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🛑🛑🛑GIVEAWAY🛑🛑🛑 Brentt bringing 1995 back y’all.😂😂😂 Soooo excited about this guys!! We teamed up with KING to giveaway a King Extend Cellular Booster! We HAVE to be connected on the road. Our job depends it. We also aren’t going vacation so we like to have access to the outside world. The last few places we have been at, have almost 0 cell phone service.. insert King Extend!!! This awesome system boosts your cell phone signal up to 32x!😱😱😱 No more worries!!!

All you have to do to enter is...

1. Follow King and Road Worthy RV (he was super awesome in helping us get this whole thing set up and if you ever need any work done on your rig, he is for sure your guy!)!

2. Share on your stories (use the little airplane icon on this post above)

3. Tag others! Each person you tag gets one entry! We will pick ONE winner to send an Extend to! Giveaway ends Wednesday evening at 12pm!

Good luck friends!
Joshua to the rescue once again! We met Joshua and his lovely family a little over a year ago in Texas and he helped us out with some needed repairs to The Breeze including our hot water heater. Fast forward to today; we are in the same park in Orlando area and needed some additional repairs. Without hesitation we called Joshua and set an appointment. My biggest problem was our door lock that would not unlock with the key. So we couldn't lock up when we left leaving us vulnerable. He found the problem and fixed it perfectly, in addition to our rear furnace and a few other items. If you're in the Orlando area and need help give Road Worthy RV a call.
Josh and road worthy RV helped me get my AC installed and all set up! Honest and the most helpful company I have worked with in the RV world! If you need something done Josh and his company are the ones for the job!

Mobile RV level 2 inspections, RV solar installations mobile RV and Auto repair After 6 years in the boiler trade I shifted gears again to work on RVs.

After 13 + years as a Master Certified with Lexus, Jaguar and ASE, I decided to change things up and work on commercial and industrial boilers. It was then I found NRVIA and my passion to help others make an informed decision on their RV. Now I help people get to know their RV before and after the purchase. We travel the country offering RV inspections, repairs, and solar upgrades. If I'm not in the same location as my customers, I offer virtual diagnosis and assistance.

Road Worthy RV updated their information in their About section. 07/03/2022

Road Worthy RV updated their information in their About section.

Road Worthy RV updated their information in their About section.

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THANK YOU FOR YOUR SERVICE!!! I can do what I do because you did what you did. And thank you to those still serving!!!


Road Worthy RV is currently in the Southern, California area. Let us know how we can help you. Whether your needing repairs done on your rig, you need Solar or batteries installation, RV inspection or just maintenance we can help you out.

If you are not in the So. Cal area we offer Remote diagnostics as well.

To get the quickest responses give us a call at 951-283-5706.

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That’s a wrap on this battery and inverter install for this 30 amp travel trailer. This gives them plenty storage of power. Using the power assist in the victron, they won’t have to worry about tripping the parks breaker running the A/C, coffee maker, air-fryer all while watching TV.

The system was set up to add a suit case solar panel in the future. That will give them flexibility to move the solar panel into the sun while they stayed parked in the shade.

If you are interested in setting up your rig with solar or battery upgrades contact us today!!


⚡️⚡️⚡️Got batteries?⚡️⚡️⚡️
Solar is great but do you have enough storage of power for the cloudy days?

We are installing 8 to store that power for the inverter to power this Freedom Express RV off grid.

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Got Solar?

Solar is becoming more and more popular. When planning solar for your rig be sure you understand what your needs are when designing a system. This will help you budget correctly, save you disappointment and meet your expectations. Planning ahead will also set you up to upgrade smartly down the road.

Some of the things you want to look for in a solar installer is that the tech understands your needs and system requirements. They should have experience with solar installations. They should have a good understanding of 12 volt charging systems and how they work with solar applications. They need to pay attention to detail and have an eye for wire management.

Check out our latest Solar install on this Coachman sportcoach 365RB 2021


Road Worthy RV Tech is back in Florida!!
Let us know if you have any repair or inspection needs. We would be happy to service you.


Do you make sure you are level before pulling your slides out?

Here’s some tips to insure the longevity of your slides. ⚠️ There are a select few units that are the exception to this rule. Some units slides need to come out before using your onboard leveling system.

Road Worthy is currently in the Atlanta, Georgia and surrounding areas. If you have RV repair needs give us a call. Also if your buying or selling a rig we would love to offer you a level 2 NRVIA inspection.
Safe travels!!


Road Worthy is currently in the St. Clair, Michigan area.

If you need a mobile repair or inspections give us a call or text today.

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📣📣📣📣📣📣📣📣📣📣📣Road Worthy is now serving Lake Whitney, TX and surrounding areas.

Call today for maintenance or repairs!! 951-283-5706

@ Lake Whitney RV Campground

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We have some exciting news to share!! 📣📣📣

1. We have changed our name to Road Worthy RV Tech

2. We are excited to announce our website is up and running!

did an amazing job. It was great working with Aaron. Every question answered quickly. Aaron knew exactly what we wanted and had great ideas from the start. He was clear with what he needed from us and quick getting it up and running. We would highly recommend using him for all your website, SEO, social media and marketing needs.

On the website you can find many testimonials from our happy customers. (If you would like to share your Road Worthy RV Tech testimonial, we would love to feature you and your social media accounts on the website). You will also find Our YouTube tutorials. Go check it out. Link is in Bio.

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Let’s talk RV water filters.

You need to check/ replace your filters ever 3 months as full timers. Sooner if you know the water scores has been bad.

Whenever storing the RV the filter needs to be removed and filter housing drained and dried out. This will reduce the chances of contaminated water and system.

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We are so excited to partner with .source and install this three canister water filtration system on our rig.

The three-stage combines a 5 micron sediment filter and a .5 micron carbon block element to remove contaminants like silt, sediment, pesticides, petrochemicals, volatile organic compounds, cryptosporidium, giardia cysts, and more.

In the three canister system, the final stage contains a .2 micron (absolute rated) filter for exceptionally clean water. The third stage may also accommodate any one of our specialty cartridges, like our Rust Inhibiting cartridge with RustStop™ technology.

It’s important to us to give our family clean and safe drinking water. Now we can rest assured that no matter where we are hooked up, only clean water is coming into our rig. Thank you Clear Source for providing a quilt product for our family to enjoy. @ Four Corners, Florida

RV Water Pump Money Saving Fix 09/21/2019

RV Water Pump Money Saving Fix

There are a few people that I know have had an issue with the water pump and it is an easy fix! Check out the video I made explaining what is wrong.

RV Water Pump Money Saving Fix The last thing you want to go break on your rig right before a boondocking trip is your water pump! See how Josh was able to fix it without having to spend m...

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Road Worthy RV is now in Florida! Bouncing around the Orlando and Clearwater areas. Call or Text for an appointment.

RV A/C Hack That Could Save You Money and Keep the Air Cold 09/08/2019

RV A/C Hack That Could Save You Money and Keep the Air Cold

Common A/C problem I come across video now live.

RV A/C Hack That Could Save You Money and Keep the Air Cold RV A/C Hack That Could Save You Money and Keep the Air Cold You can follow me and my RV Repairs on: https://www.insta...

WiFi Ranger Elite AC FM Install 08/28/2019

WiFi Ranger Elite AC FM Install

Just uploaded a new video on installing the WiFi Ranger Elite AC FM. This is on our 2014 Solei 38R.

WiFi Ranger Elite AC FM Install This video is about the Install of the WiFi Ranger Elite AC FM on a 2014 ITASCA SOLEI 38R RV. You can find the parts here:

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New YouTube Video up today!!
Link in bio...

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I just started a YouTube channel where I will be featuring RV Repairs. Go check out my first video. Don’t forget to LIKE, COMMENT and SUBSCRIBE!!!
Link is in the bio.

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When something has stopped working it maybe unplugged 😳. Our dash A/C stopped blowing air out of the face and floor vents. The air was only blowing on the defrost (which is a default on the vacuum actuated vent flap systems). The picture is of the vacuum pump. I plugged it in and Wala the air worked normally!

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I love people that have a sense of humor. They even saw me take the picture and just smiled as they got in the car. Makes me want to get one for the RV.

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Even if you maintain your filters on your A/C return , your evaporator’s fins can get clogged up with dirt. Not only will this trap smells, mildew and other irritants. It also lowers the efficiency of your unit. Summer is coming it is time to maintain your A/C.

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I know it is quicker for the RV manufacturers to just wire up the house batteries with whatever length of wire is available...but some pride should be taken in your work. Also how is the customer supposed to maintain the batteries and check the levels in the first photo? Do yourself a favor... spend the time, label the wiring and remove them. Then plan out how you can run them safely away from metal objects. Then make sure you have access to the covers so you can check the acid levels.


Are you tired of getting oil everywhere when changing you engine or generator oil! Go to the dollar store or Walmart and pick up some disposable aluminum pans. You can form them to fit almost anywhere. Then you can divert the oil right into your drain pan.

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Back in California. Southern California that is. Reach out it you are having any issues with your RV or your Auto.

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When your water heater stops working on electric heat...start with checking the switches. If you check the resistance on the element and it is not 10 - 11 Ohms. Then the element may look like this and need to be replaced. The resistance value is “OL” or out of limits.

Note: make sure the water heater is cool and you release the pressure before removing the element.

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When your water heater stops working on electric heat mode sometimes you have to think past the obvious. You check the thermal over temperature switch, push the reset button. Check the resistance of the heater element (**power off at the breaker**) , disconnect the wiring {resistance across the terminals should be around 10-11 ohms. If all that is good check the switches. This on/off isolation switch had got wet. Corrosion set in. The temperature of the amp flow caused the switch to get too hot and melt the wiring terminal. Then the voltage would not go through the switch. No hot water 😢. Replaced the switch. Replaced the wiring terminal. Now a happy camper 😃.

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Water entering your RV is never a good thing, unless of course it is coming through a faucet you turn on. I found this window had not been sealed properly. You can see in the first photo the seal it falling out the bottom. The second photo the glass was not touching the seal. The third photo is the upper seal to the RV.
Note: If not careful the glass on this type of window would have fallen out and on to the ground. The glass and frame were cleaned. A flexible sealant was used to secure the glass to the frame.


Road Worthy RV is heading to Port Republic, NJ. Call or message to schedule a repair. You can also message to tips and support for your RV.

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When things just aren’t working right Check the connections. If your connections are exposed to the elements they may have corrosion setting in. Clean the connections and add some dielectric grease before reconnecting.


Another satisfied customer! I love opening my inbox and seeing great encouragement from my customers! The best feeling is knowing that they are going to be able to enjoy the rest of their time.

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Have a leaking faucet or shower? Hear that constant drip? There maybe a simple fit. Turn off the water supply to the RV. Remove the handles of the faucet. Carefully remove the nut holding the valve. Pull the valve out and look for build up. Clean the buildup off. Inspected the seals. If cracked or damaged replace the seal and spring. Reassemble , turn on the supply water and check for leaks.

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If your A/C is acting up check the baffling under the air filter. If you have a large gap the air is short circuiting. You are loosing pressure and efficiency in the system. Put the baffling back into position and add some aluminum tape to seal it off. Then your back in business.

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Don’t get stuck with no power when you need it most! If you have lead acid batteries in your rig be sure to inspect them. Maintain proper acid levels in the cells. Add distilled water when needed.


Road Worthy RV is going to be in the Bar Harbor , Maine area from now till August 20th. Message to schedule your mobile RV or Auto repair.

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