C&P potbellied pig sanctuary

C&P potbellied pig sanctuary


Do your piggies ever get aggressive with you? Like chase or try to snip at you?
‼️ Thursday LAST DAY for this particular fundraiser. Can we at least raise $200? We need straw and we go through 800lbs of feed !! We will take pumpkins too! Please share and spread the word! Thanks in advance for helping this sanctuary keep going!
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Maggies is in need of transporters to help us to get our adopted piggy babies from state to state. We take this seriously so please do not waste adopters time. True applicants only need apply!!!!
Loving on Possum!
This is my baby Tiny. Do you have room for her there? She was born November 5,2016 she has been spayed and litter box trained in this short video she is dancing for her dinner. I have to give her up because my health. I have a lung disease and I cant take care of her like she needs. I would really love to see her run out side in the grass. And play out side. Please let me know.

We are a 501C3 organization. C&P Pot Belly Sanctuary will provide an environment we’re all pigs will receive the love, care, and attention they deserve by rescuing and sheltering them.

Donations through PayPal: [email protected]
Venmo: @candppotbellypigs

Operating as usual


Spring cleaning at the sanctuary (even tho it’s not even spring),lol. Still was super super sunny today and started cleaning up all the limbs around the property from the ice storms and the floods. Even took grandbaby Asher out with us. Although I think he was terrified of grandpas driving when we almost got stuck in 4-wheel drive, lol. Now to burn it all


If you question how smart pigs are, this ball was given to the pigs a while back from our friend Erica Camp. Why is it always in the same spot in pictures? Because the pigs play with it and put it back in the same spot every time. During our two floods, the ball made its way all the way across the property multiple times. And I look today and the pigs have put right back in it’s spot, these pigs amaze me every day🐷

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Yea ,we had an ice storm again, but as you see in the pics the pigs are just fine in their houses.

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Sarah Haggard, Keith Haggard, your Zoey and Wilbur still love rooting through the straw! Lol


Oh wow Prassy giving me the side eye tonight. “Just get away from me and let enjoy the straw”, ok, but no belly rubs????


Walk outside and who do I see? Ducky looking at me! Lol

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Really! Again! We are under flash flood warning again. Our creek is full and every other around. The ground is saturated. Don’t know what will happen at the sanctuary this time around. Will see by the morning, then ice storm Wednesday night into Thursday. We can’t win for losing, ughh

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Well these pigs are loving the warmer temps today. The first two pics show you they just realized I got home. I swear they can hear me put on my rubber boots from a mile away, lol. And here they come running to daddy! And that’s not half of them. Took a few pics as I was out and about. The pics show the upper half as drying out. If you follow our page you know our sanctuary flooded. The back half is drying out but still a muddy mess. Thanks for all the support we received during the flood. Things are slowly getting back to normal around here, but any continued help is appreciated

PayPal- [email protected]
Venmo- @candppotbellypigs

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With the multiple winter storms of sleet, ice, and snow, we now have some areas in our Sanctuary that has flooded. Our animals & their shelters are SAFE. Joe works tirelessly each night, when he gets home from work, to do welfare checks on EVERY animal, working past midnight !
Spring storms often bring unwanted flooding.
We are still seeking $22 donations (or any amount) so we can get rid of wet straw from the snow, and put in fresh, clean straw.
Facebook only allows so many fundraising events through them, so this time around, we are asking you to use PaPal or Venmo. OR ...if you would like to donate directly to our feed store, msg us and let us know !!!!
If you would like to come visit, let us know, too!😁


Oh wow, richard and I are twinkles, lol. Bundled up in below freezing temperatures to go make sure all the animals are fine, just fed all the animals. Now to assess the flooding that has covered over half of the sanctuary

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Uh oh!!! This hasn’t happened in a few years! Our creek got out and most of the sanctuary is under water. Good thing piggies are good swimmers, just kidding, that’s why all their houses are uphill for that reason in case this happened. The ducks don’t seem to mind at all.


Our Sissy coming out of her outside house. She has so many neurological issues. We have seen this over the years with pigs that have came from breeding situations and sure other rescues have witnessed the same. Just a question including Susan Swafford? Have you had in**ed pigs that have had multiple issues with strokes, seizures, and other neurological issues? We have lost two pigs with what the vet thought was strokes. We have lost 3 pigs in the last two months that unexpectedly passed that were obviously in**ed. They are fine one day and not the next! This is where the breeding needs to STOP! We have C&P potbellied pig sanctuary in Advance Mo. Home to over 60 pigs and many other animals. Please educate yourself before getting a pig! Adopt do not shop! Even tho our sanctuary is a forever home to pigs, there are so many rescues that foster and adopt out! That’s why every pig rescue around are getting multiple request a day to take intakes. Guess what they are full! And receive very little donations to keep them afloat! Most are doing this out of their pockets just to provide for the pigs they have given the best life to! If you would love to add a pig to your home, please research and then research more. If it fits into your zoning laws and you are ready for a lifetime commitment to give love to your special pig, reach out to your local rescue or sanctuary. There are so many pigs needing that special home🐷❤️

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We still would like 18 more people to help us feed our 60+ pigs and animals. All of our critters are here to live out their lives in a safe, nurturing sanctuary. We have 800lbs of feed we go through.
We have a lot of "shares" & we thank you ❤
But if everyone thinks: "someone else can donate, not me" then we get no where.
Plz consider helping us with a $22 donation ( ANY amount, is grateful, really) by Tuesday, the 22nd of the 2022nd year!

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I have told you all before how awesome it is when the ducks fly in at feeding time, finally captured just that!


And there is Rosa! Lol with a bird on her back!❤️❤️❤️❤️

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All the piggies and other animals have been adjusting to the snow and frigid temps. They were still out and about with a high of 32 today. Low tonight however will be 6 degrees, then they will be all bundled up in the straw. We are C&P potbellied pig sanctuary in Advance Mo. We are a small 501c3 sanctuary that gives a forever home to around 100 animals (64 being pigs). We strive to give all our rescues the best home we can but it comes at some cost, we are in need of straw right now with the coming frigid temperatures over the next few days. Would you help us keep these babies warm? You can donate straight to our feed store for the straw at Bowman Milling company in Advance Mo. under the C&P account at +1 (573) 722-3526. Or you can donate to our Venmo at @candppotbellypigs or PayPal at [email protected]. Thank you everyone who has supported us over the years


On this snowy and cold Groundhog day 🥶, we are kicking off our 2/22/22 fundraiser !!
22 people to donate $22 by the 22nd of this month. (We'll take more than 22 people though ❤)
[email protected]

(*click on the friends and family when using paypal)

[email protected]

PLZ consider helping us, make this happen! Donations will help our feed bill, adding fresh straw, vet bills, and fixing fences, frozen water lines.

We are a 501c3.

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Our animals are wishing the co-owner of C&P PotBellied Pig Sanctuary a HAPPY BIRTHDAY.
Please extend a birthday greeting to Joe!!



Does any of my rescue friends out there watch their phone non stop for weather updates to make sure their animals are fine? I do non stop the babies have to keep warm


A big shout out to this wonderful lady. She has been an animal activist for ever, involved in rescue groups for a long time. We connected with her and knew she was the perfect fit to be a board member at our sanctuary. She kindly accepted and has been helping us for quite a while now. Knowing we both have full time jobs (even tho she has a job of her own). She has worked behind the scenes to educate and help in all kinds of ways to give resources to pig owners that need education about their pigs. Since sanctuaries everywhere are full and have been closed to intakes just like ours, she still has been communicating with all our request for intakes by giving resources and educating! Love it! We could not do it without you Fa’tima Miller! This is a pic of her and her piggy FrankyPig Pig! Again, thank you so much for all you do for our sanctuary!


Then there is Rufus! Keeps all our around 20 birds in check,lol

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These animals are loving this warmer weather. I took a few pics just now of just a few of the many. We have C&P potbellied pig sanctuary in Advance Mo. We have taken in at the present 64 pigs and multiple other animals.The piggies have been all out rooting enjoying the 45 degree weather! Of course it’s still cold at night and they go huddle in the straw in their houses. Thank you so much for everyone that has helped us over the years. If you would like to help us continue taking care of these beautiful creatures please consider donating! It takes hundreds of pounds of feed a week not to mention what we have in store at the vet. If you would like to donate straight to the feed store it’s Bowman Milling in Advance Mo. under the C&P account at +1 (573) 722-3526. And our vet is Helping Hands vet in Advance Mo. under the C&P account. (573) 321-2021. Also our PayPal is [email protected]. And Venmo is @candppotbellypigs

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As some might not know we also have birds at our sanctuary! Our focus has always been the piggies but we also have around 20 birds that go all around the property. The ducks fly in at feeding time and land at my feet, it is so awesome

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Out and about, making sure all our rescues are warm and fine during the weather winter. We have C&P potbellied pig sanctuary in Advance Mo, We are a forever home to over 60 pigs and multiple other animals. If you support what we do please consider donating to help our cause. Our PayPal is [email protected] and Venmo is @candppotbellypigs. Thank you all for your support over the years, we could not do what we do without you


Aww, our Sissy does not like the snow! This is her coming in for the night after being in her straw house for a while to make sure she potty’s

Photos from C&P potbellied pig sanctuary's post 01/04/2022

Nightly welfare checks on all the animals, and of course you might notice it’s 2 am, lol, yes they are all fine and as snug as a bug in a rug! Love taking winter pics with lil piggy snouts and ears coming out of the straw


Gonna be an all nighter, putting out fresh straw to all these piggies! Breaking ice to for water and making sure they are all warm. 20 bales going out tonight. Will post pics later

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The piggies had several visitors today. It was so special the children had hand made their own special cards. You can see all the detail spent by these wonderful kids! Just loved it. These special visitors also gave us a generous donation that completely paid off our vet bill. We are so thankful! Then on top of that we had pumpkins donated and brought to the sanctuary this afternoon. Just a super shout to all those that have helped us continuing to do what we do by providing all these helpless piggies and other animals their forever home. Thank you all so much


Sissy in her covers after coming in from out side. She developed a cyst on her right side over the last bit and we were watching it. She has had these before and antibiotics have helped. We have found over the years that mixed breed pigs are prone to these, and have dealt with it before. When I just brought her in I checked her cyst and it busted when I touched it, ugghh, no problems. I’m a nurse and have dealt with way worse, now the wound was cleaned and blue spray applied and now the pic you see is with crushed antibiotics in her food

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Ok dad! Stop taking pics! It’s Christmas and we are hungry, ughhh! Yes you will get your food, lol

Photos from C&P potbellied pig sanctuary's post 12/25/2021

Everyone at the sanctuary wishing everyone the best holidays! Got home from work just before dark to take a few pics. It’s 75 degrees on Christmas and the animals are loving it!

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