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Sk Laser, LLC - Tattoo and Skin Blemish laser removal business. Just a bit of information on how the laser works during the removal of a Tattoo.

The laser actually works sort of like a jack hammer, as the laser beam hits the ink it breaks it up into small pieces. It then flushes through the body and disappears . It may take several sessions to remove all of the ink from the Tattoo area.

Operating as usual


Just some of the Tattoo Removals that I’ve done ..

[09/20/18]   Alright let’s get some old or unwanted Tattoos removed


SK Laser LLC

[02/22/17]   Tattoo Removal anyone?? 918-633-1599

[10/28/16]   Well I have been trying to update some. I know that The Tattoo Removal business is booming right now. SK Laser is a professional local business that can take care of your "Bad Ink".. The hours here are flexible to work around your schedule.So lets get my phone ringing of my hand...

[02/26/16]   I am proud to say that business has been up and coming. I've had several Tattoo Removals and cover ups. I am putting together a portfolio as I speak, so please be looking for it soon. Also I am working on a ...I'm am always taking appointments, so please contact me at (918)633-1599 Thank You for your time and business..SK Laser

[08/08/15]   Business has picked up..Yay...I know there are many unwanted tattoos out there.. Call for rates, and lets get your appointments set.. 918-633-1599

[04/11/15]   Well I think people are chicken to have there Tattoo'sRemoved!!! I have had so many interested, but only one has shown up or called in the last month.. Maybe my rates are to reasonable??? I guess I should charge thousands of dollars like pretty much everyone else does?? Does that mean I would remove them quicker, less painful, or make me a better Professional??? I think not..Come on guys and gals, lets get started..Thank You

[12/04/14]   Oh and of course call for rates..

[12/04/14]   Ok Guys and Gals I'm offering a tap out special for the month of December-January... Call and set your appointment 918-633-1599.. We will have some fun, and get rid of those old or unwanted Tattoo's..

[09/28/14]   Sorry that I haven't updated my status for awhile.. I have had to make some decision 's about SK Laser business .. I'm still taking Laser appointment 's, I'm just debating on relocating.. You can still call and set appointment's at 918-633-1599.. Looking forward to giving you a free evaluation , and answering any question's.. Thank You..

[06/03/14]   I am running SPECIALS, so get in line...

[06/03/14]   Well again I have had several potential clients wanting Tattoo's removed...But haven't had to many people show up...So if you have any questions or concerns, please contact me. 918-633-1599

[03/26/14]   I have had several phone calls for Tattoo Removals in the last week. So call me and let's get started...918-633-1599

[03/22/14]   So, if anyone has any questions, please feel free to ask. I will be happy to answer. Call for appointment 918-633-1599 Thank You

[03/22/14]   I believe that there has been certain myths about Tattoo Removal. I have had several questions, and concerns about the procedure. So thought I would clear up some of them. Of course the major question is will it leave a scar after Removal is finished? Honestly, I have not seen that happen. Tattoo Removal has come a long way, we have learned that there should be several procedures done over a period of time setting our Laser low to high. This way it gives the skin time to heal and the process of breaking the ink down slowly, allowing less trauma to the skin...

[02/03/14]   Appointments set this week. Call for free consultation. 918-633-1599.. Looking forward to visiting with you, and Removing those Tattoos..



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