trained interpreters may disagree as to the proper translation of a phrase or paragraph. At some point, reliance on a foreign language translation computer program or cell phone app may be appropriate, but we have not been cited to one in this case. Thus, the circuit court erred in taking judicial notice of the fact of computer programs and cell phone apps being available to accurately translate foreign languages.“


In Disciplinary Counsel v. Burge, No. 2018-1759, 2019 WL 3781697, at *4 (August 13, 2019), the Ohio Supreme Court found that Burge conducted a 2012 criminal hearing in Spanish and served as the interpreter for the proceeding instead of postponing or rescheduling the hearing to appoint a court interpreter as required by state law. Due to this 2012 incident, the Court found Burge engaged in “professional misconduct in violation of Jud.Cond.R. 1.2 and 2.2 (requiring a judge to uphold and apply the law and perform the duties of judicial office fairly and impartially). “


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State v. Elmer G., 333 Conn. 176, 193, n. 8 (Conn., September 17, 2019)

Looking beyond the facts of this case, we understand that the Judicial Branch is committed to ensuring that persons who appear before our state’s courts receive the tools necessary to understand the proceedings in which they participate and the orders issued therein, consistent with the Judicial Branch’s mission to serve ‘‘the interests of justice and the public by resolving matters brought before it in a fair, timely, efficient and open manner.’’ To facilitate “meaningful access to the court system and its programs and services,” the Judicial Branch has committed to robust efforts to overcome language barriers that limited English proficient (LEP) litigants face when appearing in court, which are implemented via the comprehensive Language Access Plan. See State of Connecticut, Judicial Branch, Language Access Plan (Rev. 2019) p. 2, available at (last visited September 9, 2019). The Language Access Plan requires, for example, that the forms provided by the Judicial Branch and regularly used by the public in our court system are made available in the languages most often spoken by those who use them; see id., p. 9; and that interpreters and translation services are available “at no cost, for LEP parties and other LEP individuals, such as witnesses and victims, whose presence or participation is appropriate to the justice process.” Id., p. 7. We urge all state judicial officers and Judicial Branch employees to continue to take pains to make certain that those appearing before our courts have been afforded the available interpreting and translation services necessary to enhance their understanding of matters involving them. And, even when any language barrier has been addressed, we emphasize that our trial courts must make certain that the orders they issue are clear, such as by making sure that restraining orders are specific about what forms of contact are being prohibited so there can be no misunderstanding. We can only expect confidence in our courts and respect for court orders that is commensurate with the efforts on the part of the entire Judicial Branch to ensure greater understanding and meaningful participation by those who come before us. 09/29/2019

Shortage of Sign Language Interpreters in City Courts Creates Delays

New York State’s Uniformed Court System (UCS) employs more than 300 staff interpreters in more than 20 languages, in addition to hundreds of additional freelance interpreters who work in the system each year. But just a handful of the court’s staff interpreters work in American Sign Language (ASL)— Postponed hearings, delayed arraignments and miscommunication are caused by the limited number of interpreters, making the already high-stakes, onerous process of navigating the legal system even more challenging for those who rely on such services. 10/30/2018

American Defense Contractor Accused of Enslaving U.S. Citizen Linguists

American Defense Contractor Accused of Enslaving U.S. Citizen Linguists

“But the translators couldn’t leave, because they didn’t have passports, and they couldn’t turn to the Kuwaiti government for help because they would get arrested. In other words, the translators were allegedly held against their will—a flagrant violation of the American ban on human trafficking.” The lawsuit, filed in federal court in Maryland in 2016, was unsealed earlier this month. 09/13/2018

Judge issues landmark decision after Google Translate tricked a man into giving consent to police

Ahhh, Google translate! Excellent case ... Google Translate can do many things. One thing it can’t do, according to a judge — help you provide constitutionally-required consent to a police officer. A court in Kansas earlier this month ruled… 03/13/2018

Bethesda settles lawsuit with deaf over use of remote interpreters

Bethesda settles lawsuit with deaf over use of remote interpreters The long-running lawsuit turned on whether the Boynton hospital should provide live sign language interpreters. 01/30/2018

Court, Voiding S*x Crime Confession, Urges More Use of Interpreters by Law Enforcement | New Jersey Law Journal

Court, Voiding S*x Crime Confession, Urges More Use of Interpreters by Law Enforcement This case ... illustrates the difference between knowing a foreign language and being able to accurately and completely interpret the critically important words spoken by a witness in the course of an interrogation the court said. 01/26/2018

Demand in the US for Legal and Healthcare Interpreters Gets Increasing Media Attention | Slator

“Translation and interpretation was 2017’s top emerging career in the country, according to University of California San Diego, and it was also listed as the 2017 US News and World Report’s number one job in the Best Creative and Media Jobs category.” Medical and courtroom interpreters are in high demand across many US states where diversity is increasing. 01/26/2018

World media struggle to translate Trump’s Africa insult

“Many parts of the world were shocked by Trump’s vulgar insult of Africa, at least once foreign-language news organizations figured out how to translate the epithet. Japanese media went with translations ranging from simply “filthy” to the more vivid “dripping with excrement.” Chinese state media went with “fenkeng,” which means “cesspit.” And some African outlets decided to use a word meaning “dirty countries” and leave it at that.” President Donald Trump’s vulgar insult of Africa was a puzzle for many foreign media organizations, which didn’t have a ready translation of his epithet for their readers or listeners.

[11/13/17]   Community and Court Interpreters of Ohio (CCIO) presents:
Ethics in the Courtroom and Beyond
Presented By: Isabel Framer
Language Access Consultants, LLC

Saturday, December 2, 2017
9:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.
Check in at 8:30 a.m.
Light Breakfast & Luncheon provided
Earn CEUs for Ethics
Columbus, Ohio (Location TBA soon)
Online Registration available now at

[11/10/17]   "Rodriguez, who identified himself as Vasiliades' interpreter, also was charged with obstruction of justice and witness intimidation, according to court records."

Baltimore attorney arrested for allegedly offering r**e victim $3K to not testify, saying Trump will deport her**e-deportation-20170524-story.html

[10/30/17]   State Justice Institute (SJI)

October 2017 Edition of the SJI Newsletter

Key Highlights:
Disaster Management & Planning
Evidence-Based Practice Brief
FY 2018 Grant Guideline
Next Grant Deadline: February 1, 2018 (2nd QTR FY 2018)


Interpretation Training and Technical Assistance Coordinator - Idealist

Dear colleagues, please see a job announcement that may be of interest to you if you live in Seattle, WA or Oakland, CA. If you are interested, please do not contact me but submit your information to the contact listed in the announcement. Also, please feel free to share with others. API GBV is a great organization and the staff are great people to work with. Job Title: Interpretation Training and Technical Assistance CoordinatorReports To: Senior Project Manager, Interpretation Technical Assistance & Resource CenterEmployment Status: Full-time, 80-100 01/19/2017

The Role and Use of Interpreters in Domestic Field Office Interviews | USCIS

USCIS Issues Guidance on Interpreters Brought to Domestic Field Office Interviews, PM-602-0125.1 ... U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) has published a policy memorandum intended to help ensure that customers who bring interpreters to certain interviews have competent language assistan


ABA Resolution Urging Translation of Miranda Warning Into Spanish
House approves host of ABA policy changes, including misconduct rule, law student paid externships

Excerpt: “And for the first time the House urged federal, state, local and territorial law-enforcement authorities to provide an accurate translation of the Miranda warning protecting Fifth Amendment rights in Spanish (110).”

To read the proposed resolution and the report that led to the adoption of Resolution 110 go to

[09/17/16]   See US DOJ’s new publication: “Language Access in State Courts.” The report provides an overview of the importance of legal requirements for, and accomplishments in, providing language access services in state courts across the country. PDF link: or go to


• Continuing Legal Education for Judges and Attorneys

• Training of Law Enforcement Personnel for Working With Interpreters

• Interpreter Protocol and Procedure Case Review

• Consulting on LEP, Limited English Proficiency Guidance Policy

• Consulting on Best Practices for Working With Interpreters and LEP Communities

• Ethics and Professional Responsibilities Training for New and Aspiring Interpreters

• Basic Survival Spanish for Law Enforcement and Dispatchers

• Interpreters in Hostage Negotiations

For further information and to explore specific consulting services and/or training that meets your needs, contact Isabel Framer.


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