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Standing at the threshold of a brand new year. We are going into this year praying, and expecting! Big changes are coming! To all of our customers this past year, thank you! You've definitely played a huge part in our upcoming changes! From regular maintenance to major mechanical, automotive to heavy duty, give us a shout! From Us to you, Happy New Year!


Doing a tune up on the infamous (maybe notorious) 5.4 3 valve Ford. These are not for the faint of heart. A typical tune-up is about 2 hours, these, closer to 4. All about patience. You sure don't want to break a plug off in the head. Remember, maintenance is key for longevity! This one has 230,000 miles and still runs good!


If you own a diesel vehicle, please be cautious when fueling. Diesels do not run well on gasoline. Thankfully, this customer didn't do any major damage, but this could have been catastrophic. If you do mistakingly pump the wrong fuel, do not drive your vehicle. Have it towed to the nearest shop, or home, where the tank can be drained refilled with the proper fuel.

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We just posted about A/C, and since it's that time of year, let's go a little more in depth. While sometimes issues arise with o-rings, schrader valves, or even lines that cause leaks, other times, it's a bit more in depth. This 2017 Impala had a seam on the evaporator come apart, expelling all the refrigerant, a vacuum test on the system confirmed the owners suspicion. This is a big job on most vehicles, especially the newer ones. If you're having A/C issues, give us a call, we can help you out!


The first start up after a long sleep!

So this is my personal truck. The ol girl has been sitting about 5 years, drug it out, changed the fluids, replaced a few parts and of course, had G&J Muffler put dual exhaust on her! She's ready for the road! If you have an old(or newer) forgotten vehicle, give us holler. We can probably help get it back on the road! Who doesn't like the sound of a healthy V-8?


As the old saying goes, you gotta make hay while the sun is shining. Yesterday we replaced a fill pipe seal on a 77 Lincoln gas tank, and repaired and charged 3 A/C systems. It's that time of year! Is your A/C throwing heat? Give us a holler, we'll cool it off!

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Maybe you don't need engine, transmission or differential work. Maybe your suspension, brakes and A/C are just fine, but, you'd like to dress the ol vehicle up a bit. Give us a call, we can help with that, too. Bull Bars, mirrors, new lights, and just about any other performance or dress up you can think of, we can do it! It sure made a difference in this 21 year old rig!


Haven't posted in a little while. We are open for business, but it is part time at the moment. Just finished a big front end job on a Ford Excursion. If your 99 to 04 Super Duty has the dreaded Trac bar bracket issue, give us a call! Auto-Fab makes a great repair kit, that will keep you from buying an axle housing! We can save you thousands on a repair bill!

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From Axles to Cam Shafts and all points in between, we can fix you up! Give us a call for all your car, truck and heavy trucks needs! Remember, we are also an Amsoil dealer. Let us help you out with any of your needs in that area.


The best part of this business, is seeing the happiness on a customers face, when the broken ride they brought in, goes out running like new! Come let us put a smile 😁 on your face!


I haven't posted in a while, it's definitely been busy preparing for an business opening, but the shop is mine now and we will have some open spots for repairs, after this weekend. Keep us in mind for your next repair. Heavy trucks, Diesel engines and automotive, we can handle it all! The grass is getting green, and we can save you some green, too. Stay safe, and keep your vehicle safe, too! 04/03/2021

Well, today was the day. The building is officially mine! Will be doing some clean up and freshening up over the next few weeks! Stay tuned! Stay safe, and keep your car safe, too!


We close on the shop this Friday. We missed the April 1 open, but the doors will be open April 5th. We will be cleaning a lot at first, but will be working, as well. Planning a grand opening, soon. Possibly with giveaways. Check us out, feel free to message me here, or give me a call. Thanks everyone, for the likes and follows!


Why do shops mark up parts? It's a question even I had, before opening up a shop myself. Well, those phone calls to parts stores, trips to pick up parts, and returns, are not billable hours, yet time and fuel is consumed during the process. The percentage of mark up, depends on the shop. If you have questions, feel free to ask. I'm hoping honesty and transparency will set us apart from others! Be safe, and keep your car safe, too!


Do you own a late model Chrysler or Ram with a 5.7 Hemi? Does it have MDS(Multi Displacement system). If so, make sure you do regular maintenance, with the factory recommended 5W-20 synthetic motor oil! If you have the dreaded hemi tick, come see us. We. can make it right again! And we use the best synthetics from Amsoil!


Well, it's officially official. At least with the State of Missouri and Facebook! Kinda scared, but here we go!


Well, we made it through Monday. Was one of your Monday problems a "check engine" light? We can help with that. We offer the latest in Snap-On diagnostics. Let us check it out for you! It could be something very simple.
Did you know that just replacing a battery in a late model vehicle can set up to 18 hard codes? Sometimes that simple code reader won't take care of it! Y'all be safe, and keep your car safe, too!


Happy Monday morning, to y'all! Hope everyone's weekend was long and restful!
Saturday we received our packet from Amsoil. We will be an authorized installer/retailer of this great product. An industry leader in synthetic oil products, from ATVs to heavy duty trucks, they have it covered. If it smokes, floats, totes, creaks, squeaks, or whines, they have a product for you! Proud to partner with them to bring this great product to Advance, MO.


Preventative Maintenance. It's not just changing oil. A good PM schedule is key to your vehicles longevity. Today's engines, especially ones with power adders (turbos, superchargers, and the like) are more susceptible to catastrophic failure if proper maintenance isn't done. A $75 dollar service every 5000 to 7500 miles (follow your manufacturers guidelines) can prevent a $5000 repair bill! Keep us in mind for your next PM, hope to be open April 1st!


Wing Nut Sockets

Hopefully overtightening won't be a problem! 😁


Coming soon to Advance. We will be a full service auto, heavy truck, and farm repair shop. Details of opening date and services provided will be coming soon!

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The first start up after a long sleep!




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